40 SAP S/4HANA Asset Accounting Notes: May 2023

Welcome to the May 2023 edition of our monthly round-up on the latest SAP notes released for SAP S/4HANA Asset Accounting. This edition brings with it new opportunities for growth and optimization within SAP S/4HANA Asset Accounting LoB, and staying on top of the latest SAP updates is key to making the most of these opportunities. 

May 2023 has seen a number of important SAP notes released, covering a range of topics that impact Sales. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most significant updates, and discuss how they can help you streamline your operations, improve visibility and efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition

The complete list of latest SAP Notes for SAP S/4HANA Asset Accounting which got released in May 2023.

How To’s

Following is the list of How To’s released that provides step-by-step instructions or guidance on how to perform a specific task or accomplish a particular goal within the SAP system.

3339074How to change the default value of indicator ‘Display dialog box for creating a new interval’
3335047Closing FI-GL before FI-AA (SAP S/4HANA only)
3332871Central KBA Depreciation calculation / How-to scenarios, standard behavior and guides
3332072How to find Field group name of “Internal Order” in Screen Layout  of asset master data
3318060Central KBA Legacy Data Transfer in Asset Accounting S/4HANA  / How-to scenarios, standard behavior and guides.
3276314Calculation of depreciation with daily depreciation key not as expected
2596921FI-AA Closing Procedure in sFIN and S4 Environment
2332562“To the day” Depreciation calculation for retirement
2148178Remaining Useful Life calculation in Depreciation to Day
2014882Date format for Depreciation Start Date in Asset Reports


3338315[UPA] Reversal of a ledger-specific document
3333902Message AAPO183 cannot be deactivated
3333879AIBU: Deactivation date is not set after settlement
3333446Runtime error ASSERTION_FAILED for Customizing activity “Check Asset Classes”
3332782[UPA]: Unnecessary zero lines during asset retirement
3332697[UPA Relevant]BC Set for New Asset Master Layout Settings
3332678[UPA Relevant]BC Set for Account Assignment Objects settings in Asset Accounting
3332246RAFAB_COPY_AREA: Termination with error message AU 101
3332173No error message when reopening closed year of currency conversion
3331231SIL: Settlement to external receivers is posted incorrectly
3330552Depreciation areas are invisible in asset master data
3329973Display issue for compatibility view FAA_T093C in case of legacy data transfer inconsistencies
3329165Asset Class search help: Incorrect display of number of hits
3328737Cutoff Percentage Rate cannot be determined even if it has been maintained
3324787Non-integrated asset posting leads to ASSERTION_FAILED
3324766Wrong Document Number in RAZUGA_ALV01
3324045Sender asset master information is not copied to the receiver asset
3319292AW01N Display Dep.Calculation – wrong currency
3316900AAPO014 for down payment clearing to asset
3305689Below-zero accounts are not used correctly
3305164AA524: Inconsistent reversal information when reversing transactions with complexes
3298364Program FAA_UNPOSTED_ASSETS_WITH_VALUE wrongly displays incorrect assets
3296283Dump in Balance Carry forward into following fiscal year (FAGLGVTR)
3292234Partial retirement for support with scrap value percentage rate
3276701FI-AA: duplicate access to PROJ table
3276665RW008 during reversal of FI document with posting to asset when FB08 is executed as batch job
3142819Error AA629 in ABAW / ABAWL
3020610Text for document type missing in maintenance of valuation types for revaluation
2679765Balance Carried Forward successful but fiscal year didn’t change in AA Table
2401288Error AC 569 when trying to save depreciation area in transaction code OADB
2270388S4TWL – Asset Accounting: Parallel valuation and journal entry
2031081AS91: Accumulated depreciation is added to APC Value
1727167Error AA 632 occurs when post negative acquisition in T-code: F-90
1693359Error AA 417 occurs in T-code: ABAVN