SAP S/4HANA Sales Notes: May 2023

Welcome to the fifth edition of our monthly round-up on the latest SAP notes released for SAP S/4HANA Sales. This edition brings with it new opportunities for growth and optimization within SAP S/4HANA Sales Line of Business, and staying on top of the latest SAP updates is key to making the most of these opportunities. 

May 2023 has seen a number of important SAP notes released, covering a range of topics that impact Sales. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most significant updates, and discuss how they can help you streamline your operations, improve visibility and efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition

The complete list of latest SAP Notes for SAP S/4HANA Sales which got released in May 2023.

How To’s

Following is the list of How To’s released that provides step-by-step instructions or guidance on how to perform a specific task or accomplish a particular goal within the SAP system.

2387550Unable to activate the OData service for a Fiori Analytic App on S4HANA
1636749Sender E-Mail address is overwritten
3138834How to delete unnecessary MARC entries?
3059708How to transfer SWIFT  and IBAN in INVOIC IDOC
3276107Credit check with order/requested quantity instead of confirmed quantity (FSCM)
2764257Credit blocked documents missing from VKM1
2743292Display credit account from the sales order in SAP Credit Management (FSCM)
2689991“Next date” (VBAK-CMNGV) is not updated after changing the sales document
2207394FSCM less credit checks in OVA8
2725532Field ADRDA in table VBPA is not updated
3237691Basics on  SD document header pricing fields
3250335VAT number is missing in billing document if GB is involved
2873874Unable to send plant and storage location values using IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS
2694876Sales document creation with reference to billing document is not supported using FM IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS
3330672Field KONP-ZAEHK_IND not filled if condition record is created via IDoc.
2895702Changing Sales Orders in Transaction MASS (BUS2032)
1613527Viewing Archived Text from VA03
3332652WBS element field is greyed out in the sales order line item
3329271Usage of Import Parameter LOGIC_SWITCH in SD BAPIs
2367755BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 and email address issues for Partners
1795864Serial number in sales order processing using BAPIs
3337050Leading zeros are added to database field VBAP-POSEX; Leading zeros are not displayed when looking from dynpro screen

Upgrade Information

2267348S4TWL – Simplification in SD Analytics


3291178Missing CO-PA documents from global trade ( LO-AB ) or SD billing
118125Transfer billed quantity to CO
3337394SD/FI-CA: Incorrect document flow for integration with invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
3328297SD/FI-CA: Tax items in accounting document are not summarized
3336892PO can be created from PR (based on SO) despite Sales Order status should not allow PO creation
504161Transaction DP90: The dump BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW occurs in LVPKSDF20
3328671DP93: Error message DPICB004 or DPICB007
3041858DP91 with billing plan: Items are processed without billing plan date
3007320DP93: Not possible to influence selection criteria to source “Intercompany – Line Items”
204874Settled costs in resource-related billing
3338068Displaying ATP quantity in sales order II
3334433The BAPI Material Availability shall not call Enhanced Check Methods
3328399Displaying ATP quantity in sales order
3266835ATP: No storage location check during batch determination
3090858Message “Availability check was carried out” not displayed after pressing the “Check item availability” icon
3301737V_V2 : Variant lost when back from ALV-list
3314758FSCM credit block messages are not displayed for blocked sales order due to the field – gv_no_popup being set to ‘X’
3087209DCD remains open after the credit release
3048220Credit overview and Credit master sheet menu grayed out in  VKM1/VKM4 or Manage Credit Decisions Blocked SD Documents APP in S/4 HANA
2742146RVKRED77: Incorrect open delivery value
2655276Enable Change Logs for transaction OVA8
2473178Checked Credit Value and Open Credit Amount in DCD – FSCM
3315535D11339 – Condition Change Log Report for sales – GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE
3335770Check for Multiple Partner Address in NAST
1870783Error SSFCOMPOSER034 during print preview
3336894Runtime error during processing of OPPS response occurs (ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER)
3335838Alternative Partnersuche auf  der Positionsebene
3329388Auftragsbezogene Adresse: Abfrage der Adressnummer
362861ALV variant: Field not filled in partner dialog box
3308135Incorrect currency conversion during transfer of shipment costs from shipment
3055955Sales Order Pricing conditions become greyed out in create/change mode after manual change
1954566Data exchange from CRM to ERP : Conditions with Interval scales are lost
3322660Brexit NIP: Alternative Tax Countries in Sales
72692SD-FI reference number without leading zeros
3295118Empties Management and Down Payment processing leads to duplicates in the stock entries
3331957Dump in CL_SDBIL_VBRP_ANALYTICS when creating invoice lists 2
3214284Dump GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Occurs in Transaction VF26 (Cancel Invoice Lists)
3338348Report RVV05IVB nicht für EBDR
3337603In one step STO process, VPRS condition value is determined wrongly by adding up preceding GR and GI values.
3331243Search help in VF02/VF03 changed in S4HANA  compared to ECC
3283428Transfer price not transferred for batches
3208287Error log missing upon navigation to item selection
214623Cancelation: Billing document with a different document currency
3144862Milestone billing plan cannot be copied from one sales document to another document successfully
3319329S4 Pricing API: GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in Price details of Search Opportunities App
3016665Status is set to A for FAS dates even though billing has already taken place
3337659Cancellation of intercompany billing cannot get triggered by RVIVAUFT in order-related intercompany billing scenario
3334242Advanced Intercompany: Pro forma invoice for billing as part of an Advanced Intercompany Sales process
3326194(Advanced Intercompany Sales) Support of Company-Specific Supplier Numbers
833115Pro forma invoice for order-related intercompany billing
3326970Billing document request (EBDR) can not be created due to error VF016-the document is not relevant for billing
3328405Payment Card CVV data entry issue
3335691Operational Load: Authorisation check before selection criteria input
3329211Short dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X in RAR Inbound Processing
3167019Incorrect Invoice RAIs for SD Invoice in CI scenario
2512943Settlement2Invoice:  Wrong Accrual reversal for multiple settlements in one BDOC
619498Transfer of quantity fields and value fields
2796492Runtime Error MESSAGE_TYPE_X occurs in ABAP class CL_MATNR_CHK_MAPPER while processing of inbound IDocs
3336552In Fiori app ‘Create Billing Documents’,  generic error is raised instead of specific error like using transaction VF01 before
3297059Manage billing documents Performance issue with fuzzy search
3329415Successor for deprecated F5309 Fiori app (Sales Order Fulfillment – Analyze Issues)
3284751Sales Volume – Flexible Analysis App (F1250) does not display the Customer Reference field for all sales orders
3138511Sales document types are not available for creating new document when using relevant SD fiori apps
3332809INTRASTAT: Invoice items with no value and no quantity should be skipped
3328364INTRASTAT: Commodity code must be valid in the reporting country
3327975INTRASTAT: Currency key is not assigned correctly in transactions VE01 and MEIS
3039285INTRASTAT: double reporting for countries IT and FR
3013986The Intrastat relevance flag is set although the document is not relevant for the Intrastat declaration
3337575Message no. 00055-Fill in all required entry fields issued when displaying or maintaining condition record.
3323703Popup für Auswahl der Konditionstabellen zeigt zu wenige Tabellen an
3333203Unable to a add new item in the advance shipment
3327797Kurzdump DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP nach Fehler V1392
3324643SDOC: Transaction Manager Downport
3203749No document detailed data in My INBOX fiori app when clicking  the sales document workflow item
2784152V1028 is raised with type ‘information’ instead of ‘Error’ even though material status is ‘B(Error Message)’ in TVMS
3302774A2X Sales Order API – Long text line break
3298532A2A Sales Order API – Message sent when you have multiple provider systems
3289066A2A Sales Order API – Customer with credit block has V1(849) as error
3297195OData API for Debit Memo Request Simulation
3319371Customizing can be changed in transaction VOVS, even though the client has the status “Not Modifiable”.
3327100No error message for CHANGE BAPI
3278680Incorrect net value of the order during data exchange
3317274Sales – Status management – Standard behaviors guide and How-to scenarios
3332385Materialvariante wird nicht zur Auswahl für Ersetzung des konfigurierbaren Materials angeboten
1639529Missing Configuration (CUOBJ) in VA01: error message V1469
3334134Document Type Column displays only description of the field in Mass Change of Sales Order Without Charge
3323470Reject not working properly for Mass Change of Sales Documents
3303994Adjustments of Shipping Point in Mass Change of Sales Documents
3303277Actions not working when extension fields are added by modifying the structure
3316421Falscher Genehmigungsstatus bei gesperrten Verkaufsbelegen mit Bezug
3326997API_ReturnsInspection_2: Error MSR_INSP_MESSAGES 358 after selecting valid follow-up activity
3236473Inspection API: Target product now available for FLU “Transfer to Specified Stock”
2723385Performance of serial numbers
3321050F4 Help of Sales Unit field not transferring the selected value
3317036V23 – Delete Billing blocks – Authority-check not called
2684337How first date (RV45A-ETDAT) is determined in Sales Documents
1485562Short dump DDIC_TYPES_INCONSISTENT in sales or shipping
3338956IDOC ORDERS05  dump
3319550Third-party order processing: PR item remains active after automatic rejection of SO item and simultaneous deletion of PO item
2690895Inkorrekte Anzeige von Nachkommastellen von Währungen auf dem Fakturaplan Tab
2751657KBA : Intrastat – Mode of transport determination in intrastat reporting
2753243Canary Island: How to convert “Implicit IGIC” included in prices into some posted tax line item