Latest SAP Notes for SAP Transportation Management(TM) – January 2023

Maximize your transportation operations with the latest SAP notes for SAP Transportation Management (TM). Stay ahead of the game and stay informed on the latest updates and enhancements that can improve your overall transportation processes.

From improving delivery accuracy to reducing transportation costs, the SAP TM notes released in recent months have a significant impact on your supply chain operations. In this blog, we will dive into the most relevant SAP notes for SAP TM, and explore how they can help you streamline your transportation management and achieve your business goals.

Following are new SAP notes released to customers in SAP Transportation Management in January 2023

SAP Transportation Management – Additional Products

TM-ADP-CSL3292717Rate Amount Disappear After Charge Calc, copy Standard 2470469
TM-ADP-CSL3292657Booking Charge Detail Rate Info Not Refreshed w/Manual Change-Base
TM-ADP-CSL3288787Routing waiting edge should be ignored in duplicate port validation
TM-ADP-CSL3288724Validation check on Affliate not released
TM-ADP-CSL3286278Make Create Quotation as disable in display Mode
TM-ADP-CSL3277971Revenue X-String Storage DB Size Optimization – Base
TM-ADP-CSL3274860OCS Plugin class for TMCSL 200 Un-installation
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3293538Rate Validity Correction Report – Agreement Create/update
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3292753Refresh / Renewal correction
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3292222Booking Charge Detail Rate Info Not Refreshed When Manual Change Exist
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3292139Header Charge Rate Not Determined in Quotation
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3291221Tender line Duplicate Check performance changes
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3287964Incorrect calculation of ‘To be invoiced Amount’ in Booking
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3287873Filing relevant determination interface adjustment
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3284774Rate table search functionality with Rate line Valid to date
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3281710Validation for default charge type in the forwarding agreement quotation
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3278001Revenue X-String Storage DB Size Optimization
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3288711Booking ID is blank for Break Bulk Item in result list when Compare bay plan with trip plan
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3288687Weight Round Issue in Port Call Cargo Handling List UI
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3286191Break Bulk Gross Weight is Initial in Load List
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3259073TDR moves vs Trip plan moves Comparison(Trip plan exit changes)
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3251153Consider Vessel Downtimes in Voyage Management
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3220438Performace Improvements for Load List Generation
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3145784Location determination fails for blank vessel in Lists
TM-ADP-CSL-NAO3145783Location determination fails for blank vessel in Cargo Handling Lists
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3293799Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Incorrect Title for the ‘Set Checked In’ Popup
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3293749Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Empty Attributes for Package Builder
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3293291Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Incorrect Update of a Local Consignment Order on the ‘Document Hierarchy’ Tab
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3292388Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Delivery Note Item Not Being Updated After Assigning or Unassigning a JIT Call on the Packaging Hierarchy Tab
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3292020Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction to Improve Performance by Reducing the Retrieval of TOR Headers from TOR Headers Database Table /SCMTMS/D_TORROT
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3290813Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Product Field Being Greyed Out in Product Items List for a Newly Created Fast Entry for Product Item Type
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3290465Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Delivery Note Details Fields Being Greyed Out After Deletion of The Last Delivery Note Item
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3290243Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of “Multiple” Being Displayed in the Unloading Point Field of the Consignment List When Only One Actual Unloading Point Exists
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3288222Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Unnecessary Messages Being Displayed on the User Interface
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287274Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction to Improve Slow Performance due to Unoptimized Buffer Access in Class /ICR/CL_COMMON_HELPER
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287251Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of View /ICR/V_PD Not Being Marked as Obsolete
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287199Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of No Message or Irrelevant Message Being Displayed When Consignment Is Deleted
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287188Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction to Improve Performance of Packaging Check Status Functionality
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287186Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Build Packages Pushbutton Not Creating Packages for Selected Items
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287115Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Reverting of Ready for Warehouse Processing Status Not Working on Freight Order Level
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3286916Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Incorrect Automatic Package Building for Product with Serial Numbers
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3286863Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Unnecessary Processing Due to Retrieving Units of Measure and Dimensions for Delivery Note Product Items
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3286851Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Incorrect Processing of Editability Properties of Fields in the Transportation Area of the Freight Order When Changing the Lifecycle Status
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3285455Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Being Able to Edit Fast Entries on the ‘Items’ Tab of the Delivery Note UI when a Message About Data Having Been Changed in a Parallel Session Is Displayed
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3284529Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Incorrect Handling of Multi-Stage Freight Units During Data Prefill
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3283493Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction to Improve Performance by Reducing the Retrieval of TOR Items from TOR Items Database Table /SCMTMS/D_TORITE
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3277673Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Display of Inaccurate Data in Purchasing Document Reference Popup
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3257779Inbound Cargo Registration: Refactoring of /ICR/CL_TBI_TREE_FD for Use with S4CORE 106/107
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3205246Inbound Cargo Registration: Corrections to Improve the Performance of Document Processing

SAP Transportation Management – Basic Functions

TM-BF-ARC3046065Data Archiving and ILM for Transportation Management in SAP S/4HANA
TM-BF-AUT3291301No Privilege Mode for Authorization Checks for Queries
TM-BF-BG3293763bgRFC: Technical Correction, Analysis Tool 9.
TM-BF-BG3286931Unwanted delay is set for triggers with asap processing
TM-BF-BG3254616bgRFC: Technical Correction, Analysis Tool 8.
TM-BF-UI3291961UI: Technical enhancement in the property buffer

SAP Transportation Management – Cross Functions

TM-CF3293113ATC Checks for SAP TM
TM-CF3290368System Transformation SAP TM to S/4HANA and Master Data Transfer – SAP S/4HANA (January 2023)
TM-CF3289248Auditing TM vs. Advanced TM
TM-CF3288589System Transformation SAP TM to S/4HANA – SAP TM (January 2023)
TM-CF3232331SAP S/4HANA 2022 Supply Chain for Transportation Management – Release information
TM-CF3083725SAP S/4HANA 2021 Supply Chain for Transportation Management – Release information
TM-CF3065464Definition: Basic Shipping vs basic Transportation Management vs advanced Transportation Management
TM-CF2952651SAP S/4HANA 2020 Supply Chain for Transportation Management – Release information
TM-CF-ANA-FIO3293503Transportation Costs – Detailed View does not show the Transportation Mode Category correctly on Visual Filter and Smart Chart
TM-CF-CC3296245Data source values for date type calculation bases are not getting determined
TM-CF-CC3292598Charge calculation completion success message does not appear when an order is created from agreement item and there are more agreements valid for the same order.
TM-CF-CC3292228FAQ: Freight Tendering and Freight Invoicing
TM-CF-CC3289186Allow zero charge for price element while sending freight carrier invoice via B2B message.
TM-CF-CC3288146How to use charge type grouping in SAP TM?
TM-CF-CC3287675Program termination occurs on executing charge calculation with clipping calculation method.
TM-CF-CC3284047Incorrect cost distribution in case of manually inserted charge line
TM-CF-CC3282638Rate is not determined as per transportation zone hierarchy when same location is maintained in more than 1 zone.
TM-CF-DG3296474ADR value missing in FU for batch item with Pack Item as parent item
TM-CF-DG3293076Show block details action button does not work as expected.
TM-CF-DG3286910Dangerous Goods with Product Compliance
TM-CF-DG3249356During asynchronous DG check process, system dumps.
TM-CF-GT3275490Export Declaration for Delivery Returns
TM-CF-GT-GTS3292917Prevent superfluous compliance checks after location changes and unpacking in LE
TM-CF-GT-GTS3290361While triggering the export declaration process step, system dumps.
TM-CF-GT-GTS3257395During GTS integration the product item is ignored
TM-CP-FRS3283348Collaboration Portal: Tax line does not appear in charges

SAP Transportation Management – Freight Agreement Management

TM-FRA3286409FA: external ID is possible even though NUmber Range does not allow external
TM-FRA-RFQ3293262Multiple active workflows are getting generated for the same Freight Agreement each time the status is changed from ‘Request for Approval’ to ‘In Process’ and vice versa.
TM-FRA-RFQ3284633Description of Freight Agreement RFQ Type is blank

SAP Transportation Management – Freight Order Management

TM-FRM3295889ASR Read API – ENRICH_DELIVERY – Customer Returns Delivery
TM-FRM3294510Recall RFW: Fix to only trigger delivery update when products exist
TM-FRM3293777Update protection for Freight Units not applied correctly to stop locks
TM-FRM3293445Robustness improvement for TOR item association to requirement items
TM-FRM3292968No Local Consignment Created for Freight Order for Pickup
TM-FRM3290722Performance optimization when reading location data with the data container
TM-FRM3288439/SCMTMS/CL_UI_VIEWEXIT_TOR based UIBBs cannot be opened in Editor
TM-FRM3288429Equipment Type and Group Corrections
TM-FRM3288249ASR Inbound reverting Departure Event does not revert execution status
TM-FRM3287762Missing check for Freight Document number duplication
TM-FRM3285029TM Mocking framework: Fix for reinserting test data into OSQL doubles
TM-FRM3284589Safety check missing when load end is reported for a stop
TM-FRM3282672Item Type Customizing allowed inconsistent configuration
TM-FRM3280177Partner Reference number not mapped in outbound message TransportationOrderRequest_Out
TM-FRM3240081Empty target key in TOR/TRQ XBO associations
TM-FRM-FRB3255024Send to Carrier Function is not working correctly in Transportation Cockpit
TM-FRM-FRB3254977LBN booking confirmation with no changes sets confirmation status Confirmed with changes
TM-FRM-FRO3294351Carrier with custom role can’t be assigned to a Freight document
TM-FRM-FRO3293037NLQ values on TOR Header incorrect in case of different UoM on header and item level
TM-FRM-FRO3291903UI properties are not updated/set for trailer data and actual quantities
TM-FRM-FRO3288750FO: Runtime error when accessing Business Partner for Shipment-FO
TM-FRM-FRO3288455Inbound stop is not cleared when copying a Parcel Manifest
TM-FRM-FRO3287433Technical Improvement in TOR: BOPF-services invoked with Duplicate Keys
TM-FRM-FRO3281008Registration country/ number on the Freight Order is empty when the resource is assigned.
TM-FRM-FRO3077593Extension of transient TOR Model to support new LI Facade
TM-FRM-FRT3291486Incorrect dates are sent in tendering cancellation.
TM-FRM-FRT3286031Automatic tendering results in ABAP dump after upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA 2022
TM-FRM-FRT3281612Submitted amount in submitted currency is not visible on the Tendering Execution area
TM-FRM-INT-GEN3293604Attachments not saved without a file name
TM-FRM-INT-GEN2875534Can you use TransportationOrderGenericRequest_In to assign FU to a FO?
TM-FRM-QTY3289271Wrong Maximum Utilization calculation on Rail Freight Order document
TM-FRM-STS3292956Incorrect recall of Proof of Delivery event
TM-FRM-UH3295098Remove check enforcing order based items on Split FU
TM-FRM-UH3292337Product information missing in certain cases for a newly created package
TM-FRM-UH3289032Update of a requirement item via TransportationOrderGenericRequest_In
TM-FRM-UH3288344Correction for freight unit creation – copy stop list
TM-FRM-UH3286645Goods Movement status not updated on CO after Delivery creation
TM-FRM-UH3124667LI Redesign
TM-FRM-WL3291384Wrong sorting on dates in tendering worklists
TM-FRM-WL3291297Cancel Document action does not work on Freight Document Worklists

SAP Transportation Management – Integration

TM-INT-EWM3294440Handling execution status wasn’t updated in FU and TU in inbound scenario
TM-INT-EWM3289869Incorrect item hierarchy after processing of LDAP notification in a scenario with trailer and cross-FU packages
TM-INT-EWM3158252Supported Functions and Restrictions on TU-Based TM-EWM Integration MultiPick/MultiDrop Feature
TM-INT-EWM3053417TM-EWM XML is being routed through PI (SXMB_MONI) instead of being routed through WS/RM (SRT_MONI)
TM-INT-EWM3018355Supported functional scope and restrictions of the TU-based TM EWM Integration for shippers
TM-INT-LI3289367Delivery proposal fails with the error ‘Inconsistent state of FU -> Processing stopped’ if the first and the last stage of a FU are not planning relevant
TM-INT-LI3287514Technical Improvement in Logistics Integration: BOPF-services invoked with Duplicate Keys
TM-INT-LI3287250Performance Improvement for Customs Invoice Creation out of TM
TM-INT-LI3284629Report Subsequent Freight Unit Building: New Selection Criterion “Changed On Date”
TM-INT-LI3262006DDIC Objects for New Variant in Outbound Process of Adv. SR: Preplanning (Transport-Driven Scenario)
TM-INT-LI3127414Wrong picking date in outbound delivery
TM-INT-LI2574435FAQ for TM embedded in S/4 Hana
TM-INT-LI-CS3291603IntracompanyTransportationRequestRequest_In fails due to error “No business partner maintained for party”
TM-INT-LI-CS-DTR3285575Error /SCMTMS/TRQ(783) “Cannot find dTR for succeeding delivery” when processing a message to update a DTR
TM-INT-LI-CS-OTR3029244Creation of FUs via program /SCMTMS/SUBSEQUENT_FUB_LOGINT for a sales order although the sales order is incomplete
TM-INT-LI-CS-SHP3278658TM-ERP SHP Integration – SOA2IDOC: Wrong Address on Shipment Stage – House number missing
TM-INT-LI-EWM3286946No update of TM documents with package information out of an EWM delivery based on HUs when using package material with a base unit of measure that is not dimensionless.
TM-INT-LI-LE3294654No transfer of texts from Delivery to Freight Unit during Customer Returns Delivery Creation
TM-INT-LI-LE3281746Shipment block reason set in delivery is not present in the block status of the respective TM document
TM-INT-LI-LE3281360Goods movement status of delivery not updated out of TM if the FU contains package items created by the package builder
TM-INT-LI-LE3266966Creaton of deliveries with quantity zero as result of a delivery split out of TM when having FUs with a small quantity
TM-INT-LI-MM3281200Missing company code in a FU based on a purchase order if the purchasing organization hasn’t got a company code assigned

SAP Transportation Management – Master Data

TM-MD-BP3269665Handling Change Document for Driver type
TM-MD-CM3275862Validity end date timestamp is not update correctly in charge line item of calculation sheet in the backend
TM-MD-CM-RA-XL3286528Minimum or maximum cannot be interpreted as number’ error while uploading rates in the Rate Table
TM-MD-RES3291715Compartment Resources Cannot Be Retrieved From Equipment Based Resources
TM-MD-RES3280848Resource availability timestream issue
TM-MD-TN3288531Refresh button missing in Schedules and Default Routes POWL toolbars
TM-MD-TN-LOC3294873Perform saving of address references in update task
TM-MD-TN-LOC3252528Delete Location report does not eliminate where-used entry of the Address
TM-MD-TN-LOC2970230Fuzzy location search doesn’t work if fulltext index exists
TM-MD-WB3287053Predecessor stock XXXX does not exist when creating/updating waybill stock

SAP Transportation Management – Planning

TM-PLN-EXP3295607Saving Scheduling Explanation Log in Asynchronous
TM-PLN-EXP3280533VSR Optimizer Explanation Tool: Wrong Means-of-Transport in Transportation Lane Table
TM-PLN-FU3291744Freight Unit is not created for some deliveries
TM-PLN-FU-FUB3288498Normalized quantity not present on header level of a FU if no package items were created by the package builder
TM-PLN-FU-FUB3284748Quantity pieces missing in FU when using package builder and there is no quantity pieces defined in the freight unit building rule
TM-PLN-FU-FUB3279864Wrong FU / TU item hierarchy when using package builder for container units or rail car units
TM-PLN-FU-FUB3275237Equipment group / type of FU changed out of execution document is overwritten in case of a requirement update
TM-PLN-LP3288979Load Consolidation: Improved Freight Unit Group Handling
TM-PLN-MAP3295767Dump in TC while performing the spot selection using maps
TM-PLN-MP2765661Assignment of additional freight units to freight order by LDAP notification fails
TM-PLN-PS3283303Default Profile Creation is Not Done
TM-PLN-PS3239530System Termination if Profile Creation Is Running via Resource Retrieve
TM-PLN-TC3294212TC Program termination while performing actions within FU hierarchy
TM-PLN-TC3288448TC: Execution status is updated in Freight Document despite validation error
TM-PLN-TC2909304Page layout &1 not found (/SCMTMS/UI_MESSAGES 573)
TM-PLN-VSR-OPP3292269Incorrect freight document type determination when during VSR optimization
TM-PLN-VSR-OPP3271969Schedule does not respect holiday at the destination location
TM-PLN-VSR-OPT3277603Computation of total earliness and lateness cost in VSR Optimization
TM-PLN-VSR-OPT1346166VSR optimizer: Change history

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