794 SAP Notes Released on 14 February 2023

A daily round-up of the complete list of 794 SAP Notes released on 14 February 2023 with prioritization.

To view SAP Notes, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SAP Support Portal (https://support.sap.com/en/index.html) or SAP for Me and log in using your S-UserId. If you do not have an account, contact your company administrator.
  2. Once you have found the SAP Note that you are interested in, click on its title to view its details, including the description, resolution, and related information.
  3. If you need to implement the SAP Note, you can download the attached files and follow the instructions provided in the SAP Note.

Please note that access to some SAP Notes may be restricted to customers with valid SAP software licenses. If you encounter any issues viewing SAP Notes, you can contact SAP Support for assistance.

Hot News

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Hot News:

BC-FES-BUS-DSK2622660Security updates for the browser control Google Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client
BW4-DM-DTO3301383Aborted Hot/Warm -> Cold temperature adjustment -> wrongly triggered roll back during subsequent adjust/repair run

Correction with High Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with high priority

BC-CCM-HAG3285757[CVE-2023-24523] Privilege Escalation vulnerability in SAP Host Agent (Start Service)
BI-BIP-CMC3256787[CVE-2023-24530] Unrestricted Upload of File in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (CMC)
BI-BIP-INV3263135[CVE-2023-0020] Information disclosure vulnerability in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform
BI-RA-WBI-FE3299450While refreshing a web intelligence document from Chrome 110+ or Microsoft Edge 110+ the web page keeps loading indefinitely.
BW-BEX-OT-MDX3300934GetCubes – Massenpflege für OLE DB für OLAP
BW4-SEC-ANA3301479Laufzeitfehler für Benutzer ohne ausreichende Berechtigung
CA-CPD-FIO3295803Billing and Receivables application incorrectly considers Credit Memos and Credit Memo Requests
CA-MDG-APP-MM3273871MDG-M: Performance Improvement when reading material ledger prices of table CKMLCR
CA-MRS3299801Start and end date fields are set to blank on doing reassignment in RM reassignment app
CO-OM-CEL-E2975809Cancellation of down payment or posting to fixed asset not possible
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3293347Redundant entries added while updating Employee Assignment in RA
EHS-SUS-IM3300185Incident Management: Multiple people deleted from people list
EPM-BPC-NW3271091[CVE-2022-41268] Privilege escalation vulnerability in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
FI-AR-AR-A3301367Anzahlungsverrechnung: Restposten in Rechnungswährung wird fälschlicherweise erzeugt
FI-LOC-LO-PT3300083PT ATCUD Self Billing: Series registration for vendors without PT VAT Registration Number
FI-LOC-SD-AR3283837Incompletion Log Issue ‘Reason 0 VAT’ While Saving Sales Orders for Argentina
FI-TV-COS-PS3301667Antrag für Trennungsgeldmaßnahmen
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3297652Final repayment flow with Fixed Amount blocks Interest Rate Fixing
FS-CMS3035208FS-CMS: Collateral Sheet errors in transaction CMS_CS
FS-CMS-BW3201383CMS BW extractor running for longer time for Movables extraction due to missing secondary keys
FS-CMS-BW3192333Synchronizer report is not copying all expected RBLs into CMS_RBL_SYNC table
FS-MCM-ECP3281924ECP: Upper Hierarchy Master Contracts not processed – No error in the log
GRC-RM3301428Risk reassignment – dump when clicking Open button
GRC-SAC-UPG3301564Legacy role synchronization not working
HAN-DB3114746Unexpected Memory Growth in Pool/JoinEvaluator/JERequestedAttributes/Results When Using Temporary Table
IS-ADEC-MPN-SLS3226552Sales order creation with reference quotation contain inconsistent material/plant
IS-DFS-MM-PFEH3296200/ISDFPS/MAT_CONSUMPT M7062 Document does not exist in calendar year
IS-OIL-DS2211977Open Delivery Values incorrect in Credit Exposure for 3rd Party Sales
IS-PS-GIV3301284G-INV. Change logging for funding agency/office code tables.
LO-AGR-CC3297148ACM S/4H: Pricing App – Edit – Cannot change qty when editing one price lot at a time
LO-AGR-CM3301598ACM: New reconciliation report do not get past unassigned items of commingled applications
LO-AGR-CM3288416ACM: New Recon Report shows incorrect reporting quantity for multiple unassigned items created through vendor split
LO-BM3298425Batch OData Service API_BATCH_SRV leads to runtime error ‘BEHAVIOR_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT’ during batch update with existing batch derivation
LO-CMM-DC3301154Deal Capture: Condition redetermination decision in Pricing
LO-RFM-SD3077404Error document does not exist is raised while saving the changes to a sales order.
MM-FIO-PUR-CA-OCI3298644Missing translations for Custom Facets when using Filtered Search in Create Purchase Requisition
MM-FIO-PUR-REL3300048Search by image button in create PR App
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-PRF3082004Purchase requisition item is locked after purchase order creation
PA-FIO-PER3300964Error while launching Fiori App My Employee Withholding Certificates
PP-CFS-CE3300938F3289: App settings works properly only for the first access to the Manage work center capacity app.
PS-MAT3275603CJ20N: Planned Independent Requirement were generated without WBS element assignment
PY-CA-YE3297549Side effect of SAP Note 3288139
PY-ES3300033BONIF: MEI contribution applied in allowances calculation
PY-RO3280098HRRO: LC Fiscal Code 2023 – ER Benefits
PY-XX-DME3301121Document Number of the Payment Document (field REGUH-VBLNR) is out of sequence
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3301401Operational Data missing in PDS_MAINT for PDS without BOM
SCM-APO-SNP-HEU3301618SNP-LLC determination: Exclude products without valid transportation lane
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GM3300534Item lev. assign. of GLVGRP on TU with 0qty item leads to FD split
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GM3275481Goods Issue reversal not possible /SCWM/GOODS_MOVEMENT084
SCM-EWM-FIO3300216Fiori app Pick by Cart displays redundant information message
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3299973Extra full goods receipt message is sent for inbound delivery
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3290476Incorrect reversal message sent out for ARM deliveries
SCM-EWM-PMR3274470Stage for Production – Wrong quantities are displayed in WEB Dynpro UI
SCM-EWM-QM3292526Issue with implicit inspection document summary
SCM-EWM-WAV3301473Warehouse tasks not saved during wave release
SCM-YL3300836SCAC Code not shown in Driver search help result
SRM-EBP-SHP3301168Error when trying to create the shopping cart line item with higher value in HUF currency.
TM-CF-CC3301348Program termination occurs on creating FCI through B2B.
TM-FRS-FCD3301302Cost Distribution Fails in Credit Memo
TM-FWS-INT3067991Cost Distribution in Credit Memo: Total Invoice amount is considered instead of the credit amount
XX-PROJ-CDP-TEST-6753298616RFS2 transaction submission to EMTS via Renewables Workbench interface fails frequently

Correction with Medium Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with medium priority:

BC-CTS-CCO3291357CC: Client Copy Segmenter Stability Improvements
BC-DB-DB2-UPG3064244Db2-z/OS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 2.0
BC-DWB-CEX3293605No BSEG Quickfixes for selects with group by or sql functions
BC-DWB-CEX3293011Extend ATC Result Extractor for S/4HANA Readiness Check
BC-DWB-TOO-RTA3301171ABAP Trace Daemon does not run on all servers after maintenance
BC-ILM-LCM3281288ILM_LHM : Enabling search option for legal cases – UDO report for SAP_BASIS 740 to 754
BC-MID-AC3268959[Multiple CVEs] Multiple vulnerabilities in SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP and ABAP Platform
BC-MID-ICF3271227[CVE-2023-23853] URL Redirection vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP and ABAP Platform
BC-MID-RFC-QT3292583The Max Runtime is not checked when reaching the Max Conn.
BC-UPG-NZ-DT3228321NZDT – Composite SAP Note – S4CORE 107
BC-UPG-NZ-DT3115905NZDT – Composite SAP Note – S4CORE 106
BC-UPG-RDM3263742DB6: Add. Info – Software Update Manager 1.1 SP1 and 2.0 SP16 (SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 37)
BC-WD-JAV3301397WD JAVA and SAP Portal: Correction for Unified Rendering patch 2302
BC-WD-UR3298096Tree – The buttons from tree header should be on the TAB chain
BC-WD-UR3294769Toolbar – Arrows navigation does not work correctly, when the toolbar is rendered in SapTable/CS
BC-WD-UR3224748SapTable(CS): Contrast of row selection indicator insufficient in fiori hcb/hcw themes
BI-BIP-CS3301552Chinese characters are shown as ? / junk characters From Information Design Tool and Web Intelligence
BI-BIP-INV3301277Unable to change the view after changing the Account Preference of the BI Launchpad
BI-BIP-INV3289761The instances list in BI launchpad Instances can not be shown correctly in old version browsers.
BI-BIP-PUB3301312Schedule webi report to Google Drive fails when format is not Webi and instance title is Chinese
BI-RA-AO-XLA3246825Logon to BW LIVE (SAC) Connection Fails in Analysis Office – Could not get a valid X_CSRF token
BI-RA-WBI3299116Refreshing the List of values for SAP HANA Dependent variable may fail with error “Invalid column name” in Web Intelligence
BI-RA-WBI-BE3301490Scheduling Web Intelligence Document fails with error when a non-Exclusive server group is used
BI-RA-WBI-BE-CAL3301662Variable / Object values are missing from table after migrating from BI 4.2 Sp9 to higher version
BI-RA-WBI-FE3297984Inserting a table under a section is not possible from Web Intelligence report
BI-RA-WBI-FE3297754In a Web Intelligence document, filtering on variables returns empty values for the variables which has formulas based on merged objects
BI-RA-WBI-FE3290442In Web Intelligence, when trying to copy and paste an object from one formula to another, if the object contains a parenthesis, one will automatically be added if the Enter key is hit
BI-RA-WBI-FE3263863[CVE-2023-23856] Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Web Intelligence Interface
BI-RA-WBI-FE-FIO3300645Change File Path function is not working when structure of file is not similar to the original.
BNS-ARI-CI-AN3288837Incorrect data displayed in the supplier Batch no. field in SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration
BW-BEX-OT2952947SAP BW operating modes
BW-BEX-OT-DBIF3301521Bad performance for HCPR/ADSOs with RSDRI interface
BW-BEX-OT-ODP3300325lastChangedAt or createdAt Field of Type DATS or DATN Takes no Effect
BW-WHM-DST-DTP3130811P28:740:DTP:Performance beim PC refresh
BW-WHM-DST-DTP3095644P23:DTP:IPAK:COVREF:Deadlock beim Delete Report
BW-WHM-DST-DTP2998087P27:DTP:ADSO:Performance bei SRC-Requestermittlung
BW-WHM-DST-DTP2945349P20:DTP:RSPM log: Initial entries for data package not found
BW-WHM-DST-DTP2862298P27; DTP: Dump in ADD_MSG and ADD_PAR
BW-WHM-DST-DTP2705087P30:DTP:Datenpaketermittlung WO-DSOs
BW-WHM-DST-RSPM3263192P26:Report RSPM_FREQUENT_CHECKS:Dynpro send in Background
BW4-DM-DTP3301483Multiple simultaneous loads from aDSOs using Dynamic Partitioning
CA-AIN-PM3298175Document Composite Key Formation Issue while syncing Document from Asset Central to EAM System.
CA-AUD3286033Audit: Spalten ‘Audit’ und ‘Beschreibung Audit’ werden in der Maßnahmenübersicht angezeigt, aber nicht gefüllt
CA-DDF-RT-UDF3278298“Reuse Components for Forecast”: Enhance User DIF interface to consider product and location hierarchies
CA-DI-IS-ABA3301219SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration (S/4HANA) – Syntax errors in class generated by Operator Workbench (transaction DHAPE)
CA-DMS3300803When trying to attach DIR to Inspection Method, upon entering incomplete DIR keys and re-try to attach, we get error
CA-EUR-CNV3301038FI-CA/LCC: Ablaufmonitor EWWU – Rote Ampel für Tabelle DFKKKO3 (Fehler >EW-005)
CA-FS-CVI3301337CVI_BDT: CVI_BDT: Mandatory field check for Tax Categories for supplier is not executed
CA-FS-CVI3295483CVI_BDT: Partner function of type employee shows wrong BP ID when role BUP010 is used
CA-GTF-CSC-DME2985905[CVE-2023-24524] Missing Authorization check in SAP S/4 HANA Map Treasury Correspondence Format Data
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-IN-IV3293187eDocument India:eInvoice – Prerequisite for SAP Note 3298510
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-IT2752810eDocument Framework: Missing data dictionay objects for TCI
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-MX3200164eDocument Mexico: AIF Mapping Corrections VIII
CA-GTF-PCF3282663[CVE-2023-24529] Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP (Business Server Pages application)
CA-HR-S4-OP-BP3301484Flag ‘Used in Cloud Development’ for I_PersonWorkAgreement_1
CA-HR-S4-OP-BP3280266VBUND field is not copied from reference Business Partner
CA-JVA-JVA-PP3300505GJECA: Equity change not executed for a single venture after change of venture for corresponding cost object
CA-MDG-ADQ-RUL3293751MDG: Replace BRF structures DQ_STR with _SRC
CA-MDG-ADQ-RUL3289908MDQ: Migration Framework
CA-MDG-ANR3301423ATC errors in CA-MDG-ANR
CA-MDG-APP-BP3297529Validation: Missing Check for International Address Versions and Comments
CA-RT-AM-FIO3301554AM 5.0: My Allocation Plan – Remove validation on DC Delivery Date
CA-WUI-SEA3301650Saved Searches cannot be deleted
CA-WUI-UI-TAG2788178[CVE-2023-24525] Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in SAP CRM WebClient UI
CEC-CRM-INT3301470Equipment and Functional location Replication from SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud Version 2 to SAP S/4HANA or SAP S/4HANA Cloud
CM-DOC3297875MLD App changes for Document Upload Error in 2021 and Other Releases
CM-DOC3259915Error During Mandatory Document Upload Error When LT is Edited by Another User
CM-LT3300866Mandatory Document Upload is failed when another user has locked the Legal Transaction
CO-FIO-OM-PL3300627Transfer programs for cost rates and activity quantity/capacity overwrite control parameters (indicators) of activity type at table COKL
CO-OM3301548Error FINS_ACDOC_CUST018 or runtime error for plan transactions
CO-OM-CCA3236201Use ACDOCA instead of COEP
CO-PA3300995ATC check – Manage COGS Splits GFN change AccountingValuationView
CO-PA3300817Def Sum MA – add co document to aggregated items
CO-PA-ACT3300654Keine Zugriffe auf Tabelle CE4xxxx_FLAG für temporäre Ergebnisobjekte
CO-PC-ACT3264794Technical enhancement for note 2789687
CO-PC-ACT3248894Cost component split of WIP in order settlement
CO-PC-ACT3096697CCS consistency check in CKMLCP settlement
CO-PC-ACT2945072Modification: Posting despite negative price (C+121, C+131) (2)
CO-PC-ACT1082841MMPV: Prevent shifting to a future period by mistake
CRM-BF-AR3296359CRM_SRCONT: ADK_Protokoll enthält keine Einträge nach Vorlauf
CRM-BF-ML3276428Search string is not getting replaced by email adddress after search
CRM-LOC3285698CRM: ATCUD QR Code implementation
CRM-MD-BP-SEA3261874Searching for account leads to endless loop and finaly to a time out dump
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3300429Version Comparison screen in UI shows multiple lines for same UOM
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3232843New method for internal BADI CRM_MKTPL_OL_APP_INT
CRM-S4-IC-CHA3286296S/4 IC: TRANSFER causes an exception and a short dump in back end
CRM-S4-SOM3299278Interface note: “Request Change” change process is not in the list when the change order is still open
CRM-S4-SOM3298383Change process “Request Change” is not in the list when the change order is still open
CRM-S4-SOM3259095In API scenario, Subscription order accepts wrong contract account On submit.
EHS-SAF-GLM2296388GLM: Edit Label Stock: No check of label measurements against stock measurements
EHS-SUS-DG3291300Migration cockpit: import packaged dangerous goods without Un Number
EHS-SUS-FND3301150EHS Location synchronization with PM technical objects overwrites existing Geographic Coordinates
EHS-SUS-FND3301018Transfer of Chemicals: SARA Classification is not transferred
EHS-SUS-HS3301061Person Assignments for Location: Person search is case sensitive
EIM-DS-EXE3301754TPTAPI_INFRA: API307: Error: Conflicting data type for column – SAP Data Services 4.3
EPM-BPC-BW4-CON-CTR3299162Execution level is not changeable for customized control rule in embedded environment
EPM-BPC-NW-INF3275841[CVE-2023-23851] Unrestricted File Upload in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
EPM-BPC-NW-TDL3283566Currency conversion deletes records of reporting currency on g_none
EPM-DSM-EBI3301230XBRL Factory – E-Bilanz Submission Fails with Error “Could not load file or assembly ‘System.IO.Compression […]’or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.”
EPM-DSM-GEN3277664Data Source S/4 HANA Server: Partial shifts of characteristics in data grids of SAP BW Queries
FI-AF-ARO3301443partial termination and status
FI-AP-AP-Q12965404Japan Business Partner error “Corporate Number already maintained for this Business Partner”
FI-CA3211863FPO4: Schlechte Performance durch vom Programm ermittelte Datenbank-Hints
FI-CA-INV3300958FKKBIX_BIP: Fehler “Zu den Selektionsparametern sind keine abrechenbare Positionen vorhanden”
FI-CA-INV3295244FKKBIX_BIP: abweichendes nächstes Anforderungsdatum
FI-CAC-INV-FIO3301186FKKINV_FIO: Texts of Subtransaction in Billable Item displays missing
FI-CF-AC3283692FINS_CFIN_DFV_FI_DOC report shows incorrect results for External Interface Documents
FI-FIO-AA3139595View I_DepreciationAreaForLedger enhanced by property IsRepresentativeLedger
FI-FIO-GL3301482“Marked for Deletion” is not available as a filter
FI-FIO-GL3293337Post General Journal Entries – View Profitability Segment raises error for company codes with less than 4 characters
FI-FIO-GL-TRA3297855F0731A: App crashes on refresh
FI-GL-GL-A3301474ENJOY: falsche Belegart abgespeichert nach Aufruf der Arbeitsvorlagen
FI-GL-GL-F3296651RFUMSV00: Bei alternativer Hauswährung werden die Beträge immer aus der Hauswährung umgerechnet
FI-GL-GL-G3301502FAGL_FC_TRANSLATION: Field status consideration for additional assignments
FI-GL-GL-G3301486Carryforward RECID
FI-GL-GL-G3301330BCF PJO: Runtime error CONVT_OVERFLOW in automatic sizing
FI-LOC-CA-IT3291884Corrections for Billing Documents for Convergent Invoicing for Discount/Charge Items for Italy FatturaPA
FI-LOC-CA-XX3291742Correction: Discount and Charge of SD-CI Integration for PEPPOL eDocuments
FI-LOC-CA-XX3228446eDocument for Italy – FatturaPA for Convergent Invoicing 2/2
FI-LOC-EPI-CN3298329Bank Reconciliation: Fixing Issue of Bank Closing Balance Error
FI-LOC-FI-AT3294395CL_VAT_MAPPING_TAX_ITEMS_BOXES: Technical adjustment to the output format for the Austrian VAT returns U30 and U1 valid from 01.01.2022
FI-LOC-FI-AT3294017LC Austria: DRC Report AT_VAT_DCL_U1 – Changes in Annual VAT Return U1 for 2022
FI-LOC-FI-RO3112992RO – 394 report – Non-deductible tax correction
FI-LOC-FI-RU3293417LC DRC Russia Property Tax: New Declaration Format for 2022 Year, version 5.11, SZPK
FI-LOC-FI-UA3297555J_1UNCREATE_EXT: SD Invoices not released to FI: several business areas cannot be processed
FI-LOC-LO-RO3291694RO SAFT: TMG for New Owner ID Table
FI-LOC-LO-RO3291621RO SAFT: New Owner ID Table
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3301714RO SAF-T: Memory optimization for tax calculation #2
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3296767IMG Activity for Special GL Indicator relevant for Invoices lines
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3268869SAF-T (RO) Assets (SAFTN): Collective Note for the SAF-T Reporting Solution for Romania (SAP ERP) – Annual Declaration for Assets
FI-LOC-SRF-RUN3301391Statutory Reporting – Filter reporting tasks where run is submitted to government
FI-LOC-TRM3257471WHT: Error F5 817 Posting key not defined for vendor posting
FI-SL-IS-A3301574Update of program GRIX_DELETE_RW_EXTRACTS
FI-SL-IS-A131374Performance during extract display/extract deletion
FI-TV-COS3284245Comments from approver for trips and expenses
FI-TV-COS-PS3282820Approver comments for relocations and periods of a separation allowance
FI-TV-ODT-MTR3296092S/4Hana Travel Requests Fiori Applications issue with Country/Region Field For Additional Destination
FI-TV-ODT-MTR3290901[CVE-2023-24528] Missing Authorization Check in SAP Fiori apps for Travel Management in SAP ERP (My Travel Requests)
FIN-CS-COR-DT3297527CXCK not getting correct default docty
FIN-FIO-CLM3301152Cash Flow Analyzer: Missing data when larger time periods selected in Main view
FIN-FIO-FCC-COR3195993Create Batch input validation class priorizing BI status
FIN-FSCM-CLM-BAM3298475Monitor Bank Fees: Calculated Volume Not Correct
FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK3232125Enable Broker Account in Clearing Broker Service
FIN-FSCM-FQM3300852Flow Builder Plus: Slow Performance in Packaging, Part II
FIN-FSCM-PF3301361Empty CdtrAgt, DbtrAgt tags are present in outbound file
FIN-FSCM-PF3300990Inbound Order – Same Format Forwarding – Transaction Counter
FIN-FSCM-PF3244542IDOC – EUPEXR status 64 after import to APM; report for clearing IDOC link table
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM3301422FWZZ: field selection for ‘Listed’ checkbox is ignored
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM3301188TBB1 Fehlermeldung SG105
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-AC3301462Valuation of Costs: Handling with Assets and Liability-Related Update Types
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-HMX3301429Missing update types lead to error in valuation of FX hedge relation
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3301648Securities: Message (65)356 missing
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3301331IB: Check for Payment and Calculation Date in Redemptions
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3295488OTC: Issues with reference interest rate adjustment
FIN-SEM-BCS-MD-IO3298618Breakdown Category in Matrix Consolidation – Missing Consistency Check on Upper Unit
FS-AM-CM3301475BCSL: Seasonal limit check calls not needed method CHECK_SETTL_DATE very often
FS-AM-CM-CF3301636Incomplete change document display for release relevant BCA_CONTRACT data
FS-CM3301159Korrektur zu Hinweis 3140133
FS-CM3005486Reserve lots (ICL_CF_CASE_RESERVE2LOT) – dump due to duplicate claims
FS-CML-AC-AD3298245ABG: Neuer Funktionsbaustein FVD_ACCRUAL_SIMULATE
FS-FPS3300568Long SQL runtime in Re-Register
FS-FPS-GLC3298314G/L Send program does not transfer Tax Base Amount
FS-FPS-RD3281173Use generic result data buffering for Portfolio Definitions (HKAPD) to improve read performance
FS-FPS-SLA3241151Fiscal Year Variant not considered correctly during Manual Adjustment Posting
FS-PE-FH-OPM3147634Missing mapping of OrgnlTxRef in SWIFT MX PACS.004 outbound converter
FS-PMA3301416KORR: Policenbeginnverlegung bei internen BMs führt zum Dump
FS-RI3299986CORR: Repeated error when saving treaty leads to loss of entered data
FS-RI3297670KORR: TA: Level 4 Prüfung zur Prüfung der Verträge ist fehlerhaft
FS-RI-AC3297826CORR: Determination of accounting function when setting loss to invalid
FS-RI-B-TTY3221907CORR: Changes due to customer-specific enhancement in USER_COMMAND are lost again
FS-RI-LRM3301070Duplikate beim Sammeln von Kommentaren Data Privacy
FS-SR-DE3299632Nachweisung NW675 Laufzeitfehler TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
GRC-RM3301533Risk POWL – typo in error message
GRC-SAC-ARQ3291836ARQ: User to Role Relationship report doesn’t display all composite roles corresponding to the child role
GRC-SAC-ARQ3290732ARQ: When assigning CUA Child System and Role of the same system, Provisioning Status of the System line item remains Not Processed.
GRC-SPC-AC3281724[CVE-2023-0019] Missing Authorization check in SAP GRC (Process Control)
GRC-SPC-MT3298236Show wrong MCP step performer after forwarding
GRC-UDS-DO3297453UISM 100: Dump due to ASSERT condition violation when masking is configured for CRM application
GRC-UDS-DO3293442UIDP 100: Fix for ALV Tree scenario when masking configuration is Off
HAN-DP-SDI3300801[ASELTLAdapter] Filter out info logs not required for debugging
HAN-DP-SDI3282575ABAP tables streaming extraction doesn’t work on remote source with logon group/message server configuration
HAN-DP-SDI3269431ExcelAdapter – Sharepoint access is slow and/or fails with various file errors (Access Denied, file corrupt, etc)
HAN-DP-SDI3231562SAP HANA Smart Data Integration and SAP HANA Smart Data Quality 2.0 SP 06 Patch 3x (2.6.3.x)
HAN-WDE-EIM3298054Unable to push down filter to a column with type “timestamp”
ICM-MD3291309ILM_IT: EoP CACS_CUSTVEND is raising unecessary messages
IS-A-ESD2942768All expected standard fields of item data are not copied in scheduling agreement
IS-ADEC-MPN-PUR3235109Technical prerequisites for Note 3201772
IS-CTS-MAK3260790Flavor ID is not populated during batch creation in MIGO
IS-DFS-OF-COM3299456Defense Disconnected Supply Fixes
IS-DRY3298833Manage Manufacturing Methods: Multiple Valid Periods in Operations
IS-OIL-DS-IDM3268024S4IDM patch 3.0.23 / IDMLIB patch 3.0.17
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3295507Prerequisites for SAP Note 3290921
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3290921PO: Missing customizing activity for assignment of process chains to ticket type
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3212794Ticket Upload Performance improvement
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3111016Manual activation of Business Functions not needed prior to upgrade to S4SCSD 300 / Business Function /PAT/SFW_DC_LOGA_BF
IS-OIL-OL2976455RLM:De-implementation of note 1098115
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-TAX3301314Tax 2.0 NM: Rebooking and Reversal records of the already reported Report Detail key are missing.
IS-SE-CCO3298945SAP Customer Checkout + SAP Customer Checkout manager 2.0 FP15
IS-U-DM-MR3217021Multiple order creation with incorrect meter reading reason
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3300885Pod list is determined wrongly in MOS billing integration process if market location doesn’t belong to POG-bundle
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3299341New feature for GAS: Sending IFTSTA MV305 instead of ORDRSP for MRR breakdown
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3299265IDEXDE: Process error at APERAK for energy consumption MSCONS
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301334US4G: Add device subtype for Metering Services Article ID assignment
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301241US4G: Quantity qualifier is always determined as Z18 while sending gas load shape values for OBIS code 7-10:99.33.17
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301227MDX: Inbound AMID 11166 no entry in /UCOM/MR_CONTACT
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3300845/US4G/PRORA_EA: Short dump ‘CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND’ occurs while creating proration MR document
LE-JIT-S2C3298308Update of JIT calls via EDI/SOAP fails with an error
LE-JIT-S2C3292820Regeneration of Job catalog entry SAP_LE_NJIT_SCHEDULE_CUSTOM_ACTION to synchronize newly added dynamic time fields for selection
LO-AB3299758Correction of access control for Settlement Document data extraction CDS Views
LO-AGR-CC3300854Agricultural Contract Management(S4H): Pricing App – Roll – Roll partial qty on multiple lots and extra fields in Pricing Lot Details
LO-AGR-CC3298874Agricultural Contract Management: Flat Amount Adjustments for Secondary Basis Conditions through Contracts creation/change API’s
LO-AGR-CC3298702ACM S/4H: Maintain ACM Pricing fiori app, Roll action pop-up changes
LO-AGR-CC3297811Agricultural Contract Management: Flat Amount Calculation for Secondary Basis Pricing Approach from Maintain Contract Fiori App
LO-AGR-LSP3300371Invalid UoM in Fiori Purchase and Showlist Applications
LO-AGR-STL3292289ACM S4/H: Provisional prices determined during settlement creation even though flat price with open quantity is available
LO-ARM-SD3299216Customer Incident CS20220004401871 Advanced returns for BOM header / items with goods mvmts MSR_SD024
LO-CMM-ANL3295671Decouple Day End Snapshot definition from Portfolio Hierarchy
LO-CMM-ANL3285010CMM: MtM EoD Report Fields Value in Stat and Value in Doc Currency show blank values for percentage conditions that do not refer to CPE condition.
LO-CMM-ANL3280110CMM: MtM EoD Report Fields Price, Value in Stat and Value in Doc Currency show blank values for percentage conditions that do not refer to CPE condition.
LO-CMM-BF3300764Projection of Exposure Due date in Origin Position Queries
LO-CMM-BF3295369Performance Optimization of SDM Script for CMM_VLOGP with skipping of realized records
LO-CMM-DC3297530Deal Capture: Reason for Rejection
LO-FSH-PP-MRP3301231Dump in MD01N in the procedure CL_FSH_V05_MRP_ALLOC_QTY=>CONSIDER_ALLOC_QTY
LO-MD-MM3276113Duplicate messages in Component
LO-RFM-MD-ART3295882MM43: Automatische Ermittlung der Einkaufsdaten
LO-SPM-X3299327QRFC Grabber for /SCWM/OUTB_DLV_CHANGE2 not exists
LO-VC3301494Verschiedene Mengen in MRP und MRP-Live
LO-VC-VTA3301398Laufzeitfehler ASSERTION_FAILED in Funktionsgruppe CUTX
LOD-ANA-TAB3301539Top N takes precedence on sort on the same axis in SAP Analytics Cloud tables
LOD-HCI-DS2324184SAP Cloud Integration for data services 1.0.11 release information
LOD-HCI-PI-PRV2904202Self-service provisioning of SAP Integration Suite is unsuccessful
MFG-DM-PRC3223128Data transfer from SAP Plant Connectivity to the Production Connector and shared installation on one computer
MM-FIO-PUR-PO3293032Manage Purchase Orders App: Runtime Error /BOBF/CX_FRW_FATAL
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-PRF3290981Short dump when WBS element field unmatched predefined mask
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-PRF3120143Manage Purchase Requisitions Professional, wrong draft data in Multiple Accounts Assignment
MM-IV-CIM3294243Migration Guide for Setting Up SAP Central Invoice Management Backend Enablement (4N6)
MM-PUR-HUB-CTR3299742Central Purchase Contracts: Disable Conversion for Unit of Measure in the Check Distribution Service within Connected Systems
MM-PUR-SRC-SPQ3300960UpdateItemCondition returns Create by composition not possible; parent key doesn’t match source key
MOB-APP-SAM3272030SAP Service and Asset Manager: Support BOM for equipment and functional location via construction type.
MOB-MDK-MDC3297218SAP Mobile development kit client 6.3.5
OPU-ASA-FG3301147/ASADEV/PI cannot be used as BO for PR rejection
OPU-BSC-TGW3298830Extension of /IWWRK/S_TGW_ATTACHMENTS structure in Task Gateway, Part2
PA-PA-IN3233113Field length extension for exemption u/s 10 under Previous Employment Tax Details
PA-PA-SG3299171PA-PA-SG: New ID Type for Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass
PA-PM-BM3298984Finanzierungs-/Besetzungsregeln: Hyperlink bei Spalteninhalt hat keine Funktion
PLM-PDM3298844PDMI: TC Material Master Creation for multiple plants
PM-EQM-LE3300497IE07 Download to Excel causes Short Dump
PM-FIO3301351F5104A: No Material description for Unplanned Components
PM-WOC-MO3301363Maintenance Order gets status CNF when deleting Operations
PM-WOC-MO3297896People picker for maintenance order approval workflow
PP-PEO-SFE3301477OA-Status not correct after order split with flexible processing
PP-PEO-SFE3301359Missing authorization defaults for RFCs
PP-PEO-SFE3298327Order Split with Shop Floor Items
PP-PEO-SFR3295805Result for qualitative inspection characteristics is not visible in Production Supervisory apps – Backend
PP-SFC3301047Order Split with Actual Costs and Parallel Sequences
PPM-PFM2268020S4TWL – Integration to SAP Portfolio and Project Management
PS-CAF-ACT3295279(FI) Anzahlung wird falsch fortgeschrieben
PS-DAT-WBS3284060CJ20N: Performance problems with DB6
PS-ST3301420Fiori App F1971 shows duplicate components
PS-ST-DEF3296053User fields copied when no user field key is maintained in the project profile
PSM-GM-GTE-MD3298972CFDA is not available in C_GranteeMgmtBdgtActlQry1
PY-AT3290023RPCBETA1_NGL: Error in SAPScript form
PY-BE3298309HR Renewal – Pension Payment Declaration – Master Data & Additional Payments
PY-BE3266518Fiche 25 for year before previous year
PY-CA3297410YE22: Corrections to the PDF forms of Year End Reporting, Canada report
PY-CH3055357QST21: Q&A for harmonized withholding tax calculation as of 1/1/2021
PY-CZ3297189HRCZ – RPCSPLT0 – calculated SI ER for firefighters doubled
PY-CZ3165624HRCZ – Vacation entitlement – missing functionality
PY-DE-NT-NI3261198Falsche Bildung des BG-Bruttos /6U0 bei WPBP-Split am 31. eines Monats
PY-DE-NT-SR3301575ATZ: SV-Attribut für PV-Zuschlag wird bei Simulation für Midijob im Simulationsprogramm RPCATXD0 nicht berücksichtigt
PY-DE-PS3294308Urlaub nach EuGH – Kontingenttyp ausschließen
PY-ES3278447IT0090: Incorrect error message for deduction amount field in HR Renewal
PY-ES3265358SLD: Incorrect division of base contribution for employees with maximum contribution and absence
PY-FR3261567DSN: Summary of development/correction SAP Notes (17)
PY-GB2943141PY-GB: List of utility class SAP Notes
PY-HR3275240HRHR: JOPPD – incorrect value in field B.8 for sick leave absence
PY-HR3267997HRHR: Enhancements to general recapitulation
PY-IE2943099PY-IE: List of utility class SAP Notes
PY-NO3301100HRNO – Additional ERC [4] – corrections
PY-NPO3300820WIGSI: Next increment date computed incorrectly
PY-NZ3299803PY-NZ:Incorrect original start date of continuous absences in BAdI HR_NZ_REEVALUATE_RATE
PY-RO3301437HRRO: HROCRS30 – Line length exceeded maximum
PY-RU3300732Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3278940
PY-RU3278940Incorrect transfer sum after off-cycle run with Advance on Correction Accounting reason
PY-SG3249103Enhancements on IR8A Report for Employment Income Records Download
PY-SK3298939HRSK: Social insurance issues 02/2023
PY-SK3298579HRSK: Report HSKCZPV0 – Additional/corrective statement and retroactive change
PY-US3300163Inconsistent error message in payroll function P0221: Pers. area and Pers. subarea does not exist!
PY-US3239221Data Replication Monitor gets stuck with “Pending” status
PY-US-BSI3223858BSI: Filing status synchronization with TaxFactory 11.0
PY-XX-DME3280058Pre-DME: Corrections to the Total Amount Transferred currency conversion
PY-XX-DME3225148Incorrect Currency conversion on the ‘Total Amount Transferred’ statistic
PY-XX-HF3301721CE Payslip dump while executing an HRFORM
RE-FX-LA-RA3301505Korrektur Hinweis 3151387 für S4CORE 105 (S4HANA 2020)
RE-FX-LC-NL3289418RE-FX NL: Max WOZ points – change of rounding
RE-FX-RA3169614One-time posting: Partner profit center incorrect during transfer posting
SCM-APO-INT-EXT3301396BAPI_MOSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI3: Object Dependencies are not evaluated correctly
SCM-APO-PPS3270183Unit Test für Klasse /SAPAPO/CL_PPDS_AFR_LOG läuft auf Fehler.
SCM-APO-PPS-HEU3299098MD01N: PP/DS Planning File Entries and Planning Packages are not considered during MRP Live run
SCM-APO-PPS-HEU2739353/SAPAPO/CDPSB0 – Logs display message no. /SAPAPO/RRP_HEUR257 after running SAP_PP_020 heuristic
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3301347ERP inbound queue blocked when changing an operational supply planning order in IBP
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3297019Enable purchase requisitions and subcontracting purchase requisitions for key figure integration of SAP IBP and PP/DS
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3099371Reduce Rounding Residuals in EWM Integration
SCM-EWM-ILO3298387SAP Fiori App “Manage Loading Lanes”: Missing Search Function
SCM-EWM-MD3300881/SCWM/LS11: Dump ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY when deleting multiple bins with fixed bin assignment
SCM-EWM-MD3300267/SCWM/MATERIAL_READ_SINGLE reads the product description only in logon language
SCM-EWM-PMR3294792Reverse HU in Process from Production leads to dump with AUX mat.
SCM-EWM-PRN-HU3245456PPF actions not executed automatically in EWM
SRM-UIA-SHP-ID3298252Visible Internal only’ checkbox enabled in ordered item
SV-FRN-APP-FI3272750Corrections for OCC Dashboard in Focused Run 4.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP-FI3204272Corrections for OCC Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP03
SV-FRN-APP-FI3120267Corrections for OCC Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP02
SV-FRN-APP-FI3063231Corrections for OCC Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP01
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3276373FRUN 4.0 FP00 Job & Automation Monitoring back-end correction
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3211130FRUN 3.0 FP03 Job & Automation Monitoring back-end corrections
SV-SMG-CM2929892Adaptation for ChaRM/QGM Integration with SAP Business Technology Platform Transport Management Service
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM3297757Solution Documentation release error “Parent Element of ‘*’ already deleted in Branch ‘*'”
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM3138013Enable Mass Release for a Branch
SV-SMG-MON-SYS3266751[CVE-2023-23852] Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
SV-SMG-OP3270509[CVE-2023-23855] URL Redirection vulnerability in SAP Solution Manager
SV-SMG-OST-FB-TWB3301517Focused Build – Test Steps: Columns Instructions and Expected Result reversed in Excel file download
SV-SMG-SVD-SWB3267442[CVE-2023-0025] Cross Site Scripting in SAP Solution Manager (BSP Application)
SV-SMG-SVD-SWB3265846[CVE-2023-0024] Cross Site Scripting in SAP Solution Manager (BSP Application)
TM-ADP-CSL3288724Validation check on Affliate not released
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3292222Booking Charge Detail Rate Info Not Refreshed When Manual Change Exist
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3287281Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of the Shelf Life Expiration Date Not Being Propagated to the LE Delivery After Correcting the Document Error Related to the Missing Shelf Life Expiration Date
TM-CF2633542Corrections to the TM Test Manager
TM-CF-CC3289678Error during Break-weight calculation when there is no look-ahead scale item found
TM-FRM3301613TOR Overview current stop highlighting (fix when interm. inbound stop is in execution)
TM-INT-LI3298978Technical Improvement: Remove EWM-Coding in TM-LE Communication
XX-CSC-AT-IS-H3300078IS-H AT: LKF Modell 2023 (Pilotierung OrphaCodes) Standard
XX-CSC-AT-IS-H3296857IS-H AT: EDIVKA, (EDI) Nachrichten Aufruf ohne unstrukturierte Anzeige des Inhaltes
XX-CSC-AT-IS-H3295914IS-H AT: EDIVKA, XML-Element <BetragSVAnteilNeu> in ZAHLAVIS (P22) wird nicht übernommen
XX-CSC-AT-IS-H3294455IS-H AT: EDIVKA Datei, Format UTF-8, einlesen
XX-CSC-CH-IS-H3296582IS-H CH: INXML Bezug zu eKoGu (Vorarbeiten)
XX-CSC-CH-IS-H3294032IS-H CH: INXML Bezug zu eKoGu
XX-CSC-NL-IS-H3301342IS-H NL: RNNLDBC_FOLLOW_UP might dump in a rare occurance
XX-CSC-PL-FI2910607Online Validation Framework – Polish White list: CPI/SCP Integration
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-LOA3261972BAWA-1296 CR055 – Dublettenprüfung – Immobilie
XX-PART-IBS-REG3301655Beim Ermitteln der Konditionen werden Konditionen, die in der Zukunft liegen, nicht berücksichtigt.
XX-PART-IPS3301590V4- Matrix configuration and proforma creation runtime errors
XX-PART-IPS3301357Activities worklist reference field value is not displayed correctly
XX-PART-IPS3301229V4- Customer search in fiori for not working using customer general
XX-PART-IPS330102260E- Clauses and template not properly populated in pdf for agreement request and deals
XX-PART-IPS33000186.1- Incomplete records are being fetched by transactional calculation postings extractor
XX-PART-IPS3299847V4- Runtime error while trying create another quote using posting option
XX-PART-IPS3299845Runtime error while trying create another quote using posting option
XX-PART-IPS3279177V4- Pricing unit is not available for change in the formula workbench
XX-PART-IPS3144412V4- While uploading release status of the schedule item not updating
XX-PART-IPS31251246.1/60E- Price maintenance upload issue in fiori
XX-PART-IPS287643160E SP7- Multiple issues related to Fiori app
XX-PART-MSG-LRM-MOV3288595Falscher Status bei der Verarbeitung zweier Schäden nacheinander
XX-PART-MSG-LRM-MOV3284151Kein automatisches schließen der Schadeneinschätzung bei neuem Schaden
XX-PROJ-DMS-INC2968305NZDT – Composite SAP Note – S4CORE 105
XX-PROJ-RE-BKXL3270287BK01 (IS-U): Fehler bei der Aktivierung der Struktur REYAUX_IO_ACCOUNT_X
XX-SER-PLUS3113382Authorization-based SAP S/4HANA User Simulation / FUE Projection
XX-TRANSL-IT3301251Correction of translation of ‘Creditor’
XX-TRANSL-JA3300930Correction of translation of ‘Nickname’

Correction with Low Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes with priority as Correction with low priority

BC-BSP3192082Missing text in TSL1T id BR A
BC-BSP3163365Origin Isolation
BC-DWB-TOO-ABA3287291[CVE-2023-23854] Missing Authorization check in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and ABAP Platform
BC-FES-GUI3292400File open dialogs with many files open very slowly as of patch 9 of SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 (and patch 0 for 8.00)
BC-SRV-AIF3106807AIF content delivery adoption for ABAP GIT
BC-SRV-GBT-CAL3300462Installer for Calendar Synchronisation for Microsoft Office created the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)” on 32bit Windows
BC-XI-CON-RST3301671PO REST Receiver adapter OAuth token issue after upgrading system to SP22
BC-XI-CON-RST3299592PO REST Sedner channel can register OAuth 2.0 client with client id with leading or trainling empty characters
BW4-ME-PC3301594Texts too long for Process Variant fields
CA-GTF-CSC-DME3295993DMEEX – Version Management retrieve to DMEE not working
CO-PC-OBJ2955841Cumulative overhead calculation in S/4CORE
CRM-BF-SWI1760307Archiving: Check if Task has StreamWork Activities
FI-FIO-GL2973287Manage G/L Account Master Data – The filter feature is not available for several columns
FI-GL-OC3301631Organizational Changes – Issue with downport of cl_finoc_rt_metadata in test classes
FI-LOC-AA-IL3246411IL Localization – Asset accounting – Revaluation process
FI-LOC-AA-IL3243190IL Localization – Asset accounting – Last period posted (/atl/a17)
FI-SL-IS-A2583373Accounting: Description of type of output is misleading
FIN-CS-MD3301452Incorrect display of to be assigned Consolidation Units in Manage Consolidation Group Structure – Group View App
FIN-FSCM-CLM3301313CFA: Performance Improvement for Main View Export
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM3300591VWPT_ATTR_S_T: Incorrect short description
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3290360Deletion of obsolete Objects in S4SCSD
IS-U-DM-MR3013830Code Inspector Warnings (SAPLELIN – Structure Enhancements)
IS-U-DM-MR1653578Invisible messages for suppression or interpolation
LO-CMM-DC3301245Deal Capture: Manage Output Text App Fix #7
LO-CMM-DC3301224Deal Capture: Manage Output Text App Fix #6
LO-CMM-DC3301220Deal Capture: Contractual Terms – Fix #1
LO-CMM-DC3301218Deal Capture: Contractual Terms – Fix #1
LO-CMM-DC3296401Deal Capture – Capture App Fixes #27
LO-CMM-DC3288766Deal Capture: Manage Output Text App Fix #6
LO-MD-BP-SYN3297974Value of CHECK_NUM unknown in methods of BAdI CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER_ENH
LO-RFM-STO-FIO3300668Multiple Stock Adjustments Creation in the Adjust Mass Stock Application
LOD-HCI-DS2987407CPI-DS tasks stay locked even when closed correctly
PP-MRP3301108Classic MRP: Planned delivery time determined from an info record with lower priority (on Pur. org. level)
PP-PEO-SFE3297938Result for qualitative inspection characteristics is not visible in Production Supervisory apps – Frontend
PY-DE-FP-E23301691ELStAM: Anpassung im Report Eingangsmeldungen simulieren (RPUE2AD0)
PY-DE-PS-ZV3274150ZV-Meldewesen: Meldungen für nach § 49 (1) Nr. 4 Buchstabe b EStG steuerbefreite Personalfälle
PY-GB3299523PY-GB: Utility Classes 16
PY-IE3299534PY-IE: Utility Classes 10
PY-LOC-TPR3301629PCC: Anpassungen an SAP-internen Unittests
SCM-APO-PPS3281555Mass Reset of Material Planning Status
SD-MD-CM3301073Änderungsbelege beim Anlegen von Konditionssätzen unvollständig
SV-FRN-INF-SDA3295838AIM PI Java Out of bound exception fix


Below is the list of SAP Notes with priority as Normal:

AP-ACC-GL3301635The G/L Account Description is Missing for Some Intercompany Journal Entry Vouchers While Working in Other Language.
AP-DUE-GLO-ISJ3301712What is Considered by the Paid Amount in the Japan Invoice Summary Document
AP-MD-BP-ADR3275885BP save Phone Number only with digits
AP-PAY2037449Missing Register With Service Provider Button
AP-POP3301308Workflow Rule Does Not Trigger Notifications When Purchase Order Approver Involved in Conditions
AP-RC-MOB-UIF3300804Image Views Are Missing In OWL
AP-RC-TXA2745428How To Change Work Centre And View Titles With Language Adaptation
AP-REQ2029446You are Unable to Cancel the Requested Quantity of Shopping Cart.
BC-BMT-WFM-WLC1560336After forwarding a work item it is no longer assigned to any user
BC-DB-HDB-POR3301643Consistency checks are scheduled without the global consistency check error
BC-DB-ORA3297171mopatch: Cannot find “ar” utility
BC-DB-ORA3110012R3trans returns error ORA-01017 – Netweaver
BC-DB-SYB3301324Signal 11 in procrm() under Des Upd Spinlocks – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB3301228High spinlock contention on DES Name Hash Bucket Spin – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB3195578how to automate dba maintenance tasks in a JAVA stack system – SAP ASE BS
BC-FES-WGU3231710WebGUI File Browser: How to change download path while downloading to local drive (native file system)
BC-FES-WGU2636752WebGUI File Browser: option in file save dialog to save to native file system.
BC-IAM-IDS3301702Delete button of Application in Identity Authentication Services tenant is missing
BC-IAM-IDS3301653SCIM API Filter is throwing an error: The provided filter is invalid. Parsing error.
BC-IAM-IDS3301639How to delete users in Identity Authentication Services tenant
BC-IAM-IPS3301759Provisioning Users/Groups to SAP S/4HANA Cloud using SAP IPS
BC-INS-SUI2591258ERROR in Selftest. Return code: 3 during start of SWPM Tool (sapinst)
BC-JAS-COR3243232AS Java fails to start – java.io.IOException: Argument0 (Wait services [service:sap.com/<…>]
BC-MID-BUS3033810GC overhead limit exceeded: SAP BC issue
BC-MID-RFC2410777SM59 Remote Logon has no response (Without NAT)
BC-NEO-PERS2658390Database Upsize BTP
BC-SEC-LGN-SPN3096731Browser shows logon pop-up after configuring Kerberos SSO for SAPGUI on ABAP system
BC-SRV-COM3272848Email’s content is different than expected
BC-SRV-COM3272826Issue in configuring Encrypted/Secure E-Mail with S/MIME- xs845
BC-SRV-KPR-CS3299263How to change the ‘server time’ in the CS test URL to be same as system time
BC-SYB-ASE3301270signal 11 at s_cpy_param_to_dparam on ASE16 SP03 PL11 – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE3301266Infected with 11 at dfl_dmp_initflushlist – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE3145809Signal 11 in ssl_cipherbypss() when executed in RPC – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE3099614sp_extrapwdchecks not catching an error and login is created – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE3090497How to determine the available number of user connections that can be configured in ASE – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2921852SQL replication may not work correctly for ANSI joins queries – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2770357Configure “number of user connections” to be more than 32K – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-IQ3301319“View .. was .. invalidated due to DDL …” during “alter database upgrade” — SAP IQ
BC-SYB-IQ3301263SAP IQ – is it possible to get a 64bit decryption library for IQ network packets
BC-SYB-IQ3300830Query Errorrs : “Insufficient buffers for ‘Sort’ ” or “Insufficient buffers for ‘Run’ ” — SAP IQ
BC-SYB-IQ2118482How to monitor IQ Temp Cache usage? – SAP IQ
BC-SYB-IQ1951519Error “Database server not found”, “Connection failed” – SAP IQ
BC-SYB-IQ1942259How to change the owner of a table – SAP IQ
BC-SYB-IQ1872093How to setup the remote access from SAP IQ 16 to SAP ASE using ASEODBC class
BC-SYB-PD3301623PD Web: SVG pictures broken – SAP PD
BC-SYB-REP2521419Replication server Message: 102 ‘Incorrect syntax near’ on large transactions – SRS
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA3063564CRR replication in SUM nZDM does not complete for table IUUC_REPL_LTNCY during update of an SLT system
BC-UPG-MP3064509Unable to plan a maintenance transaction for product – SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NW JAVA 7.1
BC-UPG-NA3082340SPDD/SPAU – Message no. 0M284 – It was not possible to lock all the objects for the note correction in one request.
BC-UPG-OCS3065750Uninstallation of an SAP Standard Addon fails in COLLECT_OBJLIST phase : The piece list contains non-deletable objects
BC-UPG-TLS-TLA2848592DBSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN error in RUN_RDDIT006 phase of upgrade
BC-UPG-TLS-TLJ2462674Solution Manager 7.2 upgrade: SUM shows error “Cannot execute Java process for deployList with parameters”in DEPLOY-COMPONENTS- ” Error: This SDA has a software type assigned that is not supported” in OperateSDM log
BC-UPG-TLS-TLJ2297918SUM error : “Sapcontrol client could not perform action get start profile on instance” during INITIALIZE-COMMON-DETECT-MODULE-DETERMINE-PROFILES phase
BC-XI-IBC3077565Choose adapter metadata in channel configuration failed with error: “begin of unexpected element “script”!
BI-BIP-AUT2556648BI Auth Troubleshoting Series: Master list of KBA’s for tracing and analyzing authentication issues.
BI-BIP-AUT1772769LDAP SSL Not working for Client Tools
BI-BIP-AUT1245178krb5.ini configuration options for java AD in BI applications
BI-BIP-INS3301203Cannot delete or change license key after upgrade
BI-BIP-INS2308674“License Key Error : Invalid Key” when adding BI 4.2/ BI 4.3 keycode after upgrade from BI 4.0 / 4.1
BI-BIP-LMT2817296Need correct License Measurement Tool (LMBI) for BI Platform
BI-BIP-LO3301496Unable to login in the Live Office Addon
BI-BIP-SEC3169036BI 4.2 and BI 4.3 – Fixed CVE and Vulnerabilities List
BI-RA-AO-XLA2780964How to force Excel to open in a new instance by default without Analysis for Office Add-in
BI-RA-WBI1329165How to open the Web Intelligence tab report directly from the Opendocument
BNS-ARI-CP-CORE-ESC3171515How do I configure approval escalation for documents?
BNS-ARI-PAS-CF3297989Why does “Download Import Template” not appear under Actions in Forms and Extensions Manager?
BNS-ARI-PCP-SEC3175658What action is required for the upcoming SAP Ariba Website Certificate Renewal?
BNS-ARI-PUR3301354Why are some Receipts not exported to ERP?
BNS-ARI-SLP-REG3301411Can Compose message functionality be used in Supplier Life Cycle and Performance (SLP) Projects?
BW-BCT-FI-AA3069467RSAR051 error when performing delta init without data although the DataSource supports init without data
BW-BCT-SD-SLS3063714Update of MBDAT cannot be captured by 2LIS_11_V_SCL
BW-BCT-TCT3115509BW Process Status queries not working after BW 7.5 upgrade
BW-WHM-DBA-ODA3259384Error on ODATA Service Generation
BW-WHM-DBA-ODA3102100ABAP CDS CDC: C_SalesDocumentItemDEX generates unexpected delta records
BW-WHM-DBA-ODA3058404Minimum release of ODATA Service
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD-AUT3301589Error “Role user is maintained but not consistent” during BW2HANA authorization replication
CA-DI3234568Read Data from SAP System Operator’ shows message ‘Cannot load additional properties. Version not set’ – SAP DI
CA-GTF-MIG3301176Missing Purchasing Info Records (PIR) after data migration
CA-GTF-MIG2978407How to check whether custom fields exist for a migration object and update it with the custom fields when using new migration cockpit?
CA-GTF-OC3149756Output items status cannot be changed from ‘To be output’ to other status like ‘Completed’ or ‘Error’ when using S/4HANA output management in application documents
CA-MDG-DRF2858316SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: Material/Product/Business Partner/Cost Center master does not trigger Communication Arrangements
CA-QIE3121479EWM-QM integration: issues with lot quantity/stock fields (QALS-LMENGE*)
CEC-COM-ADM-SEDIT3077070SmartEdit – Catalog or Site list is empty
CEC-SPA2708660How to Get Support for Spartacus JS Storefront SAP Commerce Cloud
CO-PA3301673KE764 “the selection criterion for “PALEDGER” cannot be executed” error in KE24
CRM-MW2171201Table SMOFRSTAT has more entries than t-code R3AR3
EIM-DS-SAP3220400Error:” Cannot import the extractor <name=XXX>. ODP source returned error: <Source XXX not found, not released or not authorized.>. (BODI-1116153)” – SAP Data Services
EIM-IS-SVR3301341How to hide the Reports section for users – Information Steward
EP-WZ-SM3297718How to count the number of content items per site in SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition
FI-FIO-AP3059653Bank determination for Payments using Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts
FI-GL-GL-G3216502S/4HANA Cloud Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts Restrictions
FI-LOC-SD-BR2545409ICMS Exclusion from PIS and COFINS Base Amount Troubleshooting Guide
FIN-CS-COR-DT3301237Warning: “Period is not opened for GL account xxxxxxx ” when running schedule job Realign Group Reporting Preparation Ledger
FIN-CS-JE3301259Customize file cannot be uploaded in Import Group Journal Entries app
FIN-TMF-BR2451223Latest corrections for Tax Declaration Framework
GRC-AUD3301248Data mismatch in Word document and PDF of final Audit report
GRC-AUD3301223How to fix common errors while opening ACS tiles?
GRC-RM3301183Risk and Opportunity POWL is empty
GRC-SAC-ARQ1771763Display only access for search request in GRC AC
HAN-DB3290785Feature not supported: cannot MOVE table or partition with NOT MOVABLE option
HAN-DB-BAC3300796Log backup happens more frequently than you expect
HAN-DB-BAC3217553HANA log backups are getting failed
HAN-DB-BAC2458043SAP HANA Multistreaming Backup to Backint does not work
HAN-DB-ENG3301592Hana DB not able to start due to Error:- FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running , getting Permission denied.
HAN-DB-ENG2057046FAQ: SAP HANA Delta Merges
HAN-DB-PER3300807Column store table’s persistent memory doesn’t exist after you unload and reload the table
HAN-DB-PERF3301425Alert “High Hana service ping time ” from Solution Manager system
HAN-DB-PERF3203727How to find the SQL statements responsible for memory growth of Join Engine
HAN-DB-SEC3230381What are the different parameter options available to control password policy in HANA database?
HAN-DP-SDI2853526Can the ownership of SDI objects, such as remote sources, be changed?
IS-A3294586Syntax Error For Function Module VELO11_TIRS_EXECUTE
LO-MD-FIO-MM3301090In Manage Product Master Data app (F1602) the product is not found when searching with an additional EAN number
LOD-ANA-DES3301329X-axis data may disappear unexpected in Bar/Column chart in SAP Analytics Cloud
LOD-CRM-ACT3301654RBAM Error while accessing Activity Planner views
LOD-CRM-GW-SCC3301660Cannot Select Sales Organization Value In Dropdown In Server Side Outlook Add-in For C4C
LOD-CRM-INT-CRM3291011SRT 404 error: HTTP error: (“HTTP Code 404: Not Found) , Business Partner information blank in Contract accounts view.
LOD-CRM-INT-DWB3301198Data Workbench Error “Create Not Possible; Source Object Does Not Exist”
LOD-CRM-INT-ERP3301550Content of Payload Does not Match the CommunicationMediumTypeCode
LOD-CRM-INT-ERP3291038KUT field not updating value in Business Object.
LOD-CRM-INT-ERP3225204Special Character Rejected During Replication To C4C
LOD-CRM-INT-S4H3291052Deleting sales order in S4 does not trigger an outbound Idoc.
LOD-CRM-LA3301745Call duration calculation is incorrect after inbound call answered in Live Activity
LOD-CRM-LA3287526External ID and Original External ID are not copied to the Phone Call Activity
LOD-CRM-SEC3143315On SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) Product – Expiration date for certificate ‘DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA’.
LOD-CRM-SRP3298537Email Cursor Line Spacing Differences
LOD-HCI-DS2424200Required Information for troubleshooting SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-PI-OP-SRV3301499com.sap.it.op.web.ui.dashboard.dashboard error when trying to access the Integrations menu in Integration Suite cockpit
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS3198645Cloud Integration Client Certificate Is Expiring
LOD-SF-ANA-RCT-ADH3282918Application Error when running report table
LOD-SF-CAL-ADM2070807Show an extra column for Bin View – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-ADM2070799Manage Templates – Bin View, List View, Matrix Grid View, Dashboard – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-EML2818172Tokens Used in Calibration Email Notifications – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-EML2807362Different email body depending on the number of threshold – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-EML2662921All Calibration Email Notifications Are Received in Plain Text – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-EML2279940Email Notification: Notify Calibration Rating Changes During Session Finalization – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-EML2086635Email Notification Template Settings – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-PM2748038Manual rating change after manager change not saving – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-PM2250747Ratings in the Ad-hoc Report doesn’t match the rating in the finalized Calibration Session – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-PM2155024How are Calibration Sessions populated if I have two or more identical PM forms? – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-REP3045319Export All Calibration Session Files via Report Center – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-REP2656699Identify Too New To Rate employees from Calibration Session through Ad Hoc Report – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2571206Validation Failed: Subject has no form – Calibration
LOD-SF-EC2599351SAP Best Practices for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central upgrade is failing
LOD-SF-EC-BCI3301276Same Field in Global and Country Specific Configuration – RBP
LOD-SF-EC-BCI3299836How to Update the label/translation for Country in Manage Business Configuration(BCUI) ?
LOD-SF-EC-CON3298689CSF Business rules are not triggered when using Add Concurrent Employment action
LOD-SF-EC-CWF3289598Tags : [[SUB_USER_FNAME]] & [[SUB_USER_LNAME]] in the Work Order Expiry Custom Notification does not retrieve the names anymore after 2H 2022
LOD-SF-EC-HIR-HDC3301135Hire Date Correction: [Error: HibernateException thrown could not execute statement]
LOD-SF-EC-HIR-NEW3296230Error in hiring when add recurring deduction is used in Recruit template
LOD-SF-EC-MOB3301495Birthday tile is not updated after termination on Mobile – Employee Central
LOD-SF-EC-PER2444264How to display employee’s preferred name in Quick Card and People Search – Employee Central
LOD-SF-EC-PER-NAT3301498“Temporary ID” and “is Temporary” fields are not visible under National ID portlet – Employee Central
LOD-SF-EC-PER-NAT2755154How To Enable Temporary National ID Fields
LOD-SF-EC-POS-ORG3282598White background for ‘”View More” option is removed in Position Org Chart – 2H 2022
LOD-SF-EC-TER3288799XML-based Workflows NOT triggered on Termination action – CS2H2022
LOD-SF-EC-TIM2742950Receive an Application Error When Attempting to Correct or Delete a Leave of Absence Record – aad14abbd6362ffe35cdfb1f87fa0dac9daa8db0
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-ABS3301209Exclusion Reason for Work Incapacity Certificate for Germany is missing from Manage Data
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-JOB3132021Effective Dated Time Profile (Early Adoption) – 2H 2022
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI3301765Balance before and Balance after calculation under Time Account Tab is showing incorrect calculation
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI3301087Total Requesting field shows “NaN:NaN” when system language is Spanish (España)
LOD-SF-EC-WFL3298680Workflow UI Screen which shows participants list of Approvers and CC with the Employee Names and their Position/Job Title appears as Overlapped
LOD-SF-EC-WFL3293686Terminate’ label present in a re-assignment workflow
LOD-SF-EC-WFL-RUT3300297Workflow approval Notification/To Do getting triggered to Inactive External Onboarding user
LOD-SF-EP-UI3301214Is it possible to remove a badge?
LOD-SF-INT-ODATA2934006DynamicGroupDefinition records not returned in OData or Integration center – SuccessFactors
LOD-SF-LMS2532750First record from file is skipped after the User Connector – SF running
LOD-SF-LMS2449893[LMS] Library search engine results
LOD-SF-LMS2413374LMS Training Planner – Knowledge Support and Tips
LOD-SF-LMS-ADM3301246Learning standard admin accounts
LOD-SF-LMS-ADM2096262Merging Users in SuccessFactors Learning
LOD-SF-LMS-CAT2361433FAQ Library Search Engine with progressive relevance – SAP SuccessFactors Learning
LOD-SF-LMS-CHM3288003Course Home > Course automatically completed once opened
LOD-SF-LMS-SEB2957855Automatic data creation in Learning Administration
LOD-SF-PLT-CID2087436Changing the SuccessFactors Company ID
LOD-SF-PLT-MNG3301247Login name is missing in Reset User Password
LOD-SF-PLT-SRH2878659User is not searchable in Basic Org Chart Search and Proxy Search
LOD-SF-PM-EML2608264Language change in Calibration Notification – Calibration
LOD-SF-RCM2545765Incident Has Been Resolved by SuccessFactors Engineering/Operations
LOD-SF-RCM-ADM2503075Error refid not defined – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-ADM2094193Recruiter Single Sign-On Recruiting Execution – RCM
LOD-SF-RCM-APP3289514Is it possible to deactivate the feature to drag and drop candidates in the pipeline? – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-APP2722938Application is Not Anonymized When Candidate Profile Deleted by Candidate/Admin – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-APP2414976Hired On Other Requisition not working
LOD-SF-RCM-CAN3015359Verification email send even after disabling One-Time Password for Email Verification during Candidate Account Creation – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAO3301757[Error] Error on Creating Offer Letter with ESignature – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-EML2613470Document Routing Notification and Document Completed Notification usage in Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-INT3096792Unable to transfer successfully CandidateID and ApplicationID via Recruiting to hire Data Mapping – RCM/OBX/EC
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB2869743Application Error When Trying to Edit a Field in a Job Requisition (Cannot read property ‘options’ & reading ‘selectedIndex’) – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB2082124Hired On Other Requisition Status – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RMK-CER3197486Limitations of the CSR generation tool in SSL Certificates tool – Recruiting Marketing
LOD-SF-RMK-CSB2586316Adding Search Options to the RMK Search Bar in Career Site Builder
LOD-SF-RPO-JOB2563733Job posting is not published on job boards – Recruiting Posting
LOD-SF-TJ-JPB2960254Link to Job Profile in Employee Profile
MM-FIO-IV2655860Advanced App ID MIRO – Create Supplier Invoice: Fiori app does not support the user Parameter IVFIDISPLAY
MM-FIO-PUR-ANA3301332Supplier Evaluation score output is not generated
MM-FIO-PUR-REL3301211Decision reason is not displayed in the Approval details tab
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-PRF3289039Missing Item Data in Purchase Requisition Approval
MM-IM-GF-MB2810460Error message AAPO155 of ‘No authorization for asset class &1 transaction type &2’ happens when posing Goods movement
MM-IM-GR-ORD2872787The reversal (102) of a Goods Receipt for a Production Order posts to PRD and not to GBB.
MM-IV-CA3301213Error CKMLGRIR025 or dump ASSERTION_FAILED when performing MR11
MM-IV-LIV3299431LIV: Edition of fields after document posting
MM-IV-LIV2732697“Show PO Structure” not visibible with Freight Order.
MM-IV-LIV-CRE2966899Error M8082 in MIR4 for held invoices
MM-IV-LIV-CRE2122460MIRO/MIR4/MIR7: Missing tax codes from the drop down list
MM-PUR-GF-F42340972Unexpected plant is displayed in the dropdown list in ME2L
MM-PUR-GF-TEXT2095429ME21N, ME51N – Header or Item Text fields contain junk or blank data
MM-PUR-GF-WOF2800331Fields which trigger a re-start of Flexible Workflow for PO.
MM-PUR-HUB-RFQ3300542Unable to see options to create a follow-on document in Externally source Central RFQ Quotation.
MM-PUR-OA-CON2325590Cannot create contract with ref. to another contract in ME31K
MM-PUR-OA-SCH1854069ME84 ME38: New Release Number is not generated
MM-PUR-PO3293207System issues error ME066 in ME21N for Enhanced Limit PO
MM-SRV2168168Error SE001 when displaying or revoking a service entry sheet
MOB-SDK-IOS3301562Conditional Access of Microsoft Azure AD and SAP BTP SDK for iOS
PA-FIO-PNF3298462Process reference number generated but in process table it is not shown
PA-FIO-TS3300785Target hours tab not appearing in My Timesheet Application
PP-FIO-MRP3301281Shortage Evaluation Period drop down list does not show per shortage defination
PY-IN3301580ESI not calculated for Mid month joinee/leaver
PY-IN3301566Professional tax for employee is incorrectly calculated for terminated employee 
PY-MY3300692How will the system display the amount in section F in EA form (C.P.8A – Pin. 2022)
PY-XX-PYP2673093Payroll Control Center: How to identify a process instance ID in your frontend system
QM-QC-AQC-LEV3298542Report ZMQDQL10 from SAP Note 136395 does not create quality level
RE-FX-LA-AA3295693How to verify if an asset is managed by RE-FX
SBO-FIN-FA3275839Fixed Assets: Standard behaviors guide and How-to scenarios
SCM-APO-ATP2800147Message no. AG023 “BAPI_ATPAPO_CHECK” error / Y has been locked
SCM-APO-INT-SLS2799688Sales document delivery tolerance not taken into account
SCM-APO-INT-STK3301409Stock created in S4 Core is not transferred to embedded PPDS
SCM-IBP-OPR-SNP3244112Snapshot/Redo Operator does not respect Planning Filters selected in the job
SD-BF-TX3275376TTX1 for export is not determined – S/4HANA Cloud
SRD-FIN-CLM3301469Over-the-Counter (OTC) Transactions Paid By Credit Card
SRD-FIN-CLM3301249Cash – Open Items Report Shows Open Amount for a Techn. Clearing of Bank Clearing Account Journal Entry
SRD-FIN-MOP3301295Error When Reversing Payment Allocation: ‘Payment not found by Payment Allocation’
SRD-FIN-MOP3294535Point-Of-Sale Transaction Paid by Credit Card
SRD-SRM-PRO3301540Error Appears While Trying to Approve the Purchase Order
SRD-SRM-SI3116300Exception In Supplier Invoice That The Date Of The Document Must Be Before The Due and Baseline Date
SV-CLM3032960Steps for Providing an SAP Cloud ALM user for Development to Access the SAP Cloud ALM Tenant
SV-FRN-APP-SDD3301304Non-ABAP EWA report isn’t available on SAP Focused Run
SV-FRN-APP-SYM3301269Status propagated from Host in FRUN
SV-SMG-CM2574033CharM: Wrong value for attribute SAP_CTS_PROJECT
SV-SMG-OST-FI3301744Displaying Focused Insights Dashboards in 3rd party iframes
XX-CSC-IN-SRM3301389GST India Localization for invoice document in SAP SRM is not present
XX-PART-HCL-MDC3301057Issue with Notification & Order flag in Stock Overview Tab in EBX
XX-SER-SAPSMP-LAUNCH1660069How to contact SAP Order Management for contract-related questions or issues
XX-SER-SAPSMP-SUP2194363SSL Test Certificates no longer available on the SAP Support Portal
XX-SER-SAPSMP-TEN2607673How to add, edit, delete, or move cloud tenants/systems – SAP ONE Support Launchpad / SAP for Me

Recommendations / Additional Info

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Recommendations / Additional Info:

SCM-IBP-INT-RTI3106619SAP IBP Real-time integration – Notes for installation
SCM-IBP-RM-PLG2640432Details on Restrictions for SAP IBP Order-Based Planning
SCM-IBP-SUP-OPT3226536IBP optimizer and finite heuristic diagnosis file conversion tool
SD-BIL-RA2610856FAQ: Condition handling in SD Integration Component
SD-SLS3233830Configuration Steps for Advanced Intercompany Sales in SAP S/4HANA
SLL-LEG-PI-R3579357Suppressing follow-on functions in SD processing
X4-CBC-PRX3215993Restrictions during the software change (Upgrade & Update) for S/4HANA Cloud – 3SL customers
X4-CBC-TPL3107866SAP Central Business Configuration : Configuration Localization Tool restrictions and limitations
XX-HEC-OPS3250501Information on mandatory Security Parameters & Hardening requirements for ABAP systems in SAP Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS)
XX-PROJ-IHC365937RFEBBU00: on account postings and FEB_* function modules
XX-SER-NET-SHA22800846Recommendations for the use of cryptographic mechanisms in the IPsec and IKE protocols (BSI TR-02102-3)
XX-SER-REL3226683SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Sales
XX-SER-REL3226677SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer
XX-SER-REL3192584SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Sales
XX-SER-REL3192546SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer

That’s end of the complete list of SAP Notes released on 14 February 2023. Check back for more updates.

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