Latest SAP Notes for Supply Chain Management(SCM) – January 2023

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly round-up on the latest SAP notes released for Supply Chain Management(SCM). The start of the year brings with it new opportunities for growth and optimization within your organization, and staying on top of the latest SAP updates is key to making the most of these opportunities.

January has seen a number of important SAP notes released, covering a range of topics that impact Supply Chain Management. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most significant updates, and discuss how they can help you streamline your operations, improve visibility and efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition

The complete list of latest SAP Notes for Supply Chain Management(SCM) which got released in January 2023.

SCM Advanced Planning and Optimization(APO)

SAP ComponentSAP NoteDescription
SCM-APO-ATP2340693Details for dump ASSERTION_FAILED in program /SAPAPO/SAPLSDORDER_DB or message no. /SAPAPO/ATP682
SCM-APO-ATP-BF3286877Internal Symptom: Checkman Error
SCM-APO-ATP-BF-PAL1513531wrong assignments when BOP updates are rejected
SCM-APO-ATP-BOP3294097Requirement is not selected by filter variant although Backorders flag is on
SCM-APO-ATP-BOP3286698BOP considers the excluded materials
SCM-APO-ATP-BOP3266994Long runtime when creating many mATP components per checked item
SCM-APO-ATP-BOP3265772No TQAs in Case of BOP with ‘Cancel Confirmation’
SCM-APO-ATP-EQA3217724Product number is not transferred to EDQA
SCM-APO-ATP-EQA2879205SCM Checkman Error: Package Violation
SCM-APO-ATP-EQA2820245EDQA is not triggered due to ineffective material number conversion
SCM-APO-ATP-EQA2622869EDQA is not working due to material number conversion
SCM-APO-ATP-ODL3281333ODLR: option to refresh order due lists
SCM-APO-ATP-PRD-MATP3047040Sales order confirmation in case of MATP remaining requirement
SCM-APO-ATP-PRD-MATP3045412MATP planned order created with incorrect ATP category
SCM-APO-ATP-PRD-TC3293106ATP tree wrongly deleted after deletion and recreation of item in sales order
SCM-APO-ATP-RBA3191092Characteristic Substitution is not executed for numeric characteristics
SCM-APO-CA-CDP2927766Missing class type 230 and 400 on S4HANA PPDS system.
SCM-APO-FCS3290095TSCUBE with parallel processing dumps (follow-up for CHECKMAN correction 3254965)
SCM-APO-FCS3204403SDP94, AMON1: BADI for Alert Selection
SCM-APO-FCS-CSP3118449Forecast consumption when Planning without final assembly
SCM-APO-FCS-CSP2910898General reasons for sales order not consuming forecasts in advanced planning S/4HANA
SCM-APO-FCS-CSP2629702Forecast consumption not displayed for Planning Product
SCM-APO-FCS-CSP2147386General reasons for sales order not consuming forecasts
SCM-APO-FCS-CSP1636619Forecast order with different strategy from the product master
SCM-APO-FCS-EDP1995754Release Information Note for SAP APO demand planning add-in for Excel
SCM-APO-FCS-RF2367877PIR deleted in MD63 when releasing forecast from APO
SCM-APO-INT3268606PPDS: SYSFAIL Queues at Destination “NONE” because of ‘No active model error’
SCM-APO-INT3257356Work center capacity: typo error in storage characteristics tab
SCM-APO-INT3211015Contents of the Queue not Displayed in the SAP S/4HANA System (DSC Edition)
SCM-APO-INT3039045Connect an SAP ERP system with Advanced Planning (PP/DS) in an SAP S/4HANA system (1.2)
SCM-APO-INT2420674Using S/4 HANA 1610 and S/4 HANA PPDS Integration Advanced Planning functions
SCM-APO-INT-CCR3244720CCR: Increasing memory consumption; runtime error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
SCM-APO-INT-CCR-EP2200107APO third-party provision orders are ignored
SCM-APO-INT-CCR-EP1994668CIF DELTAREPORT: unjustified error 181 for PRs, POs or confirmations
SCM-APO-INT-CCR-FRW3294842/SAPAPO/CCR: Compare location products with planning status ‘Marked for deactivation’
SCM-APO-INT-CCR-FRW3234231CCR data columns mixed up due to ALV grid issues
SCM-APO-INT-CCR-IP3280055CCR report lists manufacturing orders with error message ‘563’
SCM-APO-INT-DP-PIR3241183Planned independent requirements are not transferred to PPDS – Checklist
SCM-APO-INT-EXT3292868BAPI_PPDSSRVAPS_GET_IO_NODES: Input and Output Nodes can not be excluded
SCM-APO-INT-EXT3226964Issue with SAP SCM BAPIs
SCM-APO-INT-FP3245470Sorting of entries cannot be influenced by existing BAdI method during fixed pegging
SCM-APO-INT-FP3022154Fixed pegging lost during confirmation without goods movement
SCM-APO-INT-IMO507696Transaction CFM1: Adding MARC fields to the material selection
SCM-APO-INT-MD-LO1865146How to map ECC plants to different location types in APO
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3288825Transfer of PDS for Subcontracting fails with error CURTO1 012 (An active integration model does not exist for &1 &2 &3)
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3288289INT-PDS: Subcontracting PDS with inforecord is generated only once even if there are multiple purchasing organizations with same inforecord number.
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3288278Entry in CURTO_PDS_CHG is created even if the material is not PPDSonERP relevant.
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3204038Error in PDS integration
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3148865Transferring Product Planned Delivery Time from Subcontracting Scheduling Agreements in the SAP S/4HANA ERP System to the SAP S/4HANA PPDS (DSC Edition) System
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS2212533Number range issue during Subcontracting PDS transfer
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS1382317Changes to object dependency by ECM not reflected in PDS
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PR1875164No Online transfer (BTE events) for changes at MRP area material master data
SCM-APO-INT-PCM3106970Misleading messages PCA046 and PCA048 during campaign integration
SCM-APO-INT-PPE3286831Syntax error related to field PPET_TRUE in function CIF_ADC_TRANSMIT_IPPE_IS
SCM-APO-INT-PPE3253994IPPECIF_COMPARE: Various program errors
SCM-APO-INT-PPS3265404Planned orders lose order number in LiveCache after re-explosion
SCM-APO-INT-PPS3256663Wrong activity relationships if interoperation times for work centers are used
SCM-APO-INT-PPS3080049Settlement rule gets deleted in production or process order
SCM-APO-INT-PPS2548787Could not explode phantom assembly MD511 (S/4HANA)
SCM-APO-INT-PPS2500974ECC order number not updated in APO after Key Completion
SCM-APO-INT-PPS2184011Sequence-dependent setup activity does not have a mode (/SAPAPO/OM606)
SCM-APO-INT-PPS1891961Trouble shooting guide: Planned orders are not published to ECC after SNP planning
SCM-APO-INT-PPS1485758Modification: Operation split not reflecting in APO order
SCM-APO-INT-PPS793626Maintaining scheduled status in APO
SCM-APO-INT-PPS-CNF2672865Partially confirmed process order can’t be moved on PPDS planning board
SCM-APO-INT-RP807249process order:goods receipt date postponed, receipts changed
SCM-APO-INT-SLS3278986CSFG: queue in error Command to tRFC/qRFC: Execute LUW again
SCM-APO-INT-SLS3263591Report /sapapo/sdrqcr21 deletes APO reqt for partially delivered CSFG sales order item
SCM-APO-INT-STK-RS2903013Reservation user exit for APO/PPDS inbound processing for possibility to modify ordkey entries
SCM-APO-MD3256572WUF: Missing check for RPM in case of Product/Product-location
SCM-APO-MD3157187checkman correction
SCM-APO-MD-CAL3290829automatic timestream generation after change in the planning calendar
SCM-APO-MD-CAL3290387Changed periods are not respected
SCM-APO-MD-CAL3286738Changes in the planning calendar are not updated
SCM-APO-MD-PDS3291880Inconsistencies of materials are shown in transaction WUF(/SAPAPO/CURTOWUL,CLUSTER_ID)
SCM-APO-MD-PDS-EXP3296251PDS-EXP: Improvements for handling missing phantom assemblies 2
SCM-APO-MD-PR3074764/SAPAPO/MATPACK – Not properly updated when material type is changed in S/4
SCM-APO-MD-SRC2469491Source of Supply selection during heuristic run
SCM-APO-MD-TL3066155Adjustment of Transportation Lane authority check example implementation BAdI
SCM-APO-MD-TL3037320/SAPAPO/TL3 external buffer Performance
SCM-APO-PPS3286532Removal of New Order Publishing functions (step 01)
SCM-APO-PPS3283752Termination when calling “Order Split” heuristic in SAP S/4HANA
SCM-APO-PPS3266077SBC-PPDS Integration OP22 FPS1 – CDP
SCM-APO-PPS3265252Flexible Integration: Improvements and Bug Fixes for SAP S/4HANA 2021 (any FPS) or 2022 FPS0 On Premise Release
SCM-APO-PPS3260828Planned delivery time is taken into account incorrectly for purchase requisitions (SC) during DS optimization planning
SCM-APO-PPS3236955Field Entries are unequal error message displayed in /SAPAPO/OM17
SCM-APO-PPS3196976Planning Run does not create Fixing Interval if resource has no orders
SCM-APO-PPS-ATP3290338ATP-Check for Inhouse Production within APO: Missing Authorization default values
SCM-APO-PPS-CP2991990Manual Prerequisites for Capacity Utilization Object Page App
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3292728Technical Error of changing order from Production Scheduling Board
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3288853Advanced Scheduling Board – Find Panel Blank After Navigation
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3282542Advanced Scheduling Board – Expand Collapse Icon is not reset
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3276775Enhancements for Fiori Application Advanced Scheduling Board in PP/DS on SAP S/4HANA OP2022 FPS0.
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3252788Restrictions and Implementation Recommendations for MultiLevel Time Buffer in PP/DS on SAP S/4HANA 2022
SCM-APO-PPS-DST3264626Fill Level Information of Container Resources in Resource Chart of Detailed Planning Scheduling Board
SCM-APO-PPS-ERP3294200Flexible Integration : Scheduling Agreement requirement times are incorrect
SCM-APO-PPS-ERP32865752799173: Error during implementation of new BAdI methods
SCM-APO-PPS-ERP3235966Flexible Integration : Performance Issue in Class /SAPAPO/CL_PPDS_SCOPE_SRV
SCM-APO-PPS-ERP2609363PP/DS on S/4 HANA: BAdi methods for order creation / updation in Simplified Publication
SCM-APO-PPS-PPC3282372Requirement date is not propagated to Goods movements in case they were changed in custom BAdI implementation
SCM-APO-PPS-PPO3259560Deployment / Distribution Planning with the Production Planning Optimizer (PPO)
SCM-APO-PPS-PVW3287691Change of Source of supply is not possible if a business partner is used
SCM-APO-PPS-PVW3253057Component changes in the Order View is not possible. A success message is raised stating the component was added, even though it is not.
SCM-APO-PPS-PVW3194993Incorrect delivery of program adjustments due to SAP Note 3086585
SCM-APO-PPS-PVW2403948Stock is not getting calculated in available stock
SCM-APO-PPS-RPM3238938ORPM1: New customizing parameter for displaying aggregated RPM demands as single elements
SCM-APO-PPS-SBC3247120Correction in the F1 Documentation for Fixed Pegging
SCM-APO-PPS-SL3156222Shelf life information missing or outdated for batch stock elements in PP/DS
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3294848Adjustement of Enhancement Category for Table SYPP_MARC_EXT
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3291712Preserve the Overall Order-Based Planning Outcome with Production Planning Integration Mode 3 after Rolling into the PP/DS Horizon
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3289840Synchronized production planing : Dump in FILL_SYPP_MARC_FROM_MARC_EXT (2)
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3286722Correction of activity start date for external planned orders in PP/DS
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3263323Scheduling Consistency for planned order component requirement date and time between IBP and PP/DS
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3233631Key figure integration from SAP IBP Time-Series to PP/DS
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3215793Prevent rescheduling of availability date / time for OSP orders in IBP
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3206790Enhancement and Downport of Integration of SAP IBP Time Series-Based Supply Planning with embedded PP/DS
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3202652Enable Production Planning Integration with Real-Time Integration (Part 1)
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3196448Technical Refactoring of Multipe Usage of CIF and Production Planning Integration with SAP IBP Based on RTI (Part 1)
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3169639[Deprecated] Additional Master Data for Production Planning Integration of SAP IBP Order-Based Planning with Flexible Master Data (RTI)
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3150324Integration of SAP IBP Time-Series-Based Supply Planning with embedded PP/DS in SAP S/4HANA
SCM-APO-PPS-SYP3109546Technical Enablement of Production Planning Integration of SAP IBP Order-Based Planning with RTI
SCM-APO-SNP-BF3290078Incorrect rounding of quantities for dependent demands of planned orders (material consumption in different UOM)
SCM-APO-SNP-DPL3255985Fair Share Rule B: SNP DEP overconfirms one demand and does not confirm some other demands.
SCM-APO-SNP-MAC3289088MATLOC_EXTRA_SET does not update master data fields of type C
SCM-APO-SNP-TLB3283208Checkman error in /SAPAPO/CL_TLBINT
SCM-APO-SNP-TLB3189929Error ‘E7b: contact SAP for reproducibility’
SCM-APO-SPP-CPD3293081Event Demand not processed with Demand History mode ‘Virtual’
SCM-APO-SPP-CPD3293070Demand Adjustment Issue
SCM-APO-SPP-CPD3287668Demand History with Fiscal Periods
SCM-APO-SPP-SDE3293379Confirmation message for inconsistencies shows up when check is not selected
SCM-APO-SPP-SDE3286101Deployment: priority tier for non-VCL safety stock 2
SCM-APO-SPP-SDR3293872Schedule lines are not deleted by DRP for TPOP product changed from non-TPOP
SCM-APO-SPP-SDR3291019DRP not generating Purchase Requisitions for Replenishment Indicator Procure-to-Order
SCM-APO-SPP-SDR3290275DRP Matrix Error ‘Programming error, incorrect assumption, or both’
SCM-APO-SPP-SFC3291982Error in PSM Service for Historical Forecast
SCM-APO-SPP-SIP3292850Multistage Safety Stock Service dumps due to missing HANA Privilege
SCM-APO-SPP-SIP3283678Multistage Safety Stock Service: Incomplete Logging Information
SCM-APO-SPP-SIP3277832Destocking Service Not Respecting Sub-Regions in Region Patterns
SCM-APO-SPP-SRE3290010Schedule maintenance shows empty release lines 2
SCM-APO-SPP-SRE3285828Reorganization of audit trails service: selection by product group
SCM-APO-SPP-SRE3274130Schedule board: audit trail logs wrong schedule line quantities
SCM-APO-SPP-SUS3293322Deletion of aATP relevance by supersession run
SCM-APO-SPP-SUS3289277Product subst consistency checks for eSPP (extension of a report)

SCM Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

SAP ComponentSAP NoteDescription
SCM-EWM-ANA3284672EWM Analytics – C_EWM_WarehouseWaveQ – Number of Waves incorrect
SCM-EWM-API3266847Mobile Warehousing in S/4HANA: Handling Unit
SCM-EWM-API3259403Mobile Warehousing in S/4HANA: New entity WhseResourceGroupQueueSqnc
SCM-EWM-CNT3286194Not able to add a new entry on the configuration activity Map Storage Location to the Warehouse S/4HANA Cloud
SCM-EWM-DLP3291688Numerous fallback classes are final
SCM-EWM-DLP3290444Exception CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTICS raised due to incomplete entries in table MDOBLREL
SCM-EWM-DLP3287952OPC delivery: you can not adjust the quantity to zero in case of ERP driven Catch-Weight
SCM-EWM-DLP3283873Inbound Delivery with status as blocked because of error message: Product & subject to batch management requirement S/4HANA Cloud
SCM-EWM-DLP1405108FAQ: Procedure for certain error messages
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF3284109Upon carrier assignment via /SCWM/MON the value determination indicator is not updated correctly
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-BM3290571Batch Selection Class Characteristic Value into EWM
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-BM3274011Inconsitent stock with wrong Batch ID is created with Posting Change II
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-CWM3291883OPC delivery: Sum. of alternative CW quantity doesn’t match to the original
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-CWM3153118PCA link is written to the wrong item
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFP2501753Flexible Loading / Resolve Loading Process Limitations
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GM3293868Partial GRR on ARM delivery leads to stuck ERP queue entry
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GM3285100Goods issue for OPC deliveries with multiple items fails in case of ERP driven CW
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-HC3294519ODO main item overpicking issue – PCA is written to main item instead of batch subitem
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-HC3278156Batch subitem created with a higher quantity during picking with exception code
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-HC3262717Upon task confirmation for complex hierarchy the quantity of product substitution item is increased unnecessarily
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-PAC3287261Planned stock is lost when repacked into a different HU and SN-s provided at the same time
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-QO2494611Catch Weight Discrepancy between ECC & EWM During Production Consumption
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-SN3293365Obsolete text for message /SCWM/DLV_SERIAL216
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-SN3289766Set to Ready for Shipping fails with /SCWM/DELIVERY632
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-SN3281779Delivery item is blocked upon HU split for serialized product
SCM-EWM-DLP-INT-QM3263112Quality inspection performance update
SCM-EWM-DLP-INT-SR3293467Dump when displaying TU from PDI
SCM-EWM-DLP-INT-SR3281506Parameters not passed to the BAdI method /scwm/ex_dlv_sr_tu_synch->compare_and_update_item
SCM-EWM-DLP-INT-TMS3273010Improve delivery read access during HU Save
SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ID3285596Tolerance check doesn’t work
SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ID3266880Tolerance check does not work for batch subitem (2)
SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ID2717584Production order relevant tolerance check does not work
SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ST3287241PPF fails with error “Delivery output could not be sent to ERP system” by posting change delivery
SCM-EWM-EH3294146Exception Code profile is checked during QM follow up action configuration
SCM-EWM-EH3293447Exception Code profile is checked during QM follow up action configuration
SCM-EWM-FIO-DLV3291915F1705: Runtime Error DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR upon creating delivery
SCM-EWM-FIO-DLV3290897F1704: Dutch translate issue for label Adjust Delivery Quantities
SCM-EWM-GM3271442App “Display Warehouse Documents” renamed to “Manage Warehouse Documents”
SCM-EWM-GM3271387App “Manage Physical Stock – Products” batch not displayed anymore
SCM-EWM-GM-PC3291841Authorization Object /SCWM/TOCR not checked against destination Entitled in /SCWM/POST
SCM-EWM-IF3295336ASR in S/4HANA – Write Document Error for Erroneous Replace Message after Ready for Warehouse Processing (4)
SCM-EWM-IF3293854ASR in S/4HANA – Write Document Error for Erroneous Replace Message after Ready for Warehouse Processing (3)
SCM-EWM-IF3293783ASR in S/4HANA – Write Document Error for Erroneous Replace Message after Ready for Warehouse Processing (2)
SCM-EWM-IF3291481Order reduction does not work with FM /SCWM/OUTB_DLV_CHECK_RED_ORDER
SCM-EWM-IF3290294A queue DLVS* fails with the errors /SCWM/ERPINTEGRATION012 and /SCWM/WM_SEL001
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3295426Multiple ODO creation in EWM for the same ERP delivery reference
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3295337ASR in S/4HANA – Write Document Error for Erroneous Replace Message after Ready for Warehouse Processing (6)
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3295335ASR in S/4HANA – Write Document Error for Erroneous Replace Message after Ready for Warehouse Processing (5)
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3292367ASR in S/4HANA – Write Document Error for Erroneous Replace Message after Ready for Warehouse Processing (1)
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3284258GM Posting with multiple items of same Serinal number enabled Product leads is not possible
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3278182ASR in S/4HANA – In Yard information – Delivery date is not set correctly
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3276004Stucked SAVEREPLICA queue due to error /SCWM/ERPINTEGRATION 413
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP2780478Simple Empties Management @ SAP EWM
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP2248865Setting batch management requirement in SCM-EWM
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3294836DLV* queue error in EWM smq2: /SCWM/HU_WM 43 for STO
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3294253Refine ARM delivery PCGM and INSP_MM message sending
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3288917Handling unit ID sent incorrectly – inbound delivery confirmation message
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3288229Empty position in EWM ODO delivery
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP2574109EWM-> ERP: GI Date, GR Date and Posting Date
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-GM3290520Sync. GM: HU cancellation not possible after confirmed WTs
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-MD3285846Internal process in EWM, different systems assigned
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-RET3287919Messages are sent to ERP in the wrong order for unplanned return deliveries
SCM-EWM-IF-MES3266560Dynamic Staging: Downporting to SAP S/4HANA 2021
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3291406Status DWL is not correctly updated in transit warehouse
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3290976Status DCC is not correctly updated in transit warehouse
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3289337Error “Changes for freight document are no longer possible” during LDAP request
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3284641Slow performance of RFUI HU loading for outbound process in transit warehousing
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3283957Slow performance of door assignment of inbound FO/TU in transit warehousing
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3267390Adv. SR in SAP S/4HANA: Update of ODO Attributes at RFW
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3266090Adv. SR in SAP S/4HANA: Prerequisite to Retrieve Data from TM
SCM-EWM-IF-TM3087307Queue XBQRLR* stuck in SMQ2 with STOP status: respective XML message has the error “Document &1 &2 (internal GUIDs) could not be read”
SCM-EWM-ILO3294930Manufacturing Logistics RF Delivery: Correction for Resource Assignment in Tour Delivery Transaction
SCM-EWM-ILO3292726Manufacturing Logistics: Duplicate Entries in Search Help for Resource Towing Vehicle
SCM-EWM-ILO3291443SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing Logistics: How to use the Framework for Selection Variant Processes
SCM-EWM-ILO3288909Manufacturing Logistics RF System-Guided Picking: Correction for Long Execution Time (No Suitable Orders)
SCM-EWM-ILO3286827Technical Changes for SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing Logistics: New Enumeration Values for Base API Class
SCM-EWM-MD3290324Remove Cloud Switch for Capa fields in LS transactions
SCM-EWM-MD3290103Material conversion gives wrong result using search on product names and texts
SCM-EWM-MD3289190Multiple bins can be created for General Storage Storage Type
SCM-EWM-MD3285818Not possible to change the UOM on /SCWM/ADGI scrapping
SCM-EWM-MD3242968EWM: GUID16 and GUID22 fields not part of SCM Material Master
SCM-EWM-MD-BA3290735Enable use of parameter iv_lgnum in method GET_BATCHNO_BY_ID, class SCWM_CL_BATCH_APPL
SCM-EWM-MFS3128877Uploading bins in LSMW
SCM-EWM-MON3288741Warehouse Management Monitor: Form/Detail Popup – Field-Symbol not assigned in case of different structures
SCM-EWM-MON-CHM3289852Check Monitor Framework: in expert mode during missing document flow link check a dump occures
SCM-EWM-MON-CHM3233459Check Monitor Framework: Enhancement of the Document Flow check 2.
SCM-EWM-MON-CHM3128961Check Monitor Framework: Outbound document flow check 2.
SCM-EWM-MON-CHM3096544Statistics collection for inconsistency correction tools 1.
SCM-EWM-MON-CHM3011950Syntax error in class /SCWM/CL_EI_CHM_DLV_GEN
SCM-EWM-PI3295649Document &1 cannot be posted due to exceeded tolerance
SCM-EWM-PI3288102The requested stock GUID does not exist
SCM-EWM-PI3286369WMIP* Queue with error message Batch ID XXX does not exist
SCM-EWM-PI3265297Restrictions/Limitations of transaction /SCWM/PI_COUNTLIST
SCM-EWM-PI3150433EWMSGM* queue hangs with ‘M7175 – Maintain serial numbers for total quantity’
SCM-EWM-PI2171311Container physical inventory and handling unit physical inventory
SCM-EWM-PMR3293269Note 3243180 has an error in Release S4CORE 105 and 104
SCM-EWM-PRN-HU3293573No printout for handling unit is created when using APP change inbound deliveries S/4HANA Cloud
SCM-EWM-PRN-HU2940293Dump at HU printing: Type /SCWM/PHU_COM_T is unknown
SCM-EWM-QM3293610The recurring inspection lot created incorrectly
SCM-EWM-QM3293468Subsequent GR posting after GR reversal triggers acceptance sampling
SCM-EWM-QM3278724Next Inspection Date is updated during any IOT5 usage decision
SCM-EWM-QM2877548Changing a completed Quality Inspection document/lot in EWM
SCM-EWM-QM-FUP2991933EWM QIE – Warehouse Task ceation after full reject decision
SCM-EWM-QM-RP3284132/SCWM/QINSP error handling of ARM with quantity differences
SCM-EWM-RF3290503Receive HU by Delivery: Change Quantity
SCM-EWM-RF3261359Serial number in barcode is not supported
SCM-EWM-RF3170318There are only the countries versions USA and Germany when activating RF devices using Scope Items 63X, 63W and 63V
SCM-EWM-RF-IGM3290127Batch field cannot be edited if wrong batch was entered for a serialized product
SCM-EWM-RF-LD3287779HU list may contains duplicated HUs when using RF Loading
SCM-EWM-RF-PAC3292092Cannot enter serial number during repacking item on RFUI
SCM-EWM-RF-PCK3289922Unable to find specific WO on Pick-Hu screen in RF environment
SCM-EWM-RF-PCK3282594Serial number is not saved during WT confirmation
SCM-EWM-RF-PI3291962Counting serialized product in a HU cannot propose the existing SNs
SCM-EWM-RF-PI3274643RF: Check the PI document creation year against PI business year (period) by counting of the PI document
SCM-EWM-RF-ULD3296099RF receiving HU: resource was not unassigned from WO after WT confirmation abandoned
SCM-EWM-RF-ULD3295459Deleted Serial Numbers reappears on SN collection screen
SCM-EWM-RF-ULD3290481Pack specs determination not considering the Ship-from values II
SCM-EWM-RF-ULD3277263Error during processing SN type B in ReHU
SCM-EWM-RF-ULD2935585Pack specs determination not considering the Ship-from values
SCM-EWM-SHU3295652Shuttle Printer Determination: Correction of Customizing Fields ‘Print Now’ and ‘Delete After Output’ Being Displayed as Input Fields Instead of Checkboxes
SCM-EWM-SHU3294673Warehouse Management Monitor: Correction of Issues with Hotspots
SCM-EWM-SHU3293420Correction for Warehouse Task Confirmation in Warehouse Management Monitor (Shuttle Bin)
SCM-EWM-SHU3292425Shuttle Monitor: Correction of the Incorrect Values Being Displayed for a Freight Order with Nested Handling Units in the ‘Cargo Details’ Node
SCM-EWM-SHU3288281Shuttle: Correction of Undoing the Loading of a Handling Unit Not Working with Top Handling Unit Scenario
SCM-EWM-SHU3284058Shuttle RF: Correction to Enable the Determination of Bins and Shuttles Using Alternative Handling Unit ID
SCM-EWM-SHU3270672RF Shuttle Loading: Create a Freight Unit by Moving a Handling Unit to a Loading Bin or Shuttle
SCM-EWM-SHU3237666RF Shuttle Loading: Log Result Messages When Changing Consignment Order Destinations
SCM-EWM-SR3292046“Receiver of IDoc is its own logical system” in case of more than one ERP
SCM-EWM-SR3291212Unable to depart the TUs – /SCWM/SHP_RCV447
SCM-EWM-SR3290860Determination of TU profile for deliveries with items with initial staging area groups
SCM-EWM-SR3285019Fehlende Meldung bei Abfahrt vom Kontrollpunkt bei Problemen mit Tor
SCM-EWM-SR-CON3265369Adv. SR in SAP S/4HANA: Prerequisite to Use Loading Point in the Door Determination 2
SCM-EWM-SR-CON3265368Adv. SR in SAP S/4HANA: Use the Loading Point in the Door Determination
SCM-EWM-SR-CON3263568Adv. SR in SAP S/4HANA: Prerequisite to Use Loading Point in the Door Determination 1
SCM-EWM-SR-UI3279799Weight not correctly displayed for TU in the Shipping Cockpit
SCM-EWM-SR-UI2289894Shipping Cockpit: FAQ
SCM-EWM-WAV3292573MON: Superfluous UOM field shown on wave item screen
SCM-EWM-WAV3291003Error during Wave archiving
SCM-EWM-WAV3290748Corrections for Two-Step Picking Optimization
SCM-EWM-WAV3290308Wave Template Migration raises error /SCWM/WAVE_PLAN023
SCM-EWM-WAV3170567Wave Simulation Result: wave item missing information
SCM-EWM-WC3293055HUs created without storage process information (missing PS level)
SCM-EWM-WC3292260/SCWM/PACK: Newly created Handling Unit is not shown in packing work centre for a different bin before refresh
SCM-EWM-WC3114428Pack Outbound Deliveries App: No Consolidation Group Check
SCM-EWM-WC-PAC3289748/SCWM/PACK – Short dump occurs during repacking a product with serial number
SCM-EWM-WC-PAC3275668Technical Note for test double of ABAP Handling Unit API
SCM-EWM-WC-PAC3245214/SCWM/PACK : Authority check not performed for packing in work center
SCM-EWM-WOP3294847Wrong WOCR is taken, if BAdI /SCWM/EX_WHO_LIM_OVERRULE is activ
SCM-EWM-WOP3294309WT auto confirmation in /SCWM/MON error
SCM-EWM-WOP3293938Stock Consolidation: Duplicate WTs displayed when consolidating on Work Center
SCM-EWM-WOP3293495No Warehouse order per outbound delivery when selecting more deliveries at once in app Run Outbound deliveries
SCM-EWM-WOP3290711Dump COMPUTE_FLOAT_ZERODIVIDE in ‘Define Bin Sections’ customizing for pallets
SCM-EWM-WOP3289005Dump when selecting a PMR document in /SCWM/MFG_CONSUMPTION
SCM-EWM-WOP3287771Create Warehouse Taks in Monitor doesn’t work
SCM-EWM-WOP3287728Partial Pick WT with serial number doesn’t work opportunistic cross docking
SCM-EWM-WOP3286785The setting for Rutaway Rules at customizing Maintain Storage Types doesn’t work
SCM-EWM-WOP3286766Destination bin determination with NeartoFixedBin strategy
SCM-EWM-WOP3282329WT auto confirmation in /SCWM/MON doesn’t work
SCM-EWM-WOP3079956CHM: Physical stock inconsistencies with negative quants
SCM-EWM-WOP-BF3283456Repacking of HU does not update incoming Product WT
SCM-EWM-WOP-BF-CC3290905putaway Warehouse Task activated too early by HU WT for subHU
SCM-EWM-WOP-PCK3151072error during warehouse task confirmation
SCM-EWM-WOP-PUT3288372Serial number specification not allowed when partially GR posted
SCM-EWM-WOP-PUT3287152WT can be created despite blocking of destination bin
SCM-EWM-WOP-REP3285480EWM-Kanban Integration: Sending Alternative UOMs to Kanban
SCM-EWM-WOP-RM3288127Incorrect resource entries created after queue change

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