Daily Round-Up: SAP Notes Released on 13 February 2023

A daily round-up of the complete list of 690 SAP Notes released on 13 February 2023 with prioritization.

Below is the list of SAP Notes with priority as Correction with high priority

BC-BMT-WFM3289405Program RSWWCOND: long running time and enormous memory consumption.
BC-INS-SWPM2568783Release Note for Software Provisioning Manager 2.0 (recommended: SWPM 2.0 SP14)
BC-INS-SWPM1680045Release Note for Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 (recommended: SWPM 1.0 SP37)
BC-UPG-RDM3255322Add. info. on converting to SAP S/4HANA using SUM 2.0 SP16
BC-UPG-RDM3218649Central Note – Software Update Manager 2.0 SP16 [lmt_020]
BC-UPG-RDM3146834Central Note – Software Update Manager 2.0 SP15 [lmt_023]
BC-UPG-RDM3127107Central Note – Software Update Manager 1.1 SP01 [lmt_004]
BC-UPG-RDM3108485Central Note – Software Update Manager 1.1 SP00 [lmt_007]
BI-RA-WBI-FE3299450While refreshing a web intelligence document from Chrome 110+ or Microsoft Edge 110+ the web page keeps loading indefinitely.
BW-B4H-LM2383530Conversion from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA
BW4-ME-ADSO3300036aDSO: Termination ‘INITIALIZE’. Location: ‘-1-‘ during creation
CA-EPT-BRC3285067Texts not propagated completely after implementation of note 2990069
CA-GTF-CPE3294421CMM: While Updating Time Dependent Scheduling Agreement Incorrect KOPOS getting saved
CA-MRS3238686Resource Status is not updated with latest values during delta refresh
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3300779Fix issue Subtype of B2BCustomer not visible in Backoffice creation action
CO-PC-PCP2661520CK40N: Longer runtime due to check for iPPE structures
FI-AP-AP-B13300351QR bill: Releasing of blocked invoices results in error
FI-GL-GL2700387Goods issue generates a system dump
FI-GL-GL-A3299360FB08: Missing general ledger view for reversal of BSTAT = U document
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3300065SAF-T Romania: Correction 19 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA
FIN-FIO-CCD-COL3299756Manage Dispute Cases (Version 2) fiori app not showing the error message
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-BO3298395IB: Presetting Valid From Date for Empty Input
GRC-SAC-ARA3300424Risk is not getting created after the workflow request is approved
GRC-SAC-ARA3119752Authorization data Synchronization issue, SAPSQL_PARSE_ERROR in GRC plug-in system
GRC-SAC-BRM3295078GRAC_COMPARE_ROLES report not showing correct Indirect assignment result for multiple Connectors.
HAN-DB3259825SAP HANA 2 SPS06 Revision 066.00
HAN-DB3247039SAP HANA 2 SPS05 Revision 059.06
IS-A-DBM-ACC-CD3300594Clearing document created via F.13 transaction incorrectly shown in DBM order down payment list
IS-PS-GIV3298675G-INV. Duplicate Hub Order created after submitting Purchase Order Out eDocument.
IS-PS-GIV3255969Servicing Program Officials’ Titles No Longer Being Populated
IS-U-CS3300843EL59: Fehler EL 606 “Anschlussobjekt &1 hat keine Zuordnung zur Regionalstruktur”
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3300288Wrong article number is determined
LO-BM3298425Batch OData Service API_BATCH_SRV leads to runtime error ‘BEHAVIOR_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT’ during batch update with existing batch derivation
LO-GT3300499Error message WB2_ASGT012 due to rounding value.
MOB-APP-SAM3301077SAP Service & Asset Manager – Assess Priority Button Visibility Logic Is Broken on Notification Edit
PP-MRP-BD3196923CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION02: False validity dates or valid lot sizes in production version
PP-MRP-BD2830739CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION02 does not suggest production version for valid routings
PP-PLO3300861Versioned BOM: BOM Version get’s lost after changing purchase requisitions or firmed planned orders
PSM-FM-BCS2738775Budget change documents: REFDOCNR now always refer to Budget doc
PSM-GM-GTE-UP-FI3098877Ledger 90 is wrongly updated for Controlling data
SCM-APO-SNP-HEU3300648Wrong quantities if the lot size unit different than the base unit of the product
SCM-EWM-RF-IGM3301151Error message E:/SCWM/RF_EN:896 with HU number happens by adhoc HU movement
SCM-EWM-RF-IGM3152953RF: Prevent move of Handling Unit with planned status by adhoc movements
SD-BF-CPE3295655CPE: Wrong DCS IDs populated during SO Creation
SLL-LEG-CON-LMG3287145Not possible to display all the usable licenses in report ‘Change Legal Control Data’
SLL-LEG-CON-SPL3271596C2 is executed even if there are no SPL update
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CNS3300929In Alert search tool, Comments column in not visible in ALV and not exporting to excel
TM-BF-INC3293856Vehicle Means-of-Transport Combination – Location Incompatibility can not be created
TM-CF-CC3292872Logistical data-based charges are not calculated correctly with the changes in the logistical data at header level in collaboration portal.
TM-FRM-FRO3298797Inconsistent (un)loading activities in Freight Booking hierarchy
TM-FRM-WL3300532Incorrect results on Worklists for Archived Documents (DDIC)
TM-FRM-WL3300125Incorrect results on Worklists for Archived Documents
TM-FRS3219894Cleanup Posting Button not enabled in Freight Settlement Document
XX-PROJ-CDP-TEST-6753275804RCOM 220: INC1830093- RFS2 and RTFO OTC Objects Pricing Error
XX-PROJ-JP-EIA751283Modification Note:Replacement monthly calculate
XX-SER-NET-NEW28976Remote connection data sheet
XX-SER-REL1484460EHP5 for SAP ERP 6.0 SP Stacks – Release & Information Note

Below the list of SAP Notes with priority as Correction with medium priority:

AP-MD-BP-BP3168973Missing Object entry creation for Business Partners
BC-ABA-LA3204999Short dump CALL_METHOD_CONFLICT_TYPE when executing method CL_ABAP_EXPIMP_DB=>GET_KEYS
BC-ABA-LA-EPC3299378Abbruch ASSERTION_FAILED oder ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND in der Erweiterten Programmprüfung und im CVA
BC-ABA-LA-EPC3298332Abbruch ASSERTION_FAILED oder ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND in der Erweiterten Programmprüfung und im CVA
BC-ABA-LA-EPC3248104Interne Erweiterungen zur Erweiterten Programmprüfung
BC-CCM-BTC3275278Background jobs are started with delay
BC-CTS-CCO1413388SCC1 : Deletion of table entries of a request.
BC-CUS-TOL-HMT3150858SHI8 object Enablement for SNOTE
BC-DB-LCA3243157Short Dump in Transaction /SAPAPO/OM03
BC-DB-MON2721488Technical Monitoring Cockpit Version 2.0 (SAP BASIS 7.4-7.56)
BC-DWB-TOO-ABA3198372Runtime error in ABAP Editor after pretty printing an enhancement
BC-FES-CTL3297131SAP GUI for Windows TextEdit Control: Drag and Drop of selected text is not working.
BC-FES-GRA3299409SAP GUI for Windows BARCHART Control: Popup is displayed due to incorrect DST (Daylight Saving Time) values.
BC-ILM-SRS3256038ILM: Missing path prefix for DELETE command sent to ILM Store
BC-MID-ALE3300472ALE: Probleme bei der Reduzierung von Nachrichtentypen
BC-MID-ICF2624121Extension of method CREATE_BY_URL from CL_HTTP_CLIENT by two optional parameters for proxy-user and proxy-password
BC-MID-RFC3224161Prerequisites for Note 3089413
BC-SEC-AUT-PFC3300353CL_PFCG_ROLE: Fehler beim Pflegen einer manuellen Berechtigung für S_START
BC-SEC-LGN-OA23105486OA2C: Clock Skew Tolerance (DDIC Objects Generation)
BC-SRV-AIF3275559Deletion report
BC-SYB-IQ3017355SAP IQ 16.1 SP04 PLx – correct SAPIQDB.cfg settings
BC-UPG-NZ-DT3300922NZDT ALV Grid in IUUC Re-replication Monitor doesn’t appear
BC-WD-ABA3275231FilterBar: Focus is lost on several functions and sometimes not set initially on the value help
BC-WD-CMP-FPM2934443Object Based Navigation in standalone scenario fails
BC-WD-UR3300858TabStrip – Larger padding left on the TabStripItem content renders unnecessary horizontal scrollbar
BC-WD-UR3299582MenuButton – Custom Menu cannot be expanded after script execution
BC-WD-UR3295110ToolbarComboBox: Comboboxes inside a toolbar cannot be opened (Web Dynpro Java only)
BI-BIP-INV3300898Title width in folders is not saved between sessions in BI Launchpad
BI-BIP-PUB3300812Dynamic recipient query parameters are not visible in email destination configuration when creating publication in Launchpad
BI-BIP-PUB3300750Unable to add more that 10 Profiles for Publication Personalization (Local profile)
BI-RA-WBI3301062Web Intelligence “Last Refresh Reference From” displays incorrect timestamp.
BI-RA-WBI3300690Refreshing a Web Intelligence Document using HANA calculation view as source crashes Web Intelligence processing server
BI-RA-WBI-FE3300955Huge Stdout .log tomcat logs are been generated.
BW-B4H-CNV3296875Revision 22 – PRECHECK
BW-B4H-CNV3296838Revision 22 – ADDON_750, INPLACE and TARGET
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-INA3261834BW InA: Documents and assignments to hierarchy nodes
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-AUT3296823Einträge in der Tabelle RSECVAL_CL ohne Zuordnung
BW-SYS-DB-IQ3119008Configure SAP IQ and HANA for SDA/ODBC
CA-DI-IS-ABA3156672SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – DMIS 2011 SP23
CA-DT-MIG-S43300902Correction in PP-Routing Migration Object
CA-DT-MIG-S43245363Central Note for DMIS 2011 SP23 – Migration Cockpit: Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-DT-MIG-S43131872Central Note for DMIS 2011 SP22 – Migration Cockpit: Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-DT-MIG-S43083133Central Note for DMIS 2011 SP21 – Migration Cockpit: Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-EPT-POC3295211Drop down issue in Order-to-Cash Delivery card
CA-FIM-FCO2984008FiCo: Collective Note for Risk-Free Overnight Rates
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-CL2344815eDocument Chile: Installation Overview Note for SAP S/4HANA
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-CL2030855eDocument Chile: Installation Overview Note
CA-GTF-CSC-ID3296618Extra Prefix added for invoices with or without ODN
CA-GTF-DOB3135153Element Text download control
CA-HR-S4-OP-BP3296990Wrong Business Partner appear in the report /SHCM/IF_EE_BP_RELATION_OVW
CA-LT-SLT3300897SLT (DMIS 2011 / DMIS 2018 / S/4HANA) – Cannot create field-related rule if the field name contains ‘/’
CA-MDG-APP-FIN3290221File Upload – Cost Center lock indicators derived from customizing TKA05
CA-MRS2292208Availability of the resources is not shown in /MRSS/PLBOSRV
CA-TS3221494My Timesheet Fiori 2.0: Handling obsolete code
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3300923Lack of Creator Name in Attachment list
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3299268Incorrect ‘ClientID’ configuration generated by /PACG/ECM_MBCF_GEN
CO-OM-CCA-B3165863Performance problems for cost center reportings
CO-OM-CCA-F836494Allocations: Deletion of all transaction data in the plan
CO-OM-OPA-D2991264Predictive Commitment: Error F5 727, Limit of Account Assignments
CO-OM-OPA-F3288043ASSERTION_FAILED during overhead calculation with additional currencies and parallel valuation
CO-PA3300666Fehler BK 833 bei CO-PA Attributierung
CO-PC-ACT3292342CKM3A: Wrong Actual Activity Price in “Cost Components for Price”
CO-PC-ACT3286852CKMLCP/CKMLCPAVR: No objects displayed in results
CRM-BF-ML3276428Search string is not getting replaced by email adddress after search
CRM-IU-IC3278783Switching Account and Contact Person Terminates Existing Telephony System Interaction
CRM-IU-IC3274266Report ECRM_ISU_REVERSE_CNTR_CANC does not Reactivate Contract Item
CRM-S4-IPS-ICM3275396ICM Manage Leads Application – Copied details are not refreshed upon Copy Relationship
CRM-S4-SRV-SRQ3072112Wrong data types for service request durations ‘Total Duration’ and ‘Work Duration’
DWC-BWB3141688Conversion from SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW Bridge
DWC-MD3270670Activation of the Editor for the Analytic Model
EHS-MGM-ENV3297893Clear Duplicate Amounts In Calculations
EHS-SUS-FND3299059Technical correction for missing Columns for EHS Amounts
EHS-SUS-IM3295287Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea is not retrieved in EHS Incident Management
EHS-SUS-IM3288831Wrong field texts in BG Incident Report Germany
EIM-DS-EXE3300834Jobs sometimes fail when they consume data from Google BigQuery (GBQ) through a generic ODBC connection
FI-AF-SAI3301048Periodic Accrual Run: Exception not caught in case of inconsistent data
FI-AR-AR-C3292817F150: SAPF150R: Template dunning runs for RF150SMS should not be deleted
FI-CA3301169FPE2M: Missmatch between GPART and the lock documents
FI-CA3301065P2P: Buchungskreis wird in Transaktion FP2P1 nicht vorbelegt
FI-CA3018424FI-CA: Reset clearing – inherit payment card supplement (DFKKOPC) in credit memo
FI-CA-INV3292025FKKINV: FKKINV170 bei gemeinsamer Fakturierung von mehreren Quellbelegen
FI-CF-CO3219173CO Category ‘R’ type entry incorrectly added in CFIN_CO_ADD for RKU3 posting
FI-FIO-AP3281192F0773 – Performance Enhancement for Button “Clear All” in Fiori app Clear Incoming Payments
FI-FIO-AR-PAY3300821F1564 Manage Bank Statements – First Bank Statement Item Line is deleted after import
FI-FIO-GL3301078Balance Sheet / Income Statement – Multidimensional – Default value for “Hierarchy ID” is not prefilled
FI-FIO-TV3286161S/4 HANA Fiori App Travel Reuse Library – 10.0.14
FI-FIO-TV-MTE3298949S/4HANA FIORI app MTE: Default filter value for Tax Jurisdiction Code (Canada)
FI-FIO-TV-MTE3298088S/4 HANA Fiori App Travel and Expenses for Travel Assistant – 10.0.24
FI-FIO-TV-MTE3298087S/4 HANA Fiori App My Travel Expenses for Business Traveler – 10.0.30
FI-FIO-TV-MTE3294250S/4 HANA Fiori App MTE – 10.0.27
FI-FIO-TV-MTR3297749S/4 HANA Fiori App Travel Plans for Travel Assistant – 10.0.8
FI-GL-GL3301006ACDOCA to ACCDOC: derive SHKZG and XNEGP always
FI-GL-GL3300933Error F5 727 during predictive commitment
FI-GL-GL3300063BSTAT = ‘U’ documents starting with items with LINETYPE ‘01001’
FI-GL-GL-ACE3300056Accrual Engine Reversal not working due to initial ACDOCA-AWITGRP
FI-GL-GL-F3299454Zusammenfassende Meldung: Bei alternativer Hauswährung werden die Beträge immer aus der Hauswährung umgerechnet
FI-GL-GL-F3296651RFUMSV00: Bei alternativer Hauswährung werden die Beträge immer aus der Hauswährung umgerechnet
FI-GL-GL-G3284040BCF PJO: Increase number of batch jobs / Subpackages end in status ‘Send’
FI-GL-GL-G3016749Balance Carryforward: Parallel Job Organization FAQ
FI-GL-GL-POA3291640No auto-release posting until the month of “Premature Finish Date”
FI-GL-IS3227421FIN: Resolving of nodes
FI-LOC-CA-SK3118262FI-CA SK: VAT Control Statement – Bad Debt Relief
FI-LOC-ECS3293744DRC – ECSL for Hungary (Update 6) – new form 23A60 version 1
FI-LOC-ECS3170436DRC – ECSL for Hungary (Update 4) – new form 22A60 version 2
FI-LOC-ECS3144654DRC – HU: EC Sales and Purchases List for Hungary (Update 3) – new form 22A60 for year 2022
FI-LOC-FI-BR-ACR3289506[DRC Brazil Statutory Reporting] Note 118: Corrections to SPED reports EFD ICMS IPI, EFD Contribuições and ECF
FI-LOC-FI-BR-REP3255982EFD ICMS IPI – Data Dictionary Objects Changes for SAP Note 3252951
FI-LOC-FI-CL-ACR3208496DRC – Chile Balance Sheet (Partial) (CL_BALANCE_SHEET_PARTIAL): Delivery of Report for SAP S/4HANA 1809-2021
FI-LOC-FI-CL-ACR3205564DRC Chile: Leading Note for Reports Implementation
FI-LOC-FI-CN3300528Incorrect ‘Net result: loss’ or ‘Net result: profit’ in ‘Balance Sheet / Income Statement – China’ app
FI-LOC-FI-JP3298778Incorrect Invoices Can be Cancelled in Invoice Summary Processing App
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3300949SAF-T RO : Payment improvement
FI-LOC-SRF-DEF3293271Statutory Reporting – Inconsistency while copying report definition
FI-LOC-SRF-RUN3296146Statutory Reporting – Duplicate entries for document name in selection criteria
FI-RA-PC3256702Unbilled Receivables and Deferred Revenue UR/DR calculation for negative revenue/invoice amount
FI-SL-SL-T3254079Poor performance when reading from set buffer
FI-SL-SL-T3031690Cost Center replication does not consider OKEON lock
FI-TV3299904[FI-TV][Accessibility] Focus is not set when starting an application
FI-TV-ODT-MTR3298597S/4Hana Travel Requests Fiori Applications missing ABAP Unit Test Methods
FIN-CS-COR-DT-RUJ3300456RUJ: Wrong currency amounts in plan version
FIN-FSCM-CLM-COP-CP3298780CFA>Liquidity Item Hierarchy: excel file not reflecting the hierarchy
FIN-FSCM-FQM3300852Flow Builder Plus: Slow Performance in Packaging, Part II
FIN-FSCM-PF3300168Large order Forwarding – incorrect counter values
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM3277185CM: Performance Issue while running CMM_LREV in Background Job
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-AC3290509TPM15M: error message TRQ0 001 for CPLTD transfer when executed for several deals
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-BO3298895IB: Changing the Entry Type after the Initial Version
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-BO3296892IB: Improved Handling of Manually Changed Principal Payment Amounts
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3301045Interest rate instrument: final repayment condition does not inherit the calendars from the installment repayment condition
FIN-SEM-BCS-MO3301016Consolidation Monitor: Initial status after expanding
FIN-TMF-BR3288136[TDF SP17] Note 43: EFD Contribuições, EFD ICMS IPI – Performance improvement to the EFD Reports
FS-AM-IM-BS3301049Nach der Korrektur aus Hinweis 3141390 kommt es zu Performanceproblemen beim Kontoauszug-Einzellauf
FS-BP3128820BP_OTH: Message R8 404 gets output after saving business partner even if business warehouse is not used
FS-FBS-CML-LWP3295956Aggregation: enhance BAdI for external account
FS-FPS-SLA3301030Wrong processing sequence for cashflow versions
FS-FPS-SLA3295890Carry Forward: Wrong Subledger Journal Entries for OCI accounts in case of currency change at legal entity
FS-FPS-SLA3293578Multiple Postings by Value TC Write Down
FS-PE-FH-IPM3281166Framework for Status Notification Messages
FS-PER3294987FS-PER-OP Rel. 3.0 SP21: FW Improvements 02
FS-PM3271391Fehlerhafter nächster Termin für Korrespondenz “Fragebogen Meldewerte”
FS-RI3300359KORR: Fehler bei BAdI Implementierung
FS-RI-AC3292860NEU: Selektionsparameter “Schätz-KZ Quelle” in den parallelisierten Programmen zum Teilen, Rechnen und Freigeben
FS-RI-AC-RM3299783KORR: Erweiterung der kundenindividuellen Möglichkeit für die Deaktivierung der Beteiligungsbebuchbarkeitsprüfung im Risk Manager beim „Schaden schließen“ und „Schaden ungültig setzten“
FS-RI-LRM3288517Error in historical retrocession upon saving if assumed policy component version is invalid
FS-RI-PUM3290358KORR: Unvollständige Prüfung des Endes der Verwendung von Geschäftspartnern (EoP Prüfung)
FS-RI-RAM3300021KORR: Keine Anzeige der Bestandteils-ID bei Liste für verlaufsunabhängige Konditionen
FS-RI-RAM-IR3299516KORR: Detailliertere Meldungen für Accounting Units bei Anlage versicherter Risiken
FS-SR-DE3300985Fehler bei ATC-Prüfung: Formalparameter inkompatibel zum Aktualparameter (0103)
GRC-RM-KRI3121631Assessment workflow triggered from KRI issues
GRC-RM-RISK3300731Result of searching activities from value help dialog when editing risks is incorrect
GRC-SPC-MD3279583User not able to perform action on MCP after step 1 in case of multiple steps
GRC-SPC-MD3245136The local risk buffer cleanup is causing inconsistency issue.
GRC-SPC-MD3233493Entity level control is delimited even when carryforward issue exist
GRC-SPC-MT3300909Remove duplicated link in MCP evidence
GRC-SPC-RE3083511Role authorization report shows incorrect start date and policy role data missing
GRC-SPC-SA3296206Fix MCP UI5 application issue
GRC-SPM-SR3290949Submit button is disabled for data submission in German language
IS-ADEC-SPC3300278SPEC2000, Version 2014, Outbound S1QUOTES from SD is not reading the correct IPN from E1S2K13 segment.
IS-AFS-MM3300717Error C+ 509 raised during invoice creation using MIRO/IDoc
IS-B-BCA-AM3300620F9ID: Item Can Be Returned Although Validity Period of Return Reason Expired
IS-B-SA-ALM2460728The Asset liability indicator gets changed in loans during GAP Analysis
IS-DFS-OF-COM3294417Defense Disconnected Operations – Corrections for 2022 SP1
IS-H-ACM-BIL3238619IS-H ACM: Erweiterung SAP ACM KV-Arbeitsplatz (ambulante Variante Clinical Process Builder)
IS-H-CM-FHI3299846FHIR BC Set update
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3298746Roy 2.0 UTX – Incorrect University lease displayed in Report Details resulting in improper Correct All functionality.
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3283287TX UT – Roy 2.0 – Incorrect Unit lease displayed in Report Details resulting in improper Correct All functionality
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3219899TX UT Roy 2.0 : Corrections for Royalty Due and Marketing value to foot across PROP and TRACT lines
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3210673TX UT Roy 2.0 : Corrections for Royalty Due and Marketing value to foot across PROP and TRACT lines
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3301095Change of receiving network allocation header status to Undefined
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3300479Change of receiving network allocation header status to Undefined
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3301130Issue in create measurement for casualty loss
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3300800Oil and Gas entity fiori tile configuration issue
IS-PM-PA3253069Clean up Patient Accounting in ECC
IS-U-DM-MR2998254Termination E9 898 “Unexpected ELSE case”: SV_ACTION with value x
IS-U-EEG3300965Netzbetreiberprüfung lässt sich wegen Inkonsistenz im Ticketstatus nicht ausführen
IS-U-EEG3297374Doppelte Sanktionsberechnung
IS-U-IN-BB3301125EWPBG & StromPBG: Kein Erstattungsbetrag für erste Fälligkeit nach Anpassung Abschlagsplan
IS-U-IN-BB3301009EWPBG & StromPBG: Laufzeitfehler BCD_ZERODIVIDE in ISU_EPB_BBP_R995
IS-U-IN-BB3297918EWPBG & StromPBG: Anpassung von Abschlagsplänen
IS-U-IN-PC3286858SD/FICA: Storno der SD Faktura wird nicht verhindert, wenn ausgesteuerter IS-U Fakturabeleg existiert
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3300259No error occurs during the check whether original invoice has been answered or not
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3300791DE_DR_DISC_SUP:Fix wrong comment in BMID DCRC101/AMID 17115 (Disconnection Order)
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3295674MDC: Segment NAD Z25 – RFF Z18(Reference to Malo) is filled incorrectly when sending message CH214
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3289720IDXGL: For AMID 21041, in IFTSTA inbound process, if the IDoc contain RFF+AGI, it could not find the correct process document to assign.
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3299334IDEXDE: Warning message /IDEXGE/INV_RECEIPT228 is assigned to wrong subprocess in processing log when supplier processes INVOIC document
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3297589IDEXDE: Error code A19 is raised wrongly in DTD Checks for Grid Usage Billing
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3296806HKNR: Segment SG4_DTM+157(Valid Start Date) is missing when sending message EO103
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3293812IDEXDE: Adjust the logic of filling the segment CCI++Z39/Z47 in method METERING_PROCEDURE_DETAILS
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3293218IDEXDE: Remove the logic of filling No Time-of-Use for Measurement Product Necessary in DP method METERING_PROCEDURE_DETAILS
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3282850IDEXGE: Deferred MR and energy amount is send multiple when using the Report /IDXGC/RP_SEND_REGISTERED_MR
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3225803UTILMD: Error correction of 06.07.2022 and 19.07.2022
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3299822The Message of BMID BM_GPKE_DSO_INFO_PROC_END with an Error
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3299277US4G: Missing forward HKNR process in 11120/11126 to send message to UBA
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3294100Annual Cons. Quantity different in Supplier Clearing List from MDC-values
IS-U-WA3300860EWAWDOC: Fehlerhafte Statusanzeige für Entsorgungsaufträge
LE-JIT-S2C3300713Enhancement to consider latest JIT Call requirement date as JIT Horizon date
LE-JIT-S2C3300451Introduction of additional value helps for Vehicle Model and Vehicle Identification Number in Manage Customer JIT Calls
LE-JIT-S2C3300450Introduction of value helps for Vehicle Model and Vehicle Identification Number
LE-JIT-S2C3298308Update of JIT calls via EDI/SOAP fails with an error
LE-JIT-S2C3293870Inconsistency in JIT Document reference status on processing cancellation of Outbound Delivery from EWM
LE-JIT-S2C3287314Processing JIT Asynchronous Production Confirmation calls from Fiori App ‘Manage Customer JIT calls by Component Groups’
LE-JIT-S2C3286776Action ‘Prepare for Confirm Production’ cannot be performed on Packing group
LE-JIT-S2C3286774JIT Production Confirmation enhancements
LE-JIT-S2C3285959RAP Enablement for JIT Production Confirmation Process
LE-JIT-S2C3194494Display Reference Type information in the Manage Customer JIT Calls by Component Groups Application
LE-SHP-DL3300747Partial delivery although complete delivery is required
LO-AB3299967Selektieren der Positionstexte bricht ab bzw. dauert zu lange
LO-AGR-BT3299926ACMTM: ACM Trading contracts with related trades displays wrong contract type
LO-AGR-CC3300982ACM S/4H : Lift checkboxes taking much time to load the check mark in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori app
LO-AGR-CC3299310ACM: Flat Price fix for single lot edit in Maintain pricing FIORI Application after lift
LO-AGR-CC3298397ACM S/4H: Ship-to-party is adding as zero when creating contract without navigating to partner tab using SAP GUI.
LO-AGR-CC3292772ACM: Roll Quantity to be editable on Roll pop up on Mass Screen
LO-AGR-CC3285748Agricultural Contract Management: Trading Contract’s Locking Features in Maintain Pricing Fiori App.
LO-AGR-CM3299780ACM: Utility: NetPos Inventory Key Figure Analysis: Utility fixes
LO-AGR-CM3295630ACM S/4H: “Valid to timestamp” is inconsistent in CMM_VLOGP_KONVD for ’06’ record type in Returns scenario.
LO-AGR-LOC-BR3298151ACM S/4H: Validation to process spot immediate scenario for application instruction type regular spot
LO-AGR-LSP3300950LSP FPS01: Dump while settlement proposal
LO-AGR-STL3296665ACM S/4H: Incorrect pricing amount of settlement unit item in case currency is the special currency with 0 decimal.
LO-CMM-BF3291205CPF: Fail to Save a deal with scales after amend it without scales
LO-MD-BP3296620Duplicate Tax Jurisdiction in Value Help
LO-MD-BP-WS3299280Business Partner DRF replication filter criteria handling improvements for exclusive conditions
LO-MD-MM3288622Manufacturer Part (HERS) Product Type: Long MPN field gets cleared
LO-RFM-PUR-ADA3296150Update of document index table is incomplete
LO-RFM-SD3300378Fashion Manage Sales Document App – Incorrect Situation Handler Display/Selection
LO-SGT-CO3300887Cost Estimates for Segment relevant Finished Goods when Component has Special Procurement (Stock transfer)
LO-SGT-WM3299919Stock segment is not determined during TO creation
LO-SPM-INB3301096M7328 while posting GI for return deliveries with batch split items via MIGO
LO-VC3299882Merkmale mit Tabellenbezug II
MFG-ME-SDK3290835Wrong auto-selection in Operation List when sorting by Custom Data Fields
MM-FIO-PUR-PO3252758Manage Purchase Order – Changes for Material Value help
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-SSP3301013Note to fix note 3296576 SP2 and lower implementation issues
MM-PUR-CNF3300557Withdraw of supplier confirmation should show no messages
MM-PUR-HUB-CAT3299860Centrally Managed Puerchase Order: Process flow not working.
MM-PUR-HUB-CTR3234664Copy Renew button active even without selection in Manage Central purchase contracts
MM-PUR-HUB-PO3301040Purchase Order missing during delta Extraction from Local Connected systems
MM-PUR-HUB-PR3196701Error in PR extraction with multiple plants in central purchasing
MM-PUR-HUB-REQ2649491SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Central Procurement: Release Information Note
MM-PUR-SRC-CBD3300440[C]Database error 287 with INS access to table MMSRCGPITEM_D
MM-PUR-SRC-SP3300561Error while creation of the Sourcing Project from a Central Purchase Contract
MM-SRV-SR3299222ML81N: Account Assignment Distribution Indicator reset in Entry Sheet
MOB-APP-MAO-ERP2977434SAP Asset Manager: Mobile Application Integration Framework for S/4HANA OP Installation Primary Note
OPU-ASA-FG3301147/ASADEV/PI cannot be used as BO for PR rejection
OPU-ASA-FG3297412PO Direct Creation does not map outline agreements
PA-ESS-XX3279252HR Renewal application: short dump when incorrect subtype is maintained
PA-PA-DE3293720Datenvernichtung bei verknüpften Abwesenheiten
PLM-FIO-DMS3292382Attachment service : Format Filesize changes from KB to KiB
PLM-VEP-VMP3300979VEMP: Filter functionality should be unavailable in 21 scenario
PM-EQM-FL3285040Incorrect flag is checked for custom fields for Functional Locations
PM-FIO3295144F5104A: Assign to me’ action does not assign the selected maintenance job to the logged in user
PM-FIO-WOC-MN3300466Runtime Error (ITAB LINE NOT FOUND) in Create Maintenance Request App
PM-PRM-TL3281427IA38/IA39 sorts functional locations incorrectly
PM-WOC-MO3300051The introducing of the additional fields in the maintenance order/operation released CDS Views
PM-WOC-MO-ACC3296068ACDOCP: No recalculation cost when changing Costing-Sheet
PP-PEO-SFE3249584Mass Update of Order Master Data – Part 2
PPM-PFM2268020S4TWL – Integration to SAP Portfolio and Project Management
PPM-PRO3300908Status Report cannot be created
PPM-PRO-DOC3300448S4TWL – Project Management Integration with DMS
PS-COS2267182S4TWL – Selected project financial planning and control functions
PS-FIO3293762Fiori App F1970 shows duplicate components
PS-IS2267286S4TWL – Project Reporting
PS-MAT-PRO2267384S4TWL – Selected Logistics Capabilities
PS-PRG-TRC2267190S4TWL – Progress Tracking & Monitoring Dates
PS-ST2730120Best practices for WBSElement ID usages in CDS views
PSM-FM-BCS-BU3300608New field FMBDP-AWREF to support integration business case(2)- Mass Reversal
PSM-FM-BCS-BU3280477FMBSCPYN: enhance smart copy
PSM-FM-CL3299920BAdI FM_CCF_APPLIC_CUST->POST called in the wrong place for AUTO_CCF
PSM-GM-GTE-MD3300945CFDA is not available in I_Grant
PSM-GM-GTR-GEN3300556Grantor: Fix disappearing message on object create
PY-AT3300586mBGM: Zuschlag Z05 (Weiterbildungsbeitrag nach dem Arbeitskräfteüberlassungsgesetz)
PY-AU-STP3298226STP2: Incorrect Tax Treatment Code generated
PY-BE3288936DmfA Declaration: Remuneration Codes (00067) without a bonus payment frequency (00068) are not cumulated
PY-BR3298610eSocial – Summarizing events viewer – Data reader
PY-BR3248944eSocial – S-2299/S-2399 – Vacation payments are not reported in the event
PY-CZ3288093HRCZ – RPCALCTM – HRCZ function CZEXE – changes and corrections on January 2023
PY-DE3222257HRCDENT: Technische Korrekturen des Codings im Bereich der Meldedatenvernichtung
PY-DE-AU-SI3281361euBP: Anpassungen bei der Lohnartenermittlung
PY-DE-BA3292584B2A-SV: Automatischer Start des RPCSVHD0_IN innerhalb des RPCSVPD0_IN verarbeitet keine Dateien
PY-DE-CI3291296Construction Industry: Travel time compensation – amounts missing in payroll table ZTBAU for weekly trip home
PY-DE-FP-EAU3300443Vorausgesetzte Objekte für SAP-Hinweis 3294403
PY-DE-FP-EAU3299876eAU: Meldungszuordner – Zuordnung bei eAU-Anfragen im Status “abgelehnt”
PY-DE-FP-EAU3294403eAU: Sachbearbeiterliste – Weitere Felder in der Übersichtsliste
PY-DE-FP-MV3299859SV-Meldewesen: Generische Zuordnungsfunktionalität – Anzeige der Personalnummer bei Nichtzuordnung
PY-DE-PS-ZV3297966ZV: Berücksichtigung der Besteuerungsart SZ für steuerfreie Sonderzahlungen des Arbeitgebers nach §19 Nr. 3 1(b) EStG über AVmG-Bausteine in der Pflichtversicherung
PY-FR3299069PAS 2023: Determination of the Reduction (‘Abattement’) Correction to Avoid Regularizations.
PY-LOC-TB3211710Issue in ‘when paid TB’ when previous issued TB is available
PY-MY3299469Error Message Occur when Execute CP 159 Report for Excessive Amount Employees
PY-SK3299424HRSK: Old health insurance solution – Minimal contributions for employee
RE-FX-IS3298403Report ‘Verträge Laufzeit’: Buttons für Simulation nur im ALV-Grid
RE-FX-IS3296516Report ‘Verträge Notizen’: Schaltflächen für Notizen nur im ALV-Grid verfügbar
RE-FX-LC-HU3241156Correction Invoices: Translation Date of Correction Matches Original Invoice
RE-FX-RA3300927Reversal of Customer / Supplier items not possible FAGL_POSTING_SERVICES 034
SCM-APO-CA-VC3090759Many SAP enqueue records for /SAPAPO/IBEXTTMP in sm12, lasting for a longer time
SCM-APO-PPS-HEU3265371Planungsmodus 1 wird im MRP Live Lauf im PP/DS nicht korrekt berücksichtigt
SCM-APO-PPS-HEU3261673Dispostufen werden mit jedem neuen Heuristik-Lauf um +1 erhöht
SCM-APO-SPP-SRE3299066Management approval for quantity reduction
SCM-EWM-QM3207903Vendor batch is not transferred to the inspection lot
SCM-FRE-FRP3300412FRP: Consideration of Closure Days as Special Rules in the Public Holiday Calendar – DDIC-Objects
SCM-FRE-FRP3287035FRP: Consideration of Closure Days as Special Rules in the Public Holiday Calendar
SD-BIL-IV-DP2973089Reduced VAT (19% to 16%) and down payment processing
SD-SLS3237127runtime error CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR when creating rush orders
SD-SLS-MCC3300853Mass Change of Sales Order doesn’t load result list set
SD-SLS-MCC3300339Partner Function accepting any Random Value: Fiori APP-Mass Change of Sales Documents
SLL-LEG-FUN-UPL3298595Upload von Außenhandelsklassifizierungsnummern erlaubt mehrere Instanzen eines Kapitels
SV-CLM-OP-CSA3291964SAP Cloud ALM Troubleshooting – Configuration & Security Analysis
SV-FRN-APP3269889Composite Note for Analytics and Intelligence in Focused Run 4.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP-FI3272749Corrections for Tactical Dashboard in Focused Run 4.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP-FI3204211Corrections for Tactical Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP03
SV-FRN-APP-FI3120266Corrections for Tactical Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP02
SV-FRN-APP-FI3063229Corrections for Tactical Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP01
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3276373FRUN 4.0 FP00 Job & Automation Monitoring back-end correction
SV-FRN-INS3128867Prepare SAP Focused Run for Zero Downtime Upgrades
SV-SCS-S4R2575059SAP BW Note Analyzer Files for SAP Readiness Check for SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW Bridge
SV-SMG-DVM3300895Enable RAGS_DVM_CQC_ANALYSIS report in S4HC environment
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM3297757Solution Documentation release error “Parent Element of ‘*’ already deleted in Branch ‘*'”
SV-SMG-LDB3300901Report to delete broken associations in LMDB
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3288502Focused Build: Requirements Management – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP11
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3217452Focused Build: Mass Change Operations – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP10
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3217379Focused Build: Requirements Management – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP10
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3133162Focused Build: Requirements Management – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP09
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CME3298837Focused Build – Release/Batch Import: Enhance the log with information about parallel running instance
SV-SMG-OST-FB-INT3207805Focused Build – Requirements Management – Filter by authorized solutions
SV-SMG-TWB3300127SOLMAN ERROR : RTLManager->GET_STARTUP_PROPERTIES – Cannot find script attributes
TM-BF-WL3293049TM POWLs: Runtime error due to syntax error or POWL records not displayed on map as expected
TM-CF3300567New Package for ATC Checks for SAP TM
TM-CF3293113ATC Checks for SAP TM
TM-FRM3290001Report for removing output control flag from on premise freight documents
TM-INT-LI2935052SAP TM docflow logic called out of SAP ERP docflow although the document is not SAP TM relevant
TM-INT-LI-LE3276814Initial Update of the Warehouse Execution Status in the Outbound Delivery by TM
XX-CSC-CH-IS-H3296930IS-H CH: INXML Prüfung ReferenzNr/IBAN bei esrQR
XX-CSC-HU-FI3295489HU: DMEE for Domestic Sales and Purchase List (2365M)
XX-CSC-HU-LO3266064Errors in MRKO due to Hungary specific changes.
XX-CSC-IL-FICS3284575IL FICS – Limiting the Use of Cash – continue
XX-CSC-IL-MM3267511IL MM – Annexed Invoice year change
XX-CSC-PT-BIL3294439Technical Note ATCUD PT: Issue fix for Unit tests in CL_SIPT_SERIES_CUST
XX-PART-CGS3293451R4CM Creditreform 2.x: Leerer Anhang beim Beauftragen einer Recherche
XX-PART-CRD-RSK3295444R4CM Risikomanagement 3.x: falsches Datum “nächste Prüfung” für WKV und Sicherheiten
XX-PART-DTM3300972V4- Agreement request upload date conversion issue
XX-PART-EPA-CBY3298167UDO Note: creates the Prerequisite Objects of SAP Note 3297699
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-LOA3289035BAWA-1360 CR058 – Absicherung Darlehen durch SV inkl. Statuskonzept SV
XX-PART-IPS3300920V4- Runtime error saving data changes in mass change objects
XX-PART-IPS3300799V4- Enabling message handling in source document modify badi method
XX-PART-IPS3300547V4- Issue when creating an activity from a price proposal
XX-PART-IPS3299913V4- Claim activity deletion issue
XX-PART-IPS3278314Unable to extend the validity period on a revision document.
XX-PART-IPS3266902Master agreement compared to a revision document
XX-PART-IPS3266087V4- Multiple pricing and planning grid issues
XX-PART-IPS3266086Pricing and planning grid display issue
XX-PART-IPS3122477V4- Unable to extend the validity period on a revision document.
XX-PART-KVSPRINT3300115R4CM Kreditversicherung 5.700 und 5.751H: Fehlerhafte Jobeinplanung beim Ändern mitversicherter Kunden
XX-PART-MSG-LRM-MOV3300980Automatische Retro: Fehler bei der Ermittlung der Vorversion
XX-PART-MSG-LRM-RET3286104Retro: Fehlende Retrozession für Policenkomponenten mit ungültigen Versionen
XX-PART-UGI-AIW3279677Issue with Display of attribute Description[TXTMI] while processing Equipment via AIW in AIW 1909
XX-PART-VSS3300907VSS Order: Incompletion Rule is executed also for rejected jobs
XX-PROJ-CDP-0653294324IBAN and BIC wrongly displayed for counterparty on CAMT statements
XX-PROJ-CDP-3103300340IDXAT2: Period End of CCM Historic consumption shall be ceiled by the system date
XX-PROJ-CDP-7373301157Parameter ZEADO_SKIP_TOBJ_CHK not set in update
XX-SER-LAS3297401USMM2A Hinweis Check remote
XX-TRANSL-JA3299912Correction of translation of Shipping Status

Below the list of SAP Notes with priority as Correction with low priority:

CA-GTF-SB-S4H-RT3300819While searching a value in the facet filter of Smart Business Application it does not show ” No Data” text even when the searched value is not present for that field.
CO-PC-PCP3299837CKU5_KALAMATCON_UPDATE is incorrectly handling duplicates leading to CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB
CS-CM-SN3300781IW21/51: It is possible to enter invalid task list in notification
FI-CA-FIO3301002Fiori App Analyze Payment Locks (F1239): Filter Group missing
FI-CA-INV3299963FKKINV: User-Exit zum Unterdrücken von 0TAXSIMU-Fakturierungsbelegpositionen
FI-FIO-TV-MTR3286702S/4 HANA Fiori App Travel Requests for Travel Assistant – 10.0.13
FI-FIO-TV-MTR3286701S/4 HANA Fiori App My Travel Requests for Business Traveler – 10.0.12
FI-RA-ANA3300566UDO report for the SAP Note 3206324
FI-RA-ANA3206324New DataSources for Revenue and Posting Items
FS-BP3300032BP_RAT: Ausblenden des obsoleten Feldes ‘Funktionsbaustein der Bewertung’ in View V_TPZ21
FS-CML3290899Some technical adjustments
ICM3214386FS-ICM: The log output is malformed
IS-ADEC-MPN-SLS3216377Material Determination loses confirmation on ATP recheck
IS-B-SA-ALM2459095Warning Message J+119 in GAP analysis of variable transactions is not customizable
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3297675Gen Roy 2.0 RM: Technical note to correct ATC error
IS-U-DM-MR3023129Collective correction part 3 ISU_INTERNAL_CONTR/DEV/INST_PREPARE
IS-U-DM-MR3016871Code Inspector Warnings (SAPLELIN – Structure Enhancements up to 606)
LO-AGR-CC3300518ACM S/4H : Multiple bug fixes in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori app
MM-PUR-HUB-CTR3131693Central Purchase Contracts: Sourcing Quotation Number Not Displayed For Central Contracts Created From Supplier Quotations App
PA-FIO-LIB3286268HCMFAB_COMMON – automatic maint upload
PLM-INT-TC3294814Incorrect Message Header details in PLMSI Outbound
PY-HU3297346HR-HU: SP03/2023 – ATC Technical corrections
PY-HU3294315HR-HU: SP03/2023 – RPCIMJH4 Certificate to determine unemployment benefit
PY-NL3280850PR UPA: New report ISO Date Conversion (RPCPRXN0)
SD-MD-CM3300305SD_SALESPRICES1 – change column width, all fields becomes visible
SD-SLS3299508Falscher Anzeigewert der Konditionsart in Änderungsbelegen II
SRM-UIA-SHP-CT3300886SSPUX: Issue with category

Below the list of SAP Notes with priority as Normal:

AP-HMD-RPL2930772Error “Unable to write Data Replication Requests” Occurs When Replicating Employees from SF EC to BYD
AP-IP3300962Scrapping on Project Not Possible as System Displays The Error Message “Account Assignment of Type Project is Not Allowed”
AP-RC-ANA3300992Broadcast is not sent: No report data available to display
AP-RC-BDS-WS3301050Failed to activate items of type CommunicationScenario
AP-SLO-SO3300733Error Time Frame: Date DD.MM.YYYY is invalid
BC-BMT-BPM-INB3300573Error while filtering by custom attribute with BPM Odata Service
BC-BW2941940Troubleshooting SAP Service API performance issues (Data Packages, Work Processes, RFC Connections, Partner Profiles)
BC-BW-ODP3206728Troubleshooting : SLT ODP Scenario
BC-CP-CF-SEC-AUDITLG2637286How to get Audit Logs for SAP BTP
BC-CP-CF-SEC-DOM3301192Add an existing wildcard certificate
BC-DB-SYB3300805ASE Error 1025 happens after EHP upgrade -SAP ASE for Business Suite.
BC-DB-SYB3294719saptempdb full Error 1105 – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB3293115Error 4305 occurs when restoring transaction log – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB3288723How to start SID database in bypass recovery mode and perform load database? – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB3288056Thresholds result in Error 7786 being reported after enabling the Granular Permission – SAP ASE BS
BC-DB-SYB3275779Error 806 when querying MDA table – SAP ASE
BC-DWB-TOO-ATF2772064ASSERTION_FAILED dump happens when displaying the result of ATC check
BC-DWB-UTL-BRR2725576EU829 error when releasing a transport request
BC-EIM-ESH3300234Task list SAP_ESH_RESET throwing exception with the type CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB and error message “Jamming detected during change operation”
BC-ESI-WS-ABA3000485ESI – Message cannot be processed in Plugin mode HTTPS
BC-FES-CTL3280857after install the Patch 9 for GUI version 770 drag and drop in text editor isn’t possible
BC-FES-GUI2757832Where to download archived SAP GUI patch.
BC-FES-GUI2035293known and open issues of SAP GUI for Windows.
BC-FES-OFFI3300703Paste method of Worksheet class failed when using clipboard_export method
BC-IAM-IDS3298249Outage or Disruption in Identity Authentication service
BC-IAM-IDS3265026Troubleshooting Import CSV file under User Management with full user profile
BC-MID-SCC3253415Vulnerability scan reports Tomcat vulnerability issues in SAP Cloud Connector
BC-NEO-AUDITLOG3300788Older Audit Logs not visible for SAP BTP Neo environment
BC-NEO-GIT3300683Does SAP takes backup of custom HTML5 applications?
BC-OP-LNX3300905Find hard coded Library Path for executables
BC-SEC-AIS3300857Report RSICFCHK shows incomplete result
BC-SEC-LGN2333305Tutorial – “Restore emergency user SAP*” [VIDEO]
BC-SRV-APS-IAM3298891Application cannot be found in Business Catalogs app
BC-SYB-ASE2484646SAP ASE incorrectly starts up with Developer Edition
BC-SYB-ASE2388379The explanation for optase script in “Configuration Guide for Windows” has some errors – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2219711How to manage idle, long-running or stale connections ?
BC-SYB-ASE2074283Msg 18204 State 1: Procedure ‘sp_add_resource_limit’, Line 206: Unknown limit type ‘idle_time’ – ASE
BC-SYB-IQ2705562Became unresponsive status, after ‘All buffer cache pages are in use ” — SAP IQ
BC-SYB-REP3300772rs_add_objfunc is added during upgrade to RS157 from lower version – SAP RS
BC-SYB-REP-SAP3257289Failed to materialize to DR node
BC-WD-ABA2984760WDA: Web Dynpro Exception: URL for redirect does not exist in HTTP white list
BC-XI-ALR-CBA2381478XPI traces for Component Based Message Alerting
BI-BIP-ADM3207899Collecting an end to end trace for Central Management Console (CMC) for non-IE browsers in BI Platform 4.x – customer instructions and best practice [Video]
BI-BIP-AUT2556648BI Auth Troubleshoting Series: Master list of KBA’s for tracing and analyzing authentication issues.
BI-BIP-SRV3076470Tracing the Fiori BI Launchpad web application in BI 4.x [How-to]
BI-RA-WBI3301137HANA LOV selected from prompt’s values are passed incorrectly
BI-RA-WBI3300762The error The Maximum Connection limit has been reached. (Error: RWI 000239) happens in the BI 4.2 SP09
BNS-ARI-GB-REQ3179552Error: “Purchase Org does not match requirements” on guided buying requisitions
BPI-SIG-CA-SEC-UM3289894We have ordered extra licenses but they have not appeared in Collaboration Hub to assign to users.
BPI-SIG-PM-DIC3287778Can I export the ‘Show usage’ information of a Dictionary entry as a pdf?
BPI-SIG-PM-EXP3287656When printing a PDF of my process in Editor, can I add information to the document like ‘Document revision number’ or ‘Total number of pages’?
CA-ATP-CTL2981977FAQ: RACR – Review Availability Check Result – Screen
CA-FE-FLP-DT2581846Exception occurred when creating a Fiori Catalog
CA-GTF-FXU-MM-PUR3248110Upload Function Mass Changes APP
CA-INB-FIO2421785How to Customize the Decision Keys In My Inbox Fiori App
CA-MDG-AF3290665BRF+ Rule Derivation to default Controlling Area for Cost Center/Profit Center.
CA-MDG-AF-CR3274612Translate Custom CR types
CA-MDG-APP-FIN3101533MDG-F: Error 002(FND_TRANS) during inbound of SOA replication from MDG Financials in target ECC/S4 system
CA-MDG-APP-FIN3023658Basic Configuration of MDG Financial Account Replication Models
CA-MDG-DRF2858316SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: Material/Product/Business Partner/Cost Center master does not trigger Communication Arrangements
CA-UI5-CMP3286019Left clicking to navigate to another app for cross app navigation does not trigger in UI5 1.96
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3300792Unable to reset the backoffice configurations
CEC-COM-CPS-COR3300771Clarification in upgrade to 2205 Patch 6 when previous version 2011
CEC-COM-CPS-OTH3300835503: SAP Commerce Cloud Portal is down for maintenance in JMeter report
CEC-HCS-CCAZ-DEP3077364How to troubleshoot stuck/failed Commerce Cloud deployments
CEC-HCS-CCAZ-OPS3297088Cannot apply configurations because environment is currently locked
CEC-PRO3301196Deletion of users_CDP
CEC-PRO3301139Unable to create templates using accounts.policies.emailTemplates.setConfig REST
FI-AA-AA-B3301032Depreciation Key not editable S/$HANA CLOUD
FI-BL-PT-BA3224457Account requires an account assignment relevant to cost accounting in “Reprocess Bank Statement Items”
FI-FIO-AA-PST3301195AA324 when posting a transfer S/4HANA CLOUD
FI-FIO-AP3300748IBAN is required for all free form payments
FI-FIO-AP3262415Error occurs when navigating from app Accounts Payable Overview
FI-FIO-AP3255823The payment advice can not be viewed since rendering of document failed
FI-FIO-AP3080874Run Date does not work for default custom filter view in “Manage Automatic Payments” app
FI-FIO-AR-ANA3301149Navigation is not working as expected between FI analytical and line item Fiori Applications
FI-FIO-GL-TRA3301072Error log is not displayed in app Upload General Journal Entries
FI-GL-GL-ACE3300563Accrual Engine Migration to S/4 Hana – reports for the migrated data
FI-GL-GL-D3301094Display fields from table ACDOCA in transaction FAGLL03
FI-LOC-FI-BR-ACR3301099DRC / ACR – Requesting changes or improvements
FI-LOC-FI-BR-ACR3167846DRC Brazil – ACR Troubleshooting Guide
FI-LOC-FI-BR-ACR2825551Latest corrections for S/4 ACR Brazil Option
FI-LOC-SD-BR3301184How to set an item as statistical in the Billing Document but not in the Nota Fiscal
FI-SL-SL-K2839557GLPLUP: upload fails with error message 00 007 (XXXX is empty)
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM3135182Different values between “Assignment” field in FTR_EDIT/FTR_CREATE and in the FI document
FIN-TMF-BR2451223Latest corrections for Tax Declaration Framework
GRC-IAG-PAM3289964Reason Code not available in PAM Launchpad
GRC-SAC-BRM3300856“Object requested is currently locked” error during role generation
HAN-DB3300976How to delete application user (SAP*) from HANA database
HAN-DB3218277Collecting HANA Support Data – Shell Script: HANASupportInfo
HAN-DB-BAC2666303Error: feature ‘<feature>’ is disabled. (See M_CUSTOMIZABLE_FUNCTIONALITIES)
HAN-DB-PERF2000002FAQ: SAP HANA SQL Optimization
HAN-DB-PERF1999998FAQ: SAP HANA Lock Analysis
HAN-DP-LTR2877707How to change Specify Option for Logging Tables – SLT
HAN-DP-SDI3301017CLOUD DATA INTEGRATION adapter for SDI configuration
HAN-DP-SDI3300265After Changing DP Agent Messaging PSWD:SAP DBTech JDBC: [414]: user is forced to change password: alter password required for user <User>
LE-SHP-DL2736771Delivery Split when created from Sales Order
LO-MD-BP3300946Object Locking error encountered when creating Vendor BP in two different roles
LO-MD-BP3300868Cannot navigate to Alternative payee master data from BP
LO-MD-BP2865228Field(s) Missing in Business Partner Master Fiori Apps
LO-MD-BP2805232How to define which Customer or Supplier Account Group(s) can be created for a BP Grouping in S/4HANA Cloud
LO-MD-BP2638769Customer Texts maintenance issue in “Maintain Business Partner” App in S/4HANA Cloud
LO-MD-BP2607362Classification of Business Partner Customer/ Supplier is not working for some roles in S/4 HANA
LO-MD-BP2597651How to create customer/vendor BP with reference in S/4HANA
LO-MD-BP2517671Error when redirecting from obsolete Customer/Vendor master data transactions in S/4HANA brings the user to the home page as opposed to transaction BP
LO-MD-BP-SYN3300838Relationships cannot be created between the same business partners (Message No. R1776)
LO-SPM-OUT3300867Error message “No item category exists (Table T184L DOG  CHSP )”
LOD-ANA-DES3300630Not possible to change the number formatting for restricted measures in heatmap charts from SAC.
LOD-ANA-LDC-BW3300253Removing a 2nd query structure from Tables and Charts in SAP Analytics Cloud with BW Live data connection
LOD-ANA-PL-DA3301123Custom property of a dimension member with “enable currency” does not take into account the members currency in a data action
LOD-CRM-INT-ERP2706296Error – Quantity unit code XYZ must be equal to item quantity measure unit
LOD-EC-INT-TIM3098757Is IT0416 supported in SF – ERP onPremise integration ?
LOD-HCI-DS3300811View Design Time Data of IBP source in CPIDS shows different value compared to value in IBP system – SAP Cloud Integration for data services
LOD-HCI-PI-MAP3300704Why is the XML to JSON Converter returning blank value as an array in JSON?
LOD-SF-CAL-ADM2723567Exclude Rating Types for Employee Profile Data Source – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2674467How to access Source Rating Information in a Calibration Session – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2471548The Calibration Template is missing when trying to create a new Session – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2255683Selecting competencies from the Analyze Feature causes an error – Calibration Session
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2160266“Unable to open calibration session. You might not have the permission to search users.” when opening calibration session – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2070673Manage Sessions – Enabling Team Managers to Create a Session from Team Overview – Calibration
LOD-SF-CAL-SES2070529You do not have permission to access this session – Calibration
LOD-SF-EC-CMP2554056Bonus Target and Pay Frequency fields not visible in Manage Business Configuration
LOD-SF-EC-DRM3301177Purge inactive user fails with the error: “User Purge failed. Please check the server log or create a ticket. “
LOD-SF-EC-HIR-HDC3294143Hire Date Correction Tool ‘Save’ action results in Error
LOD-SF-EC-POS-JTP2651788Move Position button not appearing when Supervisor is changed in MSS – Employee Central
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-RUL3300689Take Rule Behavior when Multiple Leave records are in the Import File
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-TA3299975Time Off Accruals not Getting Generated Automatically for Future Dated Hires with Hire Date on the First day of the Month – 2H 2022
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI3301087Total Requesting field shows “NaN:NaN” when system language is Spanish (España)
LOD-SF-EP-PP33300447Future Hires Not Showing ‘Inactive’ Bracket By Their Name In People Profile Search
LOD-SF-LMS-REP2476697Date and time formatting in SAP SuccessFactors Learning Reports
LOD-SF-OBD3262795Deleting an activity under Manage Employees – Onboarding 1.0
LOD-SF-OBD-EVF3203541Not able to proceed E-Verify activity due to expired document – Onboarding 1.0
LOD-SF-OBD-EVF3198496Error encountered in E-Verify process – Onboarding 1.0
LOD-SF-OBD-I93192660Cannot Find the Document I-551 (Reverification) – Onboarding 1.0
LOD-SF-OBX-BPE3204460What is the impact of disabling step from the Process Variant – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX-BPE3199363Initiated Onboarding activity not appearing in dashboard – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX-DC3297145Personal data cannot be seen by candidate after the Personal Data collection step – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX-EML3191068Job Title token is blank in Welcome Message – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX-NHA3299131Error when adding new equipment category – Onboarding
LOD-SF-PLT-NOT2087468Emails Blocked or Not Delivered Due to Spam Filters, Spoofing, Bombing (mass mail), IP Address Allowlists
LOD-SF-RCM2081556Document Attachments & Resumes – Recruiting
LOD-SF-RCM-ADM3231490Country name change from Turkey to Türkiye – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-EML3301058Password reset email for Agency users
LOD-SF-RCM-EML2616244Custom tokens field label not being displayed when selecting the token – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-IVW3298549Is it possible to change the “My Interviews” interface design within Candidate Career Site? – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-IVW2293442Interview scheduling user questions
LOD-SF-RCM-POD3271419My Recruiting Team Preferences does not pull new users to existing job requisitions – Recruiting
LOD-SF-RCM-POR2538029Default External Career Site missing from Admin Center – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-SYS3297537Candidate profile picklist field is blank post-instance refresh – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RMK-CSB2688516Multi-Location Job Posting – RCM and RMK integration
LOD-SF-RMK-ICS3300070ICS – Employee Login from Candidate Profile redirects to another instance – Recruiting Marketing
LOD-SF-RMK-INT3292107Job Posting urltitle not updated when Job title is changed in the job requisition
LOD-SF-VRP-EXR3301180Impossible to edit the (editable) field individual Payout % for all people displayed in the first page of the EXR
MM-IV-CIM3299225The mouse course is blocked when clicking “Extensive Edit” in app Manage Supplier Invoices Centrally
MM-IV-CIM3298154The error “A network error occured when trying to retrieve the packets from the system” occurs when importing master data
MM-IV-CIM3296680Unsubscription Failed
MM-IV-CIM3296639The error message “Cannot find a space assigned to you” occurs when launching CIM application
MM-IV-CIM3296628Prerequisites for handling issues related to SAP Central Invoice Management
MM-IV-LIV1904827“R” block invoices are not appearing in Transaction MRBR
MM-PUR-GF-CO2449402Commitment reports for PO and PR show extra lines
MM-PUR-GF-LIS1886046Why Event ML is not triggered when GI posted for a Stock Transfer Order Delivery?
MM-PUR-GF-PR1894356Condition Text Button grayed out in Info Record and Contract
MM-PUR-GF-TAX1927517Tax (like NAVS) changes on condition tab after going to the invoice tab’s taxes screen
MM-PUR-PO3258553SAP S/4HANA Key User Extensibility powered by Embedded Steampunk: How to debug Procurement Cloud BAdI’s
MM-PUR-VM-REC1894385RT Consum indicator doesn’t display in Subcontracting Info Record
MM-SRV2747917How to resolve Message No. SE729
MM-SRV2068125Service PO – cannot update pricing due to error V1227
MM-SRV1828600Error message SE602 or MEPO051 – Max 99 account assignments allowed
MM-SRV-GF-CO2512343How to troubleshoot commitment issue in MM
OPU-API-OD-DT3295052API Management on NEO is the SAP Cloud Transport Management Supported?
OPU-BSE-WFM2975430BAdI /IWWRK/BADI_WF_BEFORE_UPD_IB message handling
PA-FIO-PNF3204485Process Inbox – External Mode Configuration
PA-FIO-PNF2948352Process Inbox: ‘Open Task’ button issues
PS-FIO-BIL3300849Where is Billing Type derived in app “Manage Project Billing”
PY-IN-PS2474526HCM India Tax Simplifier Statement Configuration Guide
PY-PT3296360CALC: IRS Mortgage loan configuration of Wage Types
SBO-BK3251133Rounding Posting in the Journal Entry of a Foreign Currency Payment Using Identical Exchange Rate As the Paid Invoice
SCM-APO-INT-MD-PDS3204038Error in PDS integration
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP2258386How to analyze: IBD shows open status in ECC but completed in EWM
SD-BF-PR1900580Manual condition type can be deleted in pricing
SD-BF-TX3301146Error VK217 occurs in OVK1 when maintaining condition type with ‘W’ as Condition class
SD-BIL-CA1472346Accounting document not visible in VF03
SD-BIL-GF1481238How are different exchange rates (Price, FI postings and Conditions) determined in billing documents
SD-BIL-IV1787380Error VF003 although item category is not relevant for billing
SD-BIL-IV-IB1463943Error VF044 during billing of Intercompany Stock Transport Order
SRD-CC2531650New Customer Request for Additional Feature or Function in SAP standard software
SRD-CC-IAM3291337Fields are Missing in Business Role Query Section
SRD-FIN-GL3299073System Crash When Posting Expense Report from Concur with Cost Assignment to Project Tasks
SRD-HR-PAD3275284Service Start Date does not Show Expected Value for Rehiring
SRD-HR-TLM3288461Not Possible to See Holiday Calendar for Service Agents
SRD-MD-BP3285380“Cannot enhance screens; no UIs exist for business object BUSINESS_PARTNER_RELATIONSHIP” Error in SDK
SRD-MD-PRD-PRD3298585Error Message ‘Service call failed, report an incident’ While Migrating Services
SRD-MD-PRD-PRD3296424“Positive distribution percentage is mandatory for product XYZ” When Activating Kit Product for Purchasing
SRD-MD-PRD-PRD3286186Column Filter does not Work in Mass Change Screen
SV-SMG-CCM3290507Error: “Reference analysis job could not be activated successfully for the system” in Step 3 of CCM Setup
SV-SMG-CCM2740740Technical Error’ occurs when opening a CCM tile
SV-SMG-CCM2631298Error messages “Sorry, a technical error occurred” and “Could not open app” appear when launching CCM workcenter tiles
SV-SMG-CM2863568Integrating Solution Documentation with Charm Workflow – Solution Manager
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT3300780Error “No cipher suites enabled” in Diagnostics Agent logs – SAP Solution Manager 7.2
X4-CBC-SSC3211415CBC: “Go to Activity” button is grayed out and transaction code is BO_X4_<scope item ID> 
XX-SER-FORME3300855How to assign Product-Related Contacts in your company – SAP for Me
XX-SER-SAPSMP-TEN2757630Cloud tenant is missing / Cannot create support incident due to missing system – SAP ONE Support Launchpad / SAP for Me

Below the list of SAP Notes with priority as Recommendations / Additional Info:

BC-DB-SYB2918687Maintenance of SAP Business Suite 7 for SAP ASE
BC-FES-ITS3065813SAP Kernel 7.85 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast
BC-FES-ITS2959769SAP Kernel 7.81 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast
BC-FES-ITS2791294SAP Kernel 7.77 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast
BC-FES-ITS2474329SAP Kernel 7.53 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast
BC-INS-MIG3226198SAP Release Note for SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 37
BC-OP-NT3273783How to use SAPonWin Check Tool?
BC-SRV-FP3300298IFbA PDF Accessibility – Caption and value association
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA3300132Executing and Monitoring Zero Downtime Option of SUM for SAP S/4HANA with SUM 2.0 SP 16
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA3258077Executing and Monitoring Downtime-Optimized Conversion to SAP S/4HANA with SUM 2.0 SP 16
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA2707731Prerequisites and restrictions of Zero Downtime Option of SUM for SAP S/4HANA
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA1678564Restrictions, Database-specific Settings, and Troubleshooting of nZDM (near-Zero Downtime Maintenance) for ABAP-based solutions
BC-UPG-OCS-SPA2011192Uninstallation of ABAP add-ons
BC-UPG-RDM3256426Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM 2.0 SP16
BC-UPG-RDM3207766Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM 1.1 SP01
BC-UPG-RDM3113353IBM i: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 2.0
BW4-AE3100794Release Information/Restrictions Note for SAP BW/4HANA 2021
CA-DI-IS-ABA3085579SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – SAP S/4HANA 2021
CA-DI-IS-ABA2943599SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – SAP S/4HANA 2020
CA-DI-IS-ABA2830276SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – SAP S/4HANA 1909
CO-OM-CCA-B2311408SAP BPC for S/4HANA Finance (IBPF): Hierarchy for the G/L account: Possibility of switching from financial statement version to account group (set class 0109)
CRM-BF3273981SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0 SP-Stack 22- RIN
FI-GL-GL3299476Logik des Feldkatalogs für Reporting in S/4
FI-LOC-LRQ-JP3223860Japan – HEISEI 28 (FY 2016) Tax Reform – Introduction of Invoice Method (TEKIKAKU SEIKYUSHO TOU HOZON HOUSHIKI), effective on October 1st, 2023 (SAP S/4HANA Cloud)
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3140551SAF-T (RO): Collective Note for the SAF-T Reporting Solution for Romania (SAP ERP) – Monthly/Quarterly Resident Companies
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3140511SAF-T Romania: Collective Note – Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA
HAN-DB3289309SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA – Table Placement Rules for Installation, Conversion, Migration
HAN-DB3108302SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS Settings for RHEL 9
HAN-DB-ENG-BW2374652Handling Very Large Data Volumes in SAP BW/4HANA
HAN-LM-UPG-SAP3257721SAP HANA: Additional information – Software Update Manager of SLToolset 1.0 SP37
LO-MD-BOM183269Non-configurable BOM w.configurable header material
LOD-ANA-PL-PLI2969947Planning functionalities supported in SAC live connection to BPC Embedded Model
MFG-DM3292350Additional Information and Manual Activities for SAP Digital Manufacturing, Release 2302
MFG-ME2897406Release Information Note for SAP ME 15.4 SP00
PY-ES3301074CLC package for SAP_HRCES (HCM Spain) for February 2023
SCM-IBP-DM3238886SAP IBP OD 2302 Release Restriction Note
SV-SMG-INS-AGT2253383Diagnostics Agent – SWPM Archive-Based Installation
SV-SMG-INS-AGT1858920Diagnostics Agent installation with Software Provisioning Manager
TM-INT-LI2574435FAQ for TM embedded in S/4 Hana
XX-HEC-OPS3250501Information on mandatory Security Parameters & Hardening requirements for ABAP systems in SAP Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS)
XX-PART-CGS3296450R4CM Produktübersicht für ERP 6.0 ab EhP 5
XX-SER-REL3257040SAP S/4HANA 2022: Process Integration with SAP on-premise Solutions

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