855 SAP Notes Released on 15 February 2023

 A daily round-up of the complete list of 855 SAP Notes released on 15 February 2023 with prioritization. 

To view SAP Notes, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SAP Support Portal (https://support.sap.com/en/index.html) or SAP for Me and log in using your S-UserId. If you do not have an account, contact your company administrator.
  2. Once you have found the SAP Note that you are interested in, click on its title to view its details, including the description, resolution, and related information.
  3. If you need to implement the SAP Note, you can download the attached files and follow the instructions provided in the SAP Note.

Please note that access to some SAP Notes may be restricted to customers with valid SAP software licenses. If you encounter any issues viewing SAP Notes, you can contact SAP Support for assistance.

Correction with High Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with high priority:

AP-MD-BF-SYN2399368Excel upload option in MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT
BC-ABA-LA-CI2987119CALL_FUNCTION_WRONG_VALUE_LENG terminations for ATC check in developer scenario
BC-CCM-MON1453112CCMS agent and kernel patches
BC-FES-IGS3295382IGS portwatcher leaks memory on Big Endian platforms
BC-SRV-APS-EXT-FLD3301719CFD GUI: Avoid dump and raise error for invalid NUMC values
BC-UPG-NZ-DT3299870NZDT Support for DIMP LAMA with unmapped materials and SDMIs
BC-WD-ABA3289615Navigation form WebDynpro to FLP
BW-BEX-OT-F43291900No data when calling value help for CDS-based queries
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-VAR3294410Filter value disappears after call of variable screen/problems with exit variables
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-VAR3290381Exit variable not updated in special cases
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-VAR3289257Termination of MDX statements (using exit variables)
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD-AUT3296080Privileges for<SAPSID> users are not generated
BW4-AE-F43291392Runtime error when activating hierarchies for the characteristic 0INFOPROV
BW4-AE-F43291386Error in use of navigation attributes
BW4-AE-F43290784Values of a transitive display attribute are read incorrectly
CA-DDF-RT-MD3262839Product-Location Staging Process – Overlap errors on dates for Prices or Listing value modifications
CA-DDF-RT-UDF3301529Performance improvement for deletion report /dmf/udf_delete
CA-GTF-CSC-DME3284713DMEEX – Feature Pack 3
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3301773Fix bulk edit issue of tickets in administrator cockpit
CRM-MD-BP-IF3084663Improve performance on marketing permission selection in packing CRM BP data.
CRM-MD-BP-SEA3301232In CRM WebUI Account Search when using Street field in combination with other fields gives incorrect result
CRM-S4-REP-RFW3295560Inbox search with categorization gives dump
FI-FIO-AR3302256Processing Rules – More than 1 APAR/GL line is possible
FI-GL-GL-G3300502FAGL_CL_REGROUP: Termination due to Runtime Error TIME_OUT
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-AC3301774FWZE (ABS/MBS): Manual posting redemption with nominal amount adjusted may lead to error TRQ0081 or TPM_CAL004
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3297652Final repayment flow with Fixed Amount blocks Interest Rate Fixing
FIN-SEM-BCS-INF3301935Inconsistencies between totals and documents
FS-PE3301946oData Payment Display Service Short dump
IS-PS-GIV3300204G-INV. Purchase order missing short description for Funding Agency Code, Funding Office Code.
IS-PS-GIV3290595G-INV. Seller-Facilitated Order scenario. Trading partners’ (TP) agency location code isn’t validated against TP group
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3301810IDEXGE: Short dump is raised since line type constants are missing
LO-AGR-LDC3148127ACM S/4H:Application status is not getting transitioned successfully after unload event is added in LDC.
LO-GT-TEW3301913Supplier billing document not generated while creating goods receipt in wtew transaction
LO-RFM-CA-VAS3301492Performance issues when Sales order is updated without any VAS changes
MM-FIO-PUR-ANA3301786Prerequisite of the note 3229974
MM-PUR-REQ3299228Button to view BOM not enabled when PR is in Display Mode
MOB-APP-SAM3302294SAP Service and Asset Manager – Icon is not visible on operations list view page after adding a document
MOB-APP-SAM3301750SAP Service and Asset Manager – Overview page will be blank if user log out and there are no app updates.
MOB-APP-SAM3301448SAP Service and Asset Manager – Maintainance Order/Notification attachments are being sent to the backend with the wrong object type.
MOB-APP-SAM3300038SAP Asset Manager – Final confirmation gets duplicated when supervisor cancels add confirmation time
PM-WOC-MO-TSK3295787General maintenance task list: BAdI IWO1_ORDER_BADI, methods CREATE_BANF_FOR_IND_STOCK & NO_RES_FOR_IND_STOCK
PY-CO3301756[CO] Severance – Correction for SAP Note 3227629
PY-DE-NT-TX3287336New program flowchart for 2023
SCM-APO-ATP-PSS3261376Performance issue in BOP run with Parameter-Dependent ATP Safety Stock
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLP3278739Documentary batch sent from EWM in save replica message
SCM-EWM-PMR3300592Missing goods movement bin error blocks Receiving Handling Unit from Production
SD-BF-AC3283284During the replication from CRM to ERP the confirmation is not replicated.
SD-BIL-RA3289909Operational Load: Missing invoice corrections for multiple conditions with different Revenue accounts and the same Deferred Revenue accounting
SD-BIL-RB3301919Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED occurs for field symbol <h_vbeln> when saving SD documents
SD-SLS-MCC3217434Extension fields are not appearing in the additional fields tab for modification in Mass change of Sales Order application
SRM-EBP-SHP3301697HUF Currency supports only up to 11 digits
SV-SMG-CCM3298926Access Custom Code Library – Contracts or Owner – Service cannot be reached
TM-FRM-ASR3293488Handling Execution Status is set to Unloaded when Item already Loaded
TM-FRM-FRT3286965Confirmation dialog for awarding quotation with different stop dates proposed
XX-PROJ-CDP-TEST-4043299905RRCM: Dump in Simulate Pricing button of Deal Capture App
XX-PROJ-CDP-TEST-6753275804RCOM 220: INC1830093- RFS2 and RTFO OTC Objects Pricing Error

Correction with Medium Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with medium priority

AP-PPE-SCM3140418iPPE relevant design changes in material deactivation in PP/DS
BC-ABA-LA3301060ABAP: Abbruch bei Anweisung EXPORT (itab) TO MEMORY
BC-ABA-LA2381403Infrastructure for remote checks
BC-ABA-SC3301902Many shortdumps MESSAGE_TYPE_X caused by program SAPLOLEA
BC-ABA-TO3298470Selection Variants seem to be deleted after upgrade – what to do
BC-ABA-TO3297960How to compare selection variants in different clients
BC-BSP3291547delete commit work from REPORT_ERROR_HTML
BC-BW3259530APCRFC_INTERNAL_ERROR when loading data
BC-CCM-HAG3233447DB4: Corrections for PowerHA Switchover of ASCS/ERS for IBM i
BC-CCM-MON3301098CCMS agent: cannot read agent’s working directory in Rz21
BC-CCM-SDM3258425SDMI Classes in the Silent Data Migration Framework in SAP S/4HANA 2021 (Details, Corrections, Special Handling Notes)
BC-CST-GW3302195GW: increase readability of dev_rd trace
BC-CTS-TMS-CTR3301105ZDO: Defaults for parameters
BC-DB-DB43301388IBM i: Work-Prozess wird nach Soft-Cancel-Anforderung mit Signal 9 beendet
BC-FES-GUI3192729Updating SAP IGS libpng library to version 1.6.37
BC-FES-IGS3276906IGS is unable to open valid TIFF images
BC-OP-AS42969232DB4: Corrections for PowerHA Switchover of ASCS/ERS for IBM i
BC-OP-LNX2460297SAP on Linux on Google Cloud: Enhanced Monitoring
BC-OP-LNX2456432SAP Applications on Google Cloud: Supported Products and Google Cloud machine types
BC-PER3264456SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP16: Update of Client Sources Files
BC-PER3201089SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP15: Update of Client Sources Files
BC-PER3115432SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP14: Update of Client Sources Files
BC-SEC-LGN3301683Kernel 777: Virtual DDIC user logon does not work for batch jobs scheduled by upgrade tools
BC-SRV-AIF3301868Test Tool: Button “Process in XMl runtime” is not displayed for XML interface
BC-WD-CMP-FPM3302091List ATS UIBB: Program abortion in case of a non existing message attribute
BC-WD-UR3300858TabStrip: Larger padding left on the TabStripItem content renders unnecessary horizontal scrollbar
BC-WD-UR3299582MenuButton: Custom Menu cannot be expanded after script execution
BC-WD-UR3298096Tree: The buttons from tree header should be on the TAB chain
BC-WD-UR3294769Toolbar: Arrow key navigation does not work correctly in toolbars embeded in a table
BC-XS-JS3301467Migrating SAP HANA XS Classic Applications from XSJS to Async-XSJS
BI-BIP-BIW3301661BI Workspace not working and receiving “The resource type Document with the identifier ‘********’ does not exist” after re promotion of Webi report.
BI-BIP-DEP3297793SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.3 Support Package 03 Patches Release Notes
BI-BIP-UDT3301780While importing a universe, Universe Design Tool (UDT) crashes
BI-RA-CRE3296906CRE Error The viewer could not get the page on BIlaunchpad
BI-RA-WBI3302029The “Expand tree to show selections” button in the “Member Selector” panel is not working (not expanding the tree) when selecting members using the “Search” button Web Intelligence document.
BNS-CON-SE-S43140670SAP S/4HANA 2022 and the Concur Integration
BNS-CON-SE-S42976103SAP S/4HANA 2020 and the Concur Integration
BW-B4H-CNV2876024Revision 12 – CODESCAN
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-EQ3301944OQ: Support for XXL long texts in attributes
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-INA3237396INA: Adding Partial UDH Support
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-AUT3296823Einträge in der Tabelle RSECVAL_CL ohne Zuordnung
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-AUT3292402Selections for archiving object RSECPROT are not taken into account
BW-RUI-FPM3301646BICS Grid: Default column width for measures in columns axis
BW-WHM-DST-DTP3296941Filters in DTPs writing in an ADSO with Characteristics with Criteria
BW4-AE-F43302127Wertehilfe und Variablenschirm: Zu wenige Werte bei geklammertem Merkmal
BW4-DM-DTP3301483Multiple simultaneous loads from aDSOs using Dynamic Partitioning
BW4-DM-TRFN3301402Missing AMDP procedure for TRFN expert routine
BW4-ME-HMOD-AUT3201397Multiple roles and static user-defined analytic privileges: Increased runtimes
BW4-ME-IOBJ3302267Cardinality information is missing in generated InfoObject Calculation Scenario
CA-CL3301882Nicht möglich die Klassenhierarchie zu migrieren, wenn Teilen von Klassenzuordnungen im Zielsystem schon existieren.
CA-CL-CHR3301656Falsche Fehlermeldung beim Ändern eines Merkmals
CA-DMS3299593AL Item Creation Issue
CA-DT-MIG-S43131872Central Note for DMIS 2011 SP22 – Migration Cockpit: Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-DT-MIG-S43123084No data selected from VTB_ASGN_LIMIT in the migration object TRM facility
CA-DT-MIG-S43083133Central Note for DMIS 2011 SP21 – Migration Cockpit: Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-EPT-GEF3290335[S4GEF] : WMTS Tilematrix config
CA-FLP-ABA3302103Semantic Object – DocumentInfoRecordDisplay
CA-FS-CVI3301617CVI_BDT: Assigned BP number is empty after adding a contact person to partner functions
CA-GTF-AIF3301993ATC check after note 3298769
CA-GTF-AIF3301878Message set success status but no action function executed
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-PE3167562eDocument PE: Settlement Management
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-TR3294342eInvoice: Turkey Agnostic solution: DDIC Object for value mapping
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-TR3125170eDocument Turkey – eInvoice – Service Provider-Agnostic Solution: Pre-Requisite Objects
CA-JVA-JVA-PP3270615GJ94A: Error GJ-000 when account sets are used; incorrect calculation results when there are no current month data
CA-JVA-JVA-PP3267892GJCBA: Fixing several issues related to tax and intercompany postings
CA-LT-SLT3301374SLT (S/4HANA 1909 ) Source System: Error when replicating tables with filter on CLIENT field
CA-LT-SLT3300878SLT (DMIS 2018 / S/4HANA) Central System: Trigger check temporarily fails with message “Trigger information is missing”
CA-MDG-APP-MM3292704Timeout Error While Performing File Download/Upload or Data Replication in MDG Material
CEC-COM-CPS-WEB3301954Product search button in store front cannot be enabled by pasting text
CO-FIO-BPC-IS3290306FCOM_MET does not allow to extend compound fields
CO-FIO-OM-PL3301664SAC Write Back OData Service Activity Type Cost Rate Component Split overwrites control parameters (indicators) of activity type at table COKL
CO-OM-CCA-B3300988K_ACT_PRICE_PERIOD_PLAN/K_ACT_PRICE_TOTAL_PLAN: Technische Erweiterungen (2)
CO-PC-ACT3301083Runtime error for postings to production orders without AFPO records
CO-PC-ACT3199370Improved order settlement split for activity costs
CO-PC-ACT2876695Handle reverse document in russian scenario
CRM-BTX-BF3300494Selection of profit center from pop up
CRM-IU-WA3300461CM Waste: CM WASTE: Falscher Exception-Typ an CRM-Methoden
CRM-MD-BP3299765In CRM WebUI if user tries to assign a new work address to a Contact and in doing so changes the Company ID to a new value before save, relationship is created for both Companies
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3289741Default Account plan PPH does not get defaulted on product picker of promotion
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3189351% condition (3 decimals) using CCM Integration
CRM-S4-BTX3238184Syntax error / mismatch while creating Sales order
CRM-S4-SOM3302114Subscription Contract API: Assignment Type field in Varianat Configuration
CRM-S4-SOM3293596Problem with BITs Reversal When Using Start of Billing Cycle
CRM-S4-SOM2845949SOM: Missing Date Rule IST_RUNT_001
CRM-S4-SRV-SVO3301994Enable GOS attachments for sales quotation items
EC-CS-CSF-D2823455Correction of ATC Errors ( no functional impact )
EHS-MGM-INC3300743Investigation Summary Report – Lessons Learned fields not getting populated
EIM-DS-CPIDS3300612XML_Map implicit conversion issue
EIM-DS-DI3300667SAP DI Cloud cannot query data from Amazon Redshift
EIM-DS-DQ3301796GAC is returning infocode 2070 for valid postcodes in Argentina – Data Services
EIM-DS-EXE3301793Optimized SQL doesn’t work with Full PUSHDOWN when IQ is used as source and target in same dataflow – SAP Data Services
EIM-DS-EXE3279894SAP Data Services job execution monitor log shows the record count as -1 – SAP Data Services 4.x
EIM-DS-SVR3302220Designer communication ports not saving – Data Services
EIM-IS-DEP3290154Launching Information Steward from BI LaunchPad shows a blank page
EIM-IS-MR3159017Opening match review groups hang when input table has column names containing spaces
FI-AP-AP-B13300126DMEEX – payment format MT104 for Korea
FI-AP-AP-B13300081QR-Bill: Posting of parked document via batch input terminates with error
FI-AP-AP-B13067625Error in structure BAPIACPA09 in S4CORE104
FI-AP-AP-Q13286778FLP Role adjustments for Malaysia to access MWTI
FI-AP-AP-Q13286727FLP Role adjustments for Philippines to access MWTI
FI-AP-AP-Q13284984FLP Role adjustments for Singapore to access MWTI
FI-AP-AP-Q13220347Manage Withholding Tax Items : Implementation Leading Note
FI-CA3301162FPO4/FPO4P: Berechtigungsprüfung zum Zeitpunkt 9566 nicht wirksam
FI-CA3292798Performance Informationscontainer
FI-CA-FIO3300483F4415 “Sicherheitsleistungen verwalten”: Rückgabedatum beim Anlegen als Pflichtfeld markiert
FI-CA-INV3301778FKKINV: Fehler FKKBW 120 in der Massenabrechnung
FI-CA-INV3295244FKKBIX_BIP: abweichendes nächstes Anforderungsdatum
FI-CF-AC3298152FI Replication Party
FI-FIO-AP2902552Revise Payment Proposal Bank Account Holder Name longer than 35 chars
FI-FIO-AR-PAY3300821F1564 Manage Bank Statements – First Bank Statement Item Line is deleted after import
FI-GL-FL3295201Belegaufteilung: Übernahme eindeutiger Kontierungen trotz Basissumme 0
FI-GL-GL-G2960983FAGL_CL_REGROUP: Valuation differences not properly selected with free selections
FI-GL-IS3302135FI Line Item Browser: Error message ‘/CATALOG/_FIELD_FROM_VARIANT’ using default layout !DEFAULT
FI-GL-OC3302052Organizational Change: CO_OSL is not invrérted during open item transfer
FI-LOC-FI-AR-REP3297416Automatic Implementation of Objects for SAP Note 3295852
FI-LOC-FI-JP3301166[JP_ZENGINKYO_I] REGUP data not fetched in some cases
FI-LOC-FI-PH3300379Philippines: Enhancements to CAS Reports
FI-LOC-FI-SK3301950SK: DCR Financial statement, technical adjustments
FI-LOC-FI-UA3302254J_1UF_REESTR_OUT: improvements
FI-LOC-FI-UA3301400J_1UNCREATE_EXT: TI/CTI below market price (reason 15)
FI-LOC-LO-RO3289839SAF-T RO: Phase 2 Stock Reporting for ECC – Adoption of Project Stock Valuation
FI-LOC-PS-SK3282904New Reports Slovak Rep. – Reporting Framework [#09]: Intra-organizational Unit ID (‘VOJ’) and updated Adobe Form for SFOV report
FI-LOC-PS-SK2934889New Reports Slovak Rep. – Reporting Framework [#07]: Corrections of SFOV and FIN504
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3295325SAF-T (RO) Assets (DRC): filtering out deactivated assets, improvements in the Analyze data
FI-TV-COS3284245Comments from approver for trips and expenses
FI-TV-COS-PS3302111Bayern: Neue Wegstreckenentschädigung ab 01.01.2023 Bei Nutzung eines Kraftwagens (PKW) mit triftigem Grund
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3299764S/4Hana My Travel and Expenses Fiori Application missing ABAP Unit Test Methods
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3291785MTE V2, MTR V2: show approver comments
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3253116Setting the API state property “Use in Cloud Development” in Release Contract C0 for Travel Request and its dependent entities for enabling the Key User and Developer Extensibility
FI-TV-ODT-MTR3276344S/4Hana Travel Requests Fiori Applications errors in ABAP Unit Test Methods
FIN-CS-COR-BCF3279853Correction of handeling group dependent postings in BCF
FIN-CS-MD3287621Cannot delete duplicate additional master values
FIN-FIO-CCD-CR3301964Adjust Target Mappings of Job Sched.Apps
FIN-FIO-FCC-COR3195993Create Batch input validation class priorizing BI status
FIN-FIO-FCC-RMT3301682AFC IRPA: Fix spool and applog handling
FIN-FIO-FCC-RMT3270855Improve error handling FCCX_TRIGGER_IRPA
FIN-FSCM-BNK3292904BCM Customizing and Data Integrity Analyzer
FIN-FSCM-CLM3301318could not execute transaction OT31 due to error message
FIN-FSCM-CR3302150Error “Duplicate resource” when Displaying Credit Account
FIN-FSCM-PF3301675OPO not stopped if PI is in post processing
FIN-FSCM-PF3293873Internal Item access – API changes
FIN-FSCM-TRM3301876MBC MT320 Determine Amount Correction for 34E
FIN-FSCM-TRM3209894WAVE 6: Technical Note Switches for Cloud purification
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-AC3286953Issue currency conversion ends with error message “Differentiation parameter.. is missing”
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3301657IB: Condition is deleted when invalid Valid From date is entered
FIN-SEM-BCS-MO-SM3288507Consolidation Monitor: Non-status bearing hierarchies affect the status management
FIN-TMF-BR3288136[TDF SP17] Note 043: EFD Contribuições, EFD ICMS IPI – Performance improvement to the EFD Reports
FIN-TMF-BR-ESO3225283[TDF SP17] Note 010: MF – DDICs for EFD-Reinf 2.1.1 Version
FS-BP3279835BP_OTH: Package assignment changes
FS-CML-AC-AD3302298Vermeidung der Abgrenzung von Bewegungen mit negativem Betrag
FS-CML-AC-AD3298245ABG: Neuer Funktionsbaustein FVD_ACCRUAL_SIMULATE
FS-FPS-IF-DL3302154DLL: Code Generation Errors and Runtime Errors During Data Import
FS-FPS-RD3281963Performance Optimization for FPS BECF Read Access
FS-FPS-SLA3302263document based allocation: rounding issues
FS-FPS-SLA3301487Profit Recognition: Zero documents for Adjust-ProcID7900
FS-FPS-SLA3301413Period start/end processes raise MESSAGE_TYPE_X det. time frames
FS-FPS-SLA3297924Onerousness status determination triggers no change of onerousness status for a profit recognition portfolio
FS-FPS-SLA3285174Netting for Bundle of CSM Portfolios: Default values in HKAPA
FS-FPS-SLA3265372Profit Recognition: Memory optimization
FS-FPS-SLA3259012Allow special period for external delivery of manual postings
FS-FPS-SLA3233330Possibility to suppress closed period checks in test runs
FS-FPS-SLA3168785Manual postings for special periods are not taken into account
FS-FPS-SLA3075792Manual adjustment: Accounting principles
FS-PE3283112Stable ID changes for Fiori Create Order application
FS-SR-DE3300985Fehler bei ATC-Prüfung: Formalparameter inkompatibel zum Aktualparameter (0103)
FS-SR-DE3279237BaFin: Selektion der Kapitalanlagen in der Treuhänderliste
GRC-SAC-EAM3302214No language is visible in Reason Code screen in Firefighter Logon Pad for HANA Connenctor
GRC-UDS-DO3301864UIMUI5 200 : ESH-Data blocking message
GRC-UDS-DO3296320UISM 100 – Data element based masking not working in report programs with local structure/tables
IS-A-ESD3077254Incoterm error is shown while copying scheduling agreement
IS-A-MON3302020EMTRA- The monitor does not shows the PO number
IS-DFS-OF-COM3302156Wrong Selection. ENDDAT to Highdate
IS-DRY3298833Manage Manufacturing Methods: Multiple Valid Periods in Operations
IS-M-AM-BL3301113Kurzdump bei Speicherung Faktura aus Sicht Erlöse
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3299875PO Upload Tickets: Fix issues with uploading Timestamp field
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3295507Prerequisites for SAP Note 3290921
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3267460Changes (1) in /ICO/MFW_CL_COMMAND_PROCESSING / Method Framework
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3262120Insufficent Message / Program to identify the type of Method Framework is needed / 4
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3064734/ICO/MOD_IC_CACM-FRMNG > 0 trotz gelöschter Position
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD2886844Classic Method Framework: Copying customer and partner template classes /2
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3299326Gen Roy 2.0 OK – Deletion functionality is failing in Agency Entity transaction code
IS-OIL-UOM-ALN3197923UAE Allocation BAdI
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3181917Well Status
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3301846UOM- MRH is creating measurements in the future
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3208660Fix for allocation of Non-adj meters in retrigger of First BU and TD in Injection scenario for UAE2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3206843Fix for dump issue in allocation data display in Simulation tool
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3201300Retrigger of First BU and TD in Injection scenario for UAE2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3200829Fix for dump issue -2 -> Improvement in simulation tool V9
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3200724Fix to replace negative rem out vol with 0 in TD in UAE2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3200137Fix for dump issue -> Improvement in simulation tool V9
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3168366Improvements in Simulation Tool V9
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3164585Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V12
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3158279Improvements in Simulation Tool V8
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3158081Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V11
IS-PS-GIV3292233Performance Acceptance Status Remains ‘Open’ After Adjustment of open balance to zero
IS-PS-GIV3205584G-Invoicing Partner Functions: Message /GINB/ORDER142 received in display mode or cannot be cleared in processing
IS-U-BI3302181Ermöglichung der Aussteuerung von simulierten Abrechnungsbelegen
IS-U-CS-C4C3220952Get Customer and all Contract Account details during Move-In
IS-U-DM-MR3125440Typing EABL/EABLG tables in type group ISU17
IS-U-DM-MR1806373EL09: Subsequent restart of individual intervals
IS-U-EEG3302033Anpassungen an der Infrastruktur zur Netzbetreiberprüfung
IS-U-EEG3301455Außerordentliche Vergütung in Zeiträume vor EEG-Billing
IS-U-EIM3297236IDEIM: No information for which device the error occurs
IS-U-IDEX3277671Functionality Enhancement in APEU solution post 2211 release (Version 2)
IS-U-IN-BB3301863EWPBG & StromPBG: Abschlagspläne von der Anpassung mittels REAEPB00 ausschliessen
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3299669Error occurs in the check for existing MeMi Documents when creating grid usage billing
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3290640Dropdown list with multi-selection for billing transaction is missing on the SAP Fiori application Manage MeMi Documents
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3296183IDXGL: Add condition to end the process if an APERAK message is sent out in DE_DR_DISC_DSO/DE_DR_REV_DSO process
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3296675/IDEXGE/SEND_PR_MEMA: Gas day is not correctly taken into account
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301817US4G: Measurement Product Determine Logic enhancement for Gas
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301445slow performance App Display Meter Reading
LE-JIT-S2P3299938Advanced Just-In time: Manage JIT Control Cycle: Update of Control Cycle not Working
LE-LMD3292287LMD Enhance Background reports for settlement with additional filter criteria
LO-AGR-APP3286108ACM S4H:Pricing App – Cancel – Calculation of cancellation with equity is considering statistical conditions
LO-RFM-IFC-AL3150244WBBDLD Changes are not sent – change pointer exists
LO-RFM-MD-LST3292348Technical Note as a prerequisite
LO-RFM-MD-RPC3301536Shortdump OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED bei Freigeben des Kalkulationsvorrats
LO-RFM-SGT3265548Mapping of Segmentation rules in LiveCache to SGT_CSEGSCON format
LO-RFM-SGT3252702Cost estimate of Finished Materials/Articles using Transfer Control
LO-SLC3053422Filter instances not required on the UI
LO-VCH3199900Variant Configuration Values not Displayed in CPQ System When Loaded Through Subscription Contract in S/4
LOD-EC-INT-EE3298839EE Org Assignment does not update job relationships in case of a rehire after purge of job relations
LOD-EC-INT-EE3265708Employee Replication does not update infotype in case of a rehire after purge of non-effective dated block
LOD-FSN-AGT3301730Incoming message set to error due to forwarded message send error
MFG-ME-PRD3284341Code change to implement a validation for no active work at resource on saving changes
MM-FIO-IM-SGM3277117F2139: Incorrect Issuing Company Code
MM-FIO-PUR-ANA3229974Performance issues in Monitor PO Items
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-SSP3301670Missing Translation in List Page of ‘My Purchase Requisitions – New’ App – SAP S/4HANA 2022FPS01
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-SSP3258308Send material number in internal format
MM-FIO-PUR-SQ-CON3154479Manage Purchase Contract – Auto populate issue with Currency and PaymentTerms fields, misleading Company code error message
MM-IV-GF-ES3301679Correction of ERS flag in supplier invoice B2B outbound service
MM-PUR-HUB-PO3299860Centrally Managed Purchase Order: Process flow not working.
MM-PUR-SRC-SP3302192Conditions are not in same order as in the pricing schema
MOB-APP-MAO-ERP3301210DMS Document File Size is sometimes incorrectly set to 0
OPU-ASA-FG3302178FG: Short dump when summarization global parameter is not configured
PA-FIO-TS3299829My Timesheet v3 – Import Assignment and Assignment Quick View Fix
PA-FIO-TS3259969My Timesheet V3: Issue with messages displayed; feature additions
PA-PA-GB3301440PA-PA-GB: IT0070 – The Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission (CMEC) have recently stopped providing the 12 digit Employee Reference number on new deduction orders.
PA-PA-PL3300453e-ZLA Hospitalization handling
PA-PA-SA3301144Usage of secondary infotype 3305 in Saudi Arabia local version
PA-PA-SK3297332HRSK: Infotype 0253 – default value of Place of work (feature 31SIB)
PLM-ECC2796899ECTR: SAP Engineering Control Center for SAP S/4HANA 1.1 FRONT – Patches
PLM-ECC2779488ECTR: SAP Engineering Control Center 5.2 FRONT – Patches
PLM-INT-TC3301128PLM System Integration – VC processing mode needs to be set correctly from SPRO
PLM-INT-TC3299761PEO error message correction for customization
PLM-INT-TC3291768BC Sets for PIP Configuration for POL to SFR
PM-FIO3300439Duration & Recurrence Unit in Maintenance Planning Bucket app
PM-FIO3112281EAM_MALF_MANS1 – Technical Object Description Field Value State Error Message not captured in Message Pop Over Issue
PM-WOC-MO3296719BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN: Fehler bei Einbinden eines Arbeitsplans
PP-MP-DEM3302126Maintain PIR does not show Inactive PIRs with Externally Assigned Requirements Plan
PP-PEO-SFE3301668CO02: Serial numbers are changeable in a Shop Floor Order even after work has already been completed
PP-PEO-SFE3301528Action Handler during group processing: Group ID not passed
PP-PEO-SFR3301725Default/initial source file loaded in PIP workspace
PP-PEO-SFR3299941Disassembly Button not active for Components (without instances)
PP-SFC-EXE3300587SOAP Service ManufacturingOrderExecuteRequest_Out(_V2). Double serial numbers for co-products.
PP-SFC-EXE-GM3293068COGI: Reprocess Failed Material Movements fails with Error /SCWM/ERPINTEGRATION 886
PP-SFC-PLN3301873COHV: Massenverfügbarkeitsprüfung bestätigt Aufträge trotz Sperre
PPM-PFM3118769Consolidated corrections for SAP PPM Integration with SAP EPD
PPM-PFM-FC3300981Shortdump when transferring Budget from PPM to PS
PSM-FM-CL3301576Carryforward trips with deletion indicator
PSM-FM-MD3301076ATC check The name SETID is obscured by an alias
PSM-FM-MD3090181Functional area field is displayed twice in fiori application
PSM-FM-UP-AD3300616PO Number is not available in FMDERIVE
PT-RC3299479RPU_PT_CONV_T554Y: Kurzdump beim Betätigen der F4-Hilfe
PY-AU3301306Announcement Note(AU): Minimum HRSP levels for implementing 2022/2023 EOY changes
PY-AU2826235TFN number is replaced with 0’s when maintained as 1’s
PY-BR3257098eSocial – S-1200 – Update of events in 2.5 layout version
PY-CL3281029[CL] Social Insurance – Company contribution basis not being limited according to configuration option SSBCA
PY-DE3294850HRCDENT: Korrektur zur Ermittlung des Zeitbezugs
PY-DE-AU-SI3300414euBP: Fehler bei der Ermittlung von Erstattungssätzen der U1
PY-DE-AU-SI3295959euBP: Falscher Inhalt des Feldes Elterneigenschaft im DSAN
PY-DE-AU-SI3294964euBP: Korrekturen nach dem Jahreswechsel 2022/2023 (3. Teil)
PY-DE-AU-SI3272837euBP: Enhancement of status confirmations, delivery of display report for wage type coding, and corrections for delivery with SAP Note 3127471
PY-DE-FP-EAU3298836eAU: Meldungsersteller – eAU-Anfragen ohne Rentenversicherungsnummer erstellen
PY-DE-FP-EAU3294403eAU: Sachbearbeiterliste – Weitere Felder in der Übersichtsliste
PY-DE-NT-NI3283238Minimum Wage Increase Act: Contribution rates for contribution amounts U1/U2 with grandfather clause
PY-ES3301593SS: Artists contribution base update (BOE PCM/74/2023)
PY-ES3298502SLD: Technical Improvements to Consulta Trabajadores Rectificados (CTR) file processing
PY-HR3296444HRHR: EURO – JOPPD form with reached insurance monthly/yearly limit after EURO conversion
PY-HU3301699HR-HU: SP03/2023 – Payroll: corrections II – UDO
PY-HU3301698HR-HU: SP03/2023 – Payroll: corrections II
PY-IN3299441HINCESI0: Runtime error ‘CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW’ occurs when executing the ESI Form 6(new) report for multiple employees
PY-MX3295584[MX] TAX – New configuration option for tax exemption calculation – Article 96
PY-MY3301918Remove Strikethrough of Identity Number in Tabung Haji Monthly Report
PY-MY3300952Hide Print Form Button in SOCSO 8A Report
PY-NL3294302Annual Tax Statement: Table for Total SI Premium and Hide Life-Course Leave
PY-NL3288873Incorrect postings after corrections with daily payroll functionality
PY-NO3300492EDAG – March 2023 [2] – source code
PY-NZ3293681PY-NZ: Correction Note for SAP Note 3256159
PY-RO3295173HRRO: D112 – Reading of customizing for inactive employees, multiplied values in asiguratB2, asiguratB3
PY-SK3301417HRSK: Report HSKCELD0 – not to show periods without evaluation base II.
PY-SK3298456HRSK: Minimum Health insurance and HC allowance
PY-SK3294682HRSK: Report HSKCSTL2 – minor enhancements II.
PY-TH3299177LC-TH: New PIT95 Form 2023
PY-US3274267USCLM: /552 wage type created instead of overpayment
PY-US-BSI3284335BSI: Sync Tool Data Synchronization tables incorrectly updated when installing new cyclic
PY-XX-PYP3301827PCC: Cannot edit Alert section in Validation Rule Configuration
PY-ZA3300983Syntax Errors in SARS AA88 Agent Appointment Report After Applying SAP Note 3281665
PY-ZA3281665SAP standard solution enhanced for processing SARS AA88 Agent Appointment report
QM-IM3053149ATC: Fehlende Einträge in der Tabelle LHM_METHODS für QM-Objekte
RE-FX-CP3296713Rechnungsdruck: Bankdaten der Hausbanken
RE-FX-IS3270508CC2022 (Request ID 249179): Enhancements of REISREDOCCN report
RE-FX-LA-CF3301599RE-FX: Leasing – Untervermietung wird bei Folgebewertung nicht berücksichtigt
RE-FX-LA-IS3209826Dump in RECESH transaction when valuation rule is provided as filter criteria
RE-FX-LA-RA3151387RECEEP: RERACA 053 zu Unrecht für Umbuchungen
RE-FX-RA3292445Technischer Hinweis: Service Hausbanken
SCM-APO-MD-RE3301601Short Dump DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR when resource saving
SCM-APO-MD-RE3300539Runtime error “DBIF_DSQL2_OBJ_UNKNOWN” when deleting a resource
SCM-APO-PPS3274684Enhancement of PP/DS log framework for S/4 HANA – “Caller ID” concept
SCM-APO-PPS-PVW3289012Product View: Incorrect ATP category for production orders after adding new requirements
SCM-APO-SPP3060347Manage Product Master Data App does Not Show eSPP Data
SCM-APO-SPP3057579DSC: Shortage Monitor
SCM-APO-SPP2970141eSPP: Maintenance Views
SCM-APO-SPP2964698eSPP: Value Helps for Master Data Fiori UI
SCM-APO-SPP-SDE3015063PFCG: Change Person Responsible
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-CRN3302001ATC check error correction
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3301975Missing translations for Rounding Residuals
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3285488System is not considering the parameter GR mode and allow clearing of differences in the report
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3199586Prerequisites for Note 3099371 “Reduce Rounding Residuals in EWM Integration”
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3099371Reduce Rounding Residuals in EWM Integration
SCM-EWM-MD-WL3301418/SCWM/SRTUP – Timeout Error when loading storage bin sorting – Performance Improvement
SCM-EWM-MON-CHM3128961Check Monitor Framework: Outbound document flow check 2.
SD-BF-AC-BOP3301737V_V2 : Variant lost when back from ALV-list
SD-SLS-GF-AR3298212EOP: Value determination for BS_COUNTRY_OF_VKORG is not consistent with ILM
SD-SLS-GF-RE3301244Incorrect Material Number Shown in ALV Subtitle of Item Document Flow
SD-SLS-MCC3300853Mass Change of Sales Order doesn’t load result list set
SLL-ITR-TRC3297109Enable classification for legal control even deactivate ‘Control Relevant’ button – reclassify app
SLL-ITR-TRC3296187Enable classification for legal control even deactivate ‘Control Relevant’ button – classify app
SLL-LEG-CUS3052498US AES: Declaration exemption for exports – message determination
SLL-LEG-CUS-ECC3296494DE AES 3.0: Daten zur passiven Veredelung werden unvollständig ermittelt
SLL-LEG-CUS-EMC3301678EMCS: Fehler bei der Datenbeschaffung für Gewichte in Gramm oder Tonnen
SLL-LEG-CUS-EMC3301206EMCS 4.0: Übergabe von Nachkommastellen für Gewichtsangaben nicht korrekt
SLL-LEG-FUN2964245SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA 2020: Conversion readiness check – installation
SLL-LEG-FUN-UPL3299844Zusammenfassung mehrerer Konsistenzfehler im Application Log
SV-FRN-APP-AIM3297208Problems with PI message details for status group SCHEDULED
SV-FRN-APP-AIM3211018AIM: FRUN 3.0 FP03 UI5 Fixes
SV-FRN-APP-FI3272749Corrections for Tactical Dashboard in Focused Run 4.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP-FI3204272Corrections for OCC Dashboard in Focused Run 3.0 FP03
SV-FRN-APP-GP-CNT3273317Corrections for Guided Procedure Content in Focused Run, Release 4.0 SP0
SV-FRN-APP-GP-CNT3215854Corrections for Guided Procedure Content in Focused Run, Release 3.0 FP03
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3276373FRUN 4.0 FP00 Job & Automation Monitoring back-end correction
SV-FRN-INF-CNM3299942FRUN 4.0 FP00 Central Notification Management(CNM) corrections
SV-FRN-INF-SDA3294327CSA issues with Frun Diagnostics Agent 1.61.1
SV-FRN-INF-SDA3274753Simple Diagnostics Agent – Release 1.61 (Patch 2)
SV-SMG-ADM-CNM3301356Bad performance when saving Auto-Notification Configurations
SV-SMG-GAL3299254Process Modeling – The default tooltip of an Artifact is still visible even if the text is empty
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM3297757Solution Documentation release error “Parent Element of ‘*’ already deleted in Branch ‘*'”
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3133162Focused Build: Requirements Management – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP09
SV-SMG-OST-FB-INT3207805Focused Build – Requirements Management – Filter by authorized solutions
TM-ADP-CSL3299745Booking Charge Calculation Performance Optimization w/ Big Volume Items Processed
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3300777Governing Tariff SubRule validation issue
TM-ADP-CSL-OTC3265575CSL Flexible Invoice – O2C
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3284080Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Being Able to Remove External Delivery Number in Standard Transportation Management UI
TM-CF-CC3301775Incorrect charges occur when clipping calculation method having calculation rule at scale item level is used
TM-CF-GT3299323Export declaration for Deliveries without base document such as subcontracting
XX-PART-ACM3300681Technische Basis: Adaptionen sind erforderlich
XX-PART-EPA-CBY3301298Electronic consignment notes: badi to activate notes creation
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-LOA3283252BAWA-1369 Dump Typ Duplicate Key bei mehreren Grundbuch- / Abt. A& Abt.B-Zeilen
XX-PART-IPS3301888V4- Flexible group request is not capturing changes for an existing flexible group
XX-PART-IPS3301859Flexible Group request is having the below 2 issues
XX-PART-IPS3301837V4- URL redirection is not working properly for the WEBGUI T-codes when accessed from Vistex Fiori Launchpad
XX-PART-IPS3301814The deal request dropdown is showing the incorrect number of configured deal requests
XX-PART-IPS3301790V4- The deal request dropdown is showing the incorrect number of configured deal requests
XX-PART-IPS3301777Tax classification issue while syncing the ECC material into DMR
XX-PART-IPS3301762V4- Tax classification issue while syncing the ECC material into DMR
XX-PART-IPS3301357Activities worklist reference field value is not displayed correctly
XX-PART-IPS3298484Incorrect claim closeout amounts when accruals are reversed in later period
XX-PART-IPS3291078V4- Issues in Partial payment scenarios of payment schedules
XX-PART-IPS3168235V4- Unable to add multiple action codes and validation codes during reconciliation
XX-PART-ISHMED3300004HOTFIX – Pflegeprozessdokumentation: N1SRV-RDUR enthält unter Umständen fälschlicherweise leere Einträge
XX-PART-ISHMED3268743Klinische Dokumente: TWB – Fehler beim Kopieren von Dokumenttypen aus anderen Mandanten
XX-PART-MSG-LRM-MOV3300367Historische Retro: Fehlende Buchungsableitung bei Lieferung von Gewinn- und Verlustwerten
XX-PART-MSG-LRM-MOV3292455Fehler in der Retrozession bei Vertragsbeginn nach Periodenbeginn
XX-PART-UGI-TSL3238605Multiple issues while processing Task list along with Inspection Characteristics in MDC EAM 2020/2021
XX-PROJ-CDP-5863301346MOSB: Incorrect Check Results during update INVOIC document identifier to CI invoice

Correction with Low Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with low priority:

BC-BSP3271390DEBUG value constantly being set to TRUE
BC-DB-MSS1644499Database connectivity from Linux to SQL Server
BC-SRV-FP3300312IFbA: PDF/A generation/conversion with Arabic characters
BC-SRV-FP3300311IFbA: CAB printer – wrong image position in landscape orientation
BC-SRV-FP3300293IFbA: ADS does not print GS1 DataMatrix code AI 8010
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-VAR3282515Problems with interval and ‘Not assigned’ (#) as lower limit
CA-FLP-ABA-DT3301995Launchpad app descriptor item for adaptation in catalog SAP_TC_FLP_COMMON
CA-FS-CVI2773522CVI_FMD: Indicator NATPERS and field POSTCODE2 in transaction BP cannot be controlled via customer/supplier field modification
CA-GTF-CSC-DME3281891DMEEX – Feature Pack 3 – prerequisite
CO-OM-CEL-E3157839Prerequisite for note 3091515
CRM-BF-ML3301568Error handling implementation for Azure OAuth2.0
CRM-BF-SWI1760307Archiving: Check if Task has StreamWork Activities
EHS-BD-SPE3281777Merkmalsbezeichnungen werden nicht angezeigt
EIM-IS-MM3273713Missing page when you click the Users/Groups node of an impact diagram for any BI report
FI-CA3302159FPE3 – Wrong payment run data displayed for BP items
FI-LOC-FI-LU3300921LU_VAT_ANNUAL: Technical SAP Note – removal of obsolete Customizing activities
FI-LOC-PR3300944General Information Section Does Not Change When You Change the Payment Type
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3265305Technical Note
FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR3297188Flow for commodity forward cannot be reversed
FS-CM3302264Zugriff auf DIAGSRCID von der Tabelle ICLDIAGNOSIS führt zu Dump
IS-U-DM-MR3298442Globale vs. lokale Daten (RELAUFT0)
LO-AGR-CC3301491ACM S/4H : Blended FX Rate should not be blank when roll is performed in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori app
LO-AGR-CC3301233ACM S/4H: Added contract locking feature in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori App
LO-AGR-CC3300518ACM S/4H : Multiple bug fixes in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori app
LO-AGR-CC3300291ACM S/4H : Blended FX Rate should not be blank when roll is performed in Maintain ACM Trading Contract Fiori app
LO-AGR-CC3291327ACM S/4H : Fields are editable after Lift or Cancellation action is performed successfully in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori App
LO-CMM-DC3296399Deal Capture: Reuse Library – Fix #15
LO-RFM-SD3300308Manage Sales Document UI capability to send custom fields for Mass Change 2.
MM-PUR-HUB-CTR3301321Central Procurement: Deleted item numbers are not re-numbered when contract is copied.
PA-FIO-OVT3267591Visibility of “On Behalf” and “Concurrent Employment” pushbuttons
PLM-ECC3301115Fixed: Missing observer update in FM /DSCSAG/EQUI_SET_STATUS
PM-WOC-MO3300096Follow-on Notification not available on Document Flow of Work Order
PP-FIO-MRP3302189Monitor Material Coverage Net&Ind – Safety Stock UOM – 2022OP
PY-HU3298590HR-HU: SP03/2023 – RPCBBAH1 – Report on insured persons
SCM-APO-PPS3281555Mass Reset of Material Planning Status
SD-MD-CM3284383Beim Prüfen des Feldkataloges wird die Applikation nicht berücksichtigt
TM-PLN-VSR-OPT1522698Optimizer message /SCMTMS/PLN_OPT_APP: x is missing
XX-PART-IBS-IFF-ACF3299435Neuer User-Exit für alternative Ermittlung des Verzugszins im Änderungsmodus


Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Normal:

AP-HMD-RPL2521562Frequently Asked Questions on Business ByDesign and SuccessFactors Employee Central Integration
AP-POP-PO1789176How is the Sender E-Mail Address of a Purchase Order Determined
AP-PRC-PC2933057A Technical Error (No Business Configuration for Property Valuations) Occurred: PRC_ESF_CND_MAINT 003
AP-RC-ANA2806920OData Error ” 500 SAP Internal Server Error” No more memory available to extend an internal table. (termination: RABAX_STATE)
AP-RC-OUT2004941Preview of a Sales Order or Sales Quotes is Picking Wrong Form Template
AP-SIP-SIV3302164“Edit Payables Line Item” in Supplier Invoice
AP-SLO-SO3302077You Can’t Change the Employee Responsible if Sales Order is Completed.
AP-SLO-SO2570381The Calculation of the Field Requested Delivery Date Includes Non-working Days
AP-SVO2340647Delivery Status Showing In Process Even Though the Reason for Rejection is Maintained
BC-BMT-WFM3182332Business Workflow CDS Views are not available
BC-BMT-WFM2382266How to remove work items from user’s Inbox
BC-BW2941940Troubleshooting SAP Service API performance issues (Data Packages, Work Processes, RFC Connections, Partner Profiles)
BC-BW-ODP3220747Language selections are automatically added when running ODP DTP
BC-CCM-PRN2801733Failed to load PDF document’ error when printing app via Fiori Launchpad ( FLP )
BC-CCM-SLD2891798“CIM_ERR_FAILED: IO error: Read timed out” in SLD
BC-CCM-SLD2864152(SLD) Collect and Send Data failed: socket write error
BC-CCM-SLD-ABA2734379Message Server brings Null hostname into SLD
BC-CCM-SLD-JAV2679728Different CIM Model versions in SLD Full Sync scenario
BC-CP-DEST2433274Backend is not available in the list of defined system mappings in Cloud Connector
BC-CTS-TMS2051448Syncmark left in STMS buffer after support package upgrade
BC-DB-DB63301781Orphaned extents in tablespace(s).
BC-DB-SYB3302055How to extract SAP component information from Sybase database – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB3269956Improve hash key generation for cached statements
BC-DB-SYB3267672Want to use Sybase Extended Stored Procedures with ASE BS
BC-DB-SYB3241764ASE upgrade with SAP Host Agent failed with rc=255 – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB3228071ASE Upgrade fails (Cannot open or remove a file containing a running program) – SAP ASE BS
BC-DB-SYB3215415Upgrade ASE via saphostctrl failed due to “You do not have write permissions to the chosen installation destination.”
BC-DB-SYB3213214sp_helpdb <DB_NAME> is reporting : “– unused by any segments –” – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB3210816IQ connection from ILM returns “Codepage mismatch between executable (ASCII) and DBSL shared library”
BC-DB-SYB3209693Scripts are not working via sybctrl after an ASE/OCS upgrade.
BC-DB-SYB3205662How Can I identify the difference between SAP ASE (Stand-alone) and SAP ASE for Business Suite – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB3199716Sap Host Agent returns the error Failed to set random password for sa user: sa. (fault code: 127) – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB3193812Unable to change any parameter from isql screen is getting hang once submit command – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB3150099DUMP in RSPO1043 program and ASE Error 7114 – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB3144322System Rename using SWPM failing to start target server – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB3138487ASE crash while retrieving query plan for cached statements – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB2104645Local connect user SAPSR3 must not be used for administrative actions – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2097344SAP BS on ASE: LiveUpdate from 15.7 SP30 to 15.7 SP >= 122 failed witth Msg 911 – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2096297Sybperf helper thread is setting up counters message occurs continuously – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2071633DBACOCKPIT times out frequently on SAP ASE systems – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2058787Error 1601: There are not enough ‘user connections’ available to start a new process – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2056252select count(*) returns an inaccurate or negative value on very large tables – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB204955616749, 16750 and 5849 may occur during increasing “number of user connections” – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2044570upgrade using saphostctrl fails with Operation not supported (fault code: 127) – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2040952Short dump DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR caused by database error [ASE error SQL530] – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB2013049Error 10330 State 1 “Permission denied ” after SETUSER if user has been granted granular permission “OWN DATABASE” – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB1925953Signal 11 with ASE crash at ssql__choose_victim or ssql_release
BC-DB-SYB1910611Error SQL30046 “Connection to Sybase server has been lost” – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB1909215How to determine if ASE statistics are out of date – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB1868307Error SQL4997 “ALTER TABLE xxx failed…” when implementing data collector – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB1866094SQL Error 2622 – SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB1862295Installation of Dialog Instance fails due to Invalid authorization errors on SAP ASE for BS
BC-DB-SYB1822590Backup with HP Data Protector fails – SAP ASE for Business Suite
BC-FES-CTL3295486SAP GUI 7.70 with Webview2 : web-based transactions are not opening properly in detach browser window
BC-IAM-IDM2583772Error “Parameter password (‘passwd’) is missing” when running AS ABAP jobs
BC-IAM-IDS3301910How to specify email template while using SCIM API to create users in Identity Authentication
BC-IAM-IDS3301653SCIM API Filter is throwing an error when using custom schema extensions: The provided filter is invalid. Parsing error.
BC-IAM-IDS3300407Testing Real-Time provisioning for IPS target system fails with error “SCIM URL was not accessible.”
BC-IAM-SSO-SL3214707SNC Error Code – A2200019:Operation aborted by user or application – Secure Login Server scenario
BC-INS-AS42798046SWPM fails to start on IBM i
BC-JAS-ADM-ADM3302198Config tool stopped – An error has occurred during key migration – FileNotFoundException – Permission denied
BC-JAS-COR3301798AS Java does not start due to missing CORBA property
BC-JAS-SEC-CPG3302017SAP Cloud Connector SOLMAN Integration – handshake failure
BC-JAS-SEC-LGN3301741Automatic logoff in AS Java
BC-JAS-SEC-LGN3298713Will AS JAVA upgrading impact SSO functionality?
BC-JAS-SEC-UME2724420AS Java User Management – LDAPs connection fails – No connection to the ldap server – Connection reset – Best Practices for Investigation
BC-MID-CON-JCO2654945JCO_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Initialization of repository destination failed
BC-MID-RFC2048826Intermittent error while calling external program by RFC
BC-MID-SCC3095280SAP Cloud Connector monitoring API access fails with handshake failure
BC-NEO-INFR2906237Subaccount ‘mysubaccount’ does not have any global quotas defined during custom domain creation
BC-NEO-SEC-IAM3227680How to reset the password of your user in SAP BTP?
BC-SEC-USR-ADM3301804Parameter is missing in SU01
BC-SEC-USR-ADM3236352CUA: SCUL | Grey entries: IDocs show as Distribution Unconfirmed.
BC-SRV-APS-EXT-BL3301760Implementation is draft owned by user – S/4HANA Cloud 2302
BC-SRV-APS-EXT-BL3296832New Custom Logic Application – implementation and filters are not visible
BC-SRV-APS-IAM3298891Application cannot be found in Business Catalogs app
BC-SYB-ASE3301268how to start SAP ASE in unattended start-up mode
BC-SYB-ASE3296844How to bcp out to trim the char/nchar field – ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2051411Must Microsoft Visual 2010 C++ and Microsoft Studio Service Packs be installed on Windows to install ASE 16?
BC-SYB-ASE1947175SAP control Center prints repository error and failed collect statistics – ASE 15.7
BC-SYB-ASE1880054BCP IN failed with large sized rows; the error file message shows “Not transferred” – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-PD3292792Code called after Delete in an event handler script is not executed – SAP PD
BC-SYB-PD3292519Document how to disable insecure cipher suites and impact of prime numbers – SAP PowerDesigner
BC-SYB-PD3290911Returned display of extended attibutes information is erroneous – PD
BC-SYB-PD3109207Comparing model and changelist via the Proxy does not detect all changes – PD
BC-SYB-REP3301792How to clean up the external replication environment after performing sap_teardown / removehadr? – SRS
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA2174550RUN_RSUPG_ISU_CRR_CLEAN: Object “/1CRR/LT0000xxxx” could not be deleted
BC-UPG-MP2838895How to find the Active Business Functions in Maintenance Planner when system info file is uploaded manually.
BC-XI-CON-ODT3197578OData call fails in SAP PI due to caching of old metadata
BC-XI-CON-SFT3106799Change to PO Add-on Components in 7.50 SP22
BI-BIP-DEP3301971Error “Initialization failure” is displayed when trying to create a web intelligence report
BI-BIP-DEP3301767Lumira dashboards not syncing to BI Platform after upgrade to BI 4.3 SP3 Patch 0
BI-BIP-SRV2483208Best Practice – CMS Database upgrade
BI-RA-WBI-BE3302176Error “(Error: RWI 00200) (Error: INF)” when viewing any Web Intelligence report
BNS-ARI-BPR3276592Test tags 16-12
BNS-ARI-CI-AN3183497Error: The To of CopyRequest must be the same as the From of the InvoiceDetailRequest attachment
BNS-ARI-CI-SRC3179948Error: “No Standard Mapping CIG-PLT-00613” Contract Status Update Request
BNS-ARI-CM-HIER3181609Error: Classification code custom […] is not known
BNS-ARI-GB-ADM3174063How do I delete/clear my browser’s cookies and cache?
BNS-ARI-GB-CAT3302070Why I can only see a maximum of 8 catalog items on the supplier details page in Guided Buying ?
BNS-ARI-PUR3171397Cannot change a purchase requisition (PR) or purchase order (PO)
BNS-ARI-SCA-DASH3179333My Tasks does not display Completed tasks
BNS-ARI-SIPM3171972What browser versions are certified for SAP Ariba cloud solutions?
BNS-ARI-SLP-TEM3178401How do I perform a template upgrade in Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP)?
BNS-ARI-SS-DMS-BOM3302003Why does BOM CSV upload fail with error ‘BOM CSV upload feature or dependent features are not enabled” under product sourcing manager?
BNS-ARI-SS-EVT3297001Why are my converted term values being incorrectly calculated in multi-currency events?
BNS-ARI-SS-GS3299027Why does my Supplier participation Project Insight tile display that there are no events open?
BW-BEX-OT-OLAP-HIER2433852BW Hierarchy: How To Repair Inconsistent Hierarchies
BW-SYS-DB-SYB2104317SAP BW on ASE: DBACOCKPIT returning Missing Database Objects after migration – SAP ASE for BW
BW-SYS-DB-SYB1885537Solution Manager upgrade(SUM) fails with SQL1505 – SAP ASE for BS
CA-DI3302116Error “Error while connecting to service to check status: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT” – SAP Data Intelligence
CA-EPT-ODH3300863After running the report ODH_DATA_PROCESSING, no obsolete data is showing up
CA-FLP-ABA3090455Tiles missing for Standard fiori applications from technical catalogs
CA-FLP-ABA2890222Fiori Language is not available to be changed in the Me Area
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-MX2523263eDocument Mexico Troubleshooting Guide
CA-GTF-SB-S4H-RT3165737Tile created using “Save as tile” does not appear in the Fiori Launchpad when using Spaces and Pages
CA-HR-S4-OP-BP2578294FAQ – Employee to Business Partner synchronization in S/4HANA OnPremise
CA-LT-MC3210687Additional Information about Transferring Data from CSV Template Files to Staging Tables for the Migration Cockpit
CA-LT-SLT3291727Number of records in Logging table are still increasing after deactivating the configuration – SLT
CA-LT-SLT2677718Cannot load table from database connection – SLT
CA-ML-IPA3191086How to Update the On-Premise Components of SAP Intelligent RPA
CA-UI5-DLV3302104“An error occurred for at least one file” while patching SAPUI5
CEC-COM-3RD-ORB3295587YForms is not rendered in Backoffice when editing via Chrome browser
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3267952The three dot icons/buttons are not displayed of the product items in Adaptive Search from backoffice
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3267090Broken backoffice UI after migrating to release 2205
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3228091How to remove attributes for uninstalled add-on
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3199634The cronjob “indexer-electronics-product-full” of new feature of search service is beta released
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3137070Stock Level’ showing empty from Products in Backoffice after upgrading to 2011.14 and 2011.15
CEC-COM-CPS3293156How to know which software version is compatible to SAP Commerce?
CEC-COM-CPS-SER3247565High physical memory usage in CCV2 solr admin dashboard
CEC-CRM-ANA3301663Extension fields in embedded SAC, Sales / Service Cloud 2
CEC-HCS3296559Infrastructure Considerations for On-Prem SAP Commerce
CEC-HCS-CCAZ-OPS3201569How to block automatic scans requests on SAP Commerce Cloud
CEC-MKT-CPG-EXE3302024SAP Marketing – Unexpected Outbound Failed Interactions created from Campaign
CEC-MKT-CPG-EXE3301841Monitor Email Transmission app is not visible in SAP Marketing Cloud 2302 release
CEC-MKT-INT-COM3273821No Marketing ID generated for the sales order placed in Commerce from email campaigns
CEC-SAL-CPQ3293675Error when opening quote from C4C
CEC-SAL-CPQ3293669Automatic Data Deletion not working as expected
CEC-SAL-CPQ3256346Container Attribute’s quantity is not getting passed to the Cart from Configurator.
CEC-SPA3278460Getting CORS error in OCC API calls with 400 error response
DWC-BWB3302182Unable to create ABAP package under BW Bridge Project in BW Modeling Tools
DWC-DI-DM3302308Data preview fails due internal server error
EC-PCA3302018Number range objects in classic Profit Center Accounting
EIM-DS-SVR3301806Connecting to MySQL Database
EIM-DS-SVR3300324Data Services scheduled job not triggered on time
EPM-BFC-DOC3300103The CVE-2019-17571 vulnerability – FC
EPM-BFC-DOC3300102The CVE-2013-3900 vulnerability – FC
EPM-BFC-PSI3301544Desk views library not loaded – FC
EPM-BFC-TCL3251182HTTP Host Header Injections – FC
EPM-BPC-MS1799188“FX-200 No Rate Extract from FactRate” running SPRUNCONVERSION: BPC-MS
EPM-BPC-MS1400695BPC-MS: *ERROR* FX-200 No Rate Extract From FactRate
EPM-FIM3302258Unstable versions of FIM – FIM
FI-FIO-AR3301896Item Text is Blank in Customer Statement
FI-GL-GL-G3302196SAPF100 posts without trading partner VBUND
FI-GL-GL-G3302032Group currency or hard currency is not valuated in FAGL_FCV
FI-GL-IS3219775F.01 Display of Functional Area
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3165525SAF-T Romania: Getting Started – SAP S/4HANA
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3165284SAF-T Romania: Getting Started – SAP ERP
FI-LOC-SD-PT3302163Portugal Digital SIgnature is not working – Troubleshooting Guide
FIN-CS-COR-MON3301809“Open Period” option disappears in Data Monitor app for consolidation units
FIN-RTC3301749What support is available for the Real-Time Consolidation (RTC) product?
FIN-TMF-BR2451223Latest corrections for Tax Declaration Framework
GRC-IAG-RD3301753IAG – Business Role access update fails during provisioning
HAN-CLS-HC3301980Application with an outdated SAP HANA Client is connecting to SAP HANA Cloud instance
HAN-CLS-HC3301915SAP HANA Cloud data encryption
HAN-CLS-HC3301885How to create catalog role & HDI role in Hana Cloud?
HAN-CLS-HC3301799Error: (dberror) [2]: general error: change not allowed for tenant database
HAN-CLS-HC3301565How to grant privilege in HANA Cloud
HAN-DB2380176FAQ: SAP HANA Database Trace
HAN-DB2222200FAQ: SAP HANA Network
HAN-DB-CLI3243075JDBC trace is not generated at the specified directory
HAN-DB-CLI3164399ADBC_TEST_CONNECTION failed due to “Couldn’t load library” error
HAN-DB-ENG3299294Error “No authorization for table/view xxx in schema SYS in database LOCAL.” returned in DBACockpit
HAN-DB-ENG3215563ContextStack.cpp(xxxxx) : Free stack is less than required! free: <> size: <>
HAN-DB-ENG-BW3300366High memory usage when moving ADSO to cold storage
HAN-DB-NSE3300313exception 3020054: CS cannot provide requested memory as it’s limit of <limit_mb> MByte is exceeded
HAN-DB-PER3300317How to remove/unset a table placement setting for table group
HAN-DB-PERF3300206Unexpected query runtime for BW queries with a large number of hierarchy node restrictions
HAN-DB-PERF3279022SAP DBTech JDBC: [4096] / SQL Error: 4096
HAN-DB-PERF3252244How to disable HANA Execution Engine (HEX) temporarily
HAN-DB-PERF2222250FAQ: SAP HANA Workload Management
HAN-DB-SEC3297190SYSTEM User Appearing in the Audit Log After Being Deactivated
HAN-STD-ADM-SEC3301889Option “Existing” disappear when Importing data from local file in the HANA Studio
LE-SHP-DL1461217Message VL150 occurs in Transactions VL01N and VL10*
LE-WM1635279How to review stock putaway / removal strategies in debug mode
LE-WM-BIN3291511LS02N/LS03N shows no inventory in bin along with message L1299
LE-WM-TFM3290637Special Movement Indicator not populating automatically in MIGO despite being maintained in Material Master
LE-WM-TFM1621474Error VL632 during Transfer Order creation
LO-HU-AP-PI3296947Dimension,Weight and Volume fields not filled in PACKKP
LO-HU-INC3302236When will a HU get deleted from table VEKP or instead get status ‘0060’ (deleted)?
LO-MD-BP3302248Multiple Address Handling for supplier in Business Partner
LO-MD-BP3301812Fields customizing missing in T077K
LO-MD-BP-WS3302141Business Partners Cannot be Replicated from S/4HANA Cloud to C4 Sales Cloud After 2302CE Upgrade
LO-MD-MM3290157Find objects in classes search help incorrectly displayed in material master F4 help
LO-MD-MM2698971Material type cannot be changed with transaction MMAM as Production orders exist
LO-MD-PR2456179Incorrect Purchase price determined by Retail Promotion
LOD-ANA-ADM3301974Issues with transporting Calculated Dimensions based on SAP model
LOD-ANA-AQU3283924“<query name> Query has failed to upload because of an error in the plugin service.” error occurs in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
LOD-CRM-ACT-VST3302171When creating Visit from a Contact, the attendee is automatically determined
LOD-CRM-BRF3302005Performance Impacted after Upload and Activate of new Rules
LOD-CRM-INT-CRM3291056ESR task Please enter a reference document type
LOD-CRM-LM3302257Not Possible to Mark Fields Contact Data Fields as Mandatory in Lead TI “Phone”, “Mobile Phone” “E-Mail”
LOD-CRM-LM3301621Error Lead ‘ABC’ with status ‘XXX’ cannot be converted to an opportunity
LOD-HCI-DS3279454Metadata browser keeps loading endlessly while trying import table into webRFC IBP datastore – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS3269867AL_Engine application consume high memory – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS3253027IBP task status is incorrect with WebSocket RFC connection – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS3236923Access Violation error when making Webservice call – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS3220751OData Adapter fails with message “AdapterException: Unable to connect to https://<tenant>. Error : Unable to connect to https://<tenant>/$metadata. Error : proxy” – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS3156857“Import ATL [import_<Number>] Process exited with exitCode=1” error occurs while executing task/process – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS2757701Can’t see IBP Production instance when creating datastore in CPI-DS Sandbox – SAP Cloud Platform Integration for data services
LOD-HCI-DS-AGNT3286204Could not create datastore using SOAP Web Service – SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS-AGNT3228536Error: upload certificates error Connection reset – SAP Cloud Integration for data services
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-HTP3281643CPI CF HTTP Adapter On Premise via Cloud Connector
LOD-HCI-PI-OP-NM3301940Cloud integration flow deployment needs confirmation due to “Transaction handling is chosen in the integration process. Check and adjust if not required.”
LOD-HCI-PI-RT3292711When converting CSV to XML, it fails due to an error.
LOD-HCI-PI-RT3279154Invalid condition expression format error happened when trying to use a header in Looping Process Call externalization.
LOD-SF-ANA-ORD3301201Column Formatting’ is grayed out when using Learning Schema in Online Report Designer/Report Canvas
LOD-SF-CMP-ADM2091568How to enable Field Based Permissions (FBP) – Compensation
LOD-SF-CPM-MOB3301752Continuous Performance Management is Showing on Mobile App although it is Deactivated in Mobile Features
LOD-SF-EC-CWF3302131Accept Match Button not Appearing when Rehiring Contingent Worker.
LOD-SF-EC-CWF2910776Rehire a Contingent Worker using “Accept Match”
LOD-SF-EC-JOB-CSF3302242Country Specific Fields Not Available In RBP
LOD-SF-EC-REP3300562Foundation Objects Table Report – Application error
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI2913739The Next Transfer Date is Missing on Workbench View for Some Users
LOD-SF-EP-JOB3044333Error when importing data from zip via Live Profile Import job
LOD-SF-EP-UI3301214Is it possible to remove a badge?
LOD-SF-INT-INC2798716How to set-up multiple executions per day feature in outbound integrations – Integration Center
LOD-SF-INT-INC2589457Integration Center jobs failing with: Folder XXXXX should exists relative to the logged in user home directory and user should have write access to the folder
LOD-SF-JAM-WID3297900JAM Multimedia widget not loading
LOD-SF-LMS3197500Access SAP SuccessFactors Learning Content Player Outside of SuccessFactors Learning
LOD-SF-LMS-ADM2831407Error with picture upload in Quickguides
LOD-SF-MDF-PKL3291858Business Rule is comparing picklist optionID rather than comparing with the Picklist value / external code value
LOD-SF-MDF-PP33282049Pos 2H 2022 release – Error on MDF Object in Employee Profile
LOD-SF-MDF-UI3299608Business rule configuration to make other fields non-mandatory not working as expected
LOD-SF-MTR2341863360 Multi Rater Management Implementation Overview – How to get started
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM3083361Explanation of Required Fields Validation in the 360 Multi-Rater Fiori version – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2860716How to hide the “Nonremovable for raters” checkbox from the form? – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2846993Required Fields are not Marked With a Red Asterisk in 360 Fiori Version form – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2840678What is the Purpose of the 360 Evaluation Summary Actions Column? – 360 Multi-rater 2.0 Fiori (Beta)
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2537556360 Multi-Rater – User Assistance Documentation Link
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2253908Enable 360 Executive Review Page – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2068846Setting Form Permissions Using Admin Tools – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2068798Limit Who Can See Information on 360 Drilldown or 360 Detailed Reports – 360 Multi Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2068683Participants – Description of the roles involved in the 360 Process – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-ADM2068027Change 360 Process Owner – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-FRM2435737Form Status in 360 form Evaluation Summary – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR3012369Participants – What is the Maximum Number of Participants Allowed in the 360 Review and in the Detailed 360 Report? – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR2068816Participants – Limit Number of Times Participant is Invited – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR2068705Participants – How to enable and add External Participants on 360 review forms – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR2068681Participants – Cannot remove a participant from enroute 360 – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR2068500Participants – Automatically Remove the Inactive Employee Documents in the 360 Evaluation Stage – 360 Multi Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR2068124Participants – Change Participant Category – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-RAT3012578Is an Unrated Item (Competency/Goal) Included in the Overall Rating in the Detailed 360 Report? – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-REP2991509Explanation of the Radar Chart on the Detailed 360 Report (Fiori) – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-OBD-ADM3301732Enable Matching Hires Mandatorily Using Onboarding ID or Date of Birth During OnStartDate Job in Onboarding 1.0
LOD-SF-OBX-GDP3286661[Onboarding] Unable to purge inactive onboarding user
LOD-SF-OBX-RHM3294387Onboardee Disappear after expecting as Rehire
LOD-SF-OBX-RHM3110455Error when trying to open Rehire Verification Tile – Onboarding
LOD-SF-PLT2404737Searching via People Search with User ID yields no results
LOD-SF-PLT2088892How to Grant Support Access to SuccessFactors Support Staff
LOD-SF-PLT-CGC3047688Configuration Center
LOD-SF-PLT-IAS2791410Integrating SuccessFactors with Identity Authentication through the Upgrade Center
LOD-SF-PLT-IRT3290086Decomissioned systems need to be removed from IRT tool
LOD-SF-PLT-LGO3231043Upload company logo not updating Homepage logo – Successfactors.
LOD-SF-PLT-LHOM3284284Custom Card titles are cropped post 2H 2022 release – SAP SuccessFactors
LOD-SF-PLT-QA3294490User Actions on My Teams card on the Home Page are Taking Long to Load – Web Experience
LOD-SF-PLT-REF2827300[Provisioning Opt-In Feature] Instance Refresh Tool | Data Anonymization feature
LOD-SF-PLT-SEC2533915SAP SuccessFactors SSL Certificate Renewal Schedule and Public Certificate Repository
LOD-SF-PM-MAP2078171Performance Form Stuck with v4admin
LOD-SF-RCM2557520Job Analyzer – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-APP3284387Mandatory Picklist can be saved as No Selection with in the candidate application.
LOD-SF-RCM-APP2690483Status Change Comments – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAN3004143How to Add a Dynamic Group on the Candidate Profile via Manage Templates – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAO3301757[Error] Error on Creating Offer Letter with ESignature – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RMK3000755RMK Commercialized SAP SuccessFactors Sales Demo system
LOD-SF-RPO2859042Email information asked when creating a posting profile or group – Recruiting Posting
LOD-SF-SWZ-ADM3299533SuccessFactors Foundation external integration in Work Zone
MDM-FN-MDS-DB3301788“ORA-01031: insufficient privileges” is issued on MDS logs when executing commands
MM-FIO-PUR-PO3300441No data is displayed in app Monitor Purchase Order Down Payments
MM-IM-GF2321678Exchange Rate Displayed in Header Details : FI Document
MM-IV-INT-PAY2661998Cash discount base amount incorrect in accounting document created from a MM invoice.
MM-IV-LIV-CAN3302259Error message FF769 when trying to reverse invoice through MR8M
MM-IV-LIV-CRE2449936The impact of Material block change
MM-PUR-GF-OC1718906How to add additional Text to outgoing e-mail body in purchase order?
MM-PUR-GF-PA3300480Warning Message ME365 for Purchase Orders
MM-PUR-GF-REL1497235Release strategy not determined for PR in ME51(N)/ME52(N) or PO in ME21(N)/ME22(N)
MM-PUR-OA-SCH2701192Scheduling agreement Release: when both output JIT + FRC are selected to be generated
MOB-ONP3302066High Availability setup for SQL Anywhere with SAP Mobile Platform
OPU-API-OD-DT3302051Products cannot be published in API management
OPU-GW-COR2595454HOW TO: Add, Activate and Maintain OData Services
OPU-GW-NOT3138965V4 OData service NOTIFICATION_SRV throws an error: Unspecified framework error occurred. See Error Context and Call Stack
PP-BD-WKC3302046Warning CR514 – Change only one row at a time is displayed after upgrade
PP-MRP3300328Multiple PRs generated with same available date by MRP.
PP-MRP-BD3075250EWM managed inspection lot (17) displayed in MD04
PY-SG3301808How to fix error “Invalid value and/or must be in DD/MM/YYYY” for IR8A myTax file
RE-FX-LA-CN2944030RECN: Error message AY219 is raised when completing the valuation parameters
SBN-AN3173136How do I add a new customer?
SBN-AN-TX-INV3176750How do I create an invoice?
SBN-AN-TX-INV3172991When will my invoice be paid? (Enterprise users)
SBN-AN-TX-INV3172059How do I edit and resubmit a failed or rejected invoice?
SBN-AN-TX-POA3178868How can I process a purchase order/relationship request if it was sent to a temporary account?
SBO-PUR3300173System Allows Copying Only One Base Document to Target Document
SCM-APO-INT-PPS2448172Approval status (APG, APRC) not set in process order
SCM-EWM-IF3090739Important notes for Interface Area(SCM-EWM-IF)
SCM-EWM-MD3302269EWM: Best Practices to Upload Product Master
SCM-EWM-QM-FUP3301813WMQF* inbound queue stuck after Usage Decision for Insp. Lot
SCM-EWM-RF-PCK3301927Error message /SCWM/L3A006 when confirming the over picking WT of the nested HU using DIFS exception code.
SCM-EWM-WOP3302065HU is not transferred to ECC when using /SCWM/ISU in EWM inventory loading
SD-BF-PR3301819Future Price rather than Standard Price maintained in Material is considered as Cost for SD Pricing – S/4HANA Cloud
SD-MD-CM3301807Some fields are not available in the template in app Manage Prices -Sales – S/4HANA Cloud
SRD-CC-BTM2830168Work flow rules with fields other than available in standard list
SRD-CC-IAM2608632Frequently Asked Questions on Identity and Access Management
SRD-FIN-COR1857472Opening Balance for Profit & Loss Account Shows as 0.00 Without Balance Carryforward Conducted
SRD-FIN-GL2629445Unable to Open New Fiscal Year Due to Error Entry Possible Until Missing; Save Failed
SRD-HR-RPM3276965Availability of the Employee Shows the Weekend as a Business Day
SRD-HR-RPM3211036Resource Calendar Report Shows Data Only for Certain Days/Weeks/Months
SRD-HR-TLM2515964Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Employee Self-Services and Manager Self-Services
SV-CLM-INF-LMS3302107Error “Cannot create HTTP Client: Error when setting OAuth token” when trying to register S/4HANA Cloud to SAP Cloud ALM Landscape
SV-CLM-SD3215928Set up steps for SAP Cloud ALM for Service
SV-SMG-ADM-DTM3166910“Deletion not possible” when deleting workmode in IT calendar
SV-SMG-CCM3299030Untrackable or ‘Usage not Analyzed’ Objects in Custom Code Analytics 2.0 (based on EWA)
SV-SMG-CCM2939012Job “DECOM_REFRESH_JOB_x” is failing with following Runtime errors “OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO” in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
SV-SMG-DIA-WLY-EMS2352112Enterprise Manager is offline in Basic Configuration due to error ‘com.sap.smd.introscope.em.IntroscopeException: http status code 404’ – SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CNS2575003Job Monitoring Alert Issues.
SV-SMG-MON-EEM2370419EEM Status 509 – EEM Dashboard(s) have grey values / icons – SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2
SV-SMG-SER-EWA3301824ABAP ASCS appears in the JAVA EWA report in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
TM-FRM-FRO3295887Quantity and Quantity UoM fields are empty in a Rail Freight Order
XX-PART-HCL-MDC3301365Issue with the EBX- Create Notification Action Button
XX-SER-NET-RCP2181603How to activate EU Access (OnPremise)
XX-SER-SAPSMP-LAUNCH2916204Error: HTTP Status 50x – An internal application error occurred. Request: xxxxxxxxxx supportportal:supportshell – SAP ONE Support Launchpad / SAP for Me

Recommendations / Additional Info

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Recommendations / Additional Info:

BC-CCM-PRN-DVM3301315Printer Vendor Wizard Note: Aroot
BC-CP-IS-EDG3247839Prerequisites for installing SAP Integration Suite Edge Integration Cell
BC-DB-SDB3002777Installing the 32-bit ODBC driver on Microsoft Windows 64-bit
BC-MID-RFC88346Changing the RFC destination if IP changes are made
BC-OP-LNX1122387Linux: SAP Support in virtualized environments
BC-OP-NT1409604Virtualization on Windows: Enhanced monitoring
BC-SRV-FP3300299IFbA: Vietnamese currency symbol (U+20AB) support
BC-UPG-ADDON2298170Installation, Upgrade, & Fixes of Add-Ons for PV – SAP ERP-CONCUR INTEGRATION 1.0
CA-DI3206620SAP Data Intelligence 3.3 Release Note
CA-DI3092596SAP Data Intelligence 3.2 Release Note
CA-DI2871970Prerequisites for installing SAP Data Intelligence 3
CA-DI-IS-ABA2830276SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – SAP S/4HANA 1909
CA-LT-MC3130834List of Corrections for SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit & SLT on SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 2022
CA-LT-MC2955884Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 2021
CA-LT-MC2890888Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 2020
CA-LT-MC2817159Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 1909
CA-LT-SLT3151041Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP08
CA-LT-SLT3130804Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP07
CEC-COM-BSC-CRM-MDM3301299SAP Commerce Integration 2211 with SAP CRM
CEC-SPA3290714SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront 5.1- Installation and Upgrade
CEC-YIC-FSA3301382SAP Commerce cloud, financial services accelerator 2302 – Installation, Upgrades, Patches
CEC-YIC-TEA3301403SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator (2302) – Installation, Upgrades, Patches
EC-PCA-ACT519688RFWERE00 to make a transfer posting with profit center
FI-AP-AP-B13045622QR BIll: Error IDFI_QRIBAN044 when creating financial document via IDoc INVOIC for billing documents
FI-LOC-SD-BR3293962Complementary Business Transaction Attributes (Sales) Activated by Default as of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302
HAN-DB2777782SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS Settings for RHEL 8
HAN-DB1969700SQL Statement Collection for SAP HANA
IS-A-JIT776397JIT: DELVRY03 IDOC processing does not update the JIT call.
IS-H1698567IS-H DE: Support Packages und gesetzliche Anpassungen
LOD-ANA-DAN3074128Considerations when working with Export PDF functionality in SAC Classic Data Analyzer
MFG-DM3296472Integrating Release 2302 of SAP Digital Manufacturing with SAP Plant Connectivity and the Production Connector for SAP Digital Manufacturing
MFG-DM3292350Additional Information and Manual Activities for SAP Digital Manufacturing, Release 2302
MFG-DM-PRC3255564Release and maintenance strategy for the Production Connector for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
MFG-DM-PRC3244390Elimination of configuration errors after the installation of the Production Connector for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
MM-FIO-PUR-SQ-CON3238380SAP S/4HANA: Restrictions for Item Hierarchies in Purchase Contracts
PS-REV-ACT301117Enhanced documentation for dynamic item processor (DIP)
PY-SK2545951HR SK: Localization topics for HR Slovakia
SLL-LEG-FUN3033398SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA 2020: Conversion readiness check
SLL-LEG-FUN2973223SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA 2020: Conversion readiness check – conflict clarification
SUS-RDP-INT3300388Example for storing Packaging Elements data in Material Classification for SAP Responsible Design and Production
XX-S4C-OPR-INC3292361SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302 and SAP Marketing Cloud 2302 – Patch Collection Information Note
XX-SER-REL3230844SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restriction Note

That’s end of the complete list of SAP Notes released on 15 February 2023. Check back for more updates.

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