868 SAP Notes Released on 16 February 2023

As a business process operating in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape, staying on top of the latest updates and making sure nothing is missed is crucial to success. Throughout my career in SAP it’s very hard to follow and also one of the most time consuming activities.

The good news is that we provide daily updates and support that can really help SAP customers to stay up-to-date on the latest fixes and improvements in the SAP software.

Let’s dive into complete list of 868 SAP Notes released on 16 February 2023.

To view the note you need to go to the SAP Support Portal (https://support.sap.com/en/index.html) or SAP for Me and log in using your S-UserId.

Correction with High Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with high priority:

SAP ComponentNumberTitle
AC-INT3302624BAPI: Anzahlungen mit Steuerstandort und Steuern
BC-DB-ORA3302347Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) Program Jan 2023 Patch Availability Document (PAD) for SAP
BC-DWB-DIC3293007Fix for SE11 Database object check display: Empty display in case of missing active runtime object
BC-FES-WGU3278814SAP GUI for HTML: ~disconnectonclose(ws) does not work with mobile devices
BC-WD-JAV2503680WD JAVA & Portal: Unified Rendering Update – Instructions And Related Notes.
BW-BEX-OT-MDX2658221BAPI GetMeasures: Changes resulting from SAP Note 2569461
CA-GTF-CPE3294421CMM: While Updating Time Dependent Scheduling Agreement Incorrect KOPOS getting saved
CA-MDG-CMP-MM3302280CMP: Changes to product fields are not shown in Track Mass Changes app
CA-MRS-ERP3302399After Optimizer run, duplicate assignments are created for Team resources
CEC-MKT-CPG-EXE3167893New Sinch Email service for SAP Marketing 2020
CEC-MKT-CPG-EXE3139747New Sinch service for email for SAP Marketing Cloud
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-IMP3288349Fund usage is not getting update with addition of new product to the promotion & update associated trade spend value
FI-AA-IS3302691Checkman issue in RAANLA_ALV01
FI-CF-AC3276638S/4 Initial Load: Dump occurs during the document posting of reversal for BSTAT = ‘U’ documents
FI-FIO-GL3302512Manage Journal Entries – field ‘Production Month’ is exported in wrong format
FI-GL-FL3294808Function for partial payment by G/L account assignment is active/error GLT2001
FI-LOC-LO-AR3282928Referenced document is not set when sending document to AFIP
FI-LOC-LO-IN3106684Purchase Order creation -The item texts is lost after display material document
FI-RA-IP3296936RA Contract Combination locking issue
FS-AM-PD3299275Account Holder name not passed to Payment Order process when doing an Auto Transfer from a Loan Account
FS-PE-POP3299506Assignment of reconciliation units based on payment order type
HAN-DB3259825SAP HANA 2 SPS06 Revision 066.00
IS-PS-GIV3292126G-Invoicing Partner Functions: Message /GINB/ORDER142 continues to appear in processing in Sales Orders
IS-U-EDM3298400Fehlermeldung EEDMCOM 445 beim Generieren von synthetischen Profilen
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3299269IDEXGE: For partial invoice, article ID is determined instead of product ID
LE-SHP-GF3297479Document address not taken over for delivery from CRM order
LO-GT-CCS3295422Wrong sign for returns items in collective settlement
MM-FIO-PUR-REL3300048Search by image button in create PR App
MOB-APP-SAM3302294SAP Service and Asset Manager – Icon is not visible on operations list view page after adding a document
PM-FIO-WOC-MN3298849Technical Object Value Help could not be opened in F2023
PP-ATO3221025Production order not deleted with delivery block and fixed date and qty
PPM-CF-DFM3288795No error displayed if PS project creation failed because of an incorrect coding mask
PY-IN3133806HINCALC0: Previous employment exemption u/s 10 impact after rehiring
PY-PT-PS3299453CALC: Changes in Additional Amount and Single Parent Benefit Rate of Family Allowance 2023
PY-SG3285226PY-SG: No Medisave Text File Generated
SCM-BAS-MDL2917093Correction in PRODLWH_MAINTAIN_APO to fill /SAPAPO/EXT_MATLWH-EXT_ENTITY with correct value
SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GM3302495/SCWM/R_DLV_POST_GI_PSA No GI with _STOCK ->start time is not set
SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ID3283810Inbound delivery remains blocked after rejection
SCM-EWM-IF-MIG3300559Handling Unit Migration: User Status is not migrated (DMIS Part)
SCM-EWM-IF-MIG3298898EWM Handling Unit Migration: Error for HUs with assigned user status
SCM-EWM-QM3302299QSLS queue runs forever
SCM-EWM-RF-PI3289072SLED incorrect date calculation for dates over 2050
SD-SLS-GF-RE2938531VA05 CX_SDOC_REPORTING while adding custom fields to optimized reports in SD
SLL-LEG-RSK-PRE-VDC3299753Neuausstellung von LLEs: Fehlerhafte Referenz zur Vorgänger-LLE
SV-SMG-INS-CFG3302701SOLMAN_SETUP: Errors in Enable Connectivity of Infrastructure Preparation
XX-CSC-PT-FICA3299622PT ATCUD FICA Correction: Series Uniqueness Check
XX-PROJ-CDP-ACS-0073197724Guide to move UI Logging from ECC system to S4HANA 2021 or higher

Correction with Medium Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with medium priority:

SAP ComponentNumberTitle
AP-MD-BP-BP3302521Business Partner Unblocking report: Class CL_APPL_LOG_JOB_SCHEDULING not found
BC-ABA-LA-EPC2529314Termination ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND or ASSERTION_FAILED in extended program check and CVA
BC-DWB-DIC-F43302529F4: Dump DATA_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE on setting output length of domain greater than 254 characters
BC-DWB-TOO-ATF3296172ATC check runs may ignore function groups with customer exits
BC-FES-ITS3302188SAP GUI for HTML: Cumulative patch UnifiedRendering 2302
BC-MID-CON-JCO3276799SAP Java Connector Release 3.1.7
BC-OP-NT3279178NT: Workprozesse lassen sich nicht mehr starten
BC-SEC-AUT-PFC3298358PFCG: Error when menu applications are copied from another role
BC-SEC-AUT-TOO3293487SNOTE: Unterstützung von Berechtigungsobjekten und Berechtigungsfeldern
BC-SEC-ETD2372375AS Java log provider for SAP Enterprise Threat Detection with support for system context data and user context data
BC-SRV-ADR3280178Performance in ADDR_COMM_FIND_KEY
BC-TRX3302816TREX 710: sapprofile.ini file can’t be changed using TREXAdminTool
BC-WD-CMP-ALV-ABA3302432[PDF Export Service] Hierarchy Indent Hardly Recognizable
BC-WD-UR3302496MessageArea: Height cannot be increased sufficiently when wrapping messages embedded
BC-XI-CON-B2B-OFT3269282B2B Log Viewer – OFTP not displaying correct data for scenarios and partners
BC-XI-IGW-RT3121605HTTP Receiver Adapter Configuration
BC-XS-JS3301467Migrating SAP HANA XS Classic Applications from XSJS to Async-XSJS
BI-BIP-SRV3293378Timings for Central Management Server query execution are incomplete
BI-RA-WBI3298127February Date value passed to Web Intelligence Document through Open Document link loads March date
BI-RA-WBI-FE-HTM3298240Combine Cubes function does not work well in Web Intelligence when query contains non latin characters
BW4-ME-IOBJ3279157BW/4 2.0 SP14: Autocorrection of Incorrect Enhanced Master data Update Setting
CA-DMS3301957Error while retrieving list of attachments via API_CV_ATTACHMENT
CA-DT-MIG-S43301991PP – Material BOM displays additional entries after data migration
CA-EPT-BRC-PPF3289560Internal buffers don’t get cleared at the end of a transaction
CA-EUR-CNV-FI3302045LCC – difference not displayed for Retained Earnings accounts in ANALYZE phase
CA-FIM-FMA3302266Zinsen je Umsatz – Überflüssiger Plansatz bei Verwendung der Zinsberechnungsmethode 360/360 (ISDA)
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-ES3189599eDocument Spain SII : Pre-Requisite DDIC objects for Note 3189488
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-PL3301912Electronic Document Processing for Poland – KSeF: Mapping and Code Correction I
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-PL3279206Electronic Document Processing for Poland – KSeF: Implementation Overview
CA-GTF-FCC3301364Incorrect time for status scheduled III.
CA-JVA-JVA2885870JVA PRA integration (FPS02)
CA-JVA-JVA-IF3058813JVA on ACDOCA activation: Reports to update the ACDOCA table with internal JVA documents and with accounting data from the JVA ledgers
CA-JVA-JVA-PP3249183GJCBA: Making error message GJ-682 customizible via OBA5
CA-JVA-JVA-PP3234877GJCBA: Fixing issues in intercompany postings, in tax postings, and in the substitute cost object logic; new features: save billing invoice number in cutback invoices; re-calculation of intercompany amounts
CA-LT-BW43298718RSPM changes for low performance
CA-LT-MC3087867Migrate Your Data Fiori App for SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 2021
CA-MDG-ADQ-RUL3291724MDQ: Fix Validation Error during Validation of Import Business Rule
CA-WUI-UI-TAG3302305Hyphen “-” is creating a line-break (2 of 2)
CEC-COM-CPS-WEB3302002Product search button is wrongly disabled when open store front
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3302669Reserved materials not created for network-based service calls
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3302645Activity’s address determination option ”6 EQ addr, Funct. Loc., SwO Ship-To” not working.
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3302511Skills not transferred automatically after adding a qualification in PPDPIM
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3302510Activities not generated for PM notifications
CEC-SRV-FSM-ERP3294678Checklist prefilling does not work for dropdown fields
CM-LT3302041Terminate Legal Transaction if Contract end date is in Future
CO-OM-OPA-D2991264Predictive Commitment: Error F5 727, Limit of Account Assignments
CO-PA3302584KE4S00: Dump KE 549
CO-PC-ACT3295268CKMLCPAVR: “Run for Parallel COGM” marked in classic AVR
CO-PC-ACT3171206Enable ‘Global Run Scenario’ in CKMLCP
CO-PC-PCP3290311Production order costing: error CK014
CO-PC-PCP3288830IDoc COPCPA02 (IDOC_CREATE_COPCPA): status 26 (Error during syntax check of IDoc)
CO-PC-PCP3199768Parallelization of RKKBCAL2
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3302387Consolidated UI fixes for SAP Trade Management
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3286116Error when Fund is Manually Selected from Fund Association block for Category Based Promotion
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3285424External accruals pull results in ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY Dump in CRM
CRM-SLC2365244Configuration restore based on the user inputs
EIM-DH-ABA2849542SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Connection Check fails
EIM-DS-CON3300736Executing job reading from a SOAP web service fails
EIM-DS-DI3302112Impact of Data Preview SQL queries for views on Snowflake database
EIM-DS-SVR3266395SSO returns HTTP 404 error – Data Services
EIM-IS-DEP2234351SAP Information Steward SP05 Patch 2 installation on secondary node or web-tier fails with error #ErrorMsg_LowerRepoVersion#
FI-AF-ARO3302491FOMUI: Remove unnecessary filters in Monitor Accounting Integration Messages app
FI-AF-SAI3302413SAIUI: Remove unnecessary filters in Monitor Accounting Integration Messages app
FI-AP-AP-B13301167QR-Bill: BAPI Validation of Partner Bank Type
FI-AP-AP-B13295919QR bill: Errors are raised during reallocation of QR bill and posting recurring documents with QR-IBAN
FI-AP-AP-B13251342QR bill: Consolidation of corrections during posting of invoice (Package ID-FI-CH-PAYM)
FI-AP-AP-Q13285998Support for different decimal places for different currencies in Generic Withholding Tax Report
FI-CA3302235Fixed wrong field labels in Fiori App External Collections Volume (F2402)
FI-CA3299127FPCCU – Delta not extracted to BW after change of collection strategy
FI-CA3273835Value Adjustment: Additional checks when dynamically assigning calculation types to different open items
FI-CA-INV3302634FKKBIX: Error message FKKBIX 700 when creating a billable item for intercompany settlement
FI-CA-INV3300894O2C RA Integration: fehlende Funktionalität bei Zeitpunkt 8202 ‘Anreichern Auftragsposition einer abrechenbaren Position’
FI-CF-AC3268979Initial Load Mapping Simulation – Excessive System Locks
FI-CF-AC3250703Error in Simulation at Load Group
FI-CNT-CAC3301830eCATT /SMB99/CAA1_O001_4BO Run into Date Error
FI-FIO-AP-IS3302604F1861 – Case sensitive filter for field Internet Address
FI-FIO-AR-PAY3292316F1520 Reprocess Bank Statement Items – Correction of UI inconsistencies
FI-FIO-AR-TRA3295264F1069 – Add paging to Post on Account tab
FI-GL-GL2402218Two Leading Ledgers after system upgrade
FI-GL-GL-AL3302626Universal Allocation: Incorrect reversal document type
FI-LOC-AA-JP3295073Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Value of Field 24 in Annex 16-4 Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP3293766Property Tax Report: Transaction Data Could Not Be Retrieved and Error Message Is Displayed
FI-LOC-AA-JP3288213Property Tax Report: Message ID_FIAA_JP_TAX (048) Is Displayed For Reversed Assets
FI-LOC-AA-JP3282352Annex 16 Report: Error Message No. FGV004 Is Displayed When Executing Annex 16-8 Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP3278159Annex 16 Report: Structure Enhancement of Annex 16-1, 16-2, 16-4, 16-6 for Special Depreciation
FI-LOC-AA-JP3275872Property Tax Report: Reversed Assets Are Displayed When Choosing “Display Latest Data”
FI-LOC-AA-JP3270489Annex 16 Report: Can’t Output PDF Files When Executing Annex 16-4 Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP3264574Property Tax Report: Incorrect Tax Evaluation Amount, Decided Value, Taxable Amount in Output
FI-LOC-AA-JP3262880Property Tax Report: Transaction Types Defined in Customizing Activity Does Not Work
FI-LOC-AA-JP3260500Property Tax Report: BAdI Implementation Could Not Be Called
FI-LOC-AA-JP3259541Annex 16 Report: Fixing the Error Message in Annex 16-4 Report
FI-LOC-AA-JP3256731Annex 16 Report: Updating XML Output Format Version of Annex 16-1, 16-2, 16-4
FI-LOC-AA-JP3251570Property Tax Report: Assets With Multiple Time-intervals of Business Data Could Not Be Displayed
FI-LOC-AA-JP3249032Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Message Type for Depreciation Area Type 5
FI-LOC-AA-JP3248114Property Tax Report: Error Message Displayed in ALV List for Transferred Migration Asset Posted in Mid-Year Migration
FI-LOC-AA-JP3247384Property Tax Report: Some Assets Are Missing in ALV List or Line Item List Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP3242981Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Values of Fields 27 and 28 in Annex 16-1, 16-2
FI-LOC-AA-JP3239972Property Tax Report: Error Message ID_FIAA_JP_TAX (047) Displayed for AUC
FI-LOC-CA-IT3291884Corrections for Billing Documents for Convergent Invoicing for Discount/Charge Items for Italy FatturaPA
FI-LOC-CA-XX3291742Correction: Discount and Charge of SD-CI Integration for PEPPOL eDocuments
FI-LOC-CA-XX3287246eDocument for France Convergent Invoicing: Corrections for Choras PO and SIRET ID
FI-LOC-CER-AO-SAF3301217SAF-T (AO) : Mismatch of Invoice Customer-ID and Masterfiles Customer-ID ( KNAS )
FI-LOC-ECS3090270DRC Spain EC Sales List Implementation Leading Note
FI-LOC-FI-CZ3299018CZ: DCR VAT Return OP Coefficient for line 52 and 53
FI-LOC-FI-SK3264553Multiple company codes in VAT control statement (DRC)
FI-LOC-FI-UA3302578J_1UF_REGISTER_IN_OUT: XML can be created for parked document for CTI
FI-LOC-FI-UA3302255DDIC objects for the note 3302254
FI-LOC-LO-PL3302493PL: Performance issue in JPK VAT process
FI-LOC-SD-BR3251483Source Code for the Tributary Unit of Measure field in the Additional Data for Nota Fiscal BAdI
FI-LOC-SD-BR3250960Implementation of the Tributary Unit of Measure Field in the Additional Data for Nota Fiscal BAdI
FI-LOC-TIM-CN3275890No response when open tile Process Incoming VAT Invoices
FI-SL-SL-T3235840Delta replication of cost center hierarchy is not working
FI-TV2719018S4TWL – SAP Travel Management in SAP S/4HANA Suite
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3301680S/4HANA Fiori App MTE: border country region field
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3295138S/4Hana Travel Expenses Fiori Applications issue with Country/Region Field For Child Entities
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3283571S/4Hana My Travel and Expenses Fiori Application missing ABAP Unit Test Methods
FI-TV-ODT-MTE3274167S/4Hana My Travel and Expenses Fiori Application errors in ABAP Unit Test Methods
FI-TV-PL3294038External Travel Planning Workflow : Approver name is not provided
FIN-FSCM-CCP3230076SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Customer Payments: Feature Enhancements
FIN-FSCM-CR3302684SAP Fiori: Manage Credit Accounts – Payment behavior summary is not displayed
FIN-FSCM-CR3302631Error UKM_BP 135 when trying to edit a credit account in app Manage Credit Accounts
FIN-FSCM-TRM-AN2900202ATC error in Risk Management Objects : Inconsistent after-import metadata
FIN-TMF-BR3301795[TDF SP17] Note 045: EFD Contribuições, EFD ICMS IPI – General adjusts for performance improvement
FIN-TMF-BR-ESO3300661[TDF SP17] Note 044: MF – EFD-Reinf – XSDs and DDIC Updates
FS-CMS3301468Error when updating Receivable Positions
FS-FBS-CML-LWP3301842Shareswap fee – Not possible to get conditons in buyer case
FS-FPS-GLC3301932Slow subledger read access during GL-preparation
FS-FPS-SLA3302337Defer – dump when adding results in calculation kernel
FS-FPS-SLA3302263document based allocation: rounding issues
FS-FPS-SLA3302193Test run in parallel mode and UI based job distribution
FS-PER-OP3302000FS-PER-OP Rel 3.0 SP 21 – Assigned string too long for l_conn_id
FS-RI3298813KORR: Es existierten nicht abgeglichene Erweiterungsimplementierungen.
FS-RI3199796KORR: Programmabbruch beim Schaden stornieren mit Fehlermeldung: Fehler beim Einfügen bzw. Ändern in einer sortierten Tabelle
FS-RI-B-TTY3302058PERF: Schlechte Performance beim Bebuchbarsetzen einer Vertragsperiode
FS-RI-CM3299489KORR: Bebuchbarkeitsprüfung für Beteiligungen beim Schaden schließen/erledigt setzen
FS-RI-LRM-RET3298971Fehlende Rückbuchung bei Retrozession mit Option “Stornierung Retro-PKA”
FS-RI-PUM3288578KORR: PUMA – Neue Prämien für stornierten, abgeschlossenen Zeitraum möglich
FS-SR-DE3300119Nachweisung NW103 Laufzeitfehler TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
FS-SR-DE3299632Nachweisung NW675 Laufzeitfehler TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
GRC-RM3301931Check of initial values in analysis can be skipped from risk API
GRC-SPC-AC3302415Release Information Note for 12.0 SAP Process Control Support Package 19
GRC-SPC-AC3302390Release Information Note for 12.0 SAP Process Control Support Package 18
GRC-SPC-AC3155282Release Information Note for 12.0 SAP Process Control Support Package 17
IS-DRY3302671Create Purchase Order from Raw Material Deliveries: Account Assignment Category for Non-Valued Products (frontend)
IS-DRY3302670Create Purchase Order from Raw Material Deliveries: Account Assignment Category for Non-Valued Products (backend)
IS-H-CM3300376ISH FHIR Patient resource bug fix
IS-H-CM3299959ISH FHIR inbound _format
IS-H-IS-GMS3290816DE: §21 KHEntgG – RNAP21K01: Anpassungen für Datenjahr 2022
IS-HER-CM3273165PIQSTM : Hide the Seq No column from the ALV in the Challenge tab
IS-HER-CM3163970SAP SLcM : Improve error handling for statistical reporting
IS-OIL-DS-HPM3301708O3DEFAULTS: Function module “MARD_MD_SINGLE_READ” not found
IS-OIL-DS-MAP3266829Creation of enhancememt point LEINRF17
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3300100Prerequisites for Note 3040952
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3299649Prerequisites for Note 3100636
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3100636PAT DC shipment cost document: Control Relevance in a More Flexible Way
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY3042759Roy 2.0 RM : Visible focus does not stay on selected row when button clicked
IS-OIL-PRA-REV-VAL3271580RM: Performance improvement in marketing free maintenance
IS-OIL-UOM-ALN3264724Changes in Top Down Detail Approach in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3220390Incorrect estimated production volume on WC
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3140105Validation of Originating MP for WCV V2
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3136362Validation of Originating MP for WCV
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3133929Node Rule existence check for measurement creation V2
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3080650Performance improvement on Create Object in Model Production Network App
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3254390Qty type missing in allocated results from direct allocation approach in UAE2-engine
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3216270Fix for issue in node rule deletion
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3124572Ticket number is not getting saved in DB in case of water
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3090230Performance issue in allocation
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3271096Water medium allocation handling from UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3265109Fix for issues in allocation results validation
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3257310Retriggering of multiple allocation approaches if disposition not completely allocated in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3255800Consume adjusted theoretical on specially identified WC first before consuming from other in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3253793Allocation approach with WC adjusted theoretical consumption on last supplied meter from it in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3245141Changes in logic for use of GLG theo on WC to split volume in TD in UAE- 2
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3243751Display meaningful msg in case additional measurement exists on Allocation meter
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3240948Double allocation meter allocated volume issue in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3237194Display measurement as rolled up in simulation tool
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3234197Priority WC wise allocation approach in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3232624Special character handling in dynamic allocation table creation
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3230169Correction in allocation results of WC upstream of Non-Adjustable meter in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3219482Use of GLG theo on WC to split volume in Top Down in UAE-2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3215422Fix for issues in retrigger of BUT and TD traversal
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3214628Changes to consider allocation meters 0 captured qty during retrigger of BU/TD
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3214213Correction in TD to stop Non-adj vol subtraction from remaining OUT volume
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3210783Fix for BU/TD retrigger approach when calculated adjustment factor is less than 1
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3209180Addition of allocation record for 0 volume on injected WC in UAE2 engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3156099Improvements in Simulation Tool V7
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3153943Improvements in Simualtion Tool V6
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3150609Improvements in simulation tool V5
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3148758Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V10
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3144633Improvements in simulation tool V4
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3143939Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V8
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3127840Improvements in simulation tool V3
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3126683Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V2
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3126210Improvements in simulation tool V2
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3125678Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V6
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3124138Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V5
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3122331Improvement in First BU traversal in Legacy-PRA(UAE2) engine V3
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3109744Dump due to arthematic overflow exception
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3109236Dump due to arthematic overflow exception
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3107780Wrong quantity type generated with recirculated quantity category
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3100184Receipt Volume allocation functionality in Legacy-PRA Engine
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3100107Well class category maintenance issue/errror
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3100105Well class category maintenance issue/errror
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3095695Improvements in simulation tool
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3064270Reprocess PRA Final BU step with Non-Adjustable meter funtionality
IS-PS-GIV3302303G-INV. Set/Get parameter for funding agency code.
IS-R-BD-SIT3302539Technical note (pre-requisite for pilot note 3302541)
IS-U3302375FI_MKKMDOC: Performance enhancement in event 501 (IS-U only)
IS-U3299291EWPBG & StromPBG: Neuer View Cluster für Erstattungsantrag Customizing
IS-U3296923Korrektur der Soforthilfe für bereits prozessierte Verträge der EPB_WORK* Tabellen
IS-U-BI3299403EWPBG & StromPBG: Simulationsindex für Vorauszahlung
IS-U-EIM3302187IM4G: No DIR should be installed for MP without any IS-U relevant registers
IS-U-EIM3298530MOS: Change BadI Standard Implementation for Metering Product determination
IS-U-IN-BB3302740EWPBG & StromPBG: Fehler TU846 beim Ausführen von Report REAEPB00
IS-U-IN-BB3302291EWPBG & StromPBG: Ergänzungen zur Dokumentation und des Anwendungsprotokolls für REAEPB00
IS-U-IN-BB3297918EWPBG & StromPBG: Anpassung von Abschlagsplänen
IS-U-IN-PC3159086ISU2CI: EK96 Anpassung Differenzbetrag bei Zahlungsplänen
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3301309The status of time slice is incorrect for change scenario of device replacement
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3295746IDXGL: DE_MRR_RECEIVER cannot process “OBIS 1-1:3.29.0” when received “ORDERS_Z11”.
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3301833IDEXDE: Error value determined for segment DTM+9 when sending MSCONS 13017 for IMS
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3300281Tolerance check for invoice item is not allowed in DTD Checks for Invoice of Grid Usage Billing
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3263460Incorrect processing of imported Sup. CL
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3302471EIC Code filter not working in Assign Auth App
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3302445Settlement Unit Data isn’t Updated within MDX Inbound Handling in SoS Process
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3302437Short dump due to mix-up in division and division category
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301999Performance issue Monitor EA Documents app
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3294100Annual Cons. Quantity different in Supplier Clearing List from MDC-values
IS-U-WA3302191EWAWDOC Fehler beim Anlegen einer Auftragsposition
LE-SHP-DL3302636Production order serial numbers lost during delivery creation
LE-SHP-DL3302557Change in header data of outbound delivery leads to stuck queue in EWM
LO-AB3301385Prüfung auf buchungskreisübergreifenden Buchungen fehlerhaft
LO-AGR-APP3302459ACM S4: Popup on application split issue
LO-AGR-CC3302563Agricultural Contract Management (S4H): New Occurrences of Incorrect Total Cancellation Quantity – Add Logs for COMSUB update from UF at Settlement process.
LO-AGR-CC3302454Agricultural Contract Management S4H: Multiple Fixes for Roll Screen in Contract and Pricing Fiori apps
LO-AGR-CC3302048ACM S/4H: Maintain ACM Pricing app – Roll popup display price unit with 3 decimals
LO-AGR-CC3300478ACM: Pricing Application – Roll fx rate for rolled condition clearing with zero spot fx /Unable to Lift with Zero basis pricing.
LO-AGR-CC3285748Agricultural Contract Management: Trading Contract’s Locking Features in Maintain Pricing Fiori App.
LO-AGR-CC3250898Agricultural Contract Management: Issue with Pricing Aspect table Update in case of Inter & Intra contract types, change operation from WB22 and Maintain Contract Application
LO-AGR-STL3291130ACM S/4H: Incorrect currency in settlement price for flat3 pricing
LO-CMM-BF3288925CMM:VLOGP Entries are not created for Nominations
LO-CMM-DC3301794Deal Capture: Performance Adjustments in Pricing
LO-MD-BOM3302424Fiori app Maintain Bill of Material: ability to create BOM alternatives not present in change record
LO-RFM-ARN3302398Segmentation Details and version of planned independent requirement missing in ARUN_SDO_ALLDOC table – Implementation Objects
LO-RFM-ARN3302397Segmentation Details and version of planned independent requirement missing in ARUN_SDO_ALLDOC table – DDIC Objects
LO-RFM-ARN3291809Error ARUN_MAIN029 – Movement types for un-assigning orders are missing for Transfer posting and Goods issue in customizing
LO-RFM-ARN3287930Supply Assignment SDO : Incorrect storage location value for Supplier Confirmations
LO-RFM-ARN3282158Supply Assignment SDO – Incorrect field label for column Supply Schedule line
LO-RFM-ARN3268460Incorrect supply is assigned in Temporary Assignments
LO-RFM-ARN3216660Performance Improvement in Supply Demand Overview in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
LO-RFM-SGT3302300Transfer of segmentation rules to LiveCache fails
LOD-FSN-AGT3302286Original Application Type not properly set at picked up messages
MFG-MII-UDS3300655Production events job creates duplicate records in Production Events table
MFG-PCO3296766OPC UA agent tag resolver may fail to resolve tags in certain situations
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-SSP3199943FTP support of Catalog Extractor MMPUR_CAT_EXT
MM-FIO-PUR-SQ-CON3302301Issue with Partners in Manage Purchase Contracts App
MM-FIO-PUR-SQ-SOS3302287Simulate SoS Assignment is not displaying Contracts without plant – Manage Source of Supply app
MM-IM-GF-PRNT3300859GR Label: Support of further quantity fields for number of labels determination
MM-PUR-GF-ARC3298092MM_EKKO, MM_EBAN: Adopt Project selection in enhancement PS_EKKO_PRECHECK_ENHN using PS option
MM-PUR-MPS3302429Sorting sequence of hierarchy number is not correct in Manage model product Specification App
MOB-APP-MAO-FND3301278ConfigPanel: Client Globals not saved
MOB-APP-SAM3302433SAP Asset Manager – Related Notifications are not updating locally the Equipment and Functional Location page
MOB-APP-SAM3266524SAP Asset Manager – Notification Filter Create Date improperly saved
OPU-GW-COR3292729Serial Transformation (ST) Improvements
OPU-GW-V43302549$filter with build-in query functions and logical operator leads to NULL pointer access
PLM-CR3301644Deleted Master Recipes are being displayed
PLM-CR3229792Dynamic field control enablement in CR freezing UI
PLM-INT-TC3302518PLM System Integration – VC processing mode needs to be set correctly from SPRO
PLM-PLC3302239SAP Product Lifecycle Costing Cloud – Microdelivery 2302
PLM-VEP-VMP3301272In VMP columns of SpecProcurement search help increase each time item is edited
PM3301545W0016: Person Responsible column of the Display Job List application is empty
PM-FIO3118089F2023 Report and Repair Malfunction Technical Object Issue
PM-FIO-WOC-JC3302105F5104A: Record Time confirmation in the Perform Maintenance Jobs app uses the activity type of the work center used in the last operation
PM-FIO-WOC-MN3298646Unable to Convert the time 24:00:00 While Reading a Notification Using API_MAINTENANCENOTIFICATION
PM-WOC-MN3260987Set message IM126 customizable
PP-PEO-SFR3301362Authorization Object for PRT search help
PP-SFC-EXE-GM3302125COGI: Error /SCWM/GM 264 after EWM batch determination
PP-SFC-EXE-GM3300382COGI: IM-Chargenfindung trotz Lagerort mit EWM-Relevanz
PP-SFC-EXE-GM3276026Wrong index used during posting of synchronous EWM positions GI
PP-SFC-IS3302591Performance beim Lesen von Dispositionsdaten aus dem Materialstamm bei der Massenbearbeitung oder bei Auftragsnetzen
PP-SFC-PLN-HEA3302222Berechtigungsprüfung bei der Bearbeitung vieler Aufträge: Performance
PS-FIO3267950Field lable issue in multiple project apps
PS-ST3301420Fiori App F1971 shows duplicate components
PSM-FM-UP-AD3300616PO Number is not available in FMDERIVE
PSM-FM-UP-FI3295194FBRA: Fehlermeldung FI_E084
PSM-FM-UP-FI-PA3302311FI243 bei Anzahlungsverrechnungen mit Steuer
PT-RC-UI-XS3281809WDA LEA : Not able to view or upload attachment
PY-AT3302615RPCUBSA0RA: Termination for new specification Y in IT0797
PY-BE3302226Company Car – Minimum amount for the monetary value of the advantage for company car
PY-CA3297410YE22: Corrections to the PDF forms of Year End Reporting, Canada report
PY-CZ3292522HRCZ – new IT3444 Insurance premium – DDIC HR Renewal 2.0 [2/4]
PY-DE-NT-NI3280768Transition area: Adjustment of allowance calculation for persons insured in a professionals pension organization
PY-DE-PS3302062Leave according to ECJ – text for quota type in payroll log
PY-DE-PS3300071HR Renewal: Vorschlagswert für die Dienstart/die Unterdienstart im Infotyp 0001
PY-DE-PS3289821Report RPUPAYDE_CHANGE_TRWAZ: Correction for agreed working time in percent (selection field)
PY-DE-RP-ES3302245RPLEHAD3: Multiple entries in directory of severely challenged persons (file d)
PY-DE-RP-ES3294641RPLEHAD3: SR change of working time at start or during the work phase
PY-ES3302309CALC: Interprofessional Minimum Wage for 2023 (RD 99/2023)
PY-ES3300724AFI: CNO automatic filling when creating an IT0799 entry through RPCAFIE0
PY-GB-PS3302555PY-GB-PS: HESA staff 2022/23 correction for SAP_HR 604
PY-HU3302673HR-HU: SP03/2023 – 0PH3 Function group
PY-HU3302172HR-HU: SP03/2023 – RPCMIGH5 ER’s cert. on termination corr.
PY-KZ3291524Garnishment balance is not processed
PY-MY3301918Remove the Hyphen in Identity Number in Tabung Haji Monthly Report
PY-MY3296864LC: New Form Layout for Form EA Pin 2022
PY-MY3296839LC: New layout for C.P.8D Download File Pin 2022
PY-NL3293308PRNL UPA: Inactive Employees not Reported
PY-PL3302007Allowance revaluation factor update 2304
PY-SG3299239PY-SG:PAT File Background Processing with Application Server
PY-SK3302110HRSK: LC SK HCM Duration of consecutive contracts
PY-SK3302082HRSK: Payroll function SKCSI issues
PY-SK3294211HRSK: Report HSKCDPP0 (HSKCDPHP) – minor enhancements
QM-FIO-PT3302323Back button issue fix for MIP
RE-FX-IS3301955Issue in logical Database REBP Include DBREBPF01
SCM-APO-FCS3261635SDP94: key figure selection
SCM-APO-FCS3254910AMON1:SDP DB alerts, performance with BADI /SAPAPO/SDP_ALERT_SEL
SCM-APO-MD-PSD3236132Improvements in Product Storage Definition
SCM-APO-OPT-SNP2667832SNP optimizer: Change history
SCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PP3295471/SAPAPO/CDPS0: Order Split heuristic raises message “Time of split lies outwith the selected operation – Message no. /SAPAPO/ORDER_SPLIT044”
SCM-APO-PPS-PPT3291449S4PPDS: Bug in Fill Level Detail List – refresh triggered automatically
SCM-APO-PPS-RPT3294621Resource Planning table navigated from DS Planning Board exits for message type ‘E’ in order split heuristic.
SCM-APO-SPP-SIP3302427Adding Missing Area Menu Entry for the Multistage Safety Stock Service Profile in eSPP
SCM-EWM-EH3302249Duplicate Exception Code in QM follow up action configuration
SCM-EWM-IF-ERP3138922Rounding Residuals (aka. “Decimal Dust”) – Consulting Note
SCM-EWM-PI-DA3301764Correct differences does not work for opposite negative quantity
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-PDS3296782SAP IBP Real-Time Integration – Enhanced Check for Components in CIF_PDS_MAP_IBP_PHANTOM_SAMPLE BAdI
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-PPS3298822Add Destination Logical System Parameter to Transactional BAdIs
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-STK3200227SAP IBP Real-Time Integration – Batch Shelf-Life or Best-Before Date integration
SD-BF-PD3291002Account assignment group is not changed for the new sold-to party after an error occurs in selecting the ship-to party
SLL-LEG-CON-LMG3302561Numbering scheme is not filled after uploading determination strategies
SLL-LEG-CUS-ECC3300954US AES: Anmeldungsbefreiung für Ausfuhren – Positionen werden automatisch befreit, obwohl eine Genehmigung vorliegt
SLL-LEG-FUN-CLS3302558Korrektur diverser ATC-Fehler im Bereich Stammdaten/Klassifizierung
SLL-LEG-FUN-CLS3295770Partner Government Agencies: Konfigurierbare PGA-Datensatzpflege – Referenzprodukt
SRM-EBP-CA-ACC3301695Follow-on note 3071868 (ACC: GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED)
SRM-FIO-SOC2268995Side effects of note 2260585
SRM-UIA-SHP-BD3299092Decimal Places error for UOM in UI5 but not for Net Viewer
SV-FRN-APP3269911Composite Note for UI5 applications in Focused Run Release 4.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP3269817Composite Note for Integration Monitoring in Focused Run 4.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP3205385Composite Note for UI5 applications in Focused Run Release 3.0 FP03
SV-FRN-APP-AIM3205465Composite Note for Advanced Integration Monitoring in Focused Run 3.0 FP03
SV-FRN-APP-AIM3116253Composite Note for Advanced Integration Monitoring in Focused Run 3.0 FP02
SV-FRN-APP-AIM3062288Composite Note for Advanced Integration Monitoring in Focused Run 3.0 FP01
SV-FRN-APP-AIM2996034Composite Note for Advanced Integration Monitoring in Focused Run 3.0 SP00
SV-FRN-APP-WMM3113288WMM_HOUSEKEEPING Job failing due to runtime error in FRUN
SV-SMG-GAL3257766Process document download – sequence flow text symbols are missing in the image
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3217380Focused Build: Generic Application – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP10
SV-SMG-SDD3289900Corrections for Transport Checks in ST-PI (until SP21/ SP31)
SV-SMG-SER3127022ST-PI: Corrections on Data Extractor /SDF/HDB_THREADSAMPLE_EXTR
SV-SMG-TWB-PLN3302613Test Plan Copy Log Misses Details On Nodes Not Copied
TM-ADP-CSL3300415Service Product Copy Issues in Request & Response Lines
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3275589Pricing Trade not getting populated in case of Search Routes
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3299245Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Runtime Error During Reassignment of Delivery Note to New Consignment Order
TM-BF-CND3262083Condition Data Access Definition, no Value Help available for some fields
TM-BF-INT2589579SOA Services – BN4L Standard ID Mapping
TM-CF-CC3300778Multiple rate hit and helper class issues
TM-CF-GT-GTS3299637Post proforma invoice fails.
TM-FRM3302538Method GET_ITEM_ELEM_BY_BTDKEY is not giving back all items
TM-FRM-ASR3302640ASR: Item derived assignments to warehouse stops with container items in item hierarchy
TM-FRM-FRB3301046Condition to determine freight document type for new freight bookings based on Transportation Mode Category does not work
TM-FRM-STS3302174Reverting Warehouse (Un)Loading Stop execution status also resets handling execution status of assigned items
TM-MD-BP3260808Condition Data Access Definition, no Value Help available for some fields, MD Part
TM-PLN-MP3299600Wrong Assignment Logic for ASR Outbound Scenario
XX-CSC-AT-IS-H3302021IS-H AT: LKF Scoring – Problem bei Fällen vor 2017 (altes Kommunikationsverfahren)
XX-PART-DTM3302675Issue while creating the attribute set
XX-PART-DTM3302674V4- Issue while creating the attribute set
XX-PART-DTM3302088V4- Activity link from email not due to missing description
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-LOA3302571BAWA-1413 Dump bei Darlehens-Details nach Markierung einer Spalte
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-LOA3287959BAWA-1346 – CR057 – Wiederverwendbarkeit von Aktivitäten
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-LOA3284807BAWA-1370 Auszahlungsabruf: unvollständige Eingabeprüfung im Erfassungsdialog
XX-PART-IBS-BAS-SAV3256886BSDE-26696 (WASP-355 Retrofit): Den Anteil für den WOP-Rückbehalt bei der Teilkündigung berechnen
XX-PART-IBS-SRT3295699MHB: Datumsfelder mit Initialwert 99.99.9999
XX-PART-IBS-SRT3291395Erweiterung AWV-Ledger und C188-AWV-Kennz. Direktversorgung
XX-PART-IBS-SRT3291331Erweiterung AWV-Ledger und C188-AWV-Kennz. Direktversorgung
XX-PART-IPS330241460E- Performance issue during deal check for sales order
XX-PART-IPS3302378Agreement download issue in fiori
XX-PART-IPS3302374V4- Clauses in sales area validation
XX-PART-IPS3302329Clauses in sales area validation
XX-PART-IPS3302318V4- Agreement download issue in fiori
XX-PART-IPS3302315Issue with claim upload background job
XX-PART-IPS3302016Bill of material error message not displayed
XX-PART-IPS3301973V4- Bill of material error message not displayed
XX-PART-IPS3301855V4- Business scripts in fiori
XX-PART-IPS3299815V4- F4 search results issue in fiori
XX-PART-IPS32998076.1/60E- F4 search results issue in fiori
XX-PART-IPS3298743V4- Posting block from composite calculation run based on posting document dates
XX-PART-IPS3213020V4- Statement email configuration issues
XX-PART-IPS3207485Multiple issues for fiori ui applications
XX-PART-IPS3168235V4- Reconciliation and calculation bucket authorization issues
XX-PART-KVSPRINT3300115R4CM Kreditversicherung 5.700 und 5.751H: Fehlerhafte Jobeinplanung beim Ändern mitversicherter Kunden
XX-PART-UGI-EQU3302313MDG EAM 9.5 Equipment Long Text getting cleared in MDC after Activation
XX-PROJ-CDP-0143301783DTLN UDO zum Hinweis 3273285
XX-PROJ-CDP-0143295624LNL-RBV Zusätzliche Prüfung bei retrospektiven RBV Vorgängen
XX-PROJ-CDP-0143273285DTLN: Neues Programm zur Stornierung ausgewählter ARO Vorgänge
XX-PROJ-CDP-5863275469Data conversion for the status data of migrated MeMi Documents
XX-PROJ-CDP-TEST-6753277465RCOM 220: INC1804818- 1:M Auto-matching issues
XX-PROJ-CDP-TEST-6753276263RCOM 220: EMTS Objects “Retire” do not appear in Open Pool Matching
XX-PROJ-RE-BKXL3120257BK01 (RE-FX): Sammelhinweis (III) RDV
XX-TRANSL-DE3299285Correction of translation in program GRAC_TRANSPORT_ACCESS_RULES

Correction with Low Priority

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with low priority:

SAP ComponentNumberTitle
BC-CCM-PRN-DVM3293110Transaction SPAD: Additional information in printer overview
BC-DB-DB23258662Db2-z/OS: New user and password handling, secure storage enablement
CA-EUR-CNV-EC211947RCOPCA44: Amount in profit center reporting currency
CA-LT-MC3302384S/4HANA 2021 FPS01-FPS03 – Cannot open mapping task or download template file for mapping task – SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit [Front-End]
CA-MDG-APP-FIN3302605The Account Type is cleared when creating new G/L Account
CA-WUI-UI-TAG3227161Hyphen “-” is creating a line-break (1 of 2)
CRM-SLC3028666KBO : Possible Value (Domain) for shared/orchestrated characteristic
EIM-DS-DQ3294614Punctuation lost during assignment – USA Regulatory Address Cleanse (URAC)
FI-LOC-ECS3093839ACR Spain EC Sales List (Update 2)
FS-PM3285025Änderung Produktdefinition Musterprodukt PL100
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3301701PO: (UI) Data Mapping – Placeholder screen hangs on the initial screen
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3040952Outsort distance determination for freight-relevant items
IS-U-DM-MR3302422Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: LELINF02
IS-U-DM-MR3302418Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: SAPLELIN – FORM, ENDFORM
IS-U-DM-MR3298443Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: RELAUFT0
IS-U-DM-MR3277600Standardization of mass activity application log
IS-U-MD3293911ES67: Suchhilfe 1 nicht verwendbar
LO-RFM-PP-BD3302335Repeated logs for deleted components for BoM Consistency Check Report
LO-RFM-PP-SFC3302151Incorrect quantity proposal for confirmation of milestone operation in FSH_PCW
LO-RFM-STO-FIO3300668Multiple Stock Adjustments Creation in the Adjust Mass Stock Application
LO-SGT-CO3302523Performance improvement for Selection step of CK40N due to commodity codes
MFG-MPM3299673Few newly added texts are not translated on Review Order, Review Shift, Standalone Review order and shift.
MFG-MPM3299233Audit Logs are not capturing the create entries and column details for new values created for manage downtime/ report production.
MFG-MPM3292437SAP OEE Archiving does not work when deleted nodes exist in OEE table (MPM_MPH_NODE)
MFG-MPM3289593UoM Enhancements to OEE PLANT MONITOR Screen based on General Configuration settings.
MFG-MPM3289182Close Shift and Auto-Close Shift is not implemented need to remove these options from Extension Configuration.
MFG-MPM3288009Getting multiple error popups as “GET_RUNS_STARTED_IN_SHIFT_FAILED” when we navigate /refresh on Plant Monitor Dashboard.
MFG-MPM3288006If we keep the dashboard (with charts) open for sometime then the KPI chart starts showing error message [50017]-Invalid data binding
MFG-MPM3286525All Downtime ->Root cause machine assignment -> Attach Root Cause Downtime -> All downtimes/machines are not showing.
PM-FIO3103577Technical Object Suggestions refresh in Repair Malfunction
PP-FIO-SFC3302106Inspection characteristics table is not updated on the operation activity selection in Manage Production Orders/ Operations app
PP-KAB3287439Error L3316 in Fiori App Set KANBAN Container Status
PY-SK3297379HRSK: Minor enhancements – absence 0540, respecting of locks from P0011
SV-SMG-SDD3291812/SDF/DISPLAY_TABLE Corrections and Enhancements
TM-BF-UI3301225UI: Description of shippers or consignees not filled in Transportation Cockpit
XX-PROJ-JP-EIA1708858[KEPS-AC 604]Modi:Correction for investment measure sim
XX-PROJ-JP-EIA1513404Modification Note:JAD01/UT01PLNCOP_CTRCTN add Flag
XX-PROJ-JP-EIA893113Modification Note:/JAD01/UT02M02A: deletion of Money check


Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Normal:

SAP ComponentNumberTitle
AP-BP-SA3295576How To Add Additional Distribution Channels
AP-ML-RPA-EXE-1R13302409Frequently Asked Question: iRPA Bot “Automated supplier invoice upload (1R1)”
AP-ML-RPA-EXE-1X13210095Frequently Asked Question: iRPA Bot “Business Document Extraction From Email”
AP-ML-RPA-PRV3302644Error Message “Call to OData service failed”
AP-ML-RPA-PRV3302452Agent Status in RPA Factory Remains in ‘idle’
AP-ML-RPA-PRV3300739Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Build Process Automation (BPA) for SAP Business ByDesign
AP-ML-RPA-PRV3131444Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) for SAP Business ByDesign
AP-OM3300430Unable To View all the Available Org Units in the Selected Org Structure View
AP-OM-RPL3290285Cost Center Replication Throws Error “Access Using a ‘ZERO’ Object Reference is not Possible”
AP-POP2678740How is the Output Channel of a Purchase Order Determined
AP-POP-PO3302475How is Ship to Address determined in Output form of Purchase order
AP-POP-PO2478712Tax Code is not Determined or Wrong Tax Code is Determined
AP-RC-BDS-SCR3302531How to check for ABSL involvement in Unexpected System Behavior
AP-RC-CEC-B2B3302639Unable to Subscribe Tasks and Email Notification for Web service Message Monitoring
AP-RC-OUT3297392Error in previewing the Interactive form template.
AP-RC-OUT-EVT3302677Message “This file is invalid for use as the following: Security Certificate”
AP-SDM3080753How To Cancel Remaining Quantity In a Pick Task ?
AP-SLO-SO3302637How to Create Separate Number Range for Sales Documents Per Business Residence
BC-BW2941940Troubleshooting SAP Service API performance issues (Data Packages, Work Processes, RFC Connections, Partner Profiles)
BC-CTS-CCO3302321<Pool Table>ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
BC-CTS-LAN3302509How to get texts of text elements in customizing programs displayed when logins are in different languages
BC-CTS-TLS3302458sap_dext called with msgnr “32”
BC-DB-DB62632926How to Monitor the Create/Rebuild of Bad indexes – DB6 IBM
BC-DB-ORA3291626Error DIM-00097: User name or password is invalid – NetWeaver
BC-DB-ORA3288669Dictionary statistics update fails with ORA-03113
BC-DB-ORA-DBA3302502Command brconnect fails with error ORA-12547 when connecting to database – NetWeaver
BC-DB-SYB3215342saphostctrl TASK=VALIDATE_SEC_STORES execution failed. Database must be running to check database user credentials.
BC-DWB-DIC-AC1624942“Field XXXX in table YYYY is specified twice” error in DDIC_ACTIVATION or ACT_UPG
BC-IAM-IDS3302330How to add/change background image for SAP IAS Logon Screen?
BC-IAM-IDS3290775Error when trying to import IAS users with a different email
BC-IAM-IPS3251155Identity Provisioning job failed with error – “Enter a user name.” while provisioning users to AS ABAP system
BC-MID-SCC3006866How to add security HTTP headers to SAP Cloud Connector UI
BC-OP-LNX3277471LD_LIBRARY_PATH empty with saphostagent – NetWeaver
BC-OP-LNX-OLNX3277498libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.3.8′ not found – NetWeaver
BC-OP-SUN3292265Sftp script doesn’t work in SM49 – NetWeaver
BC-SRV-APS-EXT-FLD2923490App could not be opened because the SAP UI5 component of the application could not be loaded. – Custom Fields and Logic
BC-SYB-ASE3302726Any login other than “sa” cannot login to SAP ASE server – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE3302355DYNAMIC_PREPARE and “streamlined dynamic SQL” and why it helps performance – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE3302354How to prevent users from making any DML changes in a specific database? – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2834034SYBASE consume 100% CPU Usage
BC-SYB-ASE2204523SySAM grace period explained
BC-SYB-ASE2155142Error “Waiting for native threads to be released…” – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE1949017How to check/correct Database free space accounting – ASE
BC-SYB-IQ3302367SySAM 2.4 shutdowns the SAP IQ server before the grace expiration date – SAP IQ
BC-SYB-PD1935911System Error: 10035 “WinSock: Operation would block” – SAP PD
BC-SYB-PD1870657Cannot connect to Portal / PD Web using LDAP – SAP PD
BC-SYB-PD1848041Unable to unlock repository model – SAP PD
BC-SYB-SQA3302819Moving a SQL Anywhere installation using a silent install
BC-UPG-MP2431951How to generate a stack file for upgrading SAP_UI or kernel without updating other SAP components
BC-UPG-TLS-TLA3284469How to find SAP HANA Client version in Maintenance Planner
BC-WD-JAV2527906Drop-down elements in WD Java applications not working after upgrade
BI-BIP-AUT2672379Front-End SAML SSO to BI intermittently fails with HTTP 404 error
BI-BIP-INS3242934INS00013 error when upgrading BI Platform
BI-DEV-JAV3302515How to delete all Web Intelligence cache documents that start with “do-not-use-xxxxxx” using JAVA SDK?
BI-DEV-JAV1778504How to check user groups granted rights on folder using BusinessObjects Enterprise Java SDK
BI-RA-CR3302831Unable to View or Edit a Command Object of a report in Crystal Reports
BI-RA-CR2142332How to rename a Command Object in Crystal Reports?
BI-RA-CR1214636Why the Add Command option is not visible in Crystal Reports?
BI-RA-WBI3293163Web Intelligence Grid Layout
BNS-ARI-CI-AN3183204Error: “CIG-PLT-05663” for documents coming from my Ariba Procurement Realm to CIG
BNS-ARI-INV-NPO3180380How do I enable creating invoices for one time vendors (SINV-5406)?
BNS-ARI-RSK3178800Why are Adverse Media Notifications shows under a different Supplier’s name?
BNS-ARI-SS-DMS3302480Why don’t i see guided sourcing option when material quote is initiated from product sourcing ?
BNS-ARI-SS-DMS-CON3302353Why is guided sourcing option not available when creating an BOM quote under product sourcing?
BNS-ARI-SS-EVT3181859Where can I check event audit log entries?
BNS-ARI-SS-PRO3175410User unable to create sourcing project from sourcing request
BW-BCT-FI-AA29622770ASSET_ATTR_TEXT: BAdI implementation FIAA_BW_DELTA_UPDATE inactive in source system
BW-WHM-MTD-CTS3054302Troubleshooting after import transport issues in BW, BW/4 HANA [Central KBA]
CA-ATP-PAL3299193Download and Upload functionality in Product Allocation (aATP)
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-TH3301917Purpose code missing in XML generated in EDOC_COCKPIT for TH eDoc solution
CA-GTF-MIG3016328Numbering sequence is not the same as the sequence in migration template
CA-GTF-MIG2931342“Warehouse Number: <XXX> already exists” error happens when extending a material with new org levels in Migration Cockpit
CA-INB-TSK3302878Technical Blog: Setting up Task Center Information
CA-LT-MC3301684Dropdown items are greyed out in migration cockpit.
CA-LT-SLT3302594How to estimate the remaining runtime of initial loads – SLT
CA-LT-SLT3239711Invalid column name on view – SLT 3.0
CA-LT-SLT2730957How to specify filters for replication of INDX-like tables? – SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server
CA-LT-SLT2683441What is /1LT/IUC_REPMSTRE job for?
CA-LT-SLT2601011How to delete errors/logs from the application log of LTRC? – SLT
CA-LT-SLT2593656How to change the user/server/class for an SLT job?
CA-LT-SLT2586653Is there a SLT command line API ?
CA-ML-IPA3302632Error “You’ve entered an invalid name, or an invalid secret ID” seen when Installing Desktop Agent 3
CA-UI5-ABA-SAR2792008SAPUI5 changes in SE80 are not reflected when running the application
CA-UI5-COR3248149SAPUI5 custom application changes are not visible to the end user
CA-UI5-COR2282103How to check the version of SAPUI5 you have installed
CA-UI5-ST-OP3302724“Target was not found” error while using app based on SAP Fiori Elements
CEC-COM-ADM-BO3153313Filter condition in Reference Search in Backoffice is too narrow
CEC-COM-ADM-PRO3286216Promotion Status not reflecting in backoffice upon Publish or Undeploy
CEC-COM-ADM-SEDIT3191806How to extend Mime Type Support in SmartEdit File Uploader
CEC-COM-ADM-SEDIT3169865How To remove OOTB mandatory fields (*) in SmartEdit
CEC-COM-ADM-SEDIT3138457Error: “Value is required, null given for key: myDataPK” while accessing page list or content catalog in Smartedit
CEC-COM-CPS-COR3133984Proxy Error when import or export data with Impex in CCV2
CEC-SAL-CPQ3301369Duplicate incident.
CEC-SAL-CPQ3299468Need to identify the CPQ Admin Users in the tenant when no one can login.
CEC-SAL-CPQ3294776Unable to download a Report from the Report Module containing bulk data.
CEC-SAL-CPQ3289736Create a ‘New active revision’ quote without choosing ‘set as active’ option.
CEC-SAL-CPQ3269232Quote Table String Column character limit
CEC-SAL-CPQ3268973Users can edit inactive revisions of quote
CEC-SAL-CPQ3268026Can we make Customer API call when Business Partner feature is enabled on Quote 2.0 tenant?
CEC-SAL-CPQ3250725How to know Quote ID of a quote.
CEC-SAL-CPQ3241033Add Items Quick Search option of Product is missing on quote page.
CEC-SAL-CPQ3234787Ability to change Margin percent in cart
CEC-SPA3293546SSR timing out in Angular using Spartacus
CO-OM3302692Formula field not visible in SE16H / SE16N
CO-OM-CEL-A3301861How to know the Cost Element Group where a Cost Element is being used
CO-OM-OPA3302562How to transport selection variants for internal orders in OKOV
CO-OM-OPA-F3302849AUC balance and KOB5 balances not matching
CO-PC-ACT3293168Transaction MIRO show both error messages m8008 and c+514
CO-PC-ACT2537912S/4HANA CKM3: Data Unmigrated warning appears
EHS-MGM-INC2334130Lessons Learned and Investigation Analysis are not populated in the Investigation Summary Report for category Incident
EIM-DS-CON3301768ERROR: SQL1109N The command was not processed because the database manager failed to load the following DLL: “GSKit Error: 408”. SQLSTATE=42724
EIM-DS-CON2880222Data Services Designer displays the incorrect central repository while viewing the central object library – SAP Data Services 4.2.x
EIM-DS-CON2579254How to request for authorization
EIM-DS-DES2884605“Logon failed to specified system” when logging into Designer – SAP Data Services 4.2
EIM-DS-DES2735707Cannot create a datastore in DS Designer with no response
EIM-DS-DES2628006Nvl function not working as designed – SAP Data Services 4.x
EIM-DS-EXE2871657PRINT function returns inconstant values for decimal data types – SAP Data Services 14.2.x
EIM-DS-EXE2871019Error: The default repository name does not match – SAP Data Services 4.2
EIM-DS-EXE2824849Adapter connection failed. com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/InjectableValues
EIM-DS-EXE2810576ODBC unsupported driver version for Azure while running a job in Data Services Designer -Data Services
EIM-DS-EXE2756112How is the non-default function category populated in the Select Function tab. – Data Services
EIM-DS-EXE2750295Does PostgreSQL support parallel reading? – Data Services
EIM-DS-EXE2746008Windows Authentication is not supported on UNIX.
EIM-DS-EXE2688384How To: Troubleshoot wrong Decimal Separator in a flatfile – SAP Data Services
EIM-DS-EXE2685039Error:unable to connect socket for url – SAP Data Services 4.2
EIM-DS-EXE2682463Functions utc_to_local and local_to_utc cause invalid output when the source column is used in multiple mappings in a single query
EIM-DS-EXE2655478Error reading JSON file as source
EIM-DS-EXE2624856An error occurred while importing metadata: (BODI-1111469) The adapter XML for function <> Contains parsing errors in the object while importing WADL into Designer – SAP Data Services 4.x
EIM-DS-EXE2585759Issue BODS oData error : Job is terminated due to error <58105> – SAP Data Services 4.2
EIM-DS-EXE2443594[WSock32 DLL] 10065 WSA E HostUnreach: The Teradata server can’t currently be reached over this network – SAP Data Services 14.2
EIM-DS-EXE2439258Error: Bind variables only allowed in Apex code SFDC- Data Services
EIM-DS-ODP2749266Error reading SLT (system landscape transformation) converted data type D34D to decimal in designer, SPA Data services 14.2.x
EIM-IS-DI2905530Excel download doesn’t work when viewing more failed data from a shared scorecard link – Information Steward
EIM-IS-DI2719851SAP Information Steward 4.2 – Scorecard error after patching to SP10 – is_pdf_attached column missing in MMT_Key_Data_Domain
EIM-IS-DI2713168Table contents sorted incorrectly – Information Steward
EIM-IS-DI2627454All tasks fail with error: <table> not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check whether the object exists, when using Sybase ASE as Information Steward Repository database
EIM-IS-DI2463098Error: Check the file for bad data, or redefine the input schema for the file by editing the file format in the UI – SAP Information Steward 14.2
EPM-BPC-NW2272366Performance Analysis Tools for SAP BPC NetWeaver/BW Reporting
FI-AA-AA-B3301032Depreciation Key not editable S/4HANA CLOUD
FI-BL-PT-BA3301069Error ‘RFEKA400:error when converting date’ obtained in app ‘Upload Bank Statement’.
FI-FIO-AA3302451The Reverse Journal Entries Links in App Manage Fixed Assets
FI-GL-GL-A3302743Error F5150 through F-01 (Sample document)
FI-GL-GL-G3302581F.05 no batch input session is created
FI-GL-GL-N3302664Error message “Ledger group-specific postings exist” when changing OIM flag
FI-LOC-SD-BR2545409ICMS Exclusion from PIS and COFINS Base Amount Troubleshooting Guide
FI-LOC-SRF-RUN3196442S/4HANA Onpremise SAP Document and Reporting Compliance – Authentication Issue-Please check the credential’s in RFC/Communication System
FI-TV-ODT-MTE2785400My Travel and Expenses: handling of meals deductions in MTE 1.7 app
FIN-FSCM-CLM-BAM3302440CE2302 /Notification of Your Bank Account Revision for ALL USERS.
FIN-RTC2511574Checkpoints for BPC Integration and Configuration in Real-Time Consolidation (RTC) in S/4HANA
GRC-IAG3302843IAG – Repository Sync throwing HTTP Error500 for cloud systems in IAG Bridge
GRC-IAG-AR3300664IAG – How does Authorization Policy works with different filters?
GRC-SAC-ARA2959165Adhoc risk analysis at user level, for a single user id, is being run for all users.
GRC-SAC-ARA2638636S_SERVICE false positives in access risk analysis in GRC Access Control
HAN-DB3259152Managed Systems Setup’ for SAP HANA DB monitoring errors in ‘Check for the availability of the statistics server’
HAN-DB3056869Handling /IWFND/I_MED_SRH table index issue during system upgrade in HANA
HAN-DB-BAC3302520Performance processing LOG-backups via backint
HAN-DB-BAC3302320How to disable automatic log backup
HAN-DB-ENG2044468FAQ: SAP HANA Partitioning
HAN-DB-PERF3300509Long running DELETE statements against table BC_MSG_AUDIT
HAN-DP-SDI3082943Can you reactivate a replication task which has running remote subscriptions? SAP HANA Smart Data Integration
HAN-STD-ADM-DBA3302441Schema mapping doesn’t work for script-based calculation views
IS-H-PM-OCM3301561FAQ – Dispositionstyp
LE-SHP-GF-AC2613127Available quantity shown as 99999999999 in batch determination
LE-SHP-GF-AC2044038Over confirmation when delivery creation and PGI are performed at the same time
LE-SHP-GF-DS1960707No scheduling happens during delivery creation from STO
LO-RFM-MD-ART3301288Unable to change material type, merchandise category and article category in BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT
LOD-ANA-AD3302494How to narrow down a problem that occurs with a table in Analytics Application?
LOD-ANA-DES3302331Export jobs stay permanently changed when delay causes them to run at a later time in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
LOD-ANA-ML-DI3220729Checkpoints: Import and Export Job for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Data to BW or BW/4HANA via an OData Service
LOD-ANA-PL-PLI3302366How to “Enable Legacy Export” option in SAP Analytics Cloud
LOD-CRM-BF-DLP3302394The Queries Under Library OWL Screen Are Showing The Same Result
LOD-CRM-GW-SCC3302385Groupware Settings Data is Not Copied After Tenant Copy
LOD-CRM-INT-ERP3301179MaterialReplicationInitiatedByExternalIn failing with “Solve Configuration Issue in Code List Mapping for field MeasureUnitCode with value ABC” Error
LOD-CRM-OPP2942789New button Under Follow-up Items Disabled for an Appointment
LOD-CRM-SBS-FT3254749How to Configure Prerequisites for Intelligent Sales Execution(ISE) Add-on to Work?
LOD-CRM-SEC3143315Expiration date for certificate ‘DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA’ Use On SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) Product.
LOD-CRM-WKF3302277Copy Workflow Conditions
LOD-HCI-DS3216722How to improve task performance with IBP WebRFC datastore – SAP Cloud Integration for data services
LOD-HCI-DS2803707SAPSQL_PARSE_ERROR- An error has occurred while parsing a dynamic entry.>. – CPI-DS
LOD-HCI-DS2797983Unable to upload the agent certificates to CPI server due to incorrect username or password – SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-DS2551051ABAP Syntax error while running ABAP query transform with more than one extractor – SAP Integration for Data Services
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-RFC3299186Snowflake Connectivity using CPI.
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-SOAP3302600Inbound Calls to CPI Tenant using OAuth 2.0 are failing with 401 Unauthorized error
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-SOAP3266549Message processing failed with “error 28 – No space left on device”
LOD-HCI-PI-OP-SRV3301884Automatic Extraction of interface list in CPI.
LOD-HCI-PI-OP-SRV3297331Message Failure at Aggregator step in Iflow
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS3266440Call to CPI Endpoint fails with error ICM_HTTP_SSL_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS3193513Cloud Integration Certificate Is Expiring in STRUST
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS2738541Cloud Integration Certificate Renewal
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS2601038Connection from Technical Client to Cloud Integration Server Fails Due to Untrusted Server Certificate
LOD-HCI-PI-RT3302358How to check the version of Integration Process in iFlow
LOD-HCI-PI-RT3047564What to check for in CPI JDBC connectivity with Oracle DB when an error occurs
LOD-LH-NFE3302338Non electronic Service Nota Fiscal or Electronic Service Nota Fiscal (NFS-e) sent incorrectly to the NF-e/CT-e Monitor (J1BNFE)
LOD-SF-ANA-ORD3302717Unable to find ‘Mean Score’ field in LMS Canvas report
LOD-SF-EC-ADM3301845Time Zone – Asia/Amman is incorrect
LOD-SF-EC-CWF2823437Is it possible to configure who will receive an Alert/Notification for work order expiration?
LOD-SF-EC-GBF3302438Benefit Enrollment Group Workflow does not show Send Back Button
LOD-SF-EC-JOB3296965Job Classification Picklist Not Showing all Job Codes
LOD-SF-EC-PAY2550917Customized Pay Type Values Not Appearing in SF Employee Central
LOD-SF-EC-TIM2439545How to Delete Approved Leave Requests
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI3302894Unable to report/extract “Time Account Balance as of Termination Date” data – Employee Central
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI3301087Total Requesting field shows “NaN:NaN” when system language is Spanish (España)
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-UI3288975Year for display is blank in Firefox browser
LOD-SF-EC-TMS-UI2555095Restrict managers to be able to only view their direct report’s time sheet
LOD-SF-EC-WFL3302767Incorrect Job Title is shown in the Workflow Details page
LOD-SF-EC-WFL-DEL2080882Employee Central – Workflow Delegation
LOD-SF-EP-BGD2635378Sorting Order of Background and Trend Data in Employee Profile
LOD-SF-GM-ADM2072180Text Replacement Options for Goal/Objective Plans
LOD-SF-LMS3302457How to validate if all user entities have User Source System populated [LMS]
LOD-SF-LMS-PCM2806153Content error prevents users from completing courses
LOD-SF-LMS-SCH3026667Special Formatting Applied in the Item Description Does Not Reflect in Class Details Summary Information – LMS
LOD-SF-LMS-SCH2233276How to disable Notifications for Scheduled Offerings
LOD-SF-LMS-TIL3302815Translation Issue on Learning cards on Latest Home Page
LOD-SF-MDF-WFL2544336Custom MDF workflow and its behaviors depending on Pending Data = Yes/ No.
LOD-SF-MTR-FRM2738773Order of Feedback on Anonymous 360 Multi Rater Forms – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-FRM2495812Competencies and behaviors are not localized when adding competencies into the form – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-FRM2404279Missing Competency Section – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-MAP2800788Hide Visibility After Document Transfer – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-MAP2747507Cannot add more participants to the Evaluation step of a 360 Multi-Rater form
LOD-SF-MTR-PAR2463521Participants – Uploading 360 Multi-Rater Participants via CSV is Not Working – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-RAT3053598Hide category weight tips in Summary View is Not Supported in 360 Fiori – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-RAT2526619How to hide Objective/Competency Summary section – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-RAT2395001Visibility of Rater’s Ratings in the 360 Review Evaluation Summary – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-REP2265512How to hide Hidden Strengths View and Blind Spots View from Detailed 360 Report – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-REP2069966Detailed 360 Report – How to disable link on a 360 Reviews form – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-REP2069244Detailed 360 Report – Calculate the item ratings by sub-item ratings – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-REP2069226Blind-spot and Hidden Strength Reports – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-MTR-SCH2396643Unable to Launch 360 forms using Upload Participant List – 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-OBD-INT3298625External users are unable to login with partial SSO enabled
LOD-SF-OBD-SCR3277907Onboarding 1.0 Platform Upgrade
LOD-SF-OBX3287701Is it possible to remove the delete option from Personal Data Collection and Manage Pending Hires? – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX3284786USERNAME being set as Personal email ID – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX3283780Missing compliance forms (Notice and Acknowledgement of Pay Rate – NY & Notice to employee – CA) – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX-ACC3281873[Onboarding] FAQs on IAS
LOD-SF-OBX-DBD3272626[Onboarding] How to change font and page color in Onboarding dashboard
LOD-SF-OBX-OFP3301895[Offboarding] Employee Review Check not available
LOD-SF-OBX-OFP3301412[Offboarding] Delegate option for offboarding dashboard
LOD-SF-OBX-RCM3301456Onboarding – Internal Hire Process Event Reason not derived from the rule
LOD-SF-PLT3253511SuccessFactors Platform Release Information FAQ [2H 2022]
LOD-SF-PLT2988230SAP Partner Apps for SuccessFactors – instructions for SAP support process
LOD-SF-PLT-LHOM3302416Third Party To-Do Integrations on the Latest Home Page
LOD-SF-PLT-LHOM2979275Latest Home Page: New Experience for the SAP SuccessFactors Home Page
LOD-SF-PLT-PRV2519639Manage Provisioning Access Tool – BizX Platform
LOD-SF-PM-ADM2228757Launch Form for Group of Employees (Dynamic Group) via Admin Center not showing standard elements
LOD-SF-PM-FAM2626064Is it possible to control the order of Job Specific Competencies in a form? – Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater
LOD-SF-PM-SYS3302273Error “There was an error processing your request…” is showed when save and close form or see info about form
LOD-SF-RCM-API3300396Free Text pre-screening question response update via oDATA API
LOD-SF-RCM-ASI3302755What is the Event Notification Subscription authentication method for assessments using OAuth 2.0? – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAN2274672When is Internal Candidate Profile activated (created)? – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAO2219808Offer Approval Field Values (customPicklist) are Empty When Saving/Sending Offer to Approver – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAO2081532Offer Approval – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-EML2718287How to edit the Agency User Forgot Password email notification template – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB3300457Delete Job Requisition via Trash Can Icon Error
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB3111526Operator’s manager cannot see the Job Requisition or Job Requisition details – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-SYS3302736Provisioning job “Background Actions to be run on deletion/Restoration of job” failure
LOD-SF-RMK-CSB2749797How to create and edit Category Pages rules – Recruiting Marketing
LOD-SF-RPO3302728Recruiting Posting Release 2305-4 (February 2023)
LOD-SF-RPO3110171Recruiting Posting Release Blog
LOD-SF-RPO-JSM2811284What important information must be included in Recruiting Posting ticket?
LOD-SF-RPO-UMN2933370Language specific company description option missing – Recruiting Posting
LOD-SF-SCM-MXG2413724Not able to access How vs What Matrix Grid Configuration page in Admin Center
LOD-SF-VRP-HIS3302747Change of date format when exporting the employee history via job
MM-FIO-PUR-ANA3302478Weighted material price and average material price logic in different view in F0682
MM-IM-GF-AUTH2985553VL02N/Vl06O :Authorization check M_MSEG_WWE for receiving plant
MM-IM-GF-REP1919901Transaction MB58 shows different results
MM-IM-PI-PI1919904Print Form As’ Selection Screen Block Missing in MI21
MM-IV-CIM3302332Subscription to Central Invoice Management failed and error “Couldn’t subscribe to SAP Central Invoice Management” happens
MM-IV-INT-WF3302682Supplier invoice workflow with statistical WBS or Cost center
MM-IV-LIV-CRE1674901MIRO and Invoicing Plan: error M8083 and no amount proposed
MM-PUR-GF-CU1941538Translation of WERKS, EKORG, EKGRP, LGORT
MM-PUR-GF-EDI1552936Unable to Distribute PO/Schedule Agreement Changes via ALE
MM-PUR-GF-ES1907688Price from purchase order not transferred via XML to SUS
MM-PUR-GF-ES1878989ECC Central Contract target value at item level
MM-PUR-GF-LIS1886046Why Event ML is not triggered when GI posted for a Stock Transfer Order Delivery?
MM-PUR-GF-PR1894356Condition Text Button grayed out in Info Record and Contract
MM-PUR-GF-RE1903564ME3N – release value is showing incorrectly
MM-PUR-OA-ALE1625125BLAORD IDoc contains only deleted items processes with status 53
MM-PUR-OA-SCH2039723Plant can´t be changed in a scheduling agreement or contract
MM-PUR-REQ-GUI1965446ME51N : Field ‘Block ID’ is optional although the field has been set as display
MM-PUR-SRC-CBD3302574SPRO node missing during activation of Manage Cost Breakdown Templates feature in Product Sourcing
MM-PUR-VM-REC1908472ME11 : Field “Short Text for Purchasing Info Record” is mandatory
MOB-MDK-MDC-WEB3302748MDK WebClient Runtime Removed on BTP and applications not loading
PA-SFI-TM2369652Performance Forms Not Routing to the supervisors/Managers when data updated/upserted via API
PLM-ECC3292954How to Measure CAD Users – Audit trail for Licences for CAD-Desktop and SAP Engineering Control Center
PP-FIO-SFC3302310Define Production Order Number
PP-SFC3302170Production Order Number Range
PY-PT3302232Error when submitting Modelo 10
PY-XX-PYP3302781PCC Manage Teams: No option to delete teams
QM-IM-IL3299183RAISE_EXCEPTION DUMP at sample calculation (program SAPLQEEV) – exception ACTIVITY_NOT_ALLOWED
SBN-AN3174533The header-level shipping tax showing in the cXML invoice as a line-level tax
SBN-AN-ADM3174200What are business roles?
SBN-AN-TPO3172173How do I use the Link User IDs option?
SBO-ADD-BD3275456Add-on Datev and ELSTER: Standard behaviors guide and How-to scenarios
SBO-BP-IR3302142Invoice with deferred tax and multiple payments cannot be reconciled internally.
SBO-HANA-CON3300333Quick Deployment of SAP HANA Database High Availability Solution for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA
SBO-PUR3296317Last Data Record shows a document posted in a past period
SCM-APO-INT-STK3301409Stock created in S4 Core is not transferred to embedded PPDS
SCM-BAS-PAK-HU3263649HU Type maintenance in table /SCWM/THUTYP
SCM-IBP-SUP3269372Cycle error with invalid sources
SCM-IBP-SUP-OPT3237986Customer Data Usage for Product Improvement – SAP SCM Optimization
SCM-IBP-XLS-MD3219069The system found a data mismatch for attribute value (Value): In order to sync these, please complete a cache reload.
SD-BF-AC2861337Determination of Plant, Shipping Point and Route in Sales Order
SD-BF-AC2593679ATP quantity for sales order item
SD-BF-AC2477685Subcontractor Stock is not shown in ATP check
SD-BF-AC1649762Delivery Block with confirmation Block does not remove confirmed quantity
SD-BF-AC-BOP1971961Underconfirmation or overconfirmation in V_V2 when MRP area is used.
SD-BF-AC-PAL2522110Cannot create new Product Allocation configurations
SD-BF-CM2761313Maintain Credit Checks for SAP Credit Management (FSCM)
SD-BF-PR3302455Condition base value for the same condition type is different for the same material in sales order.
SD-BF-TP3302312Error “Transport text type “TX08″ for text object” when releasing change project – SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302
SD-BIL-GF-OC3114211Flexible Billing Output for PS – Inability to activate Custom Aggregation Rule S/4 HANA CLOUD
SD-FIO-HBA3302779InfoProvider 2CISDBILLGDOCITMC does not exist
SD-SLS2541762DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR update termination / short dump in transaction VA01
SD-SLS-PBS3302340TTX1 is not redetermined in the Project Sales Order Service – S/4HANA Cloud
SD-SLS-SO2959985Terms of payment <terms> are not defined
SRD-CC-FED3302793Excel XLSM Extension File Not Allowed
SRD-CC-SEC3295608SSO Connection Between SAP ByD and SAP BTP to use Odata Services in SAPUI5 Fails
SRD-HR-PAD3301252Error “ADMINISTRATIVE_CATEGORY_CODE-CONTENT is missing ADMINISTRATIVE_CATEGORY_CODE-LIST_ID is missing” While Changing Administrative Category
SRD-HR-PAD3295609Extension Field Implementation Engagement Percentage Shows as # in Report.
SRD-HR-TLM3297774Save failed: Your entries could not be saved due to errors
SRD-HR-TLM3285335Web-Services Required To Fetch All Worklist Items For An Employee.
SRD-MD-BP3290812ABC Classification is Automatically Determined While Saving the Account
SRD-MD-BP3262478How to Enable Tax Exemption Fields
SV-CLD-FRM-INF2791664No transports are allowed during software upgrade
SV-FRN-INF-SDA3302343“Permission policy violation” error in log during SDA and SAP Host Agent installation
SV-FRN-INF-SDA3302341Prerequisites for efficient incident processing in FRUN Simple Diagnostic Agent
SV-FRN-INS3301930Possibility of change FQDN of SAP Focused Run system & monitored managed systems
SV-SMG-CM3108225Urgent Change not picking all systems of transport landscape
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-WA3302569Metric type: TREX SEARCHPERF Metric name: “total search count(n)” is missing in EWA
SV-SMG-LIC2805319License Management not showing SAP Support Portal info – SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP08 or higher
SV-SMG-SER-EWA2659522Performance Concerns in the EWA
TM-FRM-FRT3286031Automatic tendering results in ABAP dump after upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA 2022
X4-CBC-SSC3211415CBC: “Go to Activity” button is grayed out and transaction code is BO_X4_<scope item ID> 
XX-PART-HCL-EAM3302168During PO Save DUMP is coming when PO having more than 10-line items
XX-PART-HCL-MDC3302050Issue with AXON Maintenance Scheduling B
XX-PART-OPT-INV3302302SAP Invoice Management by OpenText – BC Inbound / IDF – EDI Invoices appears as Credit Notes VIM
XX-PART-WILY2627272How to deploy / Install / Update Introscope Enterprise Manager Management Modules – SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2
XX-SER-SAPSMP-LAUNCH2854599Schedule a Manager – Frequently Asked Questions – SAP Product Support
XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR2482020Logon issues due to P-User ID

Recommendations / Additional Info

Below is the list of SAP Notes released with priority as Recommendations / Additional Info:

BC-CCM-SDM3239704SDMI Classes in the Silent Data Migration Framework in SAP S/4HANA 2022 (Details, Corrections, Special Handling Notes)
BC-CST3302461Known regressions in kernel 7.77 patch level 539
BC-CST3287208SAP Support Package Stack Kernel 7.54 Patch Level 100 (RTC)
BC-DB-ORA2799940Patches for 19c: Exadata / SuperCluster
BC-DB-ORA2799920Patches for 19c: Database
BC-DB-SDB1444241Feature List for SAP MaxDB 7.9
BC-OP-LNX-AWS1656250SAP on AWS: Support prerequisites
BC-OP-LNX-AWS1656099SAP Applications on AWS: Supported DB/OS and AWS EC2 products
BC-OP-LNX-CISCO1403020Linux: Certified Cisco Hardware
BC-SRV-BDS2937312BDS Documents not opening after Upgrade
BC-SYB-SQA3291107SQLAnywhere 17.0 SP1 PL10 Build 7254 Release Notes Information
BC-UPG-ADDON2777428Release strategy and Maintenance Information for the ABAP add-on UIFSRI
BC-UPG-ADDON2365349Add-on REBK01 400: Enhancements to installation/upgrade/support packages
BC-WD-UR2500800Cumulative patches for Unified Rendering
CRM-BTX-BF-IF3301785Structure Mismatches between CRM and ERP or S/4 Hana
FIN-CS-CDC3227784Common issues for SAP Group Reporting Data Collection apps Manage Forms and Enter Package Data
FIN-CS-CDC3134293Common connection issues for SAP Group Reporting Data Collection and S/4HANA
FIN-CS-CDC2646756SAP Group Reporting Data Collection – Limitations and Known Issues
HAN-DB2777782SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS Settings for RHEL 8
LOD-ANA-DAN3302128Consideratons when working with Export Excel functionality in SAC Data Analyzer
LOD-ANA-DAN3302109Considerations when working with Export to PDF functionality in SAC Data Analyzer
LOD-ANA-DAN3280828Gaps between Data Analyzer and Classic Data Analyzer in SAP Analytics Cloud
LOD-ANA-DAN3278772Considerations when opening Data Analyzer from a table visualization in a story
LOD-ANA-DAN3102823Considerations when opening Classic Data Analyzer from a table visualization in a story
LOD-ANA-FLY2789695Considerations when changing backend data models used in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
MFG-DM3253702Integrating SAP Digital Manufacturing with SAP Plant Connectivity and the Production Connector for SAP Digital Manufacturing
MFG-DM-PRC3266261Monitoring of agent instance log for critical events
MOB-APP-SAM2906445Software Release Note – SAP Asset Manager 2005
MOB-CLD-AGS3230084Software Release Note – Agentry Cloud Edition
MOB-SYC-SAP-WM3066972Software Release Note – SAP Work Manager 6.6
SCM-APO-AMO1494306Alert Monitor: Calculate Deviation Percentage
SCM-EWM-PRN-HU3258957Implement Notes for Print Handling Units using Note Analyzer
SCM-EWM-PRN-PID3253761Implement Notes for Print Physical Inventory Documents using Note Analyzer
SCM-EWM-PRN-WO3258969Implement Notes for Print Warehouse Orders using Note Analyzer
SCM-IBP-DM3238906SAP IBP OD 2302 – Patch Collection Information Note
SD-SLS3277828SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sales: Restrictions for CDS Views
SD-SLS3233830Configuration Steps for Advanced Intercompany Sales in SAP S/4HANA
XX-HEC-OPS3250501Information on mandatory Security Parameters & Hardening requirements for ABAP systems in SAP Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS)
XX-SER-LAS2999672Completely revised digital access estimation report 2 for S/4H
XX-SER-REL3222252SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302: Release Restriction Note


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