817 SAP Notes released on 21 February 2023

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SAP Notes Released on 21 February 2023
SAP Notes Released on 21 February 2023

Let’s dive into complete list of 817 SAP Notes released on 21 February 2023. While 274 of these notes have just been made released on 21 February 2023 for the first time, while 545 SAP notes are revised versions.

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Correction with High Priority

Below is the list of 55 SAP Notes released or revised with priority as Correction with high priority:

18 New SAP Notes

BC-MID-ICF3269305Export ICF services with system logon and the settings
BC-UPG-NZ-DT3302290NZDT Support of trigger conditions that only take effect for tables with active RBR
BW-BEX-OT-ODP3304308750 SP27: Fields of type Short String are not adjusted correctly for the analytical engine.
BW-RUI-FPM3304288BICS Grid: Dump when resetting Filter
BW4-SEC-ANA3288399Berechtigungstrace: Überprüfung des Berechtigungsobjektes S_RS_AUTH
CA-DDF-RT-PPS3298547XSAC_OPP_PPS Patch (version 2.0.13)
CA-RT-AP3303471Bug Fix for Scheduled Location Movement
CRM-IC-SCR3303901UI5 Script Editor: Script with actions is not showing
FI-FIO-GL-IS3303696Display Line Item in General Ledger – Column width resizing issue in Smart Table
FIN-CS-COR-DT3304114Realign Group Reporting Preparation Ledger: support of CO-PA fields
LO-BM-FIO3304041Manage Batches (F2462) – Multiple issues when batches are handled at client level
MM-PUR-HUB-PR3303835Contract which are sources of supply not visible while using Assign SoS in Process Purchase requisitions Centrally
MOB-APP-SAM3303867SAP Service and Asset Manager – Cannot add attachment to the operation after taking readings from a measuring point in the same operation
PY-ES3303784CALC: Employer cc contribution value wrong after SAP note 3301609
SD-SLS-MCC3303994Adjustments of Shipping Point in Mass Change of Sales Documents
SLL-LEG-CUS-ECC3304032UZK: Mitteilung der Stornierung storniert Zollanmeldung immer
SLL-LEG-RSK-PRE-VDC3303775Berechtigungsprüfung bei Neuausstellungsgründen
SRM-UIA-SHP-CT3301392SSPUX: Issue with add button on click of the “Add Supplier” button.
XX-PART-CGS3226458R4CM Dispute Management 2.x: Laufzeitfehler DBSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR bei Erzeugung einer AV-Meldung

37 Revised SAP Notes

BI-RA-AO-XLA3256339Analysis Office 2.8: Release Note for SP 17
CA-MDG-APP-FIN3032574The error “There are gaps in the profit center’s period of validity” is raised during SOA inbound of profit center
CA-RT-AM-PRO3296052SAP Allocation Management : Draft Reorg report doesn’t clear drafts from table /AMR/WL_OFR_DR
EHS-MGM-PRC-IMD3298634IMDS – MDS source cannot be displayed
EP-PCT-MAN-MW3208654EAMS: In the query change for “Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Item List”, the selection parameter from the input help is not transferred.
FI-GL-GL-F13277225Performance improvement for CREATE_DEFTAX_ITEM Function Module
FI-GL-GL-G3300502FAGL_CL_REGROUP: Termination due to Runtime Error TIME_OUT
FI-LOC-AA-JP2369751Property Tax Report: Assets data in the current fiscal year are not displayed in the Line Item List
FI-LOC-AA-JP2386394Property Tax Report: Amount of Transferred Asset (receiving asset) Is Doubled
FI-LOC-AA-JP2419148Property Tax Report: TEA is not correct after the activation of FIN_LOC_CI_18 (EhP6)
FI-LOC-AA-JP2406727Annex 16 Report: Incorrect End Date and Missing Assets in ‘Half Year’ Mode
FI-LOC-AA-JP2540077Property Tax Report: Endless loop occurs in retrieving sender asset of intracity transfer between 2 different companies
FI-LOC-AA-JP2645441Annex 16 Report: Field 15 in Annex 16-1, 16-2 turns to 0 when Impairment posting occurs
FI-LOC-AA-JP2724405Annex 16 Report: Aggregation doesn’t work
GRC-SAC-ARQ3287590Performance Issue in RESOLVE_ROLES_CUP method for Creating new Access Request
IS-MP-CA3101554Issues in using characteristics belonging to SAP_MILLCA characteristic group with SAP S/4HANA Advanced planning
MOB-APP-SAM3300633SAP Service and Asset Manager – Slow loading of default technical objects in Hierarchy list picker
PLM-PLC3258956Deleting inactive subitems triggers reactivation of inactive parent item error correction for SAP Product Lifecycle Costing 4.0 SP4 Hotfix 4
PP-MRP3249030MRP Live dumps during update of schedule lines for scheduling agreement maintained with trade-off/firm-zone
PPM-CF-DFM3303072Authorizations DFM sync issue
PSM-FM-BCS3286819RFFMLIWR: Fonds SPACE nicht berücksichtigt
PY-BE3075696DmfA/DmfAPPL/Dimona/Social Risk Declaration – Glossary Changes as of 01/10/2021
PY-BE3053012DmfA/DmfAPPL/Dimona/Social Risk Declaration – Glossary Changes as of 01/07/2021
PY-GB3254294PY-GB: RTI Legal Changes for Tax Year 2023/2024
SCM-EWM-IF-MIG3136388/scwm/mig_product – Error while uploading the file
SCM-FRE-ERP3273365Promotion couldn’t get activated
SD-BF-AC3271912Sales order confirmation loses confirmation with partial delivered production order
SLL-LEG-CON-DOC3244705The partner information of a deleted item in a customs document is not deleted in GTS system
SLL-LEG-CUS-BWH2775726ES customs warehouse: Stock posting with relevant message
SRM-UIA-SHP-CT3303046SSPUX: Issue with the popup on click of the “Apply changes to the other items in the shopping cart” from Item.
SV-SMG-INS3039577Solution Manager 7.2 SP Stack 13: recommended corrections
SV-SMG-INS1595736Solution Manager: Overview on Release Information Notes
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-ANA3261488ST-A/PI 01V SP1: Advance Corr. BP Analytics – PPIs for ERP
SV-SMG-OST-FB3257504Focused Build: Central Note for Focused Build 2.0 SP11  for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP16
SV-SMG-SVD-SWB3087258Service Content Update is not Used for EWA or Other Service Sessions
TM-INT-LI-LE3297351No update of order-based FUs in case of quantity change in the delivery / ODO when using ASR

Correction with Medium Priority

Below is the list of 426 SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with medium priority:

132 New SAP Notes

BC-CST-DP3293607Client administrative actions restrictions in transaction RZ10 and SMICM
BC-CTS-CCO2945033Unable to delete old client copy logs
BC-JAS-ADM-MON3295347Labels of History Reports Charts are not displayed correctly for some languages
BC-SEC-RAL3303753RAL: Changed field values in an editable ALV grid are not logged correctly
BC-SRV-RM3304115Shortdump when tcode switched from SCASEPS to ORGANIZER or SCASE
BI-RA-AO-XLA3248397AO: Multi Monitor & DPI environments – UI elements do not react when clicking on them
BI-RA-AO-XLA3299746AO: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud connections – Data Access Language of user profile is not taken into account
BI-RA-AO-XLA3295428TableDesign: Exception when merging / unmerging variables
BI-RA-AO-XLA3297119AO: Compatibility issue between AO 32 bit & SAP GUI 64 bit
BI-RA-CR3303699‘The database table <Table Name> cannot be found.’ error message appears when trying to create a crystal report based on Salesforce in Crystal Reports
BW-BEX-OT-F43303735Fehlermeldung bei Einschränkung auf einen Knoten
BW4-DM-RMT3304247Optimized Repartitioning of DataStore Objects in a Remodeling Run
CA-DI-IS-ABA3303845SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration (DMIS 2018 / S/4 HANA) – Fields contents are mixed when changing table structure in LTRS
CA-DMS3304122Archive Link Class API: Retreive attachment ID with wrong created date/time
CA-DT-MIG-S4329942212th TCI for migration object content corrections common across 2020 FPS00, FPS01 AND FPS02
CA-DT-MIG-S432999955th TCI for migration object content corrections common across 2021 ALL FPS
CA-EPT-BRC-ADR3304299System exception when deleting a personal address
CA-EPT-BRC-ADR3303778System exception when saving a new created personal address
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-IN-IV3298510eDocument India:eInvoice – Enabling Custom Fields
CA-LCC3304295Package Access for S4LCC
CA-LT-PE-BAS3300104Enhance authority check for FuMos
CA-LT-SLT3304257SLT (DMIS 2018 / S/4HANA) Central System: Make LTRS Filters Read Only for RMS target
CA-MDG-ADQ-RUL3303973MDG: Add Messages to MDQ_BRFPLUS
CA-MDG-AF3304189Switch from List Output to Appl. Log for Program USMD_CREQUEST_SNAPSHOT_REFRESH
CA-MDG-AF-CR3303740Class CL_MDG_BS_COMMUNICATOR_ASSIST overrides internal attributes of CL_FPM_OVP
CA-MDG-APP-CUS3304060MDG-C/S: Missing Business Function Checks in genIL
CA-MDG-CMP-AF3304307Export might fail due to invalid column names used
CA-MDG-CMP-FIO3290443Navigation to Mark Changes view in Track Changes app fails
CA-RT-AM-FIO3295848AM 5.0: AMR Reuse Lib: Tree table infinite nodes issue
CO-OM-OPA-D3304273Link to CO document not displayed for fund commitments created from MM contract using ME52K
CO-PA3304145KE28L: Referenzdaten mit gerechneter Kennzahl können nicht mehr angezeigt werden
CO-PC-ACT3303898Correct data type issue for AccountingValuationView  in CDS view P_MaterialValuationPrices
EIM-DS-CON3304340[ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]Connecting to a mirrored SQL Server instance using the MultiSubnetFailover connection option is not supported. – SAP Data Services 4.3 SP1
EPM-BPC-BW4-INF3253106Support to trace allocation/disaggregation on HANA on HANA DB 2.0
FI-AF-SAI3303908Prevent Onboarding of a message with duplicate timestamp
FI-CA3303769Status of Advanced Financial Closing Cockpit wrong in case there are errors in log
FI-GL-GL-G3304197BCF: Missing implementation of CHECK in fallback class and example implementation
FI-GL-IS3304089Missing check on object F_BKPF_BLA in FM FAGL_CHECK_REP_AUTH_SEL_SCREEN
FI-LOC-FI-PL3304165List of VAT Payers for SAP S/4HANA (OVS): Validation in FB01/02 overwrites results of other validations
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3299028SAF-T (RO) Assets (DRC): New parameter for Acquisition Date Source; removal of asset additional descr.
FIN-CS-COR-DT-RUJ3296161RUJ: Introduce integration prerequisite checks for New Group Reporting Logic
FIN-FSCM-CLM3303629program dump GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in OT31
FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK3269588Enable matching of long and short trades in Clearing Broker Service
FIN-FSCM-CR3298554App F4825 Display Credit Account Data: Business Partner Name
FIN-FSCM-PF3304221Tag ‘ClrSysMmbId/MmbId’ is not mapped to outbound file
FIN-FSCM-PF3303620Purpose code is not used in the determination of ORP transaction type
FS-AM-CM-AC3303692Fixing of ATC Errors (Account Management)
FS-AM-CM-MC3303750Fixing of ATC Errors (Master Contract Management)
FS-AM-OM-SO3303807Domain API: SPI returns wrong main error code on create
FS-CML3304137Enhancement to note 3270124
FS-FBS-CML-LWP3304054Aggregation: credit amount wrong for tranche for DD with capitalized interest
FS-FPS-GLC3303833G/L Send program does not transfer special period
FS-FPS-SLA3304315Wrong Analytical Status detemined with Multiple Lots or Coverages or Tranches
FS-FPS-SLA3303982SCB-maintenance of custom fields for business partner
FS-MCM3304050Fixing of ATC Errors
FS-SR-DE3299898Nur aktuelle Vermögensverzeichnisnummern berücksichtigen
GRC-SPC-SA3303396Object column is blank for some plans in Planner monitor
IS-DFS-PM-DIS3303310IL06 und IL18 ignorieren fehlende Änderungsberechtigung
IS-M3276091Abgleich Erweiterungsimplementierungen SPAU_ENH
IS-OIL-DS3302443ATC correction in S/4 HANA IS-OIL 1709
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3296745DDIC-Prerequisites for SAP Note 3296393
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3296393Import jobs RFNO callable multiple times
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3303239Correction for ATC warnings
IS-OIL-PRA-REV-CI3301345RM – Runtime Error “Field symbol has not been assigned yet ” is occurs during update of an existing check in the Payment Posting Desktop Transaction
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3301394MDOCM for L2 not updated for receiving network on changing the L1 on sending network
IS-OIL-UOM-FDC3304374MDOCM for L2 not updated for receiving network on changing the L1 on sending network
IS-OIL-UOM-INT-PRA3100188Cache Management Components
IS-OIL-UOM-UAE3100187Dump issue (ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER) in receipt meters class
IS-U-DM3304141EAMISYNC: Buchungskreisprüfung unnötig
IS-U-EEG3304250VPergütungsposition zur Umlage mit Nullbetrag wird aus dem Nachberechnungs-Storno mit falschen Vorzeichen für die Menge erzeugt
IS-U-EEG3304062Attribute zur Erzeugungseinheit  werden automatisch inkonsistent angepasst
IS-U-EIM3302548IM4G: IS-U ToU Interface is obsolete for Metering Products with RUC2
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3302964IDXGL: Incorrect step configuration for process ‘DE_ENERGY_CALC’ and ‘DE_MRR_RECEIVER’
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3304024IDXGC: Standard transaction /IDXGC/MSCPDOCCRTZ27 creates wrong PDOC with ID 1300
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3304008IDEXGE: Response an IFTSTA with an APERAK fails with the message “Wert Dokument-ID wurde nicht übergeben.”
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3304014US4G: Improve performance of getting measurement product data
IS-U-LIB-DE-MM3303038MeMi: Quantity difference between consumption items for MGV and MeMi invoice document
LE-JIT-S2C3303779Enhancements to Fiori Content Manager for Just-In-Time fiori applications
LO-AGR-APP3302577ACM S4H: Pricing App – Cancellation with equity, maintaining prices in Cancellation component section in case of zero amounts for basis and futures
LO-AGR-CC3300524Agricultural Contract Management: Add Nomination key and item to Maintain Pricing app hit list
LO-AGR-LDC3301535OBSOLETE: ACM S4H: LDC Workcenter: Implement buffer to optimize /ACCGO/T_UISHDR calls
LO-RFM-ARN3303458Enhancement to carry out the Logging of Temporary Assignments in Supply Assignment(ARun) – Temporary Assignments Report
LO-RFM-ARN3303457Enhancement to carry out the Logging of Temporary Assignments in Supply Assignment(ARun) – Changes in Core Classes for Updates
LO-RFM-ODS3303206Missing German translations for texts of order and delivery scheduling in Retail for Merchandise Management
LO-VC-VTA3304080CU63: Berechtigungsobjekt C_CABN in SU22
LOD-CRM-IND-UTL3303941An option to skip the billing documents display in Account Overview Pre BADI process
MM-IM-GF3271907Consignment Stock Reporting Process
MM-IM-GF-SPV3303708SIT Stock in previous period VL 302 because of deleted delivery
MM-PUR-HUB-PO3303156Field Goods Recipient not available in app Manage Purchase Order Centrally
MOB-APP-MAO-ERP3303843TCI: Errors occur in Component Assignment section of configpanel even after executing program /MERP/CORE_2110_INSCOPE_FLGFIX
MOB-APP-MAO-ERP3303842Errors occur in Component Assignment section of configpanel even after executing program /MERP/CORE_2110_INSCOPE_FLGFIX
OPU-ASA-FG3304069FG: Connversion UOM doesn’t work for SOW/SOWR upload
PA-AS3303197Error in excel format while using Mass Process application
PA-PA-XX3304140IT0001: Verknüpfung A209 (P -> CP) wird nicht angelegt
PLM-FIO-DMS3303733Attachment service 1709: Checkin Checkout buttons behavior on selection change
PLM-INT-TC3304093DDIC changes for SAP Note 3289917
PLM-WUI-RCP-RCP3303896Lange Laufzeit auf der Formelsicht
PP-MRP-PR3304076MD01N: Missing update of BOM explosion date in planned orders after a re-explosion
PP-PEO-SFE3304234Enable correction of batch-managed components with reference designator in As-Built Report
PP-PEO-SFR3303790Show Assigned Data button on the IC tab in the PiP WS and Comparison
PPM-PFM-FC3303563Financial planning and overall amount conversion different
PSM-FM-UP-FI-CA3304225Mehrstufige Steuer: Verteilung der Rundungsfehler bei Nullzeilen
PSM-GM-GTR-PRG3299379Grantor: Program Refactoring
PY-BE3304167Educational Leave – New values for constants per 01.01.2023
PY-DE-FP-EAU3301293eAU: Meldungsverarbeiter – Statuswechsel von 15 nach 07 nicht erlaubt
PY-DE-FP-EAU3300999eAU: Meldungsersteller – eAU-Folgeanfrage wird nicht erstellt
PY-ES3303387GARNT: Garnishment with no amount left still being deducted
PY-GB3301435PY-GB: Scottish Income Tax Rates and Thresholds for tax year 2023/24
PY-GB3301438PY-GB: Welsh Income Tax Rates and Thresholds for tax year 2023/24
PY-IN3291710Payroll execution for employees with annual NPS contribution 1 crore or more
PY-LOC-TPR3303601NT: Korrektur der Anzeige für die Kommunikationsdaten eines Mitarbeiters
PY-RU3302573Changes to P-4 and P-4(NZ) statistical forms from 2023
PY-RU3303229Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3302573
PY-TR3303826Correction for Meal Allowance
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3300705S4PPDS Visual Harmonization 2023OP SP0 + 2022 (SP0-SP2)
SCM-EWM-ILO3301436Manufacturing Logistics: Missing Determination of Solution-Specific Fields for WT During PMR Staging
SCM-EWM-WC-PAC3301865/SCWM/PACK: Electronic Product Code (EPC) data not deleted when HU is unpacked
SD-BF-PR3300141Add RetailStore field in the request from S/4 to OPPS via BAdI
SD-SLS-API3304314GOAL: Short dump in class CL_GOAL_SDOC
SLL-LEG-PI-R33303868Adressänderung des Lieferanten überschreibt Adresse des liefernden Lieferanten
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CME3302764Focused Build – Cross Landscape Distribution: Condition Check Error in Exclude Mode
SV-SMG-OST-FB-TWB3304286Focused Build – Test Steps: Deep search in Test Steps does not find value in custom field
SV-SMG-TWB-BCA3304324Cannot create Test Plan from BPCA due to not existing BP
TM-CF-GT3303871Freight Order not relevant for export declaration
TM-FRM3303204Delivery Customizing for Overview Hierarchy “Shipping & Receiving” has incorrect substop level enabled
XX-PART-DTM3304156V4- Runtime error in Customer domain dashboard
XX-PART-IBS-WAV3296018Timestamp zu kurz
XX-PART-UGI-EQU3302383MDC load process for Equipment, MDC_SRC_STAT tables are not updating the internal keys
XX-PART-UGI-EQU3303900MDG EAM Equipment CR IE4N short dump for custom CR types
XX-PROJ-CDP-3103303822IDXAT4: Smart Document: Performance improvement for methods READ and READ_SINGLE in class /IDXAT2/CL_SMART_DOC_API (Part II)
XX-PROJ-CDP-3103303889IDXAT9: Provide BAdI before interpreting billing documents in Discrete Value Determination
XX-TRANSL-ZH3304254Correction of translation of DE and VALU RECDPAYMENTFORMRH (RE-FX)

294 Revised SAP Notes

AP-MD-BF-SYN3302534Vendor Tax number not saved in Supplier role in BP
BC-BMT-WFM3258387Decision can be completed without note although defined as mandatory
BC-CST-EQ3220429ENSA2: add new CCMS collectors
BC-SRV-ASF-CHD3113787CD: Reading of change documents, runtime error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
BC-XI-CON-B2B-AS23298594A long running thread is caused if you ping AS2 Receiver Communication Channel while the recipient is unavailable
BI-RA-AO-XLA3300536AO: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – Exception when searching or browsing DWC data sources
BI-RA-WBI-BE-REP3304153Export/Schedule Web Intelligence Document to CSV format using Semi colon (;) delimiter is not working as expected
BI-RA-WBI-FE2963760Query level prompt values and dependent prompt values are reset automatically after modifying HANA Variables in Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer
BNS-ARI-CI-FND3202962Supplier master data export in incremental load caused a dump
BNS-CON-SE-S43140635SAP S/4HANA Cloud and the Concur Integration – Release Information
BNS-CON-SE-S42923196FAQ: Financial Posting in the Concur Integration
BW-BEX-OT-ODP3300325lastChangedAt or createdAt Field of Type DATS or DATN Takes no Effect
BW-BEX-OT-ODP2911051Exception CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DATA_ERROR in class CL_RSMD_RS_ABAP_SQL or Wrong Result for CDS Value Help Search
BW-MT-TRFN3300398TRFN; HanaRuntime, AbapEndRoutine, Syntax-error in _M-Klasse, fehlende Prüfung
BW-WHM-DBA-ODA3303569755SP7: ODP Simple Context: Metadata Buffer
BW-WHM-DST-DTP3303849P27:DTP:ODP:Graceful Deletion of ODP-Subscription
CA-DDF-RT-PPS3302357XSAC_OPP_PPS_2 Patch 4 (version 2.2.4)
CA-DMF-PRM3297272Fix for rounding decimal values of the price value in the offer preview of SAP Promotion Management (NWBC)
CA-DMS3216627Document name empty when display if document in SAP GUI for HTML in Kpro scenario
CA-DT-MIG-S42974006SAP S/4HANA On-Premise 2020 Migration Cockpit: Central Note for Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-DT-MIG-S43083109SAP S/4HANA On-Premise 2021 Migration Cockpit: Central Note for Transfer Data Directly from SAP System – SAP ERP or SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA
CA-DT-MIG-S43304030DIR – Multiple languages in DMS_LODESC_CD1
CA-DT-MIG-S43272835Task list:Maintenance packages are incorrectly migrated
CA-FLP-ABA3302602Advanced Development for Fiori Launchpad Settings API
CA-GTF-CSC-CH2910269QR Bill: SD Collective Note for implementation of new process for simplifying invoicing with QR IBAN
CA-HR-S4-OP-BP3193935Improvement of I_PersWrkAgrmtManagerForKeyDte
CA-JVA-JVA-IF3058813JVA on ACDOCA activation: Reports to update the ACDOCA table with internal JVA documents and with accounting data from the JVA ledgers
CA-JVA-JVA-IF3014448Align production date defaulting for JV ledgers and GL ledgers
CA-JVA-JVA-IF3267973Error KI-235 when posting an FI document with lines posting to cost elements
CA-JVA-JVA-PP3196736GJCNA: Fixing several issues
CA-LT-BW43302953SEM-BCS not relevant error message
CA-LT-SLT3303811SLT (DMIS 2018 / S/4HANA) Source & Central System: Access plan calculation fails
CA-MDG-APP-BP3302802MDG-BP/C/S: VIES Validation is called too many times
CA-MDG-CMP-AF3252404CMP: Error occurs when attempting to delete a Mass Processing or Consolidation process
CA-RT-AM-FIO3295023AM 5.0: AMR Reuse Lib: Error in exception details popover
CA-RT-AM-FIO3286717AM 5.0 – My Allocation Results – Table rendering issue after applying personalisation
CA-TRS-PRCK2502552S4TC – SAP S/4HANA Conversion & Upgrade new Simplification Item Checks
CA-WUI-UI3294617Incorrect styling for IC accept and reject buttons when displayed in chat or phone toolbars
CO-OM-ACT-F2180702KNMA: Error No partner found in table CT_COEP_ITEMS, no COEPL lines
CO-PC-ACT-DUV1992846CKMDUVMAT: incorrect status (2)
CRM-BF-ML3068985Exchange Address Search feature of Outlook Email integration Support for non-ActiveX browsers
CRM-BF-ML3089246Pressing tab is adding an extra semicolon
CRM-FM-DF3278276Dynamic Fund rates are not Replicating Properly in DF Rate aDSO
CRM-MKT-MPL-CBP3292618Performance Issue when handling the results received from Plan Predict
CRM-S4-SOM3278699Contract Start date on Subscription contract search result is not correct
EC-PCA-ACT1608158Reposting of multiple CO/PCA documents with same reference
EPM-BPC-NW-ADM-SEC3287941Can not get correct team profile list
FI-AA-IS3304154AR19: The result list shows different data for archived and non-archived fiscal year
FI-CA3304067Business Partner Fin Ovw- Service Generation ERR
FI-CA-INV3300894O2C RA integration: Missing functionality for event 8202 for the enrichment of the order item of a billable item
FI-CAC3259383Run Time Error When Creation Dispute Case
FI-CF-APR3027876Central Finance: UDO Report for DDIC Objects of the Note 2985251
FI-CF-OBJ3027829Central Finance: Status Check for Cost Object Update (Central)
FI-CF-OBJ3096916Central Finance: Status Check for Cost Object Update(Source)
FI-LOC-AA-JP2509076Property Tax Report: Company Code should not be taken into account in aggregation of outputing Line Item List
FI-LOC-AA-JP2757748Property Tax Report: The Latest Version of PDF Forms for Japan Property Tax Report
FI-LOC-AA-JP2756622Annex 16 Report: The Field ‘Name of Corporation in Katakana’ Always Displayed as Blank in Annex 16 Report
FI-LOC-AA-JP2568715Property Tax Report: Wrong TEA in receiver assets comes from inter-company transfer
FI-LOC-AA-JP2276029Annex 16 Report: Incorrect sign of field “Posted Reserves by Reduction Entry” && “Allowance Reserves at the period end”
FI-LOC-AA-JP2279508Japan: Incorrect reason code for the ‘Asset acquired used’-ANLA-XAFABCH
FI-LOC-AA-JP2283053Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Value of Field 17 18 and 19 in Annex 16-1 in case of Intangible asset
FI-LOC-AA-JP2288573Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Business Start Date in Annex 16-1 Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP2306060Property Tax Report: Several PDF form layout issues
FI-LOC-AA-JP2294921Property Tax Report: Inconsistant data between provisional and final run for the Declaration Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP2272939Property Tax Report: Value of field ‘Special Rule – Depreciation Rate’  does not correct in ALV list
FI-LOC-AA-JP2336760Property Tax Report: Inconsistant data between provisional and final run for the Declaration Form (supplementary of note 2294921)
FI-LOC-AA-JP2297809Property Tax Report: Incorrect values for transfered legacy assets created via AS91
FI-LOC-AA-JP2376456Annex 16 Report: “Business Fiscal Year” field is incorrect when Annex 16 Report is running under half year mode
FI-LOC-AA-JP2377568Property Tax Report: Unexpected error/warning messages for migration asset data
FI-LOC-AA-JP2379845Property Tax Report: Insert The Suitable Data Into Table IDFIAA_JP_RESULT In Final Declaration Update Run
FI-LOC-AA-JP2377687Property Tax Report: Incorrect TEA rate for sub-number asset in the ALV output
FI-LOC-AA-JP2385239Japan: Country-specific asset master data are not copied
FI-LOC-AA-JP2423852Property Tax Report: Incorrect TEA rate when ‘Run Mode’ is ‘Recalculate at Tax Office Level’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2392966Annex 16 Report: Re-calculating field 4 based on aggregated APC and modify the record in Annex 16-8
FI-LOC-AA-JP2401031Property Tax Report: Incorrect TEA rate when ‘Run Mode’ is ‘Recalculate at Tax Office Level’ or ‘Display latest Data’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2391703Annex 16 Report: Retired legacy asset can’t be retrieved by Annex 16-8 with List Type ‘Retired Assets’ checked
FI-LOC-AA-JP2435104Property Tax Report: New field of  ‘Name Code + CD’ in the PDF layout of Line Item List
FI-LOC-AA-JP2460937Property Tax Report: New field of ‘Name Code + CD’ could not be saved in maintenance view ‘/KJRTAX01/A03V’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2482902Property Tax Report: Reference Document No. for mid year transfer legacy asset in sFIN2.0/S4HANA or higher
FI-LOC-AA-JP2491546Japan: Correction of function module ‘JP_CSMD_CREATE_TRANSFER’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2500795Property Tax Report: Incorrect ‘Number of Asset’ in Declaration Form
FI-LOC-AA-JP2515853Annex 16 Report: Enable output Device for Annex 16 in background mode
FI-LOC-AA-JP2506955Property Tax Report: Some new created migrated assets are not shown in ALV result list in sFIN2.0/S4HANA or higher
FI-LOC-AA-JP2516091Property Tax Report: TEA of Asset of acquistion with value adjustment is not calculated when it’s capitalization date is within declaration year period
FI-LOC-AA-JP2522882Property Tax Report: Incorrect TEA after implementing Note 2478398
FI-LOC-AA-JP2531584Annex 16 Report: Input field ‘Number of Pages’ should be set to 100 when UI is switching from ALV to PD
FI-LOC-AA-JP2534970Property Tax Report: Application log missing in background mode
FI-LOC-AA-JP2546969Property Tax Report: Incorrect TEA in Asset with IntraCity transfer after implementing Note 2478398
FI-LOC-AA-JP2556669Annex 16 Report: SLM&&DBM rate retrieval of asset with 1 year Useful Life in Annex 16
FI-LOC-AA-JP2563776Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Value of Depreciation Amount in Current Period
FI-LOC-AA-JP2579362Property Tax Report: Blank Fields in ALV List
FI-LOC-AA-JP2581814Property Tax Report: performance optimization on report RAIDJP_TAX
FI-LOC-AA-JP2582960Property Tax Report: Wrong Cooperate Number && Missing City code when pdf forms are output with multiple companies
FI-LOC-AA-JP2584671Property Tax Report: Wrong TEA when it is output without selecting a specific asset
FI-LOC-AA-JP2600289Property Tax Report: PDF Form Not Generated with the Line Item List Selected for the Report
FI-LOC-AA-JP2620875Property Tax Report: Quantity does not show in line item list (Retirement list)
FI-LOC-AA-JP2625295Annex 16 Report: Error message GLO_FIAA_JP_ANNEX16 (015) when using BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE for batch-input process
FI-LOC-AA-JP2631351Japan: Impairment data copy from main asset to new sub asset (Transaction:AS11/ABUML)
FI-LOC-AA-JP2634912Annex 16 Report: The PDF Display of Field ‘Japanese Era Text of Ending Period’ in Annex 16-8 Maybe Displayed Incorrectly
FI-LOC-AA-JP2655610Japan: Dump error ‘GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED’ occured when creating legacy assets in S4HANA system
FI-LOC-AA-JP2656936Japan: Could not pass the unit test of FAA_DC_CUSTOMER classes
FI-LOC-AA-JP2667450Japan: Taking Reval.O.Dep(Proportional revaluation of annual ordinary dep.) into account in calculating BAI
FI-LOC-AA-JP2673783Japan: New IMG node for Maintain transaction types of impairment
FI-LOC-AA-JP2675550Property Tax Report: Reason code of inter-city during the current declaration year
FI-LOC-AA-JP2676035Japan: Base value amount is incorrect after the first impairment
FI-LOC-AA-JP2680956Japan: BAI amount is incorrect after posting impairment for an asset  in S/4HANA
FI-LOC-AA-JP2683087Japan: F4 help does not exist for field ‘Asset’ for transaction  ‘/KJRTAX01/PINS’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2689177Japan: F4 help does not exist for field ‘Asset’ for transaction ‘/KJRTAX01/ATMIGINS’ and ‘/KJRTAX01/ATMIGDEL’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2706622Annex 16 Report: Restriction of Fiscal Year in Selection Screen
FI-LOC-AA-JP2715738Annex 16 Report: Structure and Item not being populated automatically from the 2nd Asset
FI-LOC-AA-JP2717956Annex 16 Report: Shortage occurred for legacy deactivation asset
FI-LOC-AA-JP2729704Property Tax Report: Dynamic selections do not work for migration asset data
FI-LOC-AA-JP2726169Property Tax Report: Amount of transferred asset (receiving asset) is doubled
FI-LOC-AA-JP2732475Annex 16 Report: Some data could not be displayed in PDF forms
FI-LOC-AA-JP2736421Property Tax Report: Authorization value is blank in spool even set in output device in background mode
FI-LOC-AA-JP2737597Annex 16 Report: Incorrect Default Value of Fields ‘Structure’ and ‘Item’ in Asset Master
FI-LOC-AA-JP2738194Japan: Field group name started with ‘J’ can’t apply for screen layout rule
FI-LOC-AA-JP2739610Property Tax Report: Field ‘PROZ_BW’ is incorrect in result table IDFIAA_JP_RESULT for transferred asset
FI-LOC-AA-JP2742323Japan: Parameter accda will not be used for transfer asset within company code
FI-LOC-AA-JP2745151Japan: G/L Account should be a required field in View ‘V_GLOFAAJPTSICHK’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2746762Property Tax Report: Commentary for Increasing Reason/Decreasing Reason Did Not Displayed in Line Item List Forms
FI-LOC-AA-JP2753153Property Tax Report: Dump ‘DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR’ occurred for table ‘idfiaa_jp_cond1’
FI-LOC-AA-JP2798958Property Tax Report: Shared memery issue for CL_FAA_SOM not released for Japanese Property Tax Report S_ALN_01001767
FI-LOC-AA-JP2798821Annex 16 Report: Latest PDF Forms of Annex 16 for Releases of S4CORE 103 or Lower
FI-LOC-AA-JP2777992Annex 16 Report: The adaption of the new Nengo “Reiwa” in Annex 16 Report
FI-LOC-AA-JP2770380Property Tax Report: Assets With Non-‘0000’ Sub-number Could Not Be Displayed in ALV List Or Updated in Result Table Correctly
FI-LOC-AA-JP2770462Property Tax Report: Warning message ID_FIAA_JP_TAX (029) happens on a Non-declaration asset
FI-LOC-AA-JP2775015Property Tax Report: The adaption of the new Nengo “Reiwa”
FI-LOC-AA-JP2778511Japan: Posting Date should not be limited for multiple impairment posting of assets in S4HANA
FI-LOC-AA-JP2785941Annex 16 Report: Sender Assets Should Not Be Displayed For Assets Changing Asset Class via Asset Transfer Posting
FI-LOC-AA-JP2794681Annex 16 Report: Latest PDF Forms of Annex 16 for Releases of S4CORE 104 or Higher
FI-LOC-AA-JP3302987Property Tax Report: Incorrect “Tax Evaluation Amount in Prior Declaration Year” Value Displayed in ALV List
FI-LOC-CA-PT3299332SAFT PT FICA: Performance issue due to Fiscal Year Shift
FI-LOC-FI-CZ3302067CZ: DCR VAT Return, row 32
FI-LOC-FI-RO3271670RO – 394 report – functie_intocmit attribute added
FI-LOC-FI-RU3283698LC Russia Property Tax ERP Solution: New Declaration Format for 2022 Year, version 5.11, SZPK
FI-LOC-FI-RU3300606Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3283698 – LC Russia Property Tax ERP Solution: New Declaration Format for 2022 Year, version 5.11, SZPK
FI-LOC-FI-RU3294890Archiving Object J_3RREGINV: performance improvement of deletion job
FI-LOC-FI-RU3281877LC Russia Asset Master Data: New Field “SZPK Applies”
FI-LOC-FI-RU3300182Prerequisites for SAP Note 3281877 – LC Russia Asset Master Data: New Field “SZPK Applies”
FI-LOC-SAF-RO3268867SAF-T (RO) Assets (DRC): Collective Note for the SAF-T Reporting Solution for Romania (SAP S/4HANA) – Annual Declaration for Assets
FI-LOC-SRF-RUN3115988Statutory Reporting – Deletion of adhoc reporting task
FI-RA-CP3303859FARR: Manage Revenue contract – SSP mandatory check removed
FI-TV-PL3291678Travel request processing in PR05
FIN-CS-COR-CT3270520Performance optimization of rule execution in currency translation task
FIN-FSCM-CAI3303722SAP S/4HANA Cloud for credit integration – Probleme beim Abspeichern externer Bewertungen
FIN-FSCM-CCP2527781Release Information Note: SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Customer Payments
FIN-FSCM-PF3266886Multiple rejection reasons in Bank Status Message
FS-AM-OM-MC-MCT3274444MC Termination not possible: Application-spec. entry for REIC not in validity period of RECN entry
FS-AM-PD3217038Issue in PD reversal in cases of billing correction
FS-BP3128820BP_OTH: Message R8 404 gets output after saving business partner even if business warehouse is not used
FS-CD3303164FS-CD: Zahlungskondition beim Nebenbuchtransfer
FS-CML-PO-PAO3303052Payoff: Unjustified error FVD_REPAY 006
FS-PE-FH-IPM3267273Extension of Database Table for Card Details
FS-RBD3300974ATC Security Meldungen
FS-RI-AC3300372Beim Lauf des Hintergrundprogramms FGU-Abrechnungen verteilen kommt es zum Abbruch
GRC-RM-RISK3303965Users can select unauthorized organizations when creating risks
GRC-SAC-ARA1330165Instructions on how to use Operators AND OR NOT
IS-A-JIT-SMO2750255JIT: IDoc fails in batch job on executing action OREO
IS-ADEC-SUB3244692ME21N: Incorrect Component Availability check
IS-B-BCA-PT-BS3284832F9K3: E256(1M) ‘Bank area: &1 accno. &2 statement no. &3 year &4: items already archived’
IS-OIL-DS-TD3270025O4C1/O4C2 Maximum/Minimum volume negative value allowed
IS-OIL-DS-TSW3301904[Backend] – TSW Tickets : Draft inconsistency and timezone related issues
IS-OIL-UOM-MD3296347Badi for log allocation header
IS-SE-CCO2689600SAP Customer Checkout Release and Patch overview
IS-SE-CCO3295918SAP Customer Checkout + SAP Customer Checkout manager 2.0 FP14 PL04
IS-U3299291EWPBG & StromPBG: Neuer View Cluster für Erstattungsantrag Customizing
IS-U-DM3302607IS-U: Klasse CL_DEF_IM_ISU_AMI_MR – Sichtbarkeint von Methoden
IS-U-DM-MR2419896Date / name of the last person who made a change in a deleted meter reading document
IS-U-DM-MR3136525EL37: Table EABLQDCONVDEL is not written
IS-U-EEG3285431EEG-Billing: Korrektur und Erweiterungen am EEG-Billing Testcockpit
IS-U-EIM3298267Validation within Metering Product activation “reading relevant but not settlement relevant”
IS-U-EIM3302960IDEIM: Process 3080- Missing delimitation on Melo metering instance
IS-U-EIM2560886Correctly setting meter reading relevancy of basic registers for IZ/GINF
IS-U-LIB-DE-BE3303486Short dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER occurs during sending INVOIC via REDISND1
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3299341New feature for GAS: Sending IFTSTA MV305 instead of ORDRSP for MRR breakdown
IS-U-LIB-DE-CL3299199IDXGL: Wrong Eintries in the Trigger trigger table /IDXGL/PRORA_EA
IS-U-LIB-DE-EL3261054IDEXDE:Incorrect MSCONS counter processing in iMS
IS-U-LIB-DE-GM3298671Wrong IDOC status when MSCONS Inbound =  E_0040 not successful
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3299850[D] MR  MoveIn recorded with wrong time
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3299759Change the last step class for process BDR DSO view
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3285447Enhance the logic of settlement unit determination
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3279439Restartbility: MDC Inbound process
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3303618US4G:Triggering POD not determined correctly for Change type Time-of-Use Assignment
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301817US4G: Measurement Product Determine Logic enhancement for Gas
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3302406US4G:Time of use in UBD Device segment should be fiiled with POD Category
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3303490BADI Determining rate data relevant installation
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3243764Splitting Logic for Sending the Supplier Clearing List
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301999Performance issue Monitor EA Documents app
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301334US4G: Add device subtype for Metering Services Article ID assignment
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3289696Refactor “Allocation of PoDs to Settlement Units”
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3301227MDX: Inbound AMID 11166 no entry in /UCOM/MR_CONTACT
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3298723[D] Melo shown incomplete
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3298285Convert logic for /US4G/REG_CONS-E_MOBILITY_TYPE
IS-U-LIB-DE-MDU3299258[D] [ENERGIS] [MDC] /UCOM/MDX_PROC_OUT report ist not processing all entries
LE-JIT-S2P3291671Advanced Just-In Time: Enable Time Stream to Consider Shift Details
LO-AGR-CC3288446Agricultural Contract Management (S4H): Add Nomination key and item to Maintain Pricing app hit list
LO-AGR-CC3299894Agricultural Contract Management (S4H) : Incorrect error message displayed when splitting a price lot from pricing app which has manual freeze set
LO-AGR-CC3296694Agricultural Contract Management (1909) : Incorrect error message displayed when splitting a price lot from pricing app which has manual freeze set
LO-CMM-BF3289379Deletion of Realized Records from CMM_VLOGP
LO-FSH-MM3300276Performance issue with FSH_SPLITPO transaction
LO-INT-TM-DL3300404ASR-relevant delivery editable in late distribution scenario with EWM
LO-RFM-MD-SIT3300903Migration von Betrieben: Tabellen KNAS und LFAS werden gelöscht
LO-RFM-STO-FIO3244329Receive Products: Fix issue with store IDs with less than four characters
MM-FIO-PUR-ANA3276599Monitor Purchase Contract Items –  Target Quantity field becomes blank
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-SSP3303966Exception raised when Replication Before Approval Enabled Purchase Requisitions are Approved or Rejected in Connected System.
MOB-APP-SAM3169834SAP Service and Asset Manager – Notification in Action Required cannot be resubmitted
MOB-APP-SAM3292566SAP Asset Manager – Validation is missing for the attachment during notification update
OPU-GW-COR2574490Wrong severity for success-message in message container
OPU-GW-NOT3222432Notification Objects for Cloud Notification Service
PA-FIO-TS3303996My Timesheet Fiori 2.0 – Bug Fixes and Improvement
PA-PA-KR3295606Changes to Message Type for Period Attributable Check in Infotype 3542
PA-PA-SG3303922Correction Fund Name Display in Renewal Infotype 0186
PLM-INT-TC3301606PLM System Integration – Vendor Status Mapping does not consider Status Profile
PLM-INT-TC3303695PLM System Integration – Missing validation for vendor table in outbound conditions
PLM-INT-TC3289917Wrong Validation of the attribute Sourcing Strategy
PLM-PDM3298844PDMI: TC Material Master Creation for multiple plants
PLM-WUI-OBJ-DMS3303777Change of workstation application and description are not reflected after check-in of original
PP-PEO-MRS3298993Change empty value to (Not Selected) in the effectivity list
PP-PEO-SFE3045507Order Change Management: Production Dates Based Scheduling
PPM-PFM3279310Performance in PPM Classification
PPM-PFM-FC3298261Financial planning and overall amount conversion different
PSM-FM-IS3304207BCS-RW: text for commitment item not filled
PT-RC-UI-XS3297098CICO WD application: Customer fields are displaying old values
PY-AT3303787IT0797: Probleme beim Kopieren eines Datensatzes  (dec, web)
PY-AU-SUP3090665Superstream Issues
PY-CZ3303857HRCZ – SI premium discount for EE – correction
PY-CZ3265631HRCZ – Social insurance premium discount for employer calculation part
PY-CZ3303770HRCZ – SI discount weekly working hours – correction
PY-DE3300148Aktualisierungen der Feiertage in den Feiertagskalendern für Deutschland
PY-DE-CI3300752MUV: Änderung der Berechnungsformel zum 01.01.2023 (Bruttostundenlohn)
PY-FR3261567DSN: Summary of development/correction SAP Notes (17)
PY-FR3304015DSN: Block 44, code 003 of year N-1 not generated in DSN in case of retrocaculcation only related to code 001
PY-KZ3298934Incorrect bonus distribution in average calculation
PY-SE3285664HRSE: operation VTIME rehire – incorrect WPBP selection
PY-SE-CE3282966HRSE_CE: Reporting  reading PY result multi assignments gaps in periods
PY-XX-OC3285503OCWB: Change in order of columns in the payroll history table
QM-FIO-IM3287996Operation not getting displayed correctly in Manage Inspection Plans App
SCM-APO-ANA-REP3287814Full Data Replication fails with CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW exception.
SCM-APO-PPS3288848CDP characteristics inconsistency issue
SCM-APO-SPP-CPD3302276Demand history adjustment with incorrect event results
SCM-EWM-ILO3167575Manufacturing Logistics RF Loading: Display First Stop after Loading Completion for RF Delivery and Unloading Scenario (Forward Navigation)
SCM-EWM-QM2573259Check Monitor Framework: New check to remove quality inspection document reference of decided quality inspection document from stock
SCM-EWM-SR3288252Programmabbruch in asynchronem Lieferupdate aus der TE
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-BAS3258882Real-time Integration: Configuration of SAP IBP specific block size for integration
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-REC3246689SAP IBP Real-Time Integration Reconciliation – Parallelization of Stock Selection
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-REC3253448SAP IBP Real-time Integration: Planned orders in DPS status in reconciliation
SCM-S4H-INT-IBP3268617SAP IBP Real-Time Integration – Server group validation in reconciliation
SLL-LEG-CUS-ECC2324714Spain: “Document Request” response message cannot be posted
SLL-LEG-RSK-PRE-VDC3140386Guide for migrating LTSDs from GTS 11.0 to SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA 2020
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3211130FRUN 3.0 FP03 Job & Automation Monitoring back-end corrections
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3276373FRUN 4.0 FP00 Job & Automation Monitoring back-end correction
SV-FRN-APP-JOB3204354FRUN 3.0 FP03 Job & Automation Monitoring UI corrections
SV-SMG-CM3302933Performance Improvement for the Transport of Copies Creation – Change Control Management
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM2875842ST22 Dump –  HAS_NO_KEY_ATTR when trying to release SOLDOC data
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM3213741IMG elements not found in Solution Documentation with Search
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-ANA3194251ST-A/PI 01V SP0: Advance Corr. BP Analytics – PPIs for ERP
SV-SMG-OST-FB-CM3133164Focused Build: Generic Application – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP09
SV-SMG-OST-FB-REP3007355Focused Build: Solution Readiness Dashboard – corrections for ST-OST 200 SP07
TM-ADP-CSL-L2A3140907Additional steps after having upgraded Lead to Agreement for Container Shipping Liners to a new release – TML2A
TM-ADP-ML-ICR3300793Inbound Cargo Registration: Correction of Unnecessary Automatic Save Following Assignment of Consignment to Freight Order
TM-CF2769186System Transformation SAP TM to TM in SAP S/4HANA
TM-FRM3304306Duplicate Report to remove output control flag
TM-INT-LI-LE3291528Redundant FU created for EWM-relevant LE Outbound Delivery in Adv. SR
TM-INT-LI-LE3303760LDAP message is not processed due to a locking error
TM-PLN-FU-FUB3249222Dump RAISE_SHORTDUMP in class /BOBF/CL_TOOL_APPLICATION_ERR=CP after delivery update when using package builder and pack batch sub items
XX-CSC-CH-IS-H3303455IS-H CH: RNWCHMEDSTAT: Export im SwissDRG Grouperformat (Korr.)
XX-CSC-IL-FICS3203094IL FICS – Wrong check return amount without error in return payment to customer
XX-CSC-JP-FIAA2735935Property Tax Report: Field ‘Theoretical val. 1 year’ is incorrect  when asset useful life is ‘1’ or less than ‘1’
XX-CSC-JP-FIAA2913256Japan: The Value of Field “Decided Value” Is Incorrect When Executing Transaction ‘/KJRTAX01/RINS’
XX-CSC-PT-BIL3164607Digital Signature Portugal: Activation of ATCUD Series for SD Billing
XX-PART-DTM3266901Master agreement compared to a revision document
XX-PART-DTM3302088V4- Activity link from email not due to missing description
XX-PART-DTM3088399V4- System is updating incorrect description for the product version attribute in info record
XX-PART-DTM2996255V4- Value help for Instruction key attribute in Customer workbench
XX-PART-IPS3201781V4- Multiple ui issues for fiori applications
XX-PART-IPS3304004V4- Searching net value by conditions
XX-PART-IPS3304164V4- Condition records are not displayed correctly in an agreement
XX-PART-IPS3304184Condition records are not displayed correctly in an agreement
XX-PART-IPS3207485Multiple issues for fiori ui applications
XX-PART-IPS330396760E- Runtime error in Customer domain dashboard
XX-PART-IPS3254378V4- Unable to attach document repositories files in the attachments section in FIORI
XX-PART-IPS3279590V4- Overrecoupment happens when we use cross MG in the schedules tab
XX-PART-IPS3091010V4- Statement log selection and grid modification issues
XX-PART-IPS273001360E- Issue with the decimals in Proforma
XX-PART-IPS3297591Duplicates error message in delegations when the period is different for same user
XX-PART-IPS3303863V4- Batch job fails to update  promotion changes
XX-PROJ-CDP-0143295624DTLN_RBV Zusätzliche Prüfung bei retrospektiven RBV Vorgängen
XX-PROJ-CDP-0143302369DTLN_RBV Programm zum Austausch des RBV (Vertrags-)Typ – Korrektur (1)
XX-PROJ-CDP-3103300925IDXAT9: Wrong Service Type Used for Determine Move-in Date
XX-PROJ-CDP-3103296706IDXAT9: Ignore back billing documents when determining discrete value from billing documents
XX-SER-PLUS3113382Authorization-based SAP S/4HANA User Simulation / FUE Projection
XX-SER-REL3255045User Assistance Settings for Static Documentation (SAP S/4HANA 2022)

Correction with Low Priority

Below is the list of 39 SAP Notes released with priority as Correction with low priority:

23 New SAP Notes

BW-BCT-PT3301987ODP external delta access for 0HR_PT_2 with selections
BW-MT-ELEM3302580BW-MT: Query Designer Corrections – 02/2023 1
CO-PA3304296Fix ATC errors in unit tests
FS-FPS-SLA3303894/BA1/BR_SCB_VERSION Use a Given Security to Display All AS-Status
FS-PE-FH3301010Optimization for customizing maintenance view /PE1/V_SWIFT_SRT
IS-ADEC3229854Incorrect conversion exit alzsn called in include LV50IF06 instead of gernr
IS-OIL-DS-OGSD3301158PO: (UI) Ticket Workbench – Object view item table renders editable
IS-U-DM-MR3303585Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: INTERNAL_xxx_PREPARE
IS-U-DM-MR3303587Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: ISU_DEVICE_PREPARE
IS-U-DM-MR3303531Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: ISU_UNIT_PREPARE – UNIT_COLLECT
IS-U-DM-MR3303533Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: ISU_STORE_MRDATA
IS-U-DM-MR3303584Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: ISU_INTERNAL_UNIT_COLLECT
IS-U-DM-MR3303586Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: ISU_CONT/INST_PREPARE
IS-U-DM-MR3303530Obsolete Hinweisnummern-Kommentare: ISU_UNIT_PREPARE
LO-AGR-CC3303731ACM S/4H : Cancellation with Equity should pass correct reference Price in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori app
LO-AGR-CC3304059ACM S/4H : Cancellation With Equity should pass correct reference Price in Maintain ACM Pricing Fiori app
LO-RFM-ARN3301044Delete Message Correction in Configure Supply Selection Rule App
LO-RFM-ARN3302946Enhancement to carry out the Logging of Temporary Assignments in Supply Assignment(ARun) – DDIC Objects
LO-RFM-ARN3303461Enhancement to carry out the Logging of Temporary Assignments in Supply Assignment(ARun) – ARUNITA and Cross Applications
LO-RFM-ARN3303460Enhancement to carry out the Logging of Temporary Assignments in Supply Assignment(ARun) – aATP BOP(Back-Order Processing) Changes
PA-FIO-REP3304094MYREPORTS_MONS1 – Subtotal Issue
PP-PEO-SFE3299090Perform Operation Activity: Misleading error message at checking for valid (supplier) batch number when assembling component
SCM-APO-PPS-RPM3303642MDMD: Runtime error SYSTEM_ABAP_ACCESS_DENIED when double-clicking on a characteristic

16 Revised SAP Notes

BC-ABA-LA3092569Determination of an ABAP variable name lead to system core dumps
BC-CST-NI3146766NI_NAME_TO_ADDR and NI_ADDR_TO_(FQ)_NAME are limited to 63 characters
CA-EPT-GEF3304061[S4GEF]: Location of the map not pointing to the feature
CA-EPT-GEF3301953[S4GEF]: Location of the map not pointing to the feature
CA-RT-AM3216517AM 5.0: Resue Comp Fix For Quartz Dark Theme Workload App
CA-RT-AM-FIO3293181AM 5.0: Allocation Workload – Promotional Push: Column width issue in basket dialog
CRM-SLC3303142Missing Sales Relevant Instances from Sales Structure Display in JSP UI
FIN-FSCM-CR3271885Business partner name missing in credit account app
IS-U-DM-MR2769272Global vs. local data (IESTREAD in ELIN, part 2)
IS-U-DM-MR3016875Code Inspector Warnings (SAPLELIN – Structure Enhancements up to 606)
IS-U-DM-MR2757932Global vs. local data (SAPLELIN)
IS-U-DM-MR2879303Check Manager error in function module ISU_INTERNAL_UNIT_COLLECT
LO-RFM-SGT3297433Requirement Segment value not passed on to Consumption Deliveries for Backflush Components with EWM Integration
PSM-GM-GTE-BU3293634Missing budget document header information for currency conversion with BAdI
SCM-EWM-SR3281325Fehlender Wellenupdate bei TE-Zuordnung von Lieferungen
SLL-LEG-FUN-PRN1858594Corrections for forms with the interface /SAPSLL/PF_EU_EUR1


Below is the list of 230 SAP Notes released with priority as Normal:

94 New SAP Notes

AC-INT3303924BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST  down payments and tax jurisdiction – error FS206 missing
AP-ACC-LM3304237Error Message When Releasing Lease Contract: Defaults of Valuation View Missing in Fine Tuning of Asset Class
AP-TTE-GLO330324940% of Tax Deductibility for Italy VAT Code
BC-BMT-WFM3304269How to remove incomplete WORKITEM archiving sessions in SARA
BC-CCM-MON3304373CONVT_NO_NUMBER The termination occurred in ABAP program or include “CL_SWNC_CONSTANTS=============CP”
BC-CTS-TMS3300527“Timeout during allocate” while refreshing the STMS import queue and importing the transport request.
BC-DB-DB6-DBA3304292Offline DB6 backup fails with SQL1035N
BC-DB-ORA-DBA3303880ORA-15081: failed to submit an I/O operation to a disk
BC-FES-WGU3304047WebGUI gets “Error during frontend communication”
BC-MID-RFC3304208The Technical Monitoring Cockpit (STMC) is generating Type G RFC’s without SNC
BC-NEO-PERS-HANA3300523FAQ: SAP HANA in the Neo environment
BC-SRV-FP3303955Error happens when running test program FP_TEST_IA_01, even the ReaderRights is installed.
BC-SYB-PD3304321Not possible to delete rows from the list of repository activities – SAP PD
BC-XI-CON-RST3274291REST Adapter “Follow Server Redirects on HTTP GET calls” disabled after upgrade to 7.50 SP25
BI-BIP-ADM3303928Editing or rearranging BI Launchpad tiles does not save changes
BI-BIP-IDT3304130How to ignore impact of Date time zone when building universe based on Snowflake JDBC?
BNS-ARI-ANL3303934Manufacturer Id and Manufacturer Name fields showing unclassified on Analytical Report
BNS-ARI-SS-GS3304401How are the project header fields sorted in Guided Sourcing?
BNS-FG-SOW-CHR3304252Why SOW Line Item cost center allocation gets overwritten by cost center allocation from SOW?
BNS-FG-WI-AAU3301370Iam unable to approve a SOW fee or an event from the work items menu
BNS-FG-WK-EWO3304023How can I update a worker’s location?
BW-WHM-TC3304322While maintaining master data for bw object, edit mode is not available.
BW4-ME-DTP3300421lock error  while loading data within the same system and same infoprovider
CA-DI3303972Cannot add a tenant to an existing DI instance – SAP Data Intelligence
CA-FLP-FE-UI3304202Can custom catalogs created in Launchpad Designer be imported or accessed in SAP Fiori Launchpad Application Manager
CA-MDG-AF3302333MDG-AF: Data is not deleted using File Upload functionality
CA-MDG-CMP-MM3302405MDG-CMP-MM: when using mass processing, getting errors “Package number 1 could not be processed”
CA-ML-BDP3303764Issue with Importing a Project Containing DOX template Artifacts Into Another Tenant
CA-ML-IPA3297932‘Couldn’t create service key ‘<KEY_NAME>’. ‘ error while creating new Service Key under SAP IRPA
CA-WDE-RUN-UI3303936You need to ensure your SAP WebIDE application uses a SAPUI5 version that is in maintenance
CRM-S4-IU3303016S4CRM: Business Server Page error on display device form premise overview
EIM-DS-SAP3304175“File \\<remote path>\<file name>.dat cannot be opened” error occurs while executing ABAP job – SAP Data Services
EIM-DS-SAP3303390Can Data Services output the converted value for WBS elements?
EPM-BPC-BW43304085Not all data is exported from SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to BW (or BW/4HANA)
EPM-DSM-GEN3304398DM – Cannot edit a report / chapter / template
FI-FIO-GL3303832Unable to change Post Automatic Flag in App Manage G/L Account Master Data – S/4HANA Cloud
FI-FIO-GL3302485“Display Journal Entries” and “Manage Journal Entries”
FI-FIO-GL-IS3304355How to configure Trial Balance with document currency?
FI-LOC-FI-US-WHT3303925US Classic Withholding tax report RFIDYYWT missing credit memos in output
HAN-CLS-HC3304246Table Replication between HANA Cloud and HANA on-premise failing with the error “-10807 Connection down”
HAN-CLS-HC3303944SAP HANA Cloud connection
HAN-DB-ENG-BW3301465Unexpected changes of rowid due to dynamic range partitioning
HAN-DB-ENG-BW3303976How to create object-specific rules for table placement of an SAP BW/4HANA system
HAN-DB-HA3301633Unavailability of primary site due to srConnectionChanged hook
HAN-DP-SDI3303503Error: Cannot get remote source objects: Not possible to read/write on folder when creating the remote source for ExcelAdapter
LOD-ANA-DES3303949Paste filter Values can only filter the first value in SAP Analytics Cloud
LOD-ANA-LDC-BW3304353Display of ‘Division by Zero’-values in SAC does not work the same way as in Analysis for Office and Lumira
LOD-ANA-SCH3304386Missing information in first pages when publishing a story in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
LOD-ANA-XUS3304335Admin Cockpit is not able to edit on most of the tabs
LOD-BPM-WFS3301891The Workflow Capacity Mail Destination with OAuth2Password failed with error “Bad credentials”
LOD-CRM-INT-ERP3304119COD2208 Issue in updating the Quote stat
LOD-CRM-MKT-CAM3303853Marketing Interaction not displayed for Employee in Sales Campaign
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-SOAP3303970Processing of BAI2 format file by SFTP adapter in Cloud Integration
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS3303884Random HTTP 404 response from a custom designed CPI endpoint
LOD-LE-OPP3304400Unable to Create Sales Order from an Opportunity that Includes Blocked Products
LOD-SF-ANA-DSH3304399Not able to Label Tiles in Report center
LOD-SF-CMP-ADM3304404String Text Field Error
LOD-SF-EC-JOB-EVN3303910How to configure fallback event reason?
LOD-SF-EC-TIM-ABS3303909Singapore Child Care Leave Accrual not Working – Issue with Get Nature of Singapore Citizenship of Dependent()
LOD-SF-INT-INC3304123Custom headers in Integration Center
LOD-SF-LMS-ITE3304338Last Update User duplicating the User ID in Completed Work Details
LOD-SF-LMS-NOT3303873Automatic Process emails are being sent without  mail address configured in the Reply-To field .
LOD-SF-LMS-ORD3303935ORD Report query showing wrong rows
LOD-SF-LMS-VLS3304371VLS Error Code: Forbidden : “No Application Access Policy found for this app.” MS Teams
LOD-SF-OBD-INT3302649Field not transferred to Onboarding – Onboarding 1.0
LOD-SF-PLT-ORG3304201Talent Card in Org Chart shows Job Title as inactive for active users
LOD-SF-RCM-APP3303386Pipeline displaying  in requisition is incorrect – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-CAN3301155Candidate Profile was purged even after recent login – Recruiting Management
MM-FIO-PUR-IR3304271Purchasing Info Record without Conditions Not Allowed
MM-IM-GF3291584Special movement types for Valuated stock in transit are not available even after LOG_MM_SIT activation
MM-PUR-GF-STO3304152Valuation type (BWTYP) and GI-based GR (WABWE) not available in Stock Transfer Order (STO)
MM-PUR-PO-GUI3304325Unable to change item category in Purchase Order.
MM-PUR-REQ3267711Purchase Requisition for  external Operation Sub-contracting not created
OPU-API-OD-RT3303273“Unable to create application” error when using the same key for Dev and Test system in APIM
PY-DE-BA3292759B2A-SV: Fehler beim Übertragen SV-Daten: “Für TMODE WEB ist keine Kommunikation mit dem DSRV-Server vorgesehen (HRPAYDEB2A 402)”
PY-DE-BA3157220B2A-SV: CRC – 5 (SIG) Fehler beim Dekodieren des Datenteils
PY-XX-PYP3304267PCC: Theme unwantedly changed after SP 608B2
RE-FX-LA-RA3127207FI Documents are missing from result of valuation posting via RECEEP
SBO-ADM-SET-GEN3302074Cannot Add User Code Even If Previously Deleted
SBO-INT-EDS3288811How to Perform a Clean Uninstallation of Service Layer and EDS
SBO-LOC-UK-MTD3269244SAP Business One Guided Answer: SAP Business One – Troubleshooting MTD related issues
SBO-MM-MGM-ALT3303555What Is the Difference Between Alternative Items and Business Partner Catalog Numbers?
SCM-APO-INT-IMO3303800Planning Material in Integration Model and change transfer is not working
SCM-EWM-IF-BW3081604Data source 0WM_DLVI_OUT doesn’t extract all records
SCM-EWM-QM3302500What setting drives the inspection summary in embedded EWM?
SLL-ITR-ISR3304259Intrastat Italy – How to fill requirement for split Business Transaction Type
SRD-CC-WEK3293632Not Able to Add Company-Specific Help in format “mailto”
SRM-EBP-SOC3304092Different Search Screens of Sourcing Cockpit Step1
XX-PART-ACM3304356Anlegen Dokument: Geschäftspartner-Beziehung nicht gefunden / Zum Schlüssel kein Datenobjekt gefunden / Intervall nicht vorhanden
XX-PART-OPT-INV3304313SAP Invoice Management by OpenText – Functional Area gets cleared after the coder enters it in line item
XX-PART-OPT-INV3304320SAP Invoice Management by Open Text – BR 106 “PO Not Released or Incomplete” not working for S/4HANA Fexible Workflow
XX-PART-OPT-INV3304330SAP Invoice Management by Open Text – Dump DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR in /OTX/SAPLPS03_IESVIM and table /OTX/PF02_T_PLEX
XX-PART-OPT-INV3304348SAP Invoice Management by Open Text – VIM Analytics runs into a short dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED
XX-PART-TRI-TTA3304212How to configure the Exploratory Testing Server – Tricentis

136 Revised SAP Notes

AP-BP-BPT1978588Delivery Block for Credit Limit Removed in Sales Order
BC-ABA-LA3274342HTTP Code 401  : Unauthorized error in transaction VA01
BC-CST3149490How to Increase trace level of Work Process developer traces
BC-CST-GW2947990Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: ‘ThSAPOCMINIT’, communication rc: CM_PRODUCT_SPECIFIC_ERROR (cmRc=20)
BC-DB-ORA-CCM3303887ORA-1652 on E2E BI Housekeeping job
BC-DB-SYB2961675Fatal Error 9840 occurred  when importing data during system copy – SAP ASE on Business Suite
BC-DB-SYB2642347Support for 3rd party backups with SAP ASE databases
BC-DB-SYB3304102saptools database can not be recovered due to OS disk full – SAP ASE
BC-DB-SYB3303890Getting error “Msg 17157, the dump history file version is invalid” Msg 17157 after upgrading to ASE16SP04PL03
BC-FES-CTL2285876Troubleshoot message_type_x dump [VIDEO] – SAP GUI
BC-FES-GUI3143115Where can I find the used SAP GUI version/patch level?
BC-INS-SWPM2106581LABEL is not found: SAP:AKK:72:KERNEL:*:<OS type> by sapinst
BC-MID-SCC2667924Access denied to resource … on system … In case this was a valid request, ensure to expose the resource correctly in your cloud connector.
BC-SYB-ASE2009001Server down with error sddone: No space left on device and Errors 823, 694 – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2832408Server went down abnormally and a database with previous 1105 errors will not recover – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE2809910Dump database to NULL device on Unix – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-ASE1953001Error 2799 when creating a table with compression – SAP ASE
BC-SYB-IQ3292545Selecting the password from the SYS.SYSUSER  or SYS.SYSEXTERNLOGIN system views no longer displays the full encrypted password hash representation – SAP IQ
BC-SYB-IQ1946123About the new type of JDBC driver for SAP IQ 15.x
BC-SYB-IQ1943778Method for batch moving user data from IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN  to user dbspace – SAP IQ
BC-SYB-PD2604511What are the supported platforms? – SAP PD
BC-SYB-REP3302304Last modified time for Replication Definition – SRS
BC-SYB-REP3253625Route upgrade failing due to error 11069 ‘unique key violation’ – SRS
BC-SYB-SWT2545340OpenSwitch core dump when using SSL – SAP SWT
BI-BIP-PUB1415084What happen if Business Objects servers are stopped or disabled and the time of a WebIntelligence recurrent schedule is reached?
BI-DEV-JAV1258336How to get the list of users in Group using Java SDK
BI-RA-AO-XLA2514441Languages in Analysis Office
BI-RA-WBI3304280“View SQL” is disabled in web intelligence document based on Universe.
BNS-ARI-CP-CORE-ESC3171515How do I configure approval escalation for documents?
BNS-FG-WO-AP3230243How do I close a Work Order with status Approval Paused
BPI-SIG-PI-DS3302499Ingestion API – CSV file status successful in postman but getting failed in Signavio Process Intelligence
BW-BCT-LO-LIS2485937Collective run FM in S/4 HANA – Override blacklist of Remote Enabled Function Modules – MCEX_UPDATE_*
BW-WHM-DST-RSPM3137171General Information on Housekeeping for Request Administration tables (RSPM* tables)
CA-FLP-ABA2774854Hide Groups option is not available in Fiori Launchpad
CA-GTF-BS-MC2066133Recommendations for using report RSCLNAST to remove NAST entries
CA-GTF-OC3135861Message “The saved document is not a PDF file. Display is not possible” is raised when displaying PDF from output items
CA-HR-S4-OP-BP3304188In the new BP model, the role Vendor FLVN00 is missing or added to the wrong BP employee
CA-ML-IPA2898510How to provide Event Viewer traces for use in Intelligent RPA Incidents
CA-MSS-HCM2658184MSS Homepage – Replacement of Flash component in the MSS Teamview
CO-PA3303452KEDR – BSEG Table lookup inconsistencies
DWC-MD3302911Transport of SQL View (Table Function) from DWC Development is converting into Local table in DWC Test
EIM-DS3222345SAP Data Services 4.3 and SAP Information Steward 4.3 compatibility with SAP ERP S/4HANA
EP-KM-CM2834844KM Repositories displayed without Authentication
EP-WZ-IPS3285371The difference for role collections “Launchpad_Admin”, “Launchpad_Advanced_Theming” and “Launchpad_External_User”
EP-WZ-ONB3200502SAP Workzone Configurator Error – Unable to retrieve SAML IDP metadata due to: Keypar for subaccount <subaccount_ID> does not exist
FI-LOC-MM-BR2708101STO stock behavior for Brazil
HAN-CPT-CPT2-SEC3298706Impossible to enable sslenforce in the system database used by SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0
HAN-DB3166382Reclaim database space, overhead parameter on SAP HANA
HAN-DB2985927Troubleshooting ‘9300’ and ‘10807’ errors
HAN-DB2968736HANA SQL Error 463 – number of tables exceeds its maximum
HAN-DB2856122How to check if system restart required after modifying a parameter
HAN-DB-PER3300317How to remove/unset a table placement setting for table group
HAN-DB-PERF1999998FAQ: SAP HANA Lock Analysis
LO-MD-BP2906882Checks are not suppressed after the SAP Note 2780288
LO-RFM-MD-SIT3260548How to archive Retail site?
LOD-ANA-DES2926645“dberror (Prepared Statement:execute Update): – 129 transaction rolled by an internal error” in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
LOD-CRM-LM3302257Not Possible to Mark Fields Contact Data Fields as Mandatory in Lead TI “Phone”, “Mobile Phone”
LOD-CRM-SBS-AC3266514Agent Desktop: Unable to save MindTouch Knowledge Base Configuration (Save button is grayed out)
LOD-HCI-DS2425794Upgrade Data Services Agent failed with error: “An error occurred during Job Service configuration”
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-OD2499167Handling Read timed out and Connection Reset Errors in Cloud Integration
LOD-HCI-PI-CON-SOAP3303932PolicyException:These policy alternatives can not be satisfied – ‘AlgorithmSuite’
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS2808441IP address allowlist for Cloud Integration
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS2524719FAQ: Cloud Integration/CPI/HCI simple questions
LOD-HCI-PI-OPS2765458Cloud Integration – Availability and Notifications
LOD-SF-CDP-LA2731576Issue / Error in Learning Activities tab – Career Development Planning
LOD-SF-CDP-LA2294703Legacy Learning Activities Catalogue and LMS Integration
LOD-SF-CDP-TMP2730462An error occurred while attempting to load the Goal Plan – Career Development Planning
LOD-SF-CPM3033300Active Channels Functionality in the Latest Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM3046868Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management Documentation
LOD-SF-CPM2987411Opt-in Features in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-ACT3050481Linked Goals on Create Activity dialogue in Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-ACT3014906How to Display Latest Continuous Performance Management Achievements in the Performance Form
LOD-SF-CPM-ACT3042910Add Attachments to Activities in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-ADM2975249Multiple Roles Functionality in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-API3014350Continuous Feedback v4 OData supports for Latest Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-EML2741457Continuous Feedback Request Email Notification is not being received – Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-EML2687676The Continuous Feedback Responded Request Notification is not being received by Employees when a response is provided on their Feedback Request
LOD-SF-CPM-FBK2988070The Coaching Feature is not available in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-FBK2576655Working With the Feedback View – Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-FBK3045096Continuous Feedback Integration With Microsoft Outlook – Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-FBK3042996Enable Administrator to Delete Feedback in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-GM2451932Viewing the Continuous Performance Management Achievement Column on Goal Plan and Development Plan
LOD-SF-CPM-GM3010937Table Fields are not Visible When Creating a Goal in the Latest Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-GM3005217It is not possible to Create Development Goals in Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-GM3011539Is it Possible to Disable/Remove the Create Goal Button in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management?
LOD-SF-CPM-INT2350831Integrate Achievements in CPM into PM Form – Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-CPM-MOB3032674Give Feedback Error on the SF Mobile App – Continuous Performance Management
LOD-SF-EC-PER-PRS2834005Formal Name does not update after enabling Name Format
LOD-SF-EP-PP33300447Future Hires Not Showing ‘Inactive’ Bracket By Their Name In People Profile Search
LOD-SF-INT2850646How to register for OAuth 2.0 authentication – SuccessFactors Integrations
LOD-SF-INT-BPI3304284Boomi: Processes not running on DC68 Prod
LOD-SF-INT-INC2429408Change Job threshold in SuccessFactors Integration Center
LOD-SF-INT-SAP2529973SuccessFactors Employee Central HCM Integration documentation
LOD-SF-LMS-NOT3291589Separate notifications received for each user registration
LOD-SF-LMS-PRO3297055Error when trying to create a class via a scheduled program
LOD-SF-OBX-ADM2997807Onboarding External User First Access Language – Onboarding
LOD-SF-OBX-DSN3077552Envelope could not be sent to DocuSign for candidate’s signature – Onboarding
LOD-SF-PLT2419447Unable to Purge users using Inactive Date Period (Purge Rule)
LOD-SF-PLT3122406Allow-listing Outbound communication to Port 22 for Next Generation Cloud – SuccessFactors
LOD-SF-RCM3108453Upsert using Integration Center is failing – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM2946435In adhoc reporting, fields are not translating for all languages.
LOD-SF-RCM-ADM2701769Termination of the Recruiting Module – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB2554522Is it possible to Set default Job Requisition Status when a requisition is created or approved?
LOD-SF-RCM-POR2082196What Are the Options for Candidate Ownership for Agencies? – Recruiting Management
LOD-SF-RCM-SYS2700560DRTM application purge not purging applications when meeting the criteria.
LOD-SF-RPO-CRE2663392How to set up or modify job board credits/slots – Recruiting Posting
LOD-SF-RPO-JSM3303668LinkedIn Integration Update Effective March 1st – Recruiting Posting
MM-FIO-PUR-SQ-SCH3073722MEOUT019 issued in app Manage Scheduling Agreement
MM-IM-GF1949677Error: RW011 generated when navigating to FI Document after client copy
MM-IV-LIV-ERS3051961Baseline Date – Logic determination in ERS document
MM-PUR-HUB-MON3303194The Investigate Button of the Central Procurement Monitoring
MM-PUR-OA2402240Not able to modify “Agreement Number” field in ME32L
MM-PUR-OA-SCH2358820Even if Firm and Trade-off Zone fields are mandatory, value 0 can be saved in them
MM-PUR-SQ2375557BAPI_SOURCEDETERMIN_GETSOS ignores unit of measure input
OPU-BSC-TGW2956936SWFVISU task visualization parameters are not used in My Inbox
PA-ESS-XX2035081How to add  a custom infotype to  ESS ‘Personal Profile’  in WD ABAP
PA-FIO-TS3041734My Timesheet (Version 3/Fiori 2.0) How to manage Assignments and Time entry options
PA-PA-JP2589157B2A Manager configuration for Japan
PS-FIO-BIL3088151Manage Project Billing gives warning “One or several postings were excluded either due to missing configuration or technical issue.”
PY-FR2520784PY-FR: DSN RPUDSNF1  background run results in message ‘Action xx not allowed’
RE-FX-CN2244728RECN: Performance issue for lease in contracts with controlling object assigned
RE-FX-CN3302880The fields for possession date are not available in the RECN
RE-FX-LA-AA2885008RECEASSETDEACT determines Asset Transaction Type incorrectly
SBN-AN-ADM3303929What is the user limit in the SAP Business Network?
SBO-FIN-JOE3169760How to Create a Manual Journal Entry with Foreign or System Currency Only
SCM-APO-PPS-SCF2978222Offset takes non-working time of resource into account
SD-BF-CM2760814Deactivate / Activate SAP Credit Management
SD-BF-TX1469906FF805 Tax Statement Item missing for Tax Code
SD-EDI-OM-IV2215559BF00 211 – Bank account does not exist when invoice IDoc sent
SD-FT-PRO1744802Field “EORI number” not available for export
SD-SLS1466810Object services missing in SD Sales transactions
SD-SLS1464620Error V1427: Item does not match schedule line
SV-SMG-CM3303957How To: Unable to assign specific transaction type to categorization schema
X4-CBC-SSC3238660CBC- How to find the business catalog to access a SSCUI (Configuration Activity) and avoid authorization errors
XX-PART-BKL2857907Processing Incidents on component XX-PART-BKL*
XX-PART-WILY2738785Introscope Enterprise Manager cannot be installed or does not start with NOEXEC option in /tmp – SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Recommendations / Additional Info

Below is the list of 67 SAP Notes released with priority as Recommendations / Additional Info:

5 New SAP Notes:

BC-INS-TC-CNT3282460Composite SAP note: Rapid Activation for SAP Fiori in SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS01
BC-SEC-LGN3303172Activating an super-user SAP*
XX-SER-REL3283304SAP S/4HANA 2022 Feature Package Stack 01: Additional Release Information
HAN-DB-CLI3301779SAP HANA Client 2.15.22
MOB-ONP3302859SMP 3.1 SP00 PL15 Release Notes Information

62 Revised SAP Notes

EHS-MGM-PRC3084681Must-Known Fundamentals and SAP Notes concerning ACP
BC-CTS-HTA3275605HTA for HDI, SAP Web IDE: Data preview of Calculation View fails due to “invalid or expired token” (trust missing: XSA to remote db)
BC-DB-ORA2799958Oracle Database 23c: Preliminary Information about the next Oracle Database Release
BC-INS-TC-CNT2902673Rapid Activation for SAP Fiori in SAP S/4HANA – Overview
BC-UPG-ADDON2366958Additional information for SAP_BS_FND, WEBCUIF and MDG_FND on SAP Netweaver standalone
CA-DI-IS-ABA3085541SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – DMIS 2018 SP06
CA-DI-IS-ABA3130827SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – SAP S/4HANA 2022
CA-DI-IS-ABA3130854SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – DMIS 2018 SP07
CA-DI-IS-ABA3156649SAP Data Intelligence – ABAP Integration – DMIS 2018 SP08
CA-LT-MC3130834List of Corrections for SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit & SLT on SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 2022
CA-LT-MC2890888Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 2020
CA-LT-MC2817159Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4HANA On-Premise Edition 1909
CA-LT-MC2594002Migration Cockpit & SLT on S/4 HANA On-Premise Edition 1809
CA-LT-SLT3098199SAP LT Replication Server Content for SAP S/4HANA 2022 – Central Finance
CA-LT-SLT3130804Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP07
CA-LT-SLT3151041Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP08
CA-LT-SLT3010969Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP06
CA-LT-SLT3010994Release Information SLT – DMIS 2011 SP21
CA-LT-SLT3130833Release Information SLT – DMIS 2011 SP22
CA-LT-SLT3151142Release Information SLT – DMIS 2011 SP23
CA-LT-SLT2883752Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP04
CA-LT-SLT2874697Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP03
HAN-DP-LTR2955790Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP05
HAN-DP-LTR2955839Release Information SLT – DMIS 2011 SP20
HAN-DP-LTR2815459Release Information SLT – DMIS 2018 SP02
KM-SEN-CMP2305663SAP Companion (Web Assistant) Restrictions
BC-DB-SDB3287394Restart fails with “Error code 9050 ‘disk_not_accessible'”
BC-DB-SDB3289445Fehler -3070 und -8020 bei Verwendung von parallelen Sicherungsmedien
BC-OP-LNX-LENOVO1661146Lenovo/IBM Check Tool for SAP HANA appliances
BC-SEC-LGN320991Error codes during logon (list)
MFG-MII3052506Not able to launch MII workbench
BC-DB-SDB3002777Installing the 32-bit ODBC driver on Microsoft Windows 64-bit
BC-ESI-BOF3299977Extension of a BOPF Business Object using transaction BOBX
BC-FES-GUI1053737Expected release dates for SAP GUI for Windows
BC-FES-JAV1229666Expected release dates for SAP GUI for Java revisions
BI-BIP-CS3301552Chinese characters are shown as ? / junk characters From Information Design Tool and Web Intelligence
CA-EPT-GEF3149622SAP Geographical Enablement Framework – Installation & Upgrade Information Master Note (UIS4HOP1)
CO-OM-OPA-D100409Commitment without purchase order or purchase requisition
LOD-ANA-FLY3304277Empty value help when using “Linked Variables” feature in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
LOD-ANA-FLY2715030Considerations when using SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA Live Connections in SAC
SBO-HANA-COM2020657KBA  3107111_SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA virtualized
SCM-APO-PPS-DS3211529Restrictions of Advanced Scheduling Board Fiori Application in On-Premise 2022 release
SCM-IBP-INT-RTI-SLS3288554SAP IBP Real-Time Integration (RTI) for Sales and Distribution: Integrate Custom Attributes in Sales Field Catalog
SD-BF-PD722674Communication data for sales representative
BC-FES-JAV2983405SAP GUI for Java 7.70 Release Notes
BC-SRV-APS-GKE2874206Custom CDS Views – New App Version
BNS-ARI-CI-S4-MM3235434SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Restrictions for Sourcing with SAP Ariba Sourcing (‏4BL‏)
BNS-ARI-CI-S4-MM3234419SAP S/4HANA: Restrictions for Sourcing with SAP Ariba Sourcing (‏4BL‏)
BNS-ARI-CI-S4-MM3235366SAP S/4HANA: Restrictions for Central Procurement with SAP Ariba Sourcing (‏4QN‏)
BNS-ARI-CI-S4-MM3235436SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Restrictions for Central Procurement with SAP Ariba Sourcing (‏4QN‏)
BNS-INT-ARI3194703SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Restrictions for Automation of Order-to-Invoice with SAP Business Network (4A1)
SCM-EWM-UPG3218673Release information and restrictions of Decentralized EWM on SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS00 and FPS01
SCM-EWM-UPG3218648SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS00 and FPS01: Release information and restrictions for EWM in SAP S/4HANA
SCM-IBP-DM3238886SAP IBP OD 2302 Release Restriction Note
SV-SMG-OST2541761Focused Build and Insights 2.0: Release planning information
SV-SMG-SDD3099605Service Definitions delivered with ST-PI
XX-SER-REL3145277SAP S/4HANA 2022: Release Information Note
HAN-DB-CLI3279537SAP HANA Client 2.15 Release Notes
XX-SER-REL2240360SAP S/4HANA: Always-On Business Functions
XX-SER-REL2240359SAP S/4HANA: Always-Off Business Functions
HAN-DB-CLI2941449SAP HANA Client 2.0 Releases
IS-U3279875Implementation of energy price caps in SAP IS-U


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